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Chapter 229

It wasn’t possible to know the full message of the four towers but Guangzhou, New Delhi and Berlin, the exposure of these three towers was an unexpected surprise.

Andrei whispered in Russian, “The furthest is Berlin. After this game, I will immediately set off to Berlin.”

Mu Huixue asked, “Won’t it be too late?”

“I have to go. The two most powerful players in Europe, Lena Jophos and Don Savik have died. If no one can attack the tower in Berlin, breaking through the other towers will be useless.”

Mu Huixue thought for a moment. “I’ll go with you.”

Andrei froze for a long time before looking at Mu Huixue. “Don’t you have to do something?”

“…I might be able to go.”

The two of them didn’t speak again.

On the other side, Wang Xiaotian felt like she had been calculated against by Chen Shanshan. This little girl’s second question made her feel that she had suffered a big loss. The black tower set up five treasure towers. The most difficulty thing for players wasn’t attacking the black towers but finding the five black towers.

Now she revealed the position of four black towers as soon as she opened her mouth..

Changping in Beijing, Guangzhou, Berlin and New Delhi.

“Fortunately, the last tower is still unknown or it would be too disgusting. Humans are too annoying.” Wang Xiaotian spoke in a depressed manner. As soon as the camera turned to her, she made a happy expression. She waved to the audience and said, “Then this is the third question. Old viewers of the Happy Q&A know that the third question is the last simple question. Hey, I don’t know how these six guests will answer.”

Cinderella’s eyes swept over the six people.

She licked her lips and she stared at Chen Shanshan. Finally, she grunted and moved her gaze. She was smiling but she was inwardly determined to kill these bastard humans.

Wang Xiaotian quickly flipped through the booklet, wanting to find questions that were difficult for Tang Mo’s group.

Her problems were difficult but they weren’t completely unsolvable. She seemed to be restricted by something and couldn’t ask questions that players couldn’t answer. The players answered them and Wang Xiaotian’s mood was terrible. It was her turn for the third question and Chen Shanshan walked foward to ask her a question. She suddenly regretted coming here to help Grecia defend the tower.

Then she seemed to think of something and grinned disdainfully.

“Ask child. Whatever you want to ask, just ask it.”

Chen Shanshan watched her before asking, “The third question, how can we defeat the circus leader, Grecia Sykes?”

Wang Xiaotian was stunned and turned to look at Grecia.

Like her, Grecia was stunned after hearing the question. He turned his soft and greasy look towards Chen Shanshan and smiled after a long time. “This question, did Tang Mo or Fu Wenduo have you ask it, little lady?”

Chen Shanshan’s expression didn’t change, as if she didn’t realize the strong killing intent directed towards her. “I asked it myself.”

Grecia stared intently at Chen Shanshan, wanting to find traces of any lies on the child. However, it was in vain. Grecia smiled, one hand tapping the table while his other hand held his chin. He watched Wang Xiaotian and Chen Shanshan with great interest.

Wang Xiaotian reluctantly spread open her hands. “Grecia, this isn’t what I want to say. It is her question.” Her meaning was to not blame her. It was the humans who calculated against him.

Wang Xiaotian replied, “Defeating Grecia Sykes is very simple. You only need to be stronger than him. Still, in the black tower world, there are no more than three people stronger than him. It is really difficult to beat him. However, if Fu Wenduo, Mu Huixue, Tang Mo, Andrei joins hands and use your props, there is a 70% chance of beating him. Just pay attention to his walking stick, which is a very magical rare prop. Its function is unknown in the black tower world because no one has made him show the real effect of the walking stick.”

Grecia laughed. “Should I thank you for at least not mentioning the use of my walking stick?”

He said this but another round of questions passed and Chen Shanshan walked forward again. She looked at Wang Xiaotian and asked, “The fourth question, what is the effect of Grecia Syke’s walking stick?”

Wang Xiaotian, “…”

Grecia, “…”

Wang Xiaotian gritted her teeth and replied, “Once his walking stick touches the enemy, Grecia can instantly move the enemy in a certain radius around him, with the walking stick as the centre. The premise is that the walking stick is touching the enemy and he is holding the walking stick.”

Chen Shanshan nodded. “Thank you.”

Wang Xiaotian, “…”

Why thank her?

Wang Xiaotian suddenly felt that she had recorded many Happy Q&A shows but she had never been so upset. It was clearly Grecia who suffered. His hidden card was known to Tang Mo’s group. Originally, with the strength of the four people, the chances of winning against Grecia was relatively low. Now the role of his weapon was known and he was less likely to stop Tang Mo’s group of six from attacking the tower.

Grecia shook his head helplessly before picking up the teacup in an elegant manner and drinking the black tea.

On the other side, Wang Xiaotian was so angry she wanted to smoke.

She struggled to find the most difficult question allowed by the black tower in her booklet. No matter what question she asked, one of the six players was always able to answer.

This time, Wang Xiaotian asked Fu Wensheng a very difficult question and Xiao Fu was about to answer. At this time, Tang Mo said quietly, “Option C.”

Fu Wensheng cried out without hesitation, “I choose C!”

Wang Xiaotian, “…”

“I asked him this question. How can you answer it?”

Tang Mo’s lips curved as he looked up Fu Wenduo. “I remember that in the rules given by the black tower, did it say that the other participants can’t talk?”

Fu Wenduo saw this cunning young man with black hair and laughed. “No.”

Wang Xiaotian shouted, “…Damn, starting from today, I will add a rule to my show! You can’t ask for help!”

In any case, the players successfully passed through the fifth question.  It was now Wang Xiaotian’s turn to be asked a question.

Cinderella saw that Chen Shanshan was stepping forward again and suddenly calmed down. She touched her microphone and smiled, “What do you want to ask?”

It was a terrible calmness filled with anger.

Wang Xiaotian knew the first six questions might be simple for them. However, the last four questions had a hell difficulty. There were six people and 24 questions. She could guarantee that there was at least one question among the 24 questions that none of the six players could answer.

She just had to wait to retaliate against these damn humans.

Cinderella smiled. She had plenty of patience. Even if the players withdrew from the game with the king’s gold coin, it was still her win.

The king’s gold coin was a rare item that allowed players to withdraw from a game. Once used, it would be lost.

Wang Xiaotian was ready for Chen Shanshan to ask a strange question.  Who expected her to say, “You said that you know everything. Then I want to ask you.. what did my father want to tell me before he died?”

Tang Mo heard this and looked down at the little girl in front of him.

Chen Shanshan was too smart and calm, often making people forget that she was only a 15 year old child.

In the past, Tang Mo had listened to his colleagues gossip while working at Suzhou Library. The huckster was divorced. He always wanted to go to Shanghai to see his daughter but his ex-wife didn’t allow it. The father and daughter hadn’t see each other for three years.

Fu Wensheng heard Chen Shanshan’s words and asked, “Is this question also okay?”

It was naturally allowed.

The black tower only forbid questions related to clearing the instance. Wang Xiaotian said that she knew the answer to all questions. That being the case, Chen Shanshan asking this question didn’t violate the rules of the game.

Wang Xiaotian watched Chen Shanshan with inexplicable eyes while Grecia suddenly laughed.

Cinderella looked curiously at the circus leader. “Lord Grecia?”

Grecia smiled. “Continue. I just think this question is very interesting.”

Wang Xiaotian made an unknown expression and replied, “Your father wants to tell you to live well.”

This was a very ugly answer. A father suddenly entered the black tower game. Of course he wanted his daughter to live well. Chen Shanshan didn’t say anything after hearing this trash answer. She just accepted it.

Wang Xiaotian pulled out his booklet and tried to find a difficult question for Tang Mo’s group. She hadn’t opened it yet when Mu Huixue smiled. “I am curious about one thing.”

Wang Xiaotian glanced at her.

“If I’m not mistaken, this black tower belongs to the circus leader. You should be protecting a black tower nearby. Why are you here helping him and not at your own black tower? Don’t you need to guard the tower?”

Wang Xiaotian didn’t need to answer this question because it wasn’t her question time. Still, she didn’t care and replied lightly, “The players attacking my black tower will enter the Q&A game.”

Mu Huixue continued, “Then it is like when we first came here. You and the circus leader were sitting there drinking tea and the people played the game on their own, answering questions and being punished.”

Wang Xiaotian’s heart tightened and she quietly asked, “What do you want to say?”

Mu Huixue didn’t say anything and turned to look at Tang Mo.

Tang Mo raised his hand and pulled a thin book from the air. In front of Wang Xiaotian’s face, he turned to a page in the middle, took out a pen and wrote a few lines in it.

Wang Xiaotian didn’t know what he was writing but she realized it was definitely bad for herself. She snorted and murmured coldly, “What do you want to do?”

Chen Shanshan opened her mouth. “I don’t know if I guessed right. Before someone asks you a question, you aren’t omnipotent.

Wang Datian was suddenly stunned.

“If you really know everything, why don’t you know what I am going to ask you? Why act surprised and angry when I asked you those questions? You aren’t omnipotent. However, you answered all my questions. One is a cosmic formula that humans don’t know at you yet you know it. This thing isn’t even known to the circus leader.”

Chen Shanshan continued, “In terms of strength, I don’t think you are stronger than the circus leader. But you know more than him. This is a very unreasonable thing. In addition, you answered another question. You told me that no one in the black tower world knows it yet you knew the function of the circus leader’s walking stick.”  

Wang Datian thoroughly understood something was wrong but she couldn’t refute it. She just sneered, “So what? This only proves that I am really omnipotent. Other people don’t know things but I do. I am different from the other black tower bosses. I am the Happy Q&A host, Wang…”

Her voice stopped and Wang Datian was stunned. “No, why am I called Wang Datian, I am clearly Wang Da…”

Her mouth dropped open as Cinderella tried her best to say her name. No matter what she tried, she could only feel that she was called Wang Datian. It seemed that something had changed her brain. It wasn’t just here. Grecia, the black tower bosses who knew her and the audience knew that she was called Wang Datian.

Yet in front of the grid where she stood, the word ‘Wang Xiaotian’ still shone with a golden light.

Similarly, in the thin booklet, the words ‘Host: Wang Xiaotian’ didn’t change.

Once the names were written in the book, they couldn’t be changed.

The Cinderella currently sitting in the host’s seat was no longer Wang Xiaotian. The thin booklet flew out of Wang Datian’s hand and into the sky, suspended in the centre of the seven exclamation marks.

Yes, from the moment Tang Mo wrote the name ‘Wang Datian’ in his abilities book, the exclamation marks in the sky changed from six to seven. A brand new exclamation mark floated on top of Wang Datian’s head and could fall at any time.

Chen Shanshan opened her mouth. “You answered three questions that you shouldn’t have answered. You took it for granted that you could answer them. In particular, for the third question, the answer you gave me wasn’t trash. Your actions told me that your answer was correct.”

“Truth, secret, emotion.”

“The three questions shouldn’t be answered by anyone but you knew them.”

“If I didn’t guess wrong…” The short-haired girl thought about her wording. “The host of this program has an unchangeable causality. As long as the guest asks her a question, the host will know the answer no matter the question.  The premise is that the player asks it. If the player doesn’t ask then you don’t know the answer. Thus…”

“Thus, you don’t know that I have an ability that can change anyone’s name.” Tang Mo put away the abilities book, his voice calm. “This is a law of causality ability. The way to activate it is very harsh and requires me to know a big secret of the target whose name I want to change. The more important the secret, the higher the success rate of changing the name. I think that your biggest secret is the truth of the Happy Q&A game? Fortunately, I guessed correctly.”

[Ability: Your Father or your Father]

[Type: Special Type]

[Function: There is a chance to change the name of an object. The duration is seven days and it can be used once every 10 days. The law of causality can’t be reversed.]

[Restrictions: The name, appearance and date of birth of the target must be known. The deeper the understanding of the target, the greater the probability that the ability will work.]

[Tang Mo version usage instructions: The duration is three days and it can be used once every 30 days. After being used, the target will get to see Tang Mo’s most important secret.]

Tang Mo smiled. “Oddly, I don’t have any secrets that I can’t say now. I don’t care even if you know the secret.”

Wang Datian was forced this far by the six players. She lowered her head and knew that she had lost.

There was no way for the game to continue. She turned to Grecia and cried, “Lord Grecia, I can’t continue to protect the tower for you. I have to stop this game. You must avenge me. They bullied a poor and helpless girl like me.”

Grecia got up and handed her a handkerchief.

Wang Datian wiped at tears that didn’t exist and heard Grecia say, “My lady, aren’t you actually very happy?”

The fake crying stopped. Wang Datian looked up from the handkerchief, her blue eyes staring at Grecia.

Grecia gently touched her head. “Congratulations my lady, you tried your best and you are free.”

Wang Datian smiled happily. She suddenly took a step and walked out of the yellow grid. The moment she walked out of the grid, there was the sound of glass breaking. The yellow grids at the feet of Tang Mo’s group disappeared.

“Ding dong! Congratulations to the players Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo… Chen Shanshan, Fu Wensheng for successfully clearing Cinderella’s Happy Quiz Game.”

Wang Datian walked quickly, not caring that her name was changed from the lovely Wang Xiaotian to Wang Datian. She clapped and a pumpkin carriage appeared under the black tower. She approached it with great pleasure.

She was about to leave when she suddenly pulled the reins of the horse and opened the curtains.

Wang Datian scoffed and smiled at Tang Mo. “I don’t know what ability you have to change my name but once you changed my name, a secret about you suddenly appeared in my heart.”

Tang Mo was stoic. His biggest secret was that he secretly liked Victor for a long time. Now he was together with Fu Wenduo and it didn’t matter if Wang Datian spoke this secret and revealed it to the children.

Wang Datian’s lips curved as she smiled sweetly. “I’ll tell you. This Tang Mo, his biggest secret is…”

Tang Mo interrupted her. “Fu Wenduo and I are together.”

Mu Huixue looked surprised for a moment before she became relieved. Andrei didn’t care and just said, “Oh.”

The two children had the biggest responses. Chen Shanshan was still for a moment before she murmured, “No wonder why I always thought there was something strange between Brother Tang and Major Fu. It turned out to be this. It seems that I know too little about feelings. I have to make up for this lack of knowledge in the future.”

Fu Wensheng heard this and didn’t feel good at all. “…”

Why was Sister Shanshan’s first reaction to fill up her lacking knowledge?

Clearly, the most important issue now was that Big Brother and Brother Tang were actually a pair!

Why was everyone accepting it so easily?!!!

Tang Mo himself revealed the secret and Wang Datian was stunned. She spoke in a strange manner, “Is this what you thought I would say?”

Tang Mo’s heart tightened as he realized something was wrong. “Wait, you…”

Cinderella suddenly felt the thrill of revenge and didn’t about her ladylike demeanor. She laughed in an exaggerated manner, “Hahaha, I will tell you. Tang Mo’s biggest secret is that Tang Mo always thought it was fortunate that everyone’s physical fitness has improved. Otherwise, they would only do it once in this life. Fu Wenduo’s physical strength is really good.”

10 silver needles shot through the air at a very fast speed, aiming at Wang Datian. Wang Datian quickly pulled her curtains closed and drove away in the pumpkin carriage.

Embarrassment filled the air.

Even the circus leader who liked teasing Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo just coughed, deciding not to add to the chaos.

Fu Wenduo didn’t think that this would actually be Tang Mo’s secret.

Mu Huixue turned her head and pretended not to hear anything but she couldn’t help snickering.

Among the two children, Fu Wensheng didn’t understand what this sentence meant. He pulled Chen Shanshan and asked, “Sister Shanshan, what is physical strength. What is the relationship between Big Brother’s good strength and Brother Tang?”

Chen Shanshan, “…” How could she explain this?”

Andrei was the most direct. “She shrank something. She did it so quickly I couldn’t understand.”

Tang Mo, “…”

He closed his eyes before opening them again. He calmly watched Grecia. His hand held the small parasol while at the same time, Fu Wenduo, Mu Huixue and Andrei took out their weapons.

They didn’t have time to waste.

Grecia Sykes smiled. He held the walking stick and smiled. “My lady, you you want to go together? I will never do anything to children and most of them time, I won’t start with women. However, I don’t think of the returnee Mu Huixue as a woman.” He paused and continued, “Then… shall we start together?”

Before the words finished, Grecia moved like the wind.

Chen Shanshan took Fu Wensheng and quickly hid to the side, while Fu Wenduo, Tang Mo, Mu Huixue and Andrei disappeared as they moved at an extremely rapid pace. They were too fast, causing shadows in the air. The four people suddenly attacked Grecia from four directions and he didn’t dare be careless. He laughed and raised the short stick.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the show has… begun!”

With these red, Grecia’s short stick shone with a deep red light. His short stick touched Andrei’s chest and the moment they touched, Andrei’s fist only swung against air.  Grecia had instantly moved behind him and held the short stick against Andrei’s back.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo glanced at each other while Mu Huixue threw her red whip.

Grecia didn’t panic. He swung his short stick and wandered between the four players, as if dancing an elegant dance.

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