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Chapter 204

The black tower’s prompts finished and there was a brief silence on the River of Fantasy.

Then Tang Mo opened his mouth., “I can ask anything and you can achieve it?”

The river god smiled., “Of course, as long as it is within my power.”

Tang Mo immediately had an answer in his heart but he didn’t ask for an exit. Instead, he looked at the two foreign players to the side.  The four people watched each other quietly and no one spoke.

Tang Mo calmly said, “Every person can choose only one bottle of wine but if you want to pass the game, someone must choose the real banana wine. Some people will choose the golden banana wine and some will choose the silver banana wine. In other words, we have four people. We can choose at least one bottle of wine and there are three bottles that can be selected.”

The blond foreigner laughed. “As you guessed, it is a cooperative game.”

Yes, the black tower’s side mission was a team fight but the main mission was a cooperative one.

To clear this game, they must find the real banana wine and leave the River of Fantasy. The former was simple since they just had to choose the real banana wine. The latter needed cooperation.

Tang Mo turned and looked at the three bottles suspended in front of the river god. They were gold, silver and black. The black bottle didn’t necessarily contain the real banana wine and the gold bottle didn’t necessarily contain the gold banana wine.

The bottle didn’t correspond to the wine.

This was the real difficult of the game.

David could attack the black tower’s fifth floor so he wasn’t stupid. He said, “Is it really about working together? First of all, we have to distinguish between the real bottle of wine. One person will choose the real banana wine, one person will choose the gold and another person will choose the silver. The golden banana wine turns into a boat and the silver banana wine becomes a compass? It doesn’t sound hard. We just need to make four requests and have this old person help us find the right bottles.”

“It isn’t that simple.” Fu Wenduo spoke lightly.

David certainly knew that the fifth floor wouldn’t be so simple but he didn’t see these Earth survivors at all. He provoked, “Wow, the most powerful stowaway in China has something to say? Then tell me. I’d like to know how you will pass this.”

This type of provocation was unnecessary. Tang Mo interrupted him and asked bluntly, “Cooperate?”

David and Pete glanced at each other before staring at Tang Mo.

Tang Mo’s expression was blank. “There are two choices. Cooperate or don’t cooperate. If we cooperate then the difficulty of the game is greatly reduced. If we don’t cooperate then there isn’t a method to clear the game at the moment. This game requires at least three people to clear it.”

Pete smiled sarcastically. “Three people?”

Tang Mo pulled out the small parasol and pointed it at the two people

David angrily cried out, “What are you doing?”

Tang Mo didn’t take back the umbrella. “At present, Fu Wenduo and I are standing on the river and our movements aren’t restricted. You are different. You are relying on this shield to stand on the water. If there is a fight then we will be sure to win.”

Pete asked, “If we are dead then how will you clear the instance? It is necessary for three people to choose the correct bottles to clear the game. How is it possible to clear the game with just the two of you? Or do you want to rely on that person from the monster team? Haha, she looks very weak and is alone on the short. Perhaps she has already been captured by the underground officials and eaten.”

Tang Mo’s eyes narrowed at the words. Pete’s words poked a wound in his mind. Tang Mo truly was a bit worried about Chen Shanshan’s safety. Chen Shanshan was very clever but she didn’t have the ability to protect herself. It was more dangerous for her to stay outside alone then to fall into the River of Fantasy. However, the situation was urgent and they had made the best choice.

Tang Mo ignored Pete’s words and pushed the small parasol a bit closer. “Cooperate or don’t cooperate?” There was a sense of not cooperating.

Pete didn’t want to but he was deliberately tempted by Tang Mo. “Cooperate.”

David and Pete didn’t think there was anything wrong with Tang Mo’s attitude towards them. As returnees, they faced the threat of death every time they took part in a game. There was no trust between returnees. If it meant not dying then Pete wouldn’t hesitate to kill David and get his rest time. The same was true for David.

In the black tower games, a teammate could stab you with a knife at any time.

This was the cruel world of the returnees.

However, Fu Wenduo quietly watched Tang Mo and noticed his unusual attitude.

Tang Mo seemed to have no intention of cooperating with these two people and the same was true for the foreigners.

The rules of the game required at least three people to be alive to choose three bottles. Then once they opened the bottles and drove away on the golden bottle to leave the River of Fantasy… it wasn’t impossible to kill a teammate. At least for now, it doesn’t violate any of the rules.

There was a 90% possibility it was entirely in line with the rules of the game due to the sixth rule.

The River of Fantasy’s Golden and Silver Banana Wine game had a restricted clearance mode.  One person clearing it would give a rare prop. The more people who cleared the game, the worse the reward. If all four people cleared it then there would be no rewards.

The black tower wouldn’t be able to open this mode if all three people had to live to clear the game. Since this mode existed, it meant that at least one person could clear the game alone.

The four people each had their own calculations.

Fu Wenduo moved behind Tang Mo and bent over to whisper, “Who are they?”

Tang Mo was surprised and turned to look at him. The two men locked gazes and Tang Mo instantly understood Fu Wenduo’s meaning.

…Fu Wenduo saw his different attitude towards the two foreigners.

Tang Mo was silent for a moment. “They should be the ones who killed Shanshan’s father. The blond person is wearing the bracelet of Shanshan’s father on his wrist. I know it is the same because there is a crack in one of the beads.”

The answer was beyond Fu Wenduo’s expectations.

Tang Mo glanced at the river god.

He was a white-bearded old man in a white robe. After the game started, the four players were inactive but the river god wasn’t in a hurry. There was a kind smile on his face as three light balls floated in front of him. He saw that Tang Mo was looking at him and asked kindly, “Honest child, did you lose the golden banana wine, silver banana wine or this ordinary banana wine?”

Tang Mo opened his mouth. “I can ask anything of you?”

The river god smiled. “Of course. Child, just ask and I can do it, as long as it is within the range allowed by the black tower.”

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo glanced at each other before he looked at Pete. “Can I go first?”

Pete shrugged. “Whatever.”

Tang Mo looked at the river god: “I hope that you can demonstrate the method of clearing the game.” He paused before continuing, “The black tower described the method of clearing the game in the rules of the game so I think this should be allowed?”

The river god nodded with a smile. “Of course.”

The river god waved his sleeves and the three bottles floated into the sky.

Everyone watched this scene with amazement. None of them thought the river god would demonstrate the clearance method this way.

One of the bottles got bigger and bigger until it finally became a large glass bottle that could carry four people in it. Another bottle became smaller and smaller, finally becoming a compass that pointed to the exit of the River of Fantasy.

The last bottle of wine ‘sat’ on the big boat and left the River of Fantasy.

On the pink river, the dense fog was slowly broken apart by the golden ship. A piece of land suddenly appeared in front of everyone and the four people watched with surprise. Then the river god waved his sleeves again. The thick fog returned and the big ship, compass and bottle all flew back, returning to their original form.

The river god kindly cautioned them, “That was a demonstration just now. It doesn’t mean the order of the three bottles is like that.”

Tang Mo nodded ad didn’t speak.

It seemed a consensus had been formed. After Tang Mo’s request, Pete touched his chin and said, “If I’m not guessing wrong, if I ask you to help me find the true order of the three bottles, you will refuse.  It is because the black tower doesn’t allow this.”

The river god nodded. “Yes child, that is beyond my ability.”

Pete exclaimed, “Ah, really boring. What else can you do?” The blond foreigner slowly turned and looked at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. His lips slowly curved as he raised his right hand to his neck and made a neck swiping gesture. “Ah, why don’t you tell me how I can kill these two people? Haha, how about giving me a demonstration?”

David laughed along with him.

The river god kindly smiled and nodded. “Of course child.”

The river god waved his sleeves and a person who looked exactly the same as Pete appeared on the River of Fantasy. Soon, two more figures appeared. They were Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo.

Pete’s eyes shone and Tang Mo was also very interested. Fu Wenduo stared at the three figures.

The river god cautioned, “Child, look closely. The time might be very short.”

Pete said, “Nonsense, it can’t be fast…”


There was an earth-shattering nose and a monstrous wave of water appeared on the River of Fantasy. All four people thought it was the real water of the River of Fantasy. Tang Mo quickly opened the small parasol to block the water. The River of Fantasy had a mysterious suction and who knew what would happen if they were hit by it.

However, the water touched the small parasol and went straight through it. It also went through Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo.

Tang Mo was surprised. “Fake?”

Fu Wenduo stated, “It is an illusion.”

On the River of Fantasy, the blond foreigner had been fighting with Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo for several rounds. Tang Mo’s face was cold as he saw his illusion taking out more props and abilities. He thought that the river god was very mysterious and could perhaps simulate some of his fighting tricks. He didn’t expect the river god to even be able to imitate his props and abilities.

On the other side, Pete’s face also darkened.

“Fu*k! Stop, stop! You are exposing my ability and props to them!”

The river god was confused. “Child, this is your request. I’m just fulfilling your wish.”

Pete was livid with anger but at least he saw Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo’s props and abilities. They could only see his alone. At least David wasn’t exposed.

The battle looked fierce as huge waves formed on the River of Fantasy. However, it only lasted for three minutes.

The ending was that Pete used everything and stabbed a black iron triangle into Tang Mo’s chest. Fu Wenduo used this moment to stab his triangular weapon to penetrate Pete’s head. Tang Mo’s injury seemed serious but it might not necessarily kill him. Pete was certain to die.

The river god explained, “Child, if you are alone then you have a 45% chance of killing the player Tang Mo, a 25% chance of killing the player Fu Wenduo and a 10% chance of killing both Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. The River of Fantasy demonstrated the most likely outcome for you.”

Pete laughed coldly. “The result is that I will definitely die while there is a chance one of them will die?”

This was shameful for Pete.

It was one against two but this was the result. Previously, he could kill players on the time leaderboard alone.

Ranking high on the time leaderboard didn’t mean they were the strongest. Before the two Earths merged, Ruan Wangshu had received information that two foreign players in China weren’t on the time leaderboard but many players on the leaderboard were afraid of them. They weren’t on the leaderboard because they didn’t like big things. They wanted to kill, rest and make a fortune. This didn’t mean they were weak.

Pete couldn’t wait to try it out himself to see what the real outcome would be of the battle. Therefore, he didn’t find that when the illusion of the three people disappeared, there was a flash of surprise in Tang Mo’s eyes. Fu Wenduo also slightly narrowed his eyes as he looked thoughtfully at the place where the three illusions had disappeared.

At this moment, two people had made requests, leaving only David and Fu Wenduo left.

“Oh, it seems that you don’t need to pretend?”

Tang Mo raised his head and looked at Pete.

Pete licked his teeth. “I guess that your next request will be to see what abilities and props David has.  Let’s stop pretending. None of us intend to really cooperate. I will tell you that the moment we get the right banana wine and sail away, we’ll kill you. Don’t look at me like that. You are thinking the same thing.”

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo didn’t deny it.

David said disdainfully, “You Earth players are hypocrites. There is nothing to hide. If I kill you then I can get a better reward. Four people clearing the game won’t give any rewards. If it wasn’t for this guy having several rare props and killing him for a rare prop isn’t worth it, I would’ve already killed him.” He pointed to Pete.

Rather than being angry, Pete said, “Stupid David. I’ve been trying to kill you too.”

“Then come.”

The two men stared at each other, showing killing intent. It was soon hidden but for a moment, they really thought about killing their companion.

Tang Mo opened his mouth. “Did I say that I wanted to kill you?”

Pete and David turned their heads. Pete sneered. “The survivors of Earth are hypocrites. If you don’t want to kill us then why did you ask the river god to demonstrate the correct way to clear the game?”

David and Pete didn’t ask why Tang Mo asked the river god to demonstrate the clearance method again. After all, the black tower had clearly stated the clearance method but they would’ve also made this request.

Demonstrate the method of clearing the instance.

There was no doubt that they couldn’t kill anyone before getting onboard the ship. There must be three people to gain the boat, use the compass and leave the River of Fantasy. However, once they set off, wouldn’t the compass keep indicating the direction.

The golden wine bottle ship was the real battlefield.

David said, “The black tower’s attack games are divided into side mission and main missions. It is generally to test two things, intelligence and force. The main test of that damn side mission is intelligence and this main mission is to test force. Everyone knows what is going on so why try to pretend, hypocritical Earth survivors.”

This time, Tang Mo didn’t refute it. He glanced at Fu Wenduo who gave him a reassuring look. Fu Wenduo was about to make a request to the river god when David suddenly said, “Hey Earth survivors, I might be the last to ask but I don’t intent to mention anything related to the banana wine.”

Fu Wenduo turned to stare at him with narrowed eyes.

David was cocky as he gave a mocking smile. Then he met the cold eyes and his smile froze. Soon, he spoke arrogantly, “I know what you are thinking. You definitely think that I will make a request related to the banana wine. I’m telling you, I won’t mention it.”

Pete patted his companion on the shoulder. “We naturally won’t make such a stupid request. Earth survivors, do you think we don’t know that you will ask the river god to tell you David’s abilities and props? As I did just now, you can have the river god demonstrate how you can defeat David and gain information on him. Do you think we’re that stupid? I’m telling you, as long as you make this request then we won’t mention the banana wine.”

Pete continue, “The reason you asked first was to make us be the last two people to make requests. We will have to make a request related to the banana wine to determine its real location. It is a pity that we will never make such a request.”

The atmosphere was stiff and cold as white foam appeared on the River of Fantasy. The four people stared at each other and no one gave in.

After a long time, Tang Mo said coldly, “Until now, this was a cooperative game. Even if we fight, it isn’t necessarily certain who will win or lose. But if we don’t find the banana wine then no one can clear the instance.”

“Don’t you have one or two life-saving props?”

Tang Mo’s eyes narrowed.

Pete grinned. “We do. If it is really impossible then we can quit the game. I know why you want to attack the tower now. It is due to the version 4.5 update. We came to attack the tower and clear the fifth floor so we can go challenge the sixth floor and get a clue. As for the lives of the pigs in China, what does it have to do with us? If we don’t clear the fifth floor this time then we can come again. You are different.”

David didn’t think of this. “Hey, if they don’t clear the instance in three days then they will be forced to attack the tower?”

Pete said, “My stupid friend. Did you only think about this now?”

David frowned. “Shut up!”

Pete shrugged with disdain and looked back at Tang Mo., “This is the situation for you. You want to clear the instance early and not waste time. For us, the life or death of Chinese players have nothing to do with us. It is good if all pigs are dead since their lives are useless. So…”

The blond foreigner spread open his hands and spoke to Fu Wenduo, “Earth survivors, do you want to think about your request?”

In fact, Pete and David also wanted to clear the fifth floor.

The props that could be given must be at least rare. Besides, it was hard to get here. If they had to come again, they wouldn’t be happy. Their words were just to threaten Fu Wenduo, forcing him to make a request related to the banana wine.

The dark eyes stared at the blond foreigner who was smiling maliciously. Fu Wenduo didn’t speak but his lips slightly curved. He hadn’t been given a threat in a long time. This feeling was strange and interesting.

Pete had seen many powerful players. He knew that Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were powerful but he wasn’t afraid. He killed more people than the two men had ever met. He turned a blind eye to Fu Wenduo’s dangerous smile and snorted with contempt.

Fu Wenduo looked at the river god. “If I want to kill him right now, what should I do?”

David wanted to say, “I really won’t make a request regarding the banana wine.” Then he saw who Fu Wenduo was referring to and closed his mouth. David laughed happily. “Why did I think the friendship between Earth survivors was deep. You want to clear the game and get a rare prop? Haha, how can you kill your companion, this request is good. Although you foolishly didn’t find a way to get the whereabouts of the banana wine but I will consider making the request.”

On the pink river, Fu Wenduo was calmly pointing at Tang Mo. Tang Mo raised his eyes to watch Fu Wenduo.

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