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Chapter 210

In the next three days, players in Southwest Asia and the Americas cleared the black tower’s fifth floor.

As long as someone passed the fifth floor, the forced tower attack would end.

However, after the third day, there was no announcement about South Asia succeeding. On June 17th, seven days after the forced tower attack, a hoarse and dull male voice rang out over the world, filled with faint anger.

“Ding dong! On June 17th, 2018, none of the fourth floor players in South Asia have successfully attacked the fifth floor. South Asia is forced to attack the tower!”

Tang Mo’s eyes widened and he didn’t completely understand the meaning of this sentence.

The next moment, the black tower reverted to the emotionless, mechanical voice.

“Ding dong! The forced tower attack is completed. The black tower’s 4.5 version has ended.”

“It is expected that at 6:00 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time on June 18th, 2018, the black tower’s 5.0 version will open. This version will directly open the sixth floor tower attack mode. For the specific update contents, players please explore it on your own.”

“Please try to attack the tower!”

The black tower version 5.0 update prompt continuously broadcasted three times before the calm of the black tower was once again restored. The door opened and Tang Mo looked up to see Chen Shanshan and Fu Wensheng running in breathlessly.  The little girl’s face was red and she was evidently in a hurry. She hurriedly asked, “Brother Tang, did you hear about the black tower 5.0 version?”

Ruan Wangshu and Lian Yuzheng also came over.

Tang Mo looked at them.

Ruan Wangshu said, “6 o’clock Greenwich Mean Time, this is 14 o’clock in Beijing Time. Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo, Lian Yuzheng and I will challenge the black tower’s sixth floor.” He paused before continuing, “This black tower update is very strange. It didn’t clearly state the specific update contents. Thanks to the grab the sixth mode, all advanced players in the world will rush to the sixth floor.”

Lian Yuzheng looked at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. “Will we also be enemies?”

Tang Mo smiled and replied, “Yes, we will be enemies.”

Ruan Wangshu and Lian Yuzheng didn’t say anything else. The two of them left to prepare props to bring to the sixth floor.

Lian Yuzheng’s question didn’t mean that both sides would really become enemies. She was asking if Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were going to team up with them.

There were very few players in a district that would be on the fifth floor. For example, the Russian and Southwest Asia regions were forced to attack the tower. Only one of two of them might’ve cleared the fifth floor. However, in areas such as Europe, China and the United States, the number of people on the fifth floor might be five, six or even close to ten.

There were a total of three places.

If Tang Mo teamed up with Ruan Wangshu, they naturally wouldn’t grab each other’s spots because they would be a team. However, teaming up meant more difficulty. Tang Mo wasn’t going to add more people to the team now. After Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo met Bai Ruoyao seven days ago, they decided to go into the game and act randomly. If the difficulty of the game was so big that it didn’t matter if teaming up increased the difficulty, they would naturally team up with other players.

A team represented an increased difficulty but it also meant reducing the number of opponents competing for the quota.

Chen Shanshan and Fu Wensheng gave their props to Tang Mo. Xiao Fu went to the next classroom with a few empty mineral water bottles and worked hard for an afternoon to make three bottles. He handed the mineral water to his brother. “Big Brother, these are the bottles I made with my evolved ability, which is much better than before. After drinking, it can improve your abilities and physical fitness for a short time.”

Fu Wenduo looked down at his brother before placing the mineral water into the chicken nest. “Go to sleep.”

Xiao Fu nodded and found a place to sleep.

Their physical fitness meant there was no need for sleep. However, the frantic use of his ability consumed Fu Wensheng’s energy and he was very exhausted.

Fu Wenduo said, “I’m going home to grab some weapons.”

Tang Mo told him, “I’ll go with you.”

The two of them left Tian Xuan at 6 p.m. and headed to Fu Wenduo’s home next to the Forbidden City. They had to avoid being pulled into any instances in case they were delayed by the instance and missed entering the sixth floor first. Thus, they left after 6 o’clock.

They arrived at the two-storey building and Fu Wenduo spoke when he opened the door. “Someone has been here.”

Tang Mo looked at him.

“The house has been turned over.”

The two of them searched carefully and didn’t find anyone else in the house. Tang Mo suggested, “They must be players who came here to search for supplies and left.”

The food and water in the house had been grabbed by other players before Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo came to Beijing. Those who still wanted to search for things must be looking for weapons. Unfortunately, they were doomed not to find anything.

Fu Wenduo took Tang Mo to the second floor and headed to a room on the innermost side of the corridor. This was Fu Wenduo’s bedroom, which was simple and clean. It only had one bed, one desk and a whole row of bookshelves. The desk was made of mahogany and each piece of furniture reflected the simplicity of the last century.

Fu Wenduo went to the third bookshelf and pulled out a book called ‘Introduction to Water Weapons.’

He opened it and revealed a U-shaped bookmark inside. Fu Wenduo grabbed the bookmark and inserted it into a small, unobtrusive groove between two bookshelves. There was a noise and the two bookshelves moved slightly apart. Fu Wenduo used his hands to open the bookshelves, revealing dozens of black g*ns in front of them.

“G*ns that are too long aren’t easy to use. You use my g*n and I will grab some.”

Tang Mo nodded. “Okay.”

The two men packed some g*ns and bullets. Fu Wenduo also grabbed some grenades with unknown models. Fu Wenduo discovered Tang Mo’s eyes on the grenades and took out a silver-white long tubular grenade. He held it and said, “The M70 anti-tank grenades. The prototype is 80. This is a modified version and is still secret. It isn’t fully used by the military. The black tower props might be powerful but these weapons can also produce a great explosive effect.”

Tang Mo asked, “Anti-tank? Can it blow up a tank?”

Fu Wenduo’s lips curved. “It can blow up a building.”

As Fu Wenduo closed the door, he noticed a black pistol hanging on the wall. He quickly took it down and handed it to Tang Mo before the bookshelves closed.

Tang Mo glanced at him with surprise. “What is it?”

“This is the g*n I often used when I was a child. The recoil isn’t strong and it is very good.”

Tang Mo was startled. After a moment, he sneered and refused the g*n. “It is suitable for you.”

Fu Wenduo raised his eyebrows and looked at Tang Mo’s angry appearance with interest. He didn’t take the g*n away.

Tang Mo frowned. “What are you looking at?”

Fu Wenduo stated, “This g*n is really suitable for beginners.” It was suitable for Tang Mo.

Tang Mo, “…”

This was too much!

Tang Mo refused the weapon and was preparing to turn and leave when something cold touched his chest. He stopped and looked back at Fu Wenduo. “?”

Fu Wenduo moved his fingers and smoothly placed the g*n into Tang Mo’s pocket, so quickly that Tang Mo couldn’t react.

Tang Mo thought it was strange and took the g*n out of his pocket.

“This is the first g*n I used.”

Tang Mo looked up from the g*n towards Fu Wenduo.

Clear moonlight shone through the window and cast mottled shadows into the room. Fu Wenduo’s eyes were dark and quiet as he stared at Tang Mo. A long time passed before he smiled slightly. “I am also giving it to the first person I like.”

Tang Mo’s eyes trembled as they reflected the tall man. The other side also reflected him. It was only him alone.

The kiss came quickly. It was initially as light as a feather but gradually developed into a strong atmosphere.

There was still the smell of Fu Wenduo on this bed. Tang Mo buried his face in it and the light and clean smell penetrated his nose and mouth. The shadow of the trees danced, the pistols were loaded and the bed shook steadily as they were fired.

Sweat dripped down the young man’s face. Tang Mo opened his eyes, revealing a s*xy and aggressive force that pierced the heart. He pulled Fu Wenduo’s head down and kissed him.

The first bullet was fired from the g*n. Tang Mo gasped slightly and reached out to pull the abilities book from the air. He turned to the last page and had just seen the first line ‘Ability: Genetic Recombination’ when he was pulled down by the man.

The abilities book was thrown to the ground by its owner.

It was a pity that each ability could only be obtained once and the level of the ability couldn’t increase. Tang Mo suddenly felt it was a bit uneconomical but it was just a thought. He pulled down Fu Wenduo and kissed him.

In the early morning, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo returned to Tian Xuan and determined the safety of the two children. They finished all their preparations and at 13:30 on June 18th, they headed to the black tower with Ruan Wangshu and Lian Yuzheng. Ordinary players hid and quietly watched the advanced players who were ready to attack the sixth floor.

20 minutes later, a tall and thin young man came from a distance. Once he saw Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, he walked to the side without saying anything.

Tang Mo raised his eyebrows. “Ning Zheng has also cleared the fifth floor.”

Then Bai Ruoyao came. He waved happily when he saw Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. Then when he saw Ning Zheng, the baby-faced youth ran up naturally and said, “Ning Ning, we haven’t seen each other for so long. Where have you been hiding? I couldn’t find you and this made me really sad.”

Ning Zheng almost fainted and ran further away from this group of people.

In the last minutes, Tang Mo looked around and asked, “Isn’t Mu Huixue coming?”

They waited a long time and Mu Huixue still wasn’t here.

…Did she die in the fifth floor game or was perhaps killed by Andre?

The moment 14 o’clock arrived, there was no change in the black tower. It remained dark and suspended in the air. This was the first time the black tower update was so calm. The child’s voice only announced one sentence, “Ding dong! The black tower version 5.0 has officially launched!” Then there were no movements.

However, all the players present were focused and rushed towards the tower at their fastest speed.

A white light filled Tang Mo’s eyes and as he was about to enter the tower attack game, he seemed to see a flying figure. A depressed female voice shouted, “Can you not follow me? You can’t kill me so don’t hinder me from attacking the tower!”

Andre could only understand ‘attack the tower.’ Then he said, “Together, attack.”

Mu Huixue, “…”

Go attack your mother’s tower!!!

All over the world, apart from South Asia, the players in each region immediately applied to enter the tower attack game. They all entered the tower attack game so they didn’t know that afterwards, a loud voice spread throughout the world.

“Ding dong! On June 18th, 2018m 30 players from nine regions have successfully entered the black tower’s sixth floor.”

“There is one person from the southern region, two from the Southeast Asia region, two from the East Asia region, one from the Southwest Asia region, one from Russia, two from the Americas, five from Europe, seven from the United States and nine from China.” (TL: Unsure about the southern region. Lampang is the only thing that pops up when I google it but that doesn’t seem correct. The literal translation is just South Country so I went with that.)

Shanghai, China.

Luo Fengcheng walked out of the underground parking lot and looked at the black tower on the other side of Huangpu River. Jack ran over breathlessly, “Doctor, what’s wrong? What does the black tower mean? Why is it suddenly telling information about the tower attack players? There are nine from China…”

Jack hadn’t finished yet when a cold voice interrupted his words.

“Ding dong! Southwest Asia District 4’s official player Picote Brungaz has failed to pass the instance. The number of players from Southwest Asia attacking the tower is zero.”

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A depressed female voice shouted, “Can you not follow me? You can’t kill me so don’t hinder me from attacking the tower!”

Andre could only understand ‘attack the tower.’ Then he said, “Together, attack.”

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