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Chapter 206

Pete’s gaze focused on where Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo’s hands overlapped and he understood that these two people wanted to join hands to deal with him and David. The blond foreigner smiled coldly, pulled out his pistol and fired.

It clearly wasn’t aimed at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo but the two bullets flew towards their heads.

Tang Mo quickly turned to dodge. David’s fist slammed down and Tang Mo opened the small parasol.

The battle was very unfair to the two foreign players from the beginning.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo had the magic boots and could walk on the River of Fantasy. David and Pete had to use the shield to stand on the river. The shield was large but it was only a shield. It also needed to be manipulated by Pete. Thus, the two foreign players didn’t speak nonsense and used their most powerful props.

A dark crossbow suddenly appeared in Pete’s hand. His eyes narrowed and he released the bowstring. A thin arrow whizzed out and flew towards Tang Mo. At this moment, a g*nshot rang. Fu Wenduo fired at the arrow, causing the arrow to deviate from its direction and fall into the River of Fantasy.


The drawbacks of exposing their abilities and props emerged at this time.

Pete knew Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo’s strengths but they were also aware of his. The arrow was covered with poison. In the illusion, Fu Wenduo had been shot with this arrow and the wound turned blue black in the blink of an eye. He had to quickly cut off his harm to stop the spread of the poison.

Pete shouted angrily, “Kill them!”

“There is no need to say it. I want to kill these two bastards!”

David roared like an angry lion. He borrowed the shield and threw himself at Tang Mo. He waved his huge first towards Tang Mo.

The four people fought fiercely, their props frequently used as the pink water was sent flying to the air.

David found that Fu Wenduo’s black dagger was powerful enough to break all his props but it couldn’t cut the colourful line around his arm. He instantly realized, “This line can’t be cut unless I die!” Thus, he used this line as a weapon to block Fu Wenduo’s offensive.

Still, this was only a temporary benefit and the two foreigners were forced into a desperate situation.

David and Pete were covered in wounds as they stood on the shield. Tang Mo held the big match, ready to go again when Pete raised his hand to stop them. “Wait, are you crazy? Do you really want to kill me and David? Kill him and this line around his arm will disappear! There is no compass so without this line, you won’t be able to leave the thick fog. Or do you want to waste a prop and quit the game in order to kill us?”

Pete stared at Tang Mo with disbelief.

He had played many games. From the returnees world to Earth, Pete had seen countless powerful players and killed them.  However, he had never seen a player who didn’t want to clear the game.

If Pete and David wanted to pass alone then it was very simple. They just needed to kill Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo and take away the bottle of banana wine. Then the two of them could clear the instance. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were different.

The banana wine was in their hands but David didn’t have a prop that could be manipulated. Once David died, they wouldn’t be able to leave this River of Fantasy.

Pete was vaguely aware of something wrong. He knew that Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo dared to attack them because there was a way for them to clear the game. Yet he couldn’t figure it out. He and David had already guessed various methods and even figured out how to clear the game without finding the right banana wine sequence. What was he missing? Was there something he ignored?

Then he saw the colourful long line and something flashed in Pete’s brain. The next moment, he stared at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo with astonishment. “Everything is fake?”

His mind was blank.

“There is no need for a direction or boat at all. As long as you find the real banana wine and pick a direction that you feel you can leave in, you will be able to exist.” Pete muttered to himself. “Yes, this is the River of Fantasy, the River of Fantasy! Anything you think is reality and the direction isn’t important. The important thing is to believe you can go out. It can be like this!”

“Damn!” Pete’s eyes turned red with anger and he slammed his feet into the shield. The shield flew up and he caught it.

David shouted, “What are you doing?”

David didn’t have the shield and fell into the water. On the other hand, Pete used this shield to smash into Tang Mo. The shield looked bulky but it was extremely lightweight. Tang Mo struggled to avoid the shield but he still got a scratch on his face. The shield flew back to Pete’s hand.

David was being swallowed up by the river and there wasn’t much time left for Pete.

This shield was definitely a rare prop!

Pete grabbed it and his whole body flew through the air as he frantically attacked Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. The power of the shield was terrible. Tang Mo’s small parasol couldn’t cut it nor could Fu Wenduo’s black dagger piece it. Pete hid behind the shield and kept attacking the two people, seemingly trying to kill them.

The Tang Mo duo constantly avoided it until Fu Wenduo suddenly revealed a flaw.

Pete’s eyes lit up.

This was the time! Instead of attacking, he reached out and grabbed the banana wine flew into the air.

It turned out that this was his intention from the beginning. He wanted to take the opportunity to steal the banana wine. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were blocked by the huge shield and couldn’t attack Pete, who was hiding behind it. They could only watch him take away the banana wine.

At this moment, there was a faint knocking sound. It seemed as if something had hit the shield. Pete didn’t care and his fingers kept reaching out to the bottle of banana wine. The next moment, he felt a movement from the shield in his hand and he turned to look. There was a crack in the middle of the shield that was getting bigger and wider.

On the other side of the gap, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo’s faces mwere revealed.

[Prop: I’m Not a Gold Axe or Glass Axe]

[Owner: Tang Mo]


[Function: A gold-plated glass axe that looks valuable but is actually very shabby. It looks like it can cut everything but it can be cut by anything. However, in the face of something that seems impossible to cut, it might play an unexpected role. The law of causality means it can cut things that can theoretically be cut but it can also cut things that theoretically can’t be cut.]

[Restrictions: It is extremely unstable. Sometimes in the face of something that theoretically can’t be cut, it might cut or not cut it. After 10 consecutive times where nothing is cut, the axe will break on its own.]

[Note: Hahaha, how unexpected! The River God shows a wicked smile.]

Half of the shield feel into the River of Fantasy while the other half stayed in Pete’s hands. His eyes widened in disbelief because he couldn’t understand what happened. He immediately tried to escape. He grabbed the king’s gold coin and tried to use it to leave the game.

However, it was too late.

A transparent glass axe hit him on the head.

Pete thought he was dad but the axe unexpectedly didn’t break his skin.

Tang Mo frowned. “Sure enough.”

Pete didn’t hear this because Fu Wenduo’s ghostly figure closed in and the cold dagger pierced Pete’s heart. After he fell, Tang Mo grabbed his half of the shield. Unfortunately, it was too late to search Pete because he had already fallen into the pink river. No other props could be taken away.

On the other side, David saw the situation and didn’t care about his companion’s death. He took out the king’s gold coin to quit the game. Then Fu Wenduo grabbed the line of colourful lace and dragged David towards him.

His success and failure was caused by the same factor.

This line couldn’t be cut by anything and helped David resist a number of attacks. Now it led David to be caught by the two people. Tang Mo saw that David wanted to use the king’s gold coin to escape and used the broken shield to stab him.

Bright red blood gushed from David’s mouth. He understood the rules of the game and why Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo didn’t need him to leave the River of Fantasy.  He just didn’t understand…

“Why… if that man hadn’t wanted to kill you then Pete and I wouldn’t have touched you either. Four people… four people passing the instance is still fine. Normal mode will only give you an excellent quality prop. Pete and I could give you these and even a rare prop. Why… why must you kill us…”

Tang Mo pulled out the half a shield and replied lightly, “It is because I can’t let her see you.”

David closed his eyes and fell into the River of Fantasy. As he died, he still didn’t understand who this ‘she’ was and why Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo had to kill them.

David and Pete were smart enough to be senior players. Their deaths were because they were arrogant and placed their own nature onto other people. For example, they believed that Fu Wenduo would kill his teammate to get a better reward. In addition, they didn’t know that Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo had a rare prop: the archiver turkey egg.

There was nothing wrong with Pete’s thinking. He made a request to understand Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo’s abilities and props.  He had David make a request that would save his life, so that Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo didn’t dare move against them.

Unfortunately, he fell into a misunderstanding from the beginning.

As the illusionary Pete fought Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, Tang Mo found that he didn’t use the turkey egg!

This was the black tower game and the turkey egg could create a save file. In the illusion, Pete was killed by Fu Wenduo and Tang Mo was also dying. He might be killed by Pete. In this dangerous situation, he and Fu Wenduo would definitely use the archiver function of the turkey egg. After he was killed by Pete, he would load the file and the three of them would fight again.

However, he didn’t load the file.

This was a rare prop and the illusions used his infinite non-probability pocket watch and Fu Wenduo’s black dagger. It wasn’t reasonable that it wouldn’t use their turkey egg.

The two of them speculated that the River of Fantasy might just give one way to kill Tang Mo or perhaps Tang Mo wasn’t killed by Pete. Thus, next Fu Wenduo made a request and he emphasized that he had to kill Tang Mo.

Before saying this, Fu Wenduo already drew the ‘S’ on the turkey egg while Tang Mo didn’t draw anything.

The illusionary Fu Wenduo definitely wouldn’t allow the archiving. However, as long as Fu Wenduo did the archiving in advance, the illusion Tang Mo just needed to draw an S and confirm the archiver At that time, Fu Wenduo told himself that as long as Tang Mo died once, the requirements were satisfied. He didn’t need to kill Tang Mo after loading the file.

It was an adventure but luckily they guessed right.

Fu Wenduo’s request was to ‘completely kill Tang Mo’ but the illusion still didn’t read the file.

There was only one reason. It was because Fu Wenduo only thought about killing Tang Mo once.

Between the requirements and the imagination, the river god and the River of Fantasy, everything was due to the player’s imagination.

All illusions were from the players’ imaginations.

In the three way battle, Pete never thought about the archiving device so the turkey egg wasn’t used. Tang Mo died and the file of the turkey egg wasn’t read. In that battle, the three people’s props and abilities came out. This was apart from the turkey egg. They didn’t read the file so the effect wasn’t obvious. Everything else about the three people was exposed.

Was it really the river god who determined this battle? Was it the River of Fantasy?

No, it was the players.

Players thought about what abilities and props they had and their illusions would use them.

Fu Wenduo held the banana wine and turned to look at Tang Mo. He saw the brunette standing in front of the thick fog and tried his best to imagine the thick fog separating. Soon, the pink fog dissipated and the river bank appeared not far away.

The magic boots had only one hour of use and it wasn’t too late. The two people quickly ran to shore and arrived before the effect of the shoes disappeared.

There was a rustling sound from the grass on the shore. Tang Mo quickly grabbed his small parasol before releasing it.

Tang Mo asked, “Shanshan?”

The short-haired girl emerged from the grass and sighed with relief when she saw them. “Brother Tang, Major Fu.”

The three people gathered and Tang Mo wondered, “Are you okay? Did you trigger a main mission? Is it completed?”

The little girl nodded. “Yes, it’s done. Maybe I overdid it on the side mission so the main mission was very easy. It wasn’t a difficult task.”

Then a child’s voice rang in Tang Mo’s ears.

“Ding dong! The main mission: River of Fantasy’s Gold and Silver Banana Wine game has been completed.”

“Two people cleared the game and opening the ordinary mode reward. Players Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo have successfully cleared the black tower’s fifth floor (normal mode).”

The black tower’s prompts kept going. Chen Shanshan looked behind Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo and asked, “What about the two wolves?”

Tang Mo replied in a calm voice. “Something happened and they died in the game.”

Chen Shanshan nodded and didn’t ask any more questions.

There was a white light and once they opened their eyes, they were back on Earth.

“Ding dong! China District 1’s official player Tang Mo and reserve player Fu Wenduo have successfully cleared the black tower’s fifth floor (normal mode)!”

This spread throughout China.

At this moment, tens of thousands of players stopped their movements and looked at the black tower closest to them. Their expressions were dull and dazed. After a few seconds, countless people had red eyes and some were so excited that they cried.

Shanghai, Nanjing Road.

Jack and Tang Qiao were heavily armed and preparing to challenge the fifth floor. They suddenly heard this voice and the stupid Jack scratched his head before looking at Luo Fengcheng. “Doctor, Tang Mo and Major Fu cleared the instance? Then do we still have to go?”

Luo Fengcheng was happy at being able to challenge the tower attack game without any pressure. It was better than being pressured to survive. He smiled and said, “Why wouldn’t we be going? Don’t you want to participate in the grab the sixth mode and take the lead in clearing the black tower’s sixth floor, getting a clue to the seventh floor?”

The same thing was happening everywhere in China.

The Tang Mo trio left the game and rushed to the 80th High School.

They had to seize every minute to challenge the black tower’s sixth floor and become one of the first three teams to clear it.  After playing the game for so long, there was a lot of information they didn’t know. They would be able to find it out at the Tian Xuan organization.

The trio rushed from the Forbidden City to the 80th school in five minutes.

Before arriving at the school gate, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo stopped in unison. Tang Mo looked at the cracked ground and his eyes slowly narrowed.

This used to be one of the two pillars at the entrance of the 80th High School. Now they were broken.

The 80th High School was the base of Tian Xuan and no players in Beijing dared act wild here. The player of Tian Xuan were unlikely to destroy their own base.

…It was broken by a powerful player. So powerful that the Tian Xuan organization couldn’t stop them.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo glanced at each other. They understood that something happened with Tian Xuan and they had to be careful. They didn’t feel worried for long. An excited voice was heard from the campus. “Brother Tang, Big Brother, Sister Shanshan! You’re finally here!”

Tang Mo looked up and saw the female doctor and Fu Wensheng walking to the school gates.

Xiao Fu saw that Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were injured and quickly rushed to use his ability to help them. Chen Shanshan wasn’t hurt and the group didn’t delay at the entrance. They walked inside.

As he walked through the school gates, Tang Mo wondered, “Who smashed it?”

Li Miaomiao paused for a moment. She snorted and stepped away like she didn’t want to answer this question.

Fu Wensheng smiled and whispered, “Brother Tang, this is a particularly humiliating thing so the Tian Xuan people don’t want to say it. Today is June 9th. You have entered the tower attack game for two days. Yesterday, Ruan Wangshu and Lian Yuzheng entered the tower attack game to challenge the fifth floor. Two days ago, on the day you entered the game, I just arrived at the Tian Xuan organization. Then a Russian man who looked like a brown bear came to the Tian Xuan organization.”

The child wanted to heighten the atmosphere and didn’t say it clearly.

Fu Wenduo glanced at him. “Andrei Ivan Petrov?”

Fu Wensheng’s eyes widened. “Big Brother, how did you know?”

Chen Shanshan spoke, “A person who came to smash the Tian Xuan organization and isn’t afraid of Ruan Wangshu. In addition, he is Russian… it can only be the first Russian in the world to clear the black tower’s third floor, Andrei Petrov.”

Xiao Fu finally found a chance. “Sister Shanshan, you are wrong about something. He didn’t smash the school. It was Mu Huixue.”

Tang Mo frowned. “How can it be Mu Huixue?”

Fu Wensheng smiled. “That’s a long story.”

Next, Fu Wensheng told them everything that happened around the world in these two days.

First of all, in addition to Lena Jophos of the European region, there was a reserve player called George David, who was once a stowaway, who cleared the fifth floor.

The third ones to clear the fifth floor were Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo.

As for Mu Huixue and Andrei, Fu Wensheng could only say, “That Andrei is particularly strange. He came and said he wanted to kill Mu Huixue and for Tian Xuan to help him find Mu Huixue.  Tian Xuan hadn’t promised to help when Mu Huixue appeared on her own. The two people spoke a few words in Russian that I couldn’t understand and then fought.”

Andrei was the world’s first person to clear the third floor and Mu Huixue was the strongest returnee on the time leaderboard.

Even Ruan Wangshu and Lian Yuzheng couldn’t meddle in the battle between them. Ruan Wangshu wasn’t here but Fu Wensheng still secretly said, “The person surnamed Ruan must especially want to blow them away. They fought and even ruined his base. However, it is impossible for Mu Huixue and Andrei to listen to him. They fought for a long time and Mu Huixue finally won. She won but she said she couldn’t kill Andrei. Brother, that Andrei isn’t amazing. His strength shouldn’t be any worse than you.”

Fu Wenduo looked at his good-for-nothing brother. “Where are the two of them?”

Fu Wensheng recalled it. “Mu Huixue said she also wants to participate in the grab the sixth mode. Andrei couldn’t kill her so she went to attack the tower. Andrei said that he can’t kill Mu Huixue now but if he follows her then he will get a chance.”

Tang Mo’s lips curved.

Mu Huixue was the type of suicidal person who was willing to put a time bomb around her and not drive the person away. Andrei seemed naive as well. He followed Mu Huixue and told her he was looking for a chance to kill her.

He didn’t mention anything else about the two people. Tang Mo sent Chen Shanshan to the Tian Xuan bast and handed her to Li Miaomiao.

Li Miaomiao looked at them seriously. “The leader had long guessed that you can pass the fifth floor and would also send the little girl here. Leader and Sister Lian went to clear the fifth floor but the leader left a message…” Li Miaomiao paused before saying solemnly, “The sixth floor of the black tower definitely isn’t simple. The world’s top players want to clear it first. Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo, if you are willing then I hope you will wait for us. Lian Yuzheng and I will clear the fifth floor at the fastest speed and go with you to challenge the sixth floor.”

Tang Mo didn’t hesitate. “Sorry, we can’t wait.”

Li Miaomiao spread open her hands. “The leader also guessed you would say this. Okay, okay, what else can I say? Give this girl to me and I’ll watch over the kids for you.” Li Miaomiao complained but she didn’t stop Tang Mo from sending Chen Shanshan to the Tian Xuan organization.

China already had players who cleared the fifth floor and the two children wouldn’t be forced to attack the tower.

They just cleared the fifth floor and now had to challenge the sixth floor. Even Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo didn’t dare act lightly. The two of them first rested for a while in the Tian Xuan organization. They prepared their props and let Fu Wensheng make them some mineral water.

Tang Mo took out his abilities book and turned to the last page.

Tang Mo, “…”

There wasn’t one ability that was most embarrassing. All of them reached his lower limit!

[Ability: One A4 Small Waist]

[Owner: David Jonah (Official Player)]

[Type: Genotype]

[Function: When the user’s waistline is less than 1.9 feet and the navel is touched with one hand, the ‘A4 small waist’ effect will be activated. The user’s body shape can be freely elongated, shortened or arbitrarily changed. For example, it can be compressed to the thickness of a piece of paper or widened to the length of a wall.]

[Level: 6]

[Restrictions: The user’s waistline must be less than 1.9 feet and the navel has to be touched with one hand. Once the body shape changes, the quality of the body won’t change.]

[Note: If David hadn’t eaten well today and his waist was smaller, do you think you could’ve killed him easily, Tang Mo?]

[Tang Mo version usage instructions: Can only be used three times a day. After using it, your strength will weaken by 50% for a minute and you will enter soft mode. Once everyone cheers because of my appearance, Tang Mo should know who the real protagonist is.]

Tang Mo raised an eyebrow with surprise.

He really didn’t see that David’s waistline was only around two feet. David wore such thick clothes because he was ashamed of his ability that gave him a waist smaller than a woman. He could only cover it with clothes.

Tang Mo looked at the note of the abilities book and he gradually frowned.

Tang Mo’s body size belonged to the normal, thin type. He had a bit of muscles. He was 180 cm tall and had a waistline of around 2.2 feet. It was thinner than a normal man but it was much larger than 1.9. This was a very practical ability and could produce unexpected effects in a fight. However, Tang Mo couldn’t get his waist so thin in such a short time. In addition, such a thin waist… it felt strange.

Tang Mo thought carefully. If it was really necessary then he would cut off the meat at his waist to reduce his waistline and use this ability.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo inspected the props they would bring with them. They were challenging the dangerous sixth floor so the props of the two children were temporarily handed over to them.

Chen Shanshan’s super intelligent thinking was a very worthwhile ability but this time, they couldn’t take her with them to attack the tower. Tang Mo pondered on it and decided to tell Chen Shanshan all his props and abilities. Perhaps the little girl could find some special uses or double the effect.

After collecting all his information, Chen Shanshan also collected Fu Wenduo’s abilities and props.

The little girl wrote on the book before pointing our core parts of the abilities and props that the two people should pay attention to.

After a brief discussion, it was four in the afternoon. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo had to set off for the black tower before the 6 o’clock game time ended.

Chen Shanshan closed her book and asked, “The ability to freely change your body belongs to one of the two wolves we met before?”

The abilities book’s mouth was too shameful so Tang Mo only said the use, not the ability name or the note.

Tang Mo nodded. “Yes, it is theirs. The situation was urgent. Fu Wenduo killed the golden hair and I killed the brown-haired one, getting his ability.”

Chen Shanshan nodded and didn’t ask again.

Tang Mo packed up his things and prepared to leave with Fu Wenduo.  At this time, Fu Wenduo calmly asked. “Why aren’t you curious about whether the golden haired player is a foreigner or not?”

Tang Mo was startled and looked back at Fu Wenduo.

He saw Fu Wenduo quietly gazing at Chen Shanshan. The girl’s mouth was slightly open from the sudden question. After a long time, Chen Shanshan asked, “The golden haired one is a foreigner? I didn’t think much. Major Fu, many people in China dye their hair yellow.”

“That is yellow, not gold. There are very few people with gold hair.”

Chen Shanshan closed her mouth.

Tang Mo suddenly understood. “You have seen them?” Chen Shanshan bowed her head and slowly closed her eyes.

She clenched her fingers for a long time and her nails were white. She opened her mouth and her voice was hoarse, with a hint of repressed crying in it. “Thank you Brother Tang. Thank you Major Fu. In that game, my main mission was to help you complete the task.”

Chen Shanshan slowly raised her head. Her eyes were red but she didn’t cry. She smiled and opened her mouth. “I was the river god.”

The author has something to say:

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Tang Tang: What does this have to do with you?!!!

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