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Chapter 235

Snow White was a well-known fairy tale character.

Chen Shanshan had once analyzed the list of black tower bosses in the black tower world. It was easy to find that the monsters in the black tower were mostly fairy tale characters or universally recognized characters. This could be seen by the Christmas instance. There weren’t any surprise instances for the Spring Festival, Halloween or other festivals.

“After the black towers appeared on Earth in April, 2017, it showed no movements for half a year. It should’ve been collecting information about Earth.” Chen Shanshan wrote the key words in her book such as ‘fairy tale character’, ‘surprise instance’, ‘half a year’ etc. Then she said, “It can be argued that Christmas is the most widely known festival in the world.”

Just as the most widely spoken language was Chinese, the number of people who spoke it didn’t mean this language was widely spread. The most widespread language in the world was English.

Christmas was a Western holiday but in this era, Christmas was celebrated all over the world.

Thus, the black tower chose a special day and opened the Christmas surprise instance.

Then a problem emerged.

Tang Mo pointed to the book. “What about Snow White?”

Cinderella was Wang Xiaotian. Sleeping Beauty had also appeared. Fu Wenduo had once participated in a regular instance. The game location was a castle and the game boss was Sleeping Beauty. However, the boss never woke up or exposed her face.

If you wanted to say who was the most widely spread and recognizable fairy tale character in the world, Snow White was a contender.

Yet this black tower boss was never discovered.

Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo, Tian Xuan, Attack and even the Nanjing Group, none of them had heard about Snow White. Before the last person elimination game, the Nanjing Group collected game information from more than 20,000 players in Nanjing. None of the 20,000 players have seen Snow White and no one participated in her game.

It wasn’t until now that they discovered the truth. Snow White did exist but she fell asleep in the beginning.

In the quiet forest, six human players carefully hid between the city’s tall buildings and trees, staring at the beautiful girl picking mushrooms in the forest.

She had black hair and white a long dress. Her face was blocked by the leaves and illuminated by the sun, making it so blurry it couldn’t be clearly seen. Still, everyone knew she was the most beautiful girl the moment they saw her.

Snow White bent down and picked up the injured white rabbit on the ground, throwing it into her pocket. She sang as she kept picking fruits and vegetables. After moving in a round area, she waited for 10 minutes under a tree with the injured rabbit.

Snow White was disappointed. “Ah, sure enough, there isn’t a second rabbit.”

Waiting for a rabbit was unsuccessful. Snow White carried the basket and slowly walked away.

Once she was thoroughly gone, Fu Wenduo turned to look at Bai Ruoyao. “What is Snow White’s strength?”

No one had ever seen Snow White, except for Bai Ruoyao.

Bai Ruoyao told them, “I don’t know.”

Everyone, “…”

Tang Mo asked, “You didn’t play against her?”

The baby-faced youth grinned. “No. Tang Tang, Snow White isn’t a second floor black tower boss. She is at least the fifth floor. The game I played on the second floor was just ‘Leave Snow White’s Forest.’ I accidentally triggered the hard mode and then ate the poisoned apple.”

No one had ever faced Snow White so her details were unknown.

Tang Mo frowned.

An unknown enemy made this game more difficult.

At this time, Bai Ruoyao suggested, “Why don’t you ask them?”

The group looked in the direction of Bai Ruoyao’s fingers.

The seven dwarves were busy scolding each other and complaining that they were dragged down by their companions, causing them to be tied here. A person suddenly pointed at them and the dwarves’ hackles raised.

The dwarf leader Know-it-all gulp and asked, “W-What do you want to do? I’m telling you damn humans, we might be tied up here but we can escape. That snow princess can’t cook at all. Once she goes back and finds that no one is there to make her spicy rabbit, she will surely come to save us!”

Fu Wenduo raised an eyebrow. “She will save you but can you go? We have six people.” Four of them were high level players at the top of the world.

The dwarf grunted with disdain and spoke with great confidence, “She is Snow White. She might be stinky and bad but it isn’t a problem to defeat this damn humans.”

Chen Shanshan grabbed a key point. “You know how strong Snow White is. Perhaps you know what she is capable of?”

The seven dwarves were stunned.

Know-it-all started sweating. “Bad people, trying to get information about that woman from our mouths. Do you think we will tell you?”

Another dwarf spat out, “Dream on!”

“Yes, don’t tell them anything and let that woman fight them.”

“Then we’ll find a chance to slip away.”

“Thus, we don’t have to be eaten by the bad humans.”

“We don’t have to wash the feet of that bastard Snow White!”

In some ways, these dwarves were very smart and understood the intentions of Tang Mo’s group. However, they were so stupid that they directly spoke what they were thinking. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo glanced at each other and nodded. The two of them grabbed one dwarf.

The caught dwarf was startled and stared at Fu Wenduo with wide eyes. “What do you want to do?”

“You, what are you doing?” Sneeze was caught by Tang Mo and ended up sneezing. Tang Mo moved to the side to avoid this disgusting thing.

He was almost covered with green snot. Tang Mo smirked, “There is a way to open your mouth.”

The seven dwarves gulped and an unpredictable feeling filled their hearts.

The next second, screams were heard from Snow White’s forest. Snow White, who was carrying the basket back to the dwarves’ cabin, stopped and listened carefully. “Eh, I must’ve heard wrong.” It seems my hearing has decreased recently. I need to eat more rabbit ears to make up for it.” She licked her lips.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo covered the dwarf’s mouth and used a prop they had never used before.

[Prop: Sleeping Beauty’s Music Box]

[Owner: Fu Wenduo]

[Quality: Ordinary]

[Level: 1]

[Attack: None]

[Function: Open the music box and play a wonderful music. Any creature who hears this music will experience a terrible nightmare. In the dream, they will maintain their consciousness and see the thing they are most afraid of, meeting what they fear most.]

[Restrictions: A consumable prop. it can only be used for five minutes.]

[Note: Today is also a good day—Sleeping Beauty who likes to watch horror movies.]

The moment the music box was played, Tang Mo and the others covered their ears. They couldn’t hear the sound of the music box but they could see the movements of the seven dwarves. Once the first note played, all the dwarves screamed. Fortunately, the reaction of Tang Mo’s group was fast and they hurriedly covered the dwarves’ mouths.

Still, the faces of the dwarves whitened at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Ahhhh, save me. I didn’t peek at her bathing. I’m afraid of long needles!”

“I knew that you let me wash your feet everyday because you always wanted me to drink your feet wash. It stinks, I don’t want to drink this basin of water.”

“I didn’t look at you, I didn’t look at you. You are the most beautiful woman in the world.”

The seven dwarves were tied up and unable to move. They only used their active body parts and tried to hide.

The music box lasted for five minutes and it only took three minutes. The dwarf leader Know-it-all struggled and turned upside down. His skirt naturally fell, revealing white panties. It was the white flag of surrender.

Tang Mo pressed a button on the music box. The music box split into two and didn’t work anymore.

Bai Ruoyao took out the cotton ball blocking his ears. He kicked a foaming dwarf, Sneeze and smiled. “Is it a nightmare? How is it so serious? A dream about drinking feet wash?”

The dwarves lay wilted on the ground.

Know-it-all was the first to speak. He muttered, “Black Tower, that was terrible.” Then he told them what he knew. “That woman is really scary and is particularly terrible. You have no chance of winning against her. She is horrible beyond your imagination. If she was easy to deal with then we wouldn’t have been used by her as a servant for so long.”

Tang Mo asked, “She is that strong?”

Love cried out angrily, “She likes to hit people and her punches are very painful.”

Shy Ghost “The frightening thing about her isn’t her fist. In terms of fighting, the Queen of Hearts is better than her. If the queen’s fist hits me than I will be a dead Shy Ghost.”

Chen Shanshan asked, “What can she do?”

Sleepy shrank back with fear. “She… she knows everything!”

Chen Shanshan wondered, “What does she know?”

Sleepy shivered. “She knows everything.”

The players’ faces slightly changed when they heard this.

Fu Wenduo’s voice was heavy. “What is it that she doesn’t know?”

“Nothing! She knows everything! Your ability and every prop you’ve ever used! As long as you’ve used it in a black tower game, she knows about it! She is omnipotent. She is the woman most loved by the black tower!”

In the quiet forest, Snow White hummed a song and returned to the cabin.

As Know-it-all said, she placed the basket on the kitchen table and swaggered to the soft, ready to eat spicy rabbit. Then Snow White discovered, “Where did those stupid and ugly dwarves go?”

Snow White turned the cabin upside down and didn’t see a dwarf. She was angry. “These bug dwarves, going out to play! Don’t let me catch them. Once I catch them, I will make them drink my feet wash every day!” Looking at this innocent face, who would’ve imagined a girl with this face could say such rude words?

Snow White was angrily planning to go out to find someone and there was a knock on the door.

Snow White went to the door and opened it. She lowered her head and looked at the dwarf in front of her. “Sneeze, you better give me spicy rabbit right now! If I don’t eat tasty spicy rabbit in three minutes, I’ll rip off your head and eat it as spicy dwarf! Oh yes, put more pepper and cumin!”

Sneeze shook when he heard this. He walked to the kitchen in a timid manner and started to make spicy rabbit.

Snow White wondered, “What about the other six?”

Sneeze replied in a small voice, “They heard you wanted spicy rabbit and went to the forest to catch one.”  

The girl was rarely moved but she was touched for a moment. “Sure enough, no one can resist my beauty. You are also seduced by my beauty.”

Sneeze, “…”

After finishing the spicy rabbit, the dwarf silently brought the bowl over.

Snow White took a piece of rabbit meat. Sneeze watched her carefully as she raised the rabbit meat to her mouth. The moment the red meat was about to enter her mouth, she suddenly stopped moving.

Her bright eyes blinked and her cherry-like red lips slowly curved, revealing a dangerous smile.

“…Squeezing the apple into juice and stirring it into the spicy rabbit. Do you think I can’t smell it?”

The next moment, there was an abnormal change.

Snow White kicked the rabbit meat with her feet while at the same time, she formed a fist with her right hand and punched the ‘Sneeze’ in front of her. Sneeze reacted extremely quickly and took three steps back, hiding from her attack. Snow White was slightly stunned. “You are good. Who are you?”

A stiff face emerged in the air as the dwarf suddenly turned into a tall and handsome man.

Snow White looked at the face and pointed a finger at her forehead. Suddenly, her eyes brightened. “Oh, it is the first ranked ‘player I most want to eat’ in the Underground Kingdom, Fu Wenduo. I’m so glad to meet you. I’m never stingy with my beauty. You are lucky to be able to see the beautiful me. To reward you, I will eat braised stowaway this evening.”

She just finished speaking when a fierce fist smashed downwards.

Fu Wenduo changed his right hand into a black weapon.

On the other side, three figures emerged from the bushes and attacked Snow White.

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