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Chapter 212

In the dark and long labyrinth, two people ran forward.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo decided to run away as soon as they saw Grecia. They had no intention of fighting with him. The two of them hadn’t forgotten their experience of facing the senior boss on the fourth floor. Now Tang Mo’s group had improved their strength but they weren’t Grecia’s opponent. It wasn’t possible even if they joined hands.

However, this was a maze.

Tang Mo pulled out the luminous night pearl as a light source, illuminating the front of the maze. Still, the light could only reach 10 metres in front of them. The two people turned into a corridor and entered five metres only to discover that this was a dead end.

The crimson clothing fluttered back due to the rapid running. Grecia held the cane in his right hand while his left hand was elegantly pressed to his hat, not letting the hat be blown away by the wind. His speed wasn’t slower than the duo. After discovering they had entered a dead end, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo turned back to run again. Unfortunately, Grecia had arrived.

The two players looked at each other before suddenly attacking from the left and right sides.

Grecia raised the cane to block Tang Mo’s small parasol. On the other side, he kicked his left feet and blocked Fu Wenduo’s move.

The leader of the circus smiled slightly. “My lady, we have just met. It isn’t a very good start.”

Fu Wenduo asked, “Do you want to take our heads?”

Grecia’s eyes lit up. “Do I have this honour?”

Tang Mo sneered. “Come and try!”

The pink parasol opened as its owner jumped into the air and then fell down in a way that was incompatible with physics. The more he fell, the greater the speed. The round umbrella tip aimed straight for Grecia’s head.

If it was only Grandmother Wolf’s small parasol then Grecia wouldn’t care. However, this had been processed by Schrodinger.

Schrodinger was the most popular scientist in the black tower world. He looked very unreliable but his work was secure. Grecia didn’t dare be careless and took three steps back, avoiding the attack of the small parasol while hitting it with his cane. The short cane and small parasol collided. Grecia felt the strength in his wrist and was surprised. “Just this?”

He thought the small parasol would be stronger, perhaps a rare prop!

This wasn’t a rare prop, although it had been strengthened by Schrodinger and was still a good prop. This was enough. Tang Mo pulled back the small parasol and took out the night pearl that had the effect of attracting rare props. Sure enough, Grecia’s cane was sucked straight towards the night pearl.

Yet it wasn’t sucked immediately.

Grecia held the cane with one hand and the wall with the other hand, preventing the cane from moving. His eyes stayed on the night pearl for a second before he looked at his cane. “Attracting metal?” The next moment, the blond man used his right hand to cut off the hollow gold pattern used to decorate the handle of the cane.

All the gold was sucked into the night pearl. Grecial looked up again but saw Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo taking the opportunity to turn the corner and run away.

Grecia gritted his teeth. “Tang Mo! Fu Wenduo!” Then he ran after them

Chases like this weren’t uncommon on Noah’s maze.

For the first time, Bai Ruoyao felt that his lucky value was used up. How did he meet Grandmother Wolf? Bai Ruoyao recognized the other party the moment he saw her. She was a very famous monsters in the black tower world.

If someone had to say who the strongest boss in the Underground Kingdom was, there would be no conclusion. Among the information collected by Bai Ruoyao, some players thought that Santa Claus was the strongest, some people thought the Queen of Hearts was the strongest and some thought the circle leader was the strongest. In the Monster World, there was only one strong monsters i.e. Grandmother Wolf.


He swore and ran away without looking back. If Tang Mo could see this scene, he would be surprised that Bai Ruoyao could run so fast. People didn’t know how much potential they had until they were forced to the extremes.

In fact, Bai Ruoyao was still lucky. The information he collected didn’t tell him that among the first tier bosses of the black tower world, Grandmother Wolf was the slowest. If he encountered the Queen of Hearts, he would have no chance to run and would immediately be torn to pieces by the other party.

Peter Pan wielded a giant sickle as he slid through the labyrinth. Santa Claus shouted that he would never hurt the children but they had hit him.  There was the violent Queen of Hearts, the small cat Schrodinger who was held in their arms of his robot housekeeper…

Noah’s maze was like a huge city. 29 players were trapped in it and chased by black tower monsters.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo took another turn as Grecia got closer and closer to them.

At this time, Tang Mo suddenly saw a black box on the ground next to the labyrinth wall. He and Fu Wenduo glanced at each other and they quietly ran towards the box. After seing the lines of words on the box…

Tang Mo, “…”

Fu Wenduo, “…”

They saw a small black box with a whiteboard and written on it in black pen was:

[Intelligent life has the value of being saved.]

[Black fertilizer ash is volatile.] (TL: It is a Chinese tongue twister)

What the hell was this?

Tang Mo knew that this box definitely wasn’t ordinary to be placed here. However, Grecia was chasing very closely behind them and the two people didn’t have time to stop and look at the abnormality of the box. Fu Wenduo bent down to take the box away but his hand bounced off it.  He looked up. “I can’t take it.”

Tang Mo also tried.

There was an invisible barrier around the box, preventing the two people from touching it.

Grecia was less than 20 metres away from the two people. Tang Mo took the initiative to shout, “Black fertilizer ash is volatile!”

“Ding dong! China District 1 official player Tang Mo has successfully opened the No. 104 treasure chest.”

Tang Mo didn’t have time to think and just picked up the box to run. As he ran, he opened the box. A pink sugar ball suddenly jumped in front of him and Tang Mo caught it.

[Prop: Sugar Ball Stained with Noah’s Saliva]

[Owner: Tang Mo]

[Quality: General]

[Level: 1]

[Attack: Normal]

[Function: Shout the sentence ‘Noah save me’ and the sugar ball will automatically become larger. The width is the same as the corridor of Noah’s maze.]

[Restriction: Can only be used once.]

[Note: This is a magical sugar ball. Lick it and you can indirectly kiss the great Noah.]

Tang Mo didn’t hesitate to shout, “Noah, save me!” Then he threw the sugar ball behind him.

The pink sugar ball turned into a huge ball in the air, slamming into the ground and blocking the middle of the maze. The top of the sugar ball touched the invisible labyrinth ceiling. Grecia braked quickly and stopped in front of the sugar ball. It was impossible for him to go to the left or right. Noah’s maze was protected by the black tower and couldn’t be destroyed. The only way was to break through the sugar ball.

The sugar ball was enlarged and the saliva on it was magnified several times. Grecia smelt the stinky smell of the sugar ball and his face darkened. He heard Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo’s footsteps getting further away and his mouth twitched. “Oh Noah.” Then he raised his cane and smashed the sugar ball with one blow.

The saliva on the cane was wiped clean and Grecia quickly started chasing again.

On the other hand, Bai Ruoyao was almost caught by Grandmother Wolf many times and escaped countless times. He was exhausted and the smile on his face couldn’t be maintained. At this time, he saw a black wooden box on the ground. His eyes lit up and he went to look.

[The black tower thinks that human sin is very ball and all they think about all day is evil.]

[Red carp, green carp and donkey.]

Bai Ruoyao, “…”

What the hell was this?

A similar black box appeared to all escaping players.

Each player saw different things. Some players saw English written on the box, some Japanese and some Chinese. The players in the maze were the most powerful players in the world. They understood the usage of the boxes in a flash but thanks to the pursuit of the black tower monsters, many people didn’t have time to say the tongue twister and were forced to run forward.

Mu Huixue was Cantonese and had a flat tongue without clear pronunciation. Once she saw these tongue twisters, her face turned green. Behind her, Santa Claus was driving a sleigh while shouting, “Don’t run children, Santa won’t hurt you!”

Santa didn’t deliberately kill players but it wasn’t his fault if his sleigh ran them over.

Mu Huixue when she came across a box, “…”

At this moment, a dull and hoarse voice was heard by her side.  Mu Huixue glanced back and saw Andrei staring at the box before saying a bunch of Russian tongue twisters. Then he picked up the box and ran. As he ran, he looked back at Mu Huixue. “Aren’t you running?”

Mu Huixue, “…”

This was the first time she hated that her native language was Chinese.

Mandarin was difficult for her but she could pronounce the Russian words that Andrei just said!

Yes, the words on the boxes were different for each player.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo managed to grab four boxes as their ran. One of them was a northerner and one was a southerner, which was enough to make up for each other’s shortcomings. Most of the tongue twisted could be said at a glance. The few harder ones, Fu Wenduo adjusted quickly and said the tongue twister.

The props in box allowed them to sometimes resist chasing the circus leader while other times it was an aggressive weapon. There were good and bad ones, meaning Grecia couldn’t catch up with them.

There was another box and Tang Mo spoke the tongue twister on it before opening the box.

[Prop: Noah’s Favourite Bubble Bath]

[Owner: Tang Mo]

[Quality: General]

[Level: 2]

[Attack: None]

[Function: Vigorously rub this foamed sponge and bubbles will emerge. Touch the bubble to enter the battle.]

[Restrictions: The sponge can be used once and the effect of the bubble is three minutes. It will automatically disappear after this.]

[Note: His wife doesn’t understand why Noah washes every day. Her husband washes every day before going out. Who is he going to see?]

Tang Mo’s eyes lit up and he quickly picked up the sponge. The sponge quickly produced bubbles and Tang Mo pulled Fu Wenduo’s hand to touch a bubble. There was a sound like a bubble breaking and Fu Wenduo’s whole body entered the bubble. The giant bubble wrapped around Fu Wenduo and once it hit the wall, it slid fast and allowed them to escape at double the speed!

Tang Mo also put himself into a baby and the two of them used the bubbles as a means of transportation to get away from Grecia.

Tang Mo turned his head and saw the figure of the blond underground person getting smaller and smaller. Finally, Grecia stopped in place and quietly watched Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo.  It seemed he couldn’t catch up. Grecia stared at them silently before touching his top hat. The corners of his mouth slightly curved and he turned to run back.

Tang Mo sighed with relief.

The bubble effect ended and Tang Mo continued to explore the dark maze.

Along the way, they collected many props like Noah’s toothbrush, Noah’s nails scissors, Noah’s hair and even his underwear.

They walked cautiously through the maze. Once they heard footsteps, they quickly hid and waited for the other person to leave. Tang Mo gradually found that there were more and more black boxes and fewer monsters.

Half an hour passed before Tang Mo stopped and listened.

“Do you hear anything?”

Fu Wenduo listened for a moment. “The water sound?”

The sound of water was getting louder and louder. At first, they couldn’t hear it but now there was the patter of water when they ran.

There was an unpredictable feeling in Tang Mo’s heart. He felt that something was wrong with this water.

At this time, the two of them turned a corner and encountered a box.,  When they were chased by Grecia, they only saw a box after running a long time. Now they could see a box every two steps. There were so many boxes.

Tang Mo went forward to get the box when Fu Wenduo suddenly exclaimed, “Not good!”

Tang Mo looked at him.

“Did the circus leader really run away because he couldn’t catch up with us?”

Tang Mo was shocked and his eyes widened. “He thinks we are going to die so he didn’t chase us?”

Fu Wenduo wondered, “What is it that makes him feel that we will definitely die and he doesn’t need to act?”

The two of them stared at each other before saying in unison, “We can’t leave the maze!”

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