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Chapter 234

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo recognized Sneeze. They glanced at each other and didn’t hesitate to reach out to the dwarf. However, Sneeze slipped away at a very fast speed. He abandoned his stick and turned to run. The dwarf wasn’t very strong but his speed was extremely fast. In just a few minutes, he disappeared into the deserted city.

The next moment, the whole city was filled with a song, as if hundreds of children were singing in unison. The song rang through the area.

“Mirror Mirror, her skin is as white as snow.”

“Mirror Mirror, her lips are as red as blood.”

“Mirror Mirror, her hair is as black as ebony.”


“Mirror Mirror,who is the most beautiful woman in the world?”

The song started from the west and reached the east in an instant. The song abruptly came to an end and seven pairs of eyes poked out from the bushes on either side of the street. A heavy male voice was heard. “It isn’t that bad woman.”

The second voice was slightly sharper. “No one can be that bad woman.”

The third voice was puzzled. “That damned woman, how can she not die?”

The fourth voice spoke, “Stupid, who can kill her?”

Then it was the fifth voice. “The humans didn’t come back with the poisonous apple.”

The sixth voice seemed to see something and his voice became louder. “Ah, bastard, I see those two bastard players! They are the ones who caused me to lose my job as a customs officer of the Underground Kingdom!”

The seventh voice was much more familiar and belonged to Sneeze. “Damn confused egg, you have a grudge against them as well? Kill them. We can’t let them wake up that bad woman. She has to sleep for the rest of his life!”

The moment the first voice was heard, the six people gripped their weapons and were ready to attack. The dwarfs were tricky with their whereabouts and their voices came from all directions. Fu Wenduo found a direction when the sixth dwarf spoke. The moment the last dwarf finished speaking, Fu Wenduo, Tang Mo, Bai Ruoyao and Andrei rushed out.

Screams pierced the sky. “Ah, they found us. Kill them!”

“Kill them!”  

Fu Wensheng took Chen Shanshan to hide in a restaurant and pulled a pistol from his backpack. The 12 year old boy hid behind a table in the restaurant, protecting the short-haired girl who couldn’t evolve. He held the g*n and fired at a dwarf. The dwarf was forced to expose his body due to the bullets.

As the dwarf slowed down, the attacks of Tang Mo’s group followed.

The dark triangular weapon smashed down a sturdy tree, scaring the sleepy dwarf to wake up and no longer doze off. Tang Mo’s small parasol was sharp. He opened it and pushed two dwarves to Bai Ruoyao. His silver knives shone. The two dwarves touched their hair and panicked. “I don’t want my hair to be cut off. I only have a bit of hair left.”

Andrei punched a dwarf.

The seven dwarves were astonishingly weak but their speed was inversely proportional to their strength. They were very weak and weren’t a match for Tang Mo’s group of six. In terms of physical strength, perhaps Chen Shanshan could beat them.

However, they were extremely fast.

Tang Mo’s group of four glanced at each other and Andrei punched a giant billboard. The billboard fell to the ground, blocking the way of the four dwarves.

Bai Ruoyao blocked the road while Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo each blocked an exit. The seven dwarves were blocked and the smartest dwarf Know-it-all rolled his eyes. “I’m going to find that stinking woman. Just you wait.”

The other dwarves weren’t happy. “You clearly want to run away!”

Know-it-all was extremely insidious. Despite his purpose being revealed, his face didn’t turn red and he could say with confidence, “If I can escape then I won’t die with you!” He just finished talking when a rubber rope tied around his arm. Know-it-all looked over with astonishment.

He saw a rubber rope emerge from Tang Mo’s palm and wrap around the dwarf’s arm. No matter how hard Know-it-all struggled, he couldn’t untie the rope.

Andrei stepped forward and tied the seven dwarves together.

The seven dwarves seemed like they had been printed out of a mold. They were short, thin and withered. After being tied together, they started to blame each other.

“I blame you. I said that we can’t handle these bad guys. They are strong.”

“How could I know they were this strong when the previous humans weren’t?”

“Of course they’re amazing. Those two bastards were the ones who caused me to lose my Strange Circus job. They dared to offend the honourable Lord Grecia!”

Tang Mo looked at the talking dwarves and recognized one. He was a customs officer of the Underground Kingdom?

“I know that big guy. I hate him. At the Banana Pub, he stole the bottle of banana wine that I hid!”

A dwarf in green glared angrily at Andrei. Andrei thought for a moment and spoke to the dwarf in English. “It was a single-player game last year that required me to steal a bottle of wine from the Banana Pub. It has been almost a year.”

The dwarf shouted angrily, “You haven’t paid me back for the banana wine in this year!”

Andrei, “…”

The six people were senior players who had experienced countless black tower games. Their names were broadcasted loudly in the black tower world. Similarly, because they participated in many black tower games, they had a lot of black tower bosses as their enemies.

The seven dwarves were tied up and the six people gathered together to discuss how to deal with them.

Tang Mo said, “They are seven dwarves. Their actual strength means they can’t be the black tower guards. The real tower guard is Snow White. If we use them, we can find Snow White and even threaten her.”

Fu Wenduo had the opposite opinion of Tang Mo. He pointed to one of the dwarves. “He just said that he really wanted to kill Snow White. This is the black tower world, not a fairy tale. Snow White is a dangerous black tower boss and her relationship with the dwarves obviously isn’t good.”

Bai Ruoyao asked, “Then do you want to let them go? If we let them go then they might go report to Snow White.”

Tang Mo looked over at him. “Didn’t you say Snow White is asleep?”

Bai Ruoyao gave a mysterious smile and showed his backpack to Tang Mo.

Tang Mo looked inside. “What is it?”

Bai Ruoyao wondered, “Tang Tang, isn’t something missing?”


Tang Mo looked at the backpack again.

A second later, his eyes widened and he exclaimed, “Where is the apple?”

Bai Ruoyao smiled. “After entering the city, the apply disappeared from my backpack. Perhaps it discovered its owner and moved back to Snow White’s body? If that happened, Snow White is now awake.”

Everyone, “…”

Tang Mo wanted to raise his feet and kick this bastard into the river!

Such an important message, he was only saying it now?

Bai Ruoyao seemed to read Tang Mo’s heard and made a wronged expression. “I just discovered it.”

His words weren’t believed at all, just like the story of the wolf. They had been fooled so many times that they didn’t believe Bai Ruoyao’s words.

The six people hadn’t made up their minds when a dwarf shouted.

“Ahhh, she’s awake?”

“You bastard, you bastard, that ugly woman really woke up!”

“I don’t want to wash her feet, I don’t want to wash her stockings. She has to die quickly.”

Chen Shanshan grabbed this point and asked, “The ugly woman is Snow White? Do you want her dead?”

The seven dwarves nodded their movement uniform. They unexpectedly had a special feeling of joy.

“Of course, who wants to meet that stinky woman? She has nothing but her face!”

Chen Shanshan said, “In this case, the enemy of an enemy is a friend. Which one of you knows how to kill Snow White?”

Chen Shanshan just finished speaking while a child’s voice was heard.

“Ding dong! The single player challenge ‘Snow White and the Poison Apple’ has been triggered.”

“In the dense black tower forest, there lived a beautiful and kind princess. She has skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood and hair as black as ebony. All the animals in the forest love her and the birds are willing to sing for her…”

As these words were heard, the sound of crows filled the city.

“Flowers are willing to blossom for her.”

On the sides of the room, the newly planted flower buds suddenly withered.

“The seven little dwarves are willing to be her servants.”

The dwarves shouted, “Bah!”

The black tower continued speaking, “Snow White is the most popular woman in the forest. As the most beautiful woman in the Underground Kingdom, she suffers from constant threatening attacks every day. If beauty is a sin, she has sinned. Beautiful things are always stopped at the peak. That is what makes them more touching. The circus leader said so.”

“Ding dong! The rules of the game—”

“First, the only thing that can kill Snow White is a poisonous apple.”

“Second, during the daytime, players will have a chance to poison Snow White. The poisoning method is optional and users are given a free choice. When poisoning, the player can automatically change into the appearance they want. Note: only one player can change their appearance.”

“Third, players have a total of three opportunities. They have three days and knights to find a way to kill Snow White.”

“Fourth, daytime is the time for players to poison Snow White. Night is when Snow White goes out to hunt players.”

“…The whole world is jealous of my beauty!” Snow White shouted.”

The black tower announced all the rules and big trees suddenly rose from the ground. The huge trees magically rose from the concrete. Some trees grew on the road while some grew between two buildings, squeezing the buildings to the side.

Trees, grass, flowers and birds.

Three seconds later, a quiet forest emerged in front of everyone. Who would’ve thought this forest was a human city a few seconds ago?

The forest still had the remnants of the city but there were too many trees. The entire Fengjie County was covered by the forest. In the middle of the group of trees, a huge black tower was suspended in midair.

At this time, a wonderful song was heard in the distance.

The sweet singing was like a nightingale. Tang Mo’s group of six were moved by the perfect song and lost their spirits for a while. The next moment, the song stopped and the other person laughed. “Look at what I found, an injured rabbit! Good, let’s have spicy rabbit head tonight.”

Everyone, “…”

This definitely wasn’t Snow White!

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