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Chapter 191

Tang Mo didn’t respond to the words. The baby-faced youth spoke again, his tone sincere. “Tang Tang, if you guess then I really will give you the die.” There was a big smile on his face. The people who saw it were dazzled.

“At first, I wondered why Ning Zheng would come to participate in this game.” Tang Mo watched Bai Ruoyao and Ning Zheng in the grid, his voice calm. “In order to enter this game, you must’ve received a Christmas tree branch. The surviving players and returnees have just experienced a big battle and most people wouldn’t rush into such a dangerous game so soon. Those who entered must be the best players.” They should’ve cleared the black tower’s second floor or have great confidence in their strength.

Bai Ruoyao’s eyes narrowed. “Go on.”

Tang Mo continued, “Whether they are an official player, reserve or stowaway, their common enemies are the returnees. The returnees are in a very dangerous position in this instance. Yet the black tower said that three returnees entered the game. I won’t talk about why the other two entered the game. Ning Zheng…” Tang Mo’s voice stopped as he stared at the young man, Ning Zheng staying silent. “Ning Zheng is a very cautious person. Even if there is only a 30% chance of his life being threatened, he won’t participate.”

In the chaos of the dodgeball game, Ning Zheng clearly had a chance to regain his own apple and even open Eve’s Reward. However, after leaving the elevated road, he choose to turn and leave, directly giving up his reward.

Tang Mo said, “At first, I just thought it was strange. Then you, I and Ning Zheng happened to be placed in the same group. Based on your personality, you will deliberately provoke Ning Zheng even if you don’t know him. Previously, you talked to me and the other two players but you consciously avoided Ning Zheng. That’s how I judged that the two of you already know each other.”

Bai Ruoyao smiled at Tang Mo, not saying anything. However, a closer look would find that the curve of his mouth had gone up. It seemed his mind had been guessed.

Tang Mo touched the number 6 die in his hand. “Before the game started, you found him and joined hands with you. The means must be coercion.” Tang Mo thought for a long time before raising his head. “You are strong but Ning Zheng is a returnees on the time leaderboard. He has been involved in more games than you and you won’t have anything to tempt him with. It is impossible to induce him so intimidation? What do you have on him, Bai Ruoyao?”


In the middle of the grid, the baby-faced youth wasn’t stingy with his applause.

“Tang Tang, you know me so well. I almost thought you have a crush on me. However, you also understand Ning Zheng… you are a fickle person.” Bai Ruoyao frowned. “What to do? Should I give you the die?”

Tang Mo didn’t care. He had the number 6 die and he couldn’t believe Bai Ruoyao’s words at all.

Sure enough, the baby-faced youth raised his hand the next second. “It is a pity. Tang Tang, I want to give you the die but I don’t have the number 6 die now.” He turned towards Santa Claus. “I give up.”

Santa had been listening to the dialogue of Tang Mo’s group with relish and he helplessly understood what was going on. “Children, how are you so kind and willing to work with your companions. Every duel, you will end the battle before starting. Well, Santa Claus likes honest and kind children the most. Take your die.”

Bai Ruoyao took the number 1 die from the sock with a smile.

He told Tang Mo that he would give the 6 points die to Tang Mo. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the 6 point die and it was impossible for him to give it to Tang Mo.

Bai Ruoyao winked at Tang Mo as he walked back to his place.

Tang Mo turned a blind eye. He quietly watched Ning Zheng as the other person jumped back to the starting point and ended his game.

“Tang Tang?”

Tang Mo didn’t care about Bai Ruoyao. His fingers rubbed the lucky die as his brain worked quickly.

What did Bai Ruoyao and Ning Zheng really want?

In other multiplayer games, the two of them could indeed pose a threat to Tang Mo if they joined hands. Yet in Santa’s game, violence was prohibited and their only chance was the 6th grid duel stage.

The first time Bai Ruoyao triggered the duel, he didn’t choose Tang Mo and chose the young woman.

Now he deliberately swapped his die with Ning Zheng and took the number 1 die. What was his purpose? What was in it for them? In a game where the murderer would die (punished by Santa Claus), how did the two people afraid of dying plan to deal with him?

Tang Mo’s heart filled with an unknown premonition. The super intelligent thinking made him smell that something was wrong but his logic couldn’t understand what was going on in the psychopath’s mind.

Tang Mo closed his eyes and sighed before shaking his head.

The best way to deal with the psychopath was to ignore him and not treat him as a human. In any case, the other party’s conspiracy would naturally emerge.

The truth came faster than Tang Mo thought.

It was Bai Ruoyao’s turn to roll the die and he didn’t hesitate to throw it into the sixth grid. Tang Mo’s eyelids twitched slightly when he saw this scene. He looked at Bai Ruoyao who headed into the sixth grid and saw the other person waving at him. “Tang Tang, come to fight.”

Tang Mo, “…”

Santa said that in the duel stage, players couldn’t kill their opponents or they would be punished by Santa. Still, injuries were inevitable.

Tang Mo walked into the sixth grid without any expression and threw his die into the sock. The small white die had just left his hand and hadn’t fallen to the bottom of the sock when a black shadow flashed and flew towards the baby-faced youth standing in the middle of the square.

Bai Ruoyao made a surprised sound and moved sideways to avoid Tang Mo’s attack.

Tang Mo pulled out the pink parasol at his waist and opened it. The pink umbrella was like steel. Bai Ruoyao reflexively raised a hand to block it and when he touched it, he felt a pressure as heavy as a mountain. This small parasol was far less fragile than it looked.

Bai Ruoyao smiled and asked, “Tang Tang, are you actually serious?”

The answer was a sharp umbrella tip that aimed at Bai Ruoyao.

Tang Mo was aggressive as the small parasol moved through the air. Sometimes it opened to defend and sometimes it closed to attack. Bai Ruoyao constantly moved around to dodge it.

Tang Mo never thought of admitting defeat. Indeed, without the use of abilities and props, his physical fitness and fighting skills were inferior to Bai Ruoyao. Still, the two people could currently use props.

Bai Ruoyao was clearly a person who didn’t often rely on props.

Another attack cut through the air and Bai Ruoyao’s eyes became cold. His wrists moved and silver butterfly knives flew from his sleeve.  The two knives flew as Bai Ruoyao moved sideways and kicked the hilts. The two knives flew towards Tang Mo. Tang Mo immediately opened the small parasol to block. The silver knives left white marks on the surface before flying back to Bai Ruoyao’s hands.

Bai Ruoyao’s fingers danced along the butterfly knives. He looked at Tang Mo and smiled. “Tang Tang, I really want to go all out.”

The next moment, the two people didn’t hesitate to rush at each other.

In the past two hours, there had been a total of 10 battles on Santa’s duel stage. The first nine couldn’t be compared to this battle at all. The gap in strength was vividly reflected. The young woman who had her die stolen by Bai Ruoyao could no longer capture the movements of Bai Ruoyao and Tang Mo. She gulped and realized that Bai Ruoyao had just been teasing her, not taking her seriously.

In the other two groups, Fu Wenduo and Mu Huixue also noticed the battle.

Fu Wensheng was a bit anxious. “Sister Shanshan, didn’t you say that Brother Tang isn’t a match for that psychopath when it comes to body strength and props? What can we do?”

Chen Shanshan’s breathing was a bit rough. She didn’t know much about fighting and couldn’t give Tang Mo advice. However, she chose to believe in Tang Mo. “Brother Tang must have his own judgment.”

Fu Wenduo crossed his arms and quietly watched this fierce duel.

Tang Mo didn’t stop moving his hands and Bai Ruoyao also did his best. The silver knives and pink parasol continued to collide, making banging sounds. Santa Claus was so immersed that he shouted, “Fight!” from the sidelines.

The sharp butterfly knives pierced Tang Mo’s arm. His clothes were torn and the sleeves completely cut off, revealing his arms. Red blood ran down the skin, dripping onto the ground. Bai Ruoyao had also suffered some injuries but his situation was much better than Tang Mo.

Time passed and when the cheerful Christmas song filled the area, no one could react.

Even Santa was stunned. “What is this… ah! The time limit!”

Yes, Santa’s duel stage had a limit of five minutes.

Once the time came, Tang Mo wanted to keep fighting but Bai Ruoyao stopped. Tang Mo already guessed his intentions and stared at him coldly.

Santa Claus said, “Ah, this is hard. Both children were very good and no one won in five minutes. I can only give a fair ruling. I am the fairest and most democratic Santa Claus. I will listen to every child’s suggestion. In my opinion, the winner should be this little child…”

“I concede.”

Santa’s voice stopped and he stared at Bai Ruoyao with a stunned expression. After a moment, he took back the hand that was pointing at Bai Ruoyao and made a dumbfounded smile. “Is this the case? Then since you have admitted defeat, the winner is that child.”

Bai Ruoyao rubbed the blood on his neck that was caused by the small parasol and smiled at Tang Mo. He reached into the sock behind him and took out the number 1 die.

Tang Mo clearly won but his expression was cold.

Tang Mo declared, “There is a deep hatred between us.”

It was a positive sentence, not a question.

Bai Ruoyao froze for a moment before grinning. “Is that so? But Tang Tang, at least you don’t feel bored.”

Tang Mo asked, “What is boring?”

Bai Ruoyao explained, “Every day is boring. Games, instances, attacking the tower… you are so cute that I can only play with you.”

Tang Mo glanced at him, took the die and turned away.

Bai Ruoyao spread open his hands innocently.

Tang Mo couldn’t guess the brain circuits of a psychopath and couldn’t understand Bai Ruoyao’s motives. On closer inspection, the relationship between the two of them really didn’t reach the level of a blood feud. Bai Ruoyao stuck to Tang Mo because in the beginning, Tang Mo had a thick dead air around him but he didn’t die. Then Tang Mo forced him to cut off his arm and from then on, Bai Ruoyao remembered Tang Mo.

The reason why Tang Mo used the big match on Bai Ruoyao, forcing him to cut off his arm, was because Bai Ruoyao took away his moon flower.

There were only three players left in the Gemstone Corridor instance. Tang Mo, Bai Ruoyao and Fu Wensheng.

Bai Ruoyao and Fu Wensheng didn’t need the moon flower at all to clear the instance. It was just their reward. For Tang Mo to clear the instance, he had to put the moon flower in the Queen of Hearts’ bedroom. In the end, Bai Ruoyao took Tang Mo’s moon flower and gained two rewards.

He snatched Tang Mo’s flower instead of the weaker Fu Wensheng out of his own bad taste. At the same time, he left a path for Tang Mo. If Tang Mo snatched Fu Wensheng’s moon flower than he could successfully clear the instance.

However, Tang Mo wasn’t willing to grab the child’s reward. He had the turkey egg and loaded the file again.

Bai Ruoyao couldn’t understand how Tang Mo could guess his intentions and force him into a dead end. This didn’t prevent him from sticking to Tang Mo so that his life was no longer ‘boring.’

By the time Tang Mo walked back to the starting point, he had already figured out the relationship between himself and Bai Ruoyao.

“Neurotic minds have a wide range of thinking and children with intellectual disabilities are much happier.” Tang Mo smiled and summed up.

At this time, Bai Ruoyao had jumped back to the starting point and heard Tang Mo’s words. He came over and said, “Hehe, what did you say Tang Tang?”

Tang Mo grinned at him. “I’m boasting of your cleverness.” Then Tang Mo added, “You should keep your promise.”

Bai Ruoyao was teased by Tang Mo and pretended to be serious. “I am very trustworthy. Wait for me to get the number 6 die and I will give it to you.”

Tang Mo wasn’t afraid of him like Xiao Fu was of Fu Wenduo.

Would Bai Ruoyao really give the die to Tang Mo?

Tang Mo’s gaze shifted towards Ning Zheng.

No, they were trying a battle of attrition.

Tang Mo didn’t win because he couldn’t defeat Bai Ruoyao. Bai Ruoyao also couldn’t defeat Tang Mo. On the one hand, he really couldn’t end the battle in five minutes. On the other hand, he never thought about defeating Tang Mo. The thing he wanted was to harm Tang Mo.

1,000 wounds to the enemy and 800 losses to oneself.

This was Tang Mo’s guess regarding Bai Ruoyao’s intentions.

There was no doubt that this psychopath could definitely do it. In addition, Bai Ruoyao’s losses would be 400, not 800. This deal was very cost-effective.

It was forbidden to kill in Santa’s instance but once out of the instance?

Tang Mo would be seriously injured and couldn’t heal in a short amount of time. This would be an opportunity for Bai Ruoyao.

The only thing Tang Mo could do right now was wait and clear the game as soon as possible. Then Ning Zheng threw the die into the sixth grid and looked at Tang Mo. “I choose him.”

Tang Mo silently walked into the grid.

Ning Zheng and Bai Ruoyao were different. Ning Zheng wanted to win the game and didn’t immediately throw the die into the sixth grid. He threw it into the first five grids before arriving at the sixth grid. Yet he still chose Tang Mo.

Tang Mo took out his die. “You and Bai Ruoyao aren’t the same. I might win.”

Ning Zheng was strong but that was when he had his ability. Without abilities, it was hard to say who would win and who would lose between him and Tang Mo.

Ning Zheng was silent for a moment. “That’s why both of us have the number 6 die.”

The implication was that there would be no losses even if he lost.

Tang Mo realized that this was why he changed dices with Bai Ruoyao.

Tang Mo smiled. “I am very curious about what Bai Ruoyao has on you that will make you help him.”

In the dodgeball game, Ning Zheng had been a triple spy. Tang Mo had vividly seen it. What would make such a cautious person help the psychopath without hesitation, even with his life at risk?

Ning Zheng didn’t speak and threw the die into the stocking. Then he turned and attacked Tang Mo. At first, Ning Zheng’s offensive wasn’t fierce and it seemed that he wasn’t doing his best. Then Bai Ruoyao formed a horn shape with his hands. “Ning Ning, you have to work hard to become stronger!”

Ning Zheng’s eyes narrowed. Then he took out a red dagger and stabbed at Tang Mo.

Five minutes later, Ning Zheng and Tang Mo couldn’t distinguish the winner. Tang Mo thought for a long time before stating, “I lost.”

Ning Zheng looked at him. “I’m not thankful.”

Tang Mo smiled. “Did I say that I need your appreciation?” It finished and he took away his number 6 die.

In Santa’s hopscotch game, players could throw the grid into any grid. They could even throw it into the sixth grid at the beginning, triggering the duel stage. However, once the duel was over, regardless of winning or losing, the playing was counted as failing the game and their round ended.

In addition, losing the duel meant failing and the player’s round would end.

Tang Mo took the initiative to concede so that Ning Zheng could continue the game. On the surface, he said that he didn’t need Ning Zheng’s appreciation but the corner of his mouth were slightly curved upwards as he walked back to the starting point.

Next, Bai Ruoyao and Ning Zheng took turns to consume Tang Mo’s physical strength.

The game time was very short and he continuously fought with masters. Inevitably, many wounds appeared on Tang Mo’s body. Fu Wenduo quietly watched this scene from the other group, his gaze coldly sweeping over Bai Ruoyao. The baby-faced youth became aware of this man’s cold gaze and thought that Fu Wenduo wanted to greet him. Bai Ruoyao raised his hand and waved it at Fu Wenduo.

Fu Wenduo suddenly smiled as he stretched out his right hand and wiped it over his lower lip.

In the third group, Fu Wensheng sucked in a breath. “Big… Brother is angry!”

Chen Shanshan, “???”  

Fu Wensheng’s scalp was numb and his desire for life was extremely strong. “Big Brother is really [email protected] We are finished. It is terrible. Sister Shanshan, what should we do? We should pretend not to know Big Brother after leaving the game. I don’t want to run into Big Brother like this!!!”  

Chen Shanshan wanted to say, “Even if Major Fu is angry, it isn’t because of you” when a harsh sound was heard.

The loud alarm sound filled the entire space and all players turned to look at the source of the sound.

They saw that in the ‘2’ and ‘5’ group, a black figure firmly stepped onto the ninth grid and appeared in front of Santa Claus. No one noticed that this woman had gone through all the grids and arrived at Santa. Perhaps it was because she moved too fast. Once she got used to it, she could learn quickly.

Mu Huixue was stunned for a moment  as she heard the familiar sound of a computer crashing. Her hands were on the ground and there was a wound on her forehead caused by the cotton candy thread in the fifth grid. Mu Huixue coughed as the blood from her forehead slid down over her eyes. She wiped the blood off, stood up straight and looked at the tall Santa Claus in front of her.

“…I won?”

Santa stayed still for a long time, a faint smile on his face. “My child, your game obviously failed.” Santa’s smile was sinister but he had to pretend to be kind. This made his expression look a bit funny.

Mu Huixue had already guessed this. She moved her body and asked, “Where did I lose?”

From the first to the ninth grid, she successfully cleared each room, not leaving more than one footstep in the grid and managed to avoid the candy attacks. She eventually came to the ninth grid.

Mu Huixue thought about it. “Didn’t you say that arriving at the ninth grid counts as clearing the game? Or do I have to go back to the starting point?”

Santa Claus replied, “No child, if you go in the right order and don’t violate the rules of the game then entering the ninth grid counts as clearing the game.”

Mu Huixue said, “I didn’t break the rules of the game and entered the ninth grid.” Mu Huixue tapped on her chin. “Sure enough, the correct order isn’t so simple.” As she spoke, she turned and looked behind herself.

Behind her, eight huge numbers were suspended in mid-air.

There was a large number above each of the eight squares. Just now, Mu Huixue had jumped to the ninth grid in the order of these eight numbers.

Mu Huixue smiled. “It is a bit interesting.”

She didn’t question Santa Claus again and started walking back to the starting point.

Santa was ready to humiliate this player when she unexpectedly turned around. Santa couldn’t help asking, “Child, aren’t you asking anything else?”

“Will you answer if I ask?”

Santa muttered, “…No.”

The woman in black grinned, revealing her white teeth. “So~”

Mu Huixue returned to the starting point.

Santa Claus, “…”

Silence filled the white space.

Chen Shanshan thought about the conversation between Mu Huixue and Santa Claus. The other two groups could only hear Santa’s voice and not Mu Huixue’s voice. Thus, the information they obtained was much less than Chen Shanshan.

At the same time, Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo, Bai Ruoyao, Ning Zheng… they all realized. “The order isn’t right!”

Tang Mo looked in front.

Nine huge numbers were suspended in the air. From the beginning, the players threw the die and played hopscotch in the order of these nine numbers. However, Mu Huixue just failed.

Tang Mo believed she wouldn’t violate the rules so it meant she had gone in the wrong order.

What was the real order?

Santa stared at Mu Huixue’s back with a depressed expression. He shouted loudly, “Children, Santa must remind you that there is only half an hour left before my Quirky Commercial Street closes. None of you have cleared the game yet. You are the worst bunch of children I’ve ever brought!”

There was only half an hour left?

There was an uproar among the players.

Fu Wenduo’s gaze stayed on the nine numbers before he eventually stepped to the starting point, ready to begin the game. On the other side, Bai Ruoyao’s eyes widened in an exaggerated manner. “Wow, there is only half an hour left. What should I do? If I don’t pass the game, will I die here? Hehe, Deer, Tang Tang, Major Fu and I will be buried here. Oh right, there is Ning Ning… Don’t look at me like that. I haven’t forgotten you Ning Ning. It would be good if we die here together.”

Ning Zheng, “…” He suddenly wanted to mutiny and slap this psychopath.

The young woman was very anxious.  She had long discovered that she was the weakest in this group of four. She couldn’t be compared at all to the other three.

Each group had a maximum of three winners.

In any case, it was impossible for her to clear the game. What should she do? Was she really going to die here?

“What do you think about cooperating?”

Bai Ruoyao’s disgusting laughter suddenly stopped. He stared at Tang Mo before smiling, “Tang Tang, you actually want to cooperate with me? I am open…”

“I said, what do you think about the two of us joining hands and cooperating?”

Bai Ruoyao’s smile froze and Ning Zheng frowned.

The young woman looked at Tang Mo with amazement and pointed to herself. “…You mean me? You want to work together with me?’

Bai Ruoyao spoke lightly, “Tang Tang, your choice of teammate doesn’t seem very good.”

Tang Mo ignored him and stared seriously at the young woman. “He is Ning Zheng, the strongest returnee in Beijing at present and he is on the time leaderboard. This person’s name is Bai Ruoyao and his strength isn’t worse than Ning Zheng.” He continued, “With them, you can’t enter the top three. Unfortunately, I don’t plan to sacrifice myself to let you enter the top three. So… do you want to cooperate? Only women and villains are difficult to raise. I previously didn’t acknowledge this sentence but now I think that villains are very annoying.”

Bai Ruoyao exclaimed, “Tang Tang, don’t think I don’t know that you’re talking about me.”

The young man remained calm, his gaze trustworthy and powerful.

“Hey, do you want to cooperate?”

The young woman’s eyes were hot. She trembled as she stared at Tang Mo. The next second, she replied vigorously, “Okay, let’s cooperate!”

Tang Mo smiled.

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