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Chapter 199

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo glanced at each other as they walked. Then they quietly continued to follow the dwarf towards the customs department.

In their minds, the voice of the black tower continued,

“In this side mission, the five players are divided into three teams. The customs team, the monster team and the second monster team. Please note—”

“First, players in the same team can see the true appearance of their companion. Players who aren’t in the same team can’t recognize the identities of other players.”

“Second, the task of the mission team is the find the stolen goods smuggled by the second monster team and to seize the stolen goods. The mission of the second monster team is to protect the item they are smuggling and to smuggle it successfully. The task of the monster team is to assist the customs team. Good monsters abide by the law.”

“Third, in the game, both the underground people and the black tower monsters are enemies of the five players.”

Tang Mo’s heart tightened when he heard there were five players and he reflexively looked at Fu Wenduo.  Fu Wenduo was looking back at him grimly.

Apart from them, this tower attack game unexpectedly had other players involved!

It was a total of five people!

Apart from Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo and Chen Shanshan, there were two other players.

Based on these rules, the five players were each other’s enemies while the underground people and black tower monsters were also their enemies. Tang Mo inwardly cursed. Before he could react, one second after the black tower’s words ended, another dwarf customs official ran over and shouted to the dwarf leading them, “Reporting! It isn’t good. Human players have sneaked in!”

The dwarf was shocked. “What did you saw?”

Tang Mo’s fingers clenched and he stared coldly at the dwarf’s back. The new dwarf informed the chief of the situation and the chief’s face changed. “Bring back the lazy Mr. A and Mr. B for discipline and have them work.” Then he turned and trotted away.


The second dwarf stared at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo from the corner of his eyes and sighed. “You dare to be lazy? How could you be so lazy when many monsters are coming today and there are also the damn human players? Wait, are you the players who sneaked in?”

Tang Mo’s eyes narrowed.

Fu Wenduo asked in a low voice, “Humans have mixed in?”

The dwarf looked at them and muttered, “It doesn’t look like it.” Then he walked while explaining, “I don’t know. We received an order from His Majesty the King stating that a few humans have mixed in with us. It is said that they are mixed in with the monster group and also our customs department. Oh, this is a joke! Our customs officers are so tall and powerful? How can those dirty and stinking humans pretend to be us? I’m sure I’ll see through them with one glance!”

Tang Mo walked behind the dwarf as he spoke from time to time.

Three minutes later, the trio arrived in front of an old broken door. The dwarf pushed the door open and a moist vapor hit them. Tang Mo stared intently. Dozens of long lines appeared in front of them.

No one expected that after opening the door, this small and broken customs house would be so big! There were long lines like people queuing up in the supermarket to pay. Each line had a table and a customs officer standing at the table. Countless monsters lined up to have their identities checked so they could go home.

Tang Mo glanced at the hundreds of monsters quickly and couldn’t find any abnormalities.

The dwarf took them to the tables number 25 and 26 and screamed, “Get to work!” Then he turned and left.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo each took a table.

They turned their heads to observe how the underground person next to them worked. Tang Mo learned the movements of the underground person next to him and pushed a monster boy hard. “What are you doing? Turn over your belongings so I can check them!”

The little boy with the crow’s head cried out bitterly, “You are bullying a child!”

Next to him, Fu Wenduo was facing a tall and strong adult monster. The giant black bear had to squeeze his body into the house and could barely walk.

The two of them found that the underground officials were both bullies and cowards. They were rude and violent when encountering monsters with poor strength and charming and careful when encountering monsters with high strength. Fu Wenduo stared at the tall black bear monster in front of him. The other person unceremoniously sprayed hot air into Fu Wenduo’s face.

Fu Wenduo’s right hand formed a fist. After half a second, he loosened his fingers and his lips slowly curved. “…Please come over and check the items.”

The black bear monster swaggered over.

More than 20 tables were crowded into the same room. There were many underground people and monsters in the room and it was noisy. After gradually becoming familiar with the work to be done, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo leaned together.

Tang Mo whispered, “Apart from us and Shanshan, there are two players. We entered the tower attack game as a team with Shanshan. Our floor numbers aren’t the same and the black tower deliberately separated her from us. This should be to reduce the difficulty of her game but she can’t be our enemy.”

Fu Wenduo grabbed a pair of stinky socks from a black tower monster and didn’t look back as he whispered to Tang Mo, “Then the two players are in the second monster team and Shanshan is the monster team.”

In this side mission, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo’s goal was to find the stolen goods while the second monster team had to successfully smuggle the stolen goods. Tang Mo and Chen Shanshan were teammates so the little girl couldn’t be in the second monster team. She could only be the monster team.”

Tang Mo added, “The two players are both in the second monster team.”

Fu Wenduo nodded. “Yes.”

At present, the customs team was Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo and there were three players left. Chen Shanshan was definitely in the monster team. Of the remaining two monsters, both of them could be in the second monster team or one of them was the second monster team and the other one was Chen Shanshan’s teammate. But…

Fu Wenduo said, “The second monster team is our enemy. The black tower is absolutely far. Apart from Mu Huixue, there isn’t a single player in China who the black tower would recognize as being a match for the both of us.” In fact, even Mu Huixue might not get such a high evaluation. Fu Wenduo came to a conclusion. “Thus, those two people are a team and it is likely they also teamed up to attack the tower.”

Tang Mo’s fingers tapped the table. “The problem is… we are customs officials and are obviously in the dominant position. The two monster players are at a disadvantage. Perhaps their strength is high enough that the black tower feels we need an advantage to defeat them. Or perhaps the important thing hasn’t happened yet.”

Tang Mo just finished speaking when a rough male voice was heard.

In the customs house, all the underground officials and black tower monsters raised their heads and looked at the large green horn in a corner of the ceiling.

“Hey hey, emergency notification, emergency notification!”

“Respected Mr. and Ms. Monsters and our loyal underground officials. His Majesty the King has delivered an order. We just received news that players have mixed in with us customs officials!”

The monsters were in an uproar.

“The damn players have their stink and ugly looks hidden by the black great tower and we can’t find out who they are at the moment. Don’t worry, the customs department has been given accurate information. There are a total of five hateful players hidden among the customs officials and monsters.”

Tang Mo noticed that the person standing at table number 24 turned to look at him and Fu Wenduo. All underground officials were vigilantly watching their companions. The monsters were the same.

A strong monster was excited, “A player dares to dress up as us black tower monsters?” The monster gulped greedily. “I’m going to find them and I’m going to eat them!”

The dwarf official was still broadcasting. “In order to successfully catch the five disgusting players, the Underground Customs Department will now start to block the bridge. Don’t worry dear monsters. We aren’t stopping you from leaving. We just aren’t allowing new monsters to step on the bridge.”

“Betting on the honour of the esteemed king, our customs officials will definitely find the dam players!”

The underground officials shouted, “Find the humans and eat them!”

The monsters also roared, “Find them and eat them!”

Cheers came from everyone. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo’s eyes twitched as an unknown premonition surged in their hearts. Tang Mo turned and saw that the dwarf chief who had just been speaking on the broadcast had come out and roared to people, “Everyone, come to me! Now I’m going to start looking for the filthy humans hidden among you. Humans, I will give you a chance. Come out now and I promise to only fry and eat your corpse.”

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo’s expressions became cold.

In the monster team, Chen Shanshan stood in the middle and silently thought about the hints from the black tower and the words of the dwarf chief. Beside her, many monsters were discussing how to catch and kill the monsters.

The little girl held the big lollipop in her arms as she closed her eyes and thought.

At the end of the group, Davia and Pete were a bit stunned at first. Behind them, two underground officials had just closed off the bridge.

The brown-haired David spoke in a disgruntled manner, “What does this mean?  The black tower arranged for us to fight?”

Pete closed his blue eyes as he stroked the red agate bracelet worn on his wrist. He thought for a moment before smiling gloomily. “David, isn’t this a good thing? After turning into an official player, you lost the killing desire of the returnees and want to get along with people peacefully? My friend, I don’t want to play such a boring game. This is good. I don’t know what type of players actually dare to become our opponents. Kill them and this game will be very interesting.”

David said sarcastically, “Pete, this is just a side mission. Perhaps we will have to work together with the three players for the main mission.”

Pete shrugged. “If we kill them before that happens, there will be no cooperation.”

David didn’t like killing people as much as his teammate but he wouldn’t stop it. David touched his chin. “I’m just curious. If we are opponents of the customs team… what role does the monster team play? Since the three players can’t recognize each other, why would the black tower make the monster team? What can that person do?”

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