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Chapter 209

Tang Mo blinked and spoke in a positive tone, “You’ve also cleared the fifth floor.”

Bai Ruoyao placed his hands in his pocket and showed a bright smile. “Wow Tang Tang, can’t I clear the fifth floor in your heart? Everyone has to grab the sixth floor. Do you think I don’t have the strength to do so?” The baby-faced youth made a hurt expression. “You doubt my strength.”

Tang Mo didn’t care about him.

He and Fu Wenduo cleared the fifth floor yesterday. A whole day had passed since then. If Bai Ruoyao immediately entered the tower attack game after the version 4.5 update, it wasn’t impossible for him to clear the fifth floor.

This baby-faced youth had a strength that was completely incompatible with his silly smile.

Fu Wenduo lightly said, “That dart is just an ordinary dart.”

The smile on Bai Ruoyao’s face froze but he didn’t take the dart out of his pocket. “Is it? Then it is okay for my collection. After all, it is a gift from Major Fu.” He had no intention of returning the dart.

Fu Wenduo raised his eyebrows.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo didn’t intend to talk with Bai Ruoyao. Bai Ruoyao originally wanted to speak some nonsense but then he remembered the Santa’s candy house and got straight to the point. “If I’m not mistake, you cleared the fifth floor yesterday and tried more than once to challenge the sixth floor. Did you fail?”

Tang Mo asked, “Did you succeed?”

If Bai Ruoyao succeeded then he wouldn’t be standing here.

Bai Ruoyao smiled. “If everyone hasn’t succeeded then I can rest assured. It is boring. I can’t attack the tower and don’t know when I can attack the tower. Hey Tang Tang, how about setting up a tent under the black tower and trying to attack the tower every moment? Or else we won’t know when the black tower returns to normal and we will be allowed to attack the tower. We have to grab the sixth floor.”

“You came here to say this?” Tang Mo looked calmly at the baby-faced youth in front of him before smiling. “You just want to check.. if we know about what’s going on with the black tower.”

The key point was poked at once. Bai Ruoyao laughed and opened the topic. “Do I have to say this?”

He didn’t expect Tang Mo to directly ask, “What thoughts do you have?”

There had never been such a friendly inquiry before and Bai Ruoyao was stunned for a moment.”

Fu Wenduo opened his mouth. “You came here not just for speculation.”

China’s first three players to clear the fifth floor of the black tower stared quietly at each other. After a while, Bai Ruoyao smiled and spread open his hands. “I really do have a few thoughts. How did you know Tang Tang?”

Next, Bai Ruoyao walked through the gates of the school and headed straight into Tian Xuan’s base.

Ruan Wangshu, Lian Yuzheng, Li Miaomiao and other core members of Tian Xuan had entered the instances or attacked the tower. Tang Mo took Bai Ruoyao to the senior classroom that he and Fu Wenduo usually used. Bai Ruoyao wasn’t polite and directly sat on the podium.

“This place is really good. It is located at the intersection of several shopping malls, the traffic is developed and it is close to the black tower. Tian Xuan must enjoy it.”

Tang Mo stated, “Get to business.”

Bai Ruoyao’s smile slowly faded as he said, “The sixth floor of the black tower… it might not be that simple.”

What was the reason for the black tower forbidding all players from attacking the sixth floor?

In fact, when they noticed that only the data for the sixth floor tower attack was abnormal, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo had one thought. The black tower was deliberately waiting for other regions to clear the fifth floor and gain a chance to enter the sixth floor.

This seemed unfair to players who already cleared the fifth floor. Grab the sixth mode, every player in the world would be grabbing for the top three players. Time was invaluable to them and every second they stopped, it was possible for the third team/player to become fourth and lose the reward.

Yet the black tower relentless refused their request to attack the tower ahead of time and prohibited them entering the sixth floor.

Bai Ruoyao sat on the podium and said, “All of us are waiting for four districts, South Asia, Russia, Southwest Asia and the Americas. Tang Tang, don’t you feel this is unfair? Why do we have to wait for those useless people?”

Tang Mo thought for a while before looking up. “This is just your speculation.”

Bai Ruoyao blinked at the words. “Speculation?”

Tang Mo crossed his arms and leaned against the window sill. “The black tower prohibits players from attacking the sixth floor because it is necessary to wait for each region to have a player to attack the sixth floor. Finally, everyone will attack the tower together. Isn’t this your guess?”

Bai Ruoyao smiled. “Do you remember the third rule of the black tower’s 4.5 version?”

Tang Mo’s body stiffened.

Bai Ruoyao told him, “Third, the black tower 5.0 version will introduce the intercommunication mode… what is the intercommunication mode?”

As early as the 4.5 version update, Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo and Chen Shanshan speculated that for the version 5.0, the black tower would open game intercommunication among the 10 regions in the world.

This didn’t mean they could guess in advance that the sixth floor of the black tower was version 5.0.

Tang Mo didn’t answer Bai Ruoyao’s question.

A low voice was suddenly heard. “You are very certain”

Bai Ruoyao’s smile suddenly stopped. He turned and looked at the man in black standing by the window before grinning again. “Major Fu, am I certain?”

Fu Wenduo spoke calmly, “You are very certain that we can’t enter the sixth floor because we have to wait for all other regions to clear the game.”

Bai Ruoyao asked, “Are you sure?”

Fu Wenduo looked at him. “I am.”

Bai Ruoyao touched his chin. “Am I really certain?”

Fu Wenduo stopped the game. The dark eyes stared at Bai Ruoyao’s face before Fu Wenduo finally said, “You seem to be hiding a secret.”

Once he heard Fu Wenduo say this, Tang Mo also carefully observed the baby-faced youth. If Fu Wenduo hadn’t mentioned it then it would’ve been hard to think of it. Bai Ruoyao was extremely mysterious.

He was a secret intelligence officer and was strong before the earth went online. However, his ability was too tasteless. Still, his physical fitness had greatly improved and his combat strength also increased. However, compared to Mu Huixue and Ruan Wangshu, his ability was too useless.

Bai Ruoyao still managed to be the third person in China to clear the fifth floor and was the only one to do it alone.

He also had a lot of intelligence.

No one knew where he found so much information. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo only had a vague guess about the black tower and their abilities. Bai Ruoyao could accurately say that each player’s ability wasn’t unique and some players had it before.

Tang Mo suddenly had a thought. “You said that the boss who gave you the information on the black tower is surnamed White. Who is it?”

Bai Ruoyao smiled. “You guess.”

A few fairy tale characters with the name ‘white’ in them appeared in Tang Mo’s mind.

Baijo said to himself, “Am I certain? I don’t think so. Hehe, I’m probably very smart so I can guess these things.”

Fu Wenduo wondered, “What else do you have?” It was a bit rushed.

“Are you abandoning your benefactor after achieving your goal?”

Fu Wenduo stared coldly at the baby-faced youth. “Your words, I previously guessed it with Tang Mo. Still, before the black tower confirms it, no one knows what the truth is.” That’s it.

Bai Ruoyao deliberately acted like a woman being abandoned but unfortunately, no one in the classroom appreciated his acting.  Bai Ruoyao sighed sorrowfully and said, “There is one last thing. Tang Tang, Major Fu… do you want to team up for the sixth floor?”

Tang Mo was originally looking at Fu Wenduo and secretly exchanging some words about Bai Ruoyao. They heard this and both turned.

Tang Mo stared at Bai Ruoyao before laughing. “How are you so confident that we will team up with you?”

An hour later, the baby-faced youth hummed as he walked out of the 80th High School. As he walked out of the school gates, he turned back and waved goodbye to Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo.

Tang Mo felt both angry and amused. “Can we really cooperate with this person? He might sell us in the next second.”

Fu Wenduo felt differently. “We can if the sixth floor is really as he said.”

Tang Mo was silent for a moment. “There is a 80% possibility it is the case.”

The two of them turned around and returned to the classroom.

Three days later, Chen Shanshan’s group returned from the tower attack game. Perhaps it was due to completing a tower attack game with fifth floor players but Chen Shanshan easily completed this tower attack. Li Miaomiao was injured and had a large cut as Fu Wensheng carried her back to the Tian Xuan base.

After Xiao Fu brought her back, he quickly used his ability to heal Li Miaomiao. The child slightly blamed himself. “She was hurt because of me.  I was the one injured…”

Li Miaomiao was still unconscious. Chen Shanshan looked at him and said, “Since we teamed up to attack the tower, we are teammates. Sister Li’s ability is to transfer other people’s wounds to herself and then to heal with her powerful self-healing ability. If she didn’t transfer your wounds then you might’ve died in the game.”

Fu Wensheng nodded.

Li Miaomiao woke up in the evening. By the next day, she was up and about, her previous appearance not being seen at all.

Tang Mo saw that the two children and the female doctor had become closer and spoke in a calm voice, “Her ability is very useful.”

Forget the transferring other people’s wounds to himself. Tang Mo just wanted that frightening self-healing ability. It was a pity that Tang Mo would probably need to kill LI Miaomiao to get her ability. It was likely that Li Miaomiao’s ability was no less difficult to acquire then Fu Wenduo’s.

In the later stages, it was more difficult for Tang Mo to get powerful abilities.

“The self-healing ability?”

Tang Mo turned to look at Fu Wenduo. “Yes, I really want her self-healing ability. It is much stronger than mine and might even be stronger than yours.”

Fu Wenduo said, “My self-healing ability is reflected in different aspects.”

Tang Mo saw Fu Wenduo takeout a small dagger and suddenly lowered it to his wrist. Tang Mo was shocked and reflexively tried to stop him. Fu Wenduo paused before cutting his wrist. He said to Tang Mo, “It seems I don’t need to actually do it. My ability is genetic recombination. The recovery rate when I’m injured is much slower than hers but it terms of cut off limbs, my self-healing ability is very strong.”

Previously, Fu Wenduo lost a leg due to the big turkey on the first floor.  Then he quickly grew a new leg. This was his powerful self-healing ability.

Fu Wenduo put away the knife and Tang Mo sighed. He wasn’t completely relieved when a low male voice was heard, “My ability isn’t weaker than hers. So…”

Tang Mo looked up at the other person.

Fu Wenduo’s lips curved and he didn’t speak, but Tang Mo knew what he was going to say.

…So, when are you going to take my ability?

These words were about to be spoken when a child’s voice interrupted Fu Wenduo.

“Ding dong! Russia District 6’s reserve player Yelena Ivanovna has passed the black tower’s fifth floor! The Russian region’s forced tower attack has ended.”

The two people quickly looked at each other.

Tang Mo wondered, “It is similar to when you attacked the first floor, causing all Chinese players to enter the tower attack game. As soon as someone passes, the forced tower attack will immediately end?”


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