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Chapter 230

The red whip was like a soft snake as it wrapped around the short cane.

Grecia raised his eyebrows with surprise. He was now using the special effect of the short stick to constantly change his position. As he teleported, his walking stick was constantly moving in a 360 degree angle. Mu Huixue could grab the moving stick, which was enough to show her strength.

Mu Huixue shouted, “I’ve tied him up!”

Tying up the short stick was equivalent to binding the circus leader.

Mu Huixue held the whip with both hands as she faced off against Grecia. On the other side, Andrei roared and slammed his fists towards Grecia.

Grecia couldn’t move instantly because the cane was tied by the long whip. Still, this didn’t limit his actual strength. He held the short stick in one hand and his hat with the other hand as he nimbly dodged Andrei’s fist. Andrei’s fist was fast enough to surpass Tang Mo’s dynamic vision. Similarly, the speed at which Grecia avoided it couldn’t be seen.

Mu Huixue restrained Grecia while Andrei attacked.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo glanced at each other and struck from the left and right sides.

The four people joined hands and Grecia squinted before suddenly releasing the hand on the short stick. The short stick was taken by Tang Mo and she threw it at Tang Mo, wanting to let Tang Mo use it. Tang Mo learnt Grecia’s words and spoke the spell but he didn’t see an effect.

Grecia smiled. “My lady, there is only one Strange Circus leader in the world.”

The short stick couldn’t be used but it was an extremely powerful rare prop. It wasn’t like Grandmother Wolf’s small parasol that was mass produced. Tang Mo threw the small parasol to the side and used this short stick as a weapon to attack Grecia.

Fu Wenduo and Andrei were the main attackers while Tang Mo and Mu Huixue moved lightly, constantly sneaking attacks.

Soon, all four people had wounds on them. Grecia moved to the side to avoid Fu Wenduo while on the other side, Andrei’s fist arrived. Grecia dexterously escaped the attack and then Tang Mo and Mu Huixue’s weapons appeared in front of him.

If this continue, the result was obvious.

Unlike Grandmother Wolf and Santa Claus who were pure violent black tower monsters, the circus leader and Queen of Hearts belonged to the vigorous types. Their strength wasn’t necessarily higher than the former two but they could delay the time in a group battle, so that the enemies couldn’t hit them.

Fu Wenduo’s trio pushed Grecia to a dead end and Tang Mo placed his hands on his hips, shouting loudly, “Return my grandfather!”

The hot flames instantly rushed out and swallowed Grecia.

In the fire, a black figure jumped into the air. Mu Huixue threw her whip to tie Grecia’s leg and the whip wrapped around his ankle. The gentleman lowered his head and showed her an elegant smile.

Mu Huixue got a bad feeling and released the hand holding the whip. Unfortunately, she was a step too late. Grecia grabbed the whip with one hand and lightning flowed down his palm towards Mu Huixue’s body. Mu Huixue was shocked by the violent lightning and flew backwards. She fell to the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Tang Mo’s group looked up at Grecia.

The circus leader held Mu Huixue’s whip and landed steadily. He laughed. “You took me weapon so I naturally had to find another one. This seems good?”

Mu Huixue’s whip was also a rare prop and everyone finally understood that the circus leader had the special ability to control lightning.

Every time he swung the whip, a deep crack formed in the ground and lightning burnt black marks into the ground.

The four people kept evading the whip and found that for Grecia, this whip might be better than the short stick. The stick was too short, unlike the whip which had a very wide attack range. Now they couldn’t get close to Grecia.

Fu Wenduo stared at them and suggested, “I will open the road.”


All three people chose to believe in Fu Wenduo.

It was hard to find an opportunity. Fu Wenduo transformed both his arms into black weapons. Grecia saw this and threw his long whip. Fu Wenduo swung both arms and the dark metal weapons collided with the red whip, making a fierce collision sound.

Fu Wenduo hit the whip and opened the road for the trio.

Grecia saw this and slightly smiled. His next move tied up Fu Wenduo’s left arm. Fu Wenduo frowned and was about to move away. Lightning ran along the long whip and into Fu Wenduo’s left arm, actually destroying the black weapon.

Fu Wenduo snorted and took three steps back, using one hand to stabilize his body.

His left arm was gone and blood flowed down to the ground. On the other side, the trio had already arrived in front of Grecia. Grecia retreated and seemed destined to be defeated. At this time, he smiled softly, “At least one of you should die or the black tower will think I am throwing the game.”

As he spoke, he took out a small ball.

This was a miniature version of the balance balls that the circus often used. Once it appeared, everyone saw it and a foreboding feeling enveloped their bodies. Tang Mo shouted, “Retreat!” It was too late.

The circus leader had a very small heart. His heart was divided into three pieces, two for Tang Mo and one for Fu Wenduo.

Among the four, Grecia had the deepest grudge against Tang Mo.

He turned to Tang Mo and crushed the colourful ball. A dazzling light emerged from the ball in his hand. It instantly transformed into a rope and tied around Tang Mo at an incredible speed, pulling him in front of Grecia. Grecia grabbed Tang Mo’s neck with one hand while taking away the short stick in Tang Mo’s hand.

Tang Mo planned to use the A Fast Man ability to escape. Then Grecia squeezed his hand and whispered into his ears, “My lady, Cinderella said that you can defeat me but she didn’t say what price you would have to pay for beating me. The fact that only one person will die already shows that you are very strong. It isn’t easy to break free of this colourful rope. Don’t waste your props…” He suddenly laughed. “Or an ability.”

Tang Mo’s eyes narrowed and Grecia didn’t hesitate to squeeze his neck. Tang Mo’s neck would soon be crushed by him. The group didn’t have time to save him although Fu Wenduo still tried to move. At this moment, Mu Huixue pulled out a small compass. She held it in the palm of her hand while her other hand quickly moved the pointer.

“Fallacy, there is no unsolvable rope in the world. I refute!”

There was the sound of breaking glass and the rope around Tang Mo shattered.

Grecia looked surprised and Tang Mo took the opportunity to pull out the big match, igniting Grecia’s right hand. Grecia naturally knew this big match. Mosaic wasn’t strong but her prop was very interesting. He didn’t hesitate to cut off his right hand. Tang Mo escaped while Grecia stared at Mu Huixue. He asked in a strange voice, “How can a human have this?”

Tang Mo wiped the blood from his lips and turned to look at Mu Huixue.

He also wanted to ask this question.

The fallacy compass, this was a rare prop on the same level as the truth clock.

There were high and low points among rare items.

The king’s gold coin wasn’t as good as Grecia’s short stick and Grecia’s short stick wasn’t comparable to Santa’s lollipop. Above all of this were the truth clock and fallacy compass.

In Schrodinger’s steel fortress, Tang Mo had wanted to take the fake truth clock and he was ridiculed. Now Mu Huixue had the fallacy compass and it was the real one.

Mu Huixue put away the fallacy compass. “There are no props in this world that can’t be possessed. I once again refute you.”

Grecia stared at her for a long time before smiling helplessly.

The circus leader picked up the hat that had fallen to the ground when he avoided Tang Mo’s big match.  He put on the hate and smiled gently. “I admit defeat. Congratulations on clearing the black tower that I guarded. The black tower didn’t tell me that you have the fallacy compass.” He looked at Mu Huixue and seemed to be observing something. “My lady, you have fused with it a long time ago. Thanks to it, there is no creature in this world that can kill you. It is very dangerous to have this type of prop. You have completely broken the fairness of the game. You will be hated by the black tower and bad things will happen.”

Mu Huixue was stunned before calmly replying, “Then I will wait for the black tower’s retaliation.”

Grecia spread open his hands.

He directly said he lost but the four players didn’t relax their vigilance.

Grecia held the cane and turned to the black tower. He was halfway there when he stopped and looked at the sun slowly falling below the horizon. There was no sun in the black tower world, only a red ball of bronze light. He stared for a while, as if he could never see such a beautiful sight again.

Grecia smiled, bowed and continued to the black tower.

“Welcome to the Strange CIrcus, tonight’s show has successfully come to an end.”

The figure of the circus leader slowly disappeared into the black tower and the group of four finally relaxed.

The moment that Grecia disappeared, the black tower glowed brightly. A cheerful song was heard and players all over the world stopped moving as they listened to the song.

Once the song ended, the black tower’s childlike voice globally announced,

“Ding dong! At 17:14 on June 19th, 2018, China District 58 official players Fu Wenduo, Tang Mo, Mu Huixue, Andrei Peterov, Fu Wensheng and Chen Shanshan have successfully cleared the first black tower.”

“Ding dong! At 17:14 on June 19th…”

It was broadcasted three times before the black tower concluded, “The time left is six days and there are four black towers remaining. Players, please try to attack the tower!”

Tang Mo looked up at the black tower and gently sighed.

Grecia disappeared and Chen Shanshan and Fu Wensheng rushed over to heal everyone.

Fu Wenduo was the most heavily injured. He alone blocked Grecia’s whip attacks, his left arm was gone and his body was covered with wounds. Due to this genetic recombination ability, he recovered very quickly and it didn’t take long for Andrei to be the most heavily wounded.

They left first and found a place to rest.

They hid in an abandoned office building and Tang Mo was planning to ask Mu Huixue about the fallacy compass. Suddenly, a dull roar was heard outside the window. It sounded like thousands of high-rise buildings collapsing and the ground crying. Everyone was shocked and ran to the window, looking south.

Tang Mo’s group of six stood on the 31st floor and stared with wide eyes at Beijing City not far away.

They saw that the junction of Changping District and Haidian District seemed to be a dividing line as large skyscrapers collapsed.

It was like human civilization was completely breaking in front of all players.

The high-rise buildings, the bridge towers, the overpasses…

The Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Temple of Heaven Park…

In the city, all memories of human beings were being disintegrated. The scenery was as magnificent as Doomsday. Bathed in the last light of the setting sun, tens of thousands of humans crazily ran out of Beijing City.

As the city collapsed to the last tile, the black tower floating over the Forbidden City glowed white. It said it a quiet voice, “Ding Dong! China District 1 has disappeared.”

This sentence was heard and it was like the pause button had been pressed.

All players who hadn’t yet run out of China District 1 were frozen in place. Some of them still maintained their escape posture and some were only a few metres away from the dividing line. Yet they stopped.

Fu Wensheng saw that at the junction between Changping and Haidian, a young woman had suddenly stopped running. Just half a metre in front of her, a gleaming white all slowly rose, cover her and the whole of Beijing City in the light curtain.

There was a crisp cracking sound and more than 10,000 players disappeared from Earth.

The black tower above the Forbidden City shone with a bright white light and also completely disappeared.

Everything happened in five minutes.

“Ding dong! On June 19th, 2018, 2,118 black towers have randomly disappeared.”

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How scary. The towers are truly dissapearing with everything around them.

Thanks for the chapter!

Asuna Yukki

That’s really sad😢😢 When entire cities filled with memories dissapears.


i am more worried about miu😰😰😰

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Well, probably it can ‘reload’ it. And, revolution (evolution) need cost, right?