DSA: Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

The break time after the second class was longer and Shen Shian went to the bathroom.

The moment he left his seat, the female student surnamed Zhang in the front row looked back at Yun Feiyang, her expression full of envy. “How is your relationship with Classmate Shen so good? I have to muster up the courage and struggle psychologically for a long time before managing to say anything to him.

The moment Classmate Zhang finished speaking, she was surrounded by a group of students. “You are good for even being able to talk to Classmate Shen. I can’t look at him for more than three seconds. Hey, isn’t it easier for boys to get along with boys?”

“No.” A male classmate opened his mouth. “I’m a man but I don’t dare to talk to Classmate Shen. I’m uncomfortable just standing close to him.” He had a temperament around his body that made all other men rough and greasy pigs. The title of ‘Iceberg Beauty’ was well-deserved.

The eyes of the people concentrated on Yun Feiyang again. “We are all sophomores and you are the only one in the whole school who has a good relationship with Classmate Shen. Classmate Yun, tell us. How did you become friends with him?”

Yun Feiyang’s left leg was stretched out on the seat with his right leg crossed horizontally. He took two sips of tomato juice while deliberately prolonging his tone. “Well, that’s a long story.”

His relationship with Shen Shian, the source was due to Shen Shian’s doing one good deed a day policy.

Yun Feiyang’s parents were both top students and alumni and the H City Medical University. They met each other in the prime of their life and thanks to their profound feelings towards their alma mater, they hoped that Yun Feiyang would inherit his parent’s career and also be admitted to H City Medical University, a leading medical university in China.

Compared with people, Yun Feiyang preferred to deal with animals. Combined with the rebellious mentality of teenagers who didn’t want to follow the usual path, Yun Feiyang wasn’t convinced by his parent’s praise of the medical university. During the winter vacation of his second year of high school, a person carrying a bag took the high-speed rail and headed to the medical university, vowing to find the major flaws behind the medical science.

It was only after he took a bus to the school gates that he found there was a big hole in his bag. He lost his phone and wallet and was unaccompanied. It wouldn’t work even if he shouted every day.

His hometown was located to the southernmost part of China which was hot all year round. The winter of H City was like an extremely cold hell for him. He lacked preparation and was only wearing a thin jacket. He was hungry, cold and had no money. He held his bag and squatted at a corner of the medical university’s south gate.

He originally planned to casually meet a student and ask to borrow their phone to ask for help from his parents. However, it was winter vacation and those who did go to school were at the East Gate Affiliated Hospital. After waiting a long time, he didn’t see any students. Then Shen Shian saw Yun Feiyang as he was taking a walk around the community and watched for a while before bringing Yun Feiyang home for a meal.

A long time later, Yun Feiyang thought, ‘Fortunately, I met An An early on that day and the ‘one good deed a day’ hadn’t been used yet. Otherwise, I would probably freeze and develop pain in my legs.’

Yun Feiyang followed Shen Shian back home. At that time, Grandfather Shen was still alive. He wore a pair of reading glasses and gave Yun Feiyang a pot of pork ribs soup and meat. They sat on the sofa and chatted, only to find that Yun Feiyang’s parents were graduate students personally taught by Grandfather Shen. This was good and he immediately called this person Grandfather.

Grandfather Shen called Yun Feiyang’s parents to explain what happened and let him stay at their home for one day. The next afternoon, Shen Shian sent him to the train station. Yun Feiyang was reluctant to leave. First, he didn’t want to give up Grandfather Shen’s cooking. Second, he was afraid of being killed by his parents when he returned home. Later, he couldn’t drag it out any longer and he waved to Shen Shian. “I will apply for medical science. Let’s be classmates in the future! If you have nothing to do then remember to contact me!”

He said to keep in contact but it was the third year of high school. The two students were so busy that they didn’t have time to sleep. By the time they met again, it was already the summer vacation after the university entrance examination.

Yun Feiyang complied with the wishes of his parents and filled in H City Medical University as his first choice and got in. He rushed to H City after receiving the admission notice to share the good news with Shen Shian, whose score for the university entrance examination was much higher than him and he already received the admission notice in advance thanks to his grandfather.

He remembered where the Shen family lived and didn’t mention his coming in advance to give them a surprise. It was just that the structure of the community was too complicated and he lost his way. He went around for a long time and had passed a small garden in a remote location when he heard people fighting.

One of them was Shen Shian.

This was the first time Yun Feiyang knew what Shen Shian looked like when furious. He covered the person’s head with a cloth bag and was punching madly. His fierce and red eyes were a bit scary.

Yun Feiyang was afraid Shen Shian would beat the other person to death. He looked around to make sure there was no one around. Then he turned and hit the other person in the sack before turning to run. At that time, he didn’t ask and it wasn’t until later that he learnt why Shen Shian was fighting with this person.

It was the fourth day after Grandfather Shen’s death and Shen Shian had just finished the funeral. The person he fought was surnamed Ma and he lived in the same community. He learnt a bit about the Shen family’s affairs and at the time, he had failed the university entrance examination and hadn’t even tested into the junior university. He was probably spurred by Shen Shian’s first place admission score to the medical university and started to spread rumours around the community such as ‘Shen Shian’s mother is a mistress and infuriated her mother and father to death.’

Yun Feiyang felt regret. ‘He shouldn’t have stopped Shen Shian from killing this person!’

He stayed with Shen Shian for more than two weeks. Originally, his parents learnt about Grandfather Shen’s death and wanted to come over but they were stopped by Yun Feiyang. Shen Shian hadn’t told them about this because he didn’t want to trouble others, not to mention the pain of losing someone was something that other people couldn’t help with. Yun Feiyang’s parents coming over at this time would just remind Shen Shian of this face, making him sadder and more distressed. It was better for Yun Feiyang to accompany Shen Shian himself.

The next day, he met Shen Shian’s father for the first time. Mr Gu had rushed over from B City.

Mr Gu was very handsome and elegant. After entering the door, he wanted to hug Shen Shian but was avoided. Eventually, he let out a sigh as he rubbed his forehead. “Why didn’t you tell me about a big thing like your grandfather passing away?”

Shen Shian was silent for a long time before suddenly saying, “I fought with a person and it is estimated the other person is hurt.”

Mr Gu froze before responding quickly. “When did it happen?”


“Did the other person recognize you? Was the police called?”

Yun Feiyang answered, “The person didn’t recognize him. AN An covered his head with a sack. The police were called because the sirens rang for several hours last night. However, no policeman has come to the door yet.”

Mr Gu glanced at him before nodding. ”I see. Don’t worry, I will handle it.”

Yun Feiyang didn’t know how Mr Gu handled it but he heard the family surnamed Ma moved out of the community.

“Hey, Handsome Yun, we asked you something.” A series of voices pulled Yun Feiyang out of his memories. “Why do you have such a good relationship with Classmate Shen?”

Yun Feiyang thought carefully for a moment. Shen Shian adhered to the fact that it was the good deed a day. Certainly, this was the reason he took Yun Feiyang home but Yun Feiyang managed to become good brothers with him. What did this mean?

Yun Feiyang’s eyes fluttered and he touched his chin in an inscrutable manner. “Probably because I am too good.”



Shen Shian came out of the bathroom and happened to meet the counsellor in the hallway. He stopped and greeted the person. “Teacher Gao.”

“Hello.” The counsellor was a slightly chubby middle-aged man in his 40s. He smiled, revealing two dimples as he indicated Shen Shian to move to the rails of the central garden. “I was looking for you. How is your body? Are you sure you have healed? Do you want to rest a while longer?”

“No, the doctor said that I’ve made a full recovery. Thank you for your concern.”

“There’s nothing to be thankful for. It is my job to take care of you. The final exam starts next week and you’ve been absent for a month? Our clinical medical school has a heavy academic course. The hospital leaders have discussed it and if you feel you have difficulty keeping up with the course, you can apply for an extension exam. You can start school with the students who took the exam but you will take a supplementary exam and this score is still included in the final exam results. Do you understand?”

Shen Shian replied, “I understand but I don’t think it will be a problem to catch up. I don’t need to apply for an extension on the exam. I would like to thank you and the leaders for your kindness. “Not only did he soak in the spiritual spring every day, he was inspired by Xiao Hei and drank the water every day. He clearly felt that the functions of his body were growing at a terrible speed. The thick medical books might be difficult for others to remember but it shouldn’t be a problem for Shen Shian.

“So confident, that’s good.” The counsellor smiled and patted Shen Shian on the shoulder. “Continue to work hard and get a scholarship next semester. However, also remember to take care of your body. You are a rare good seed and the leaders value you. If you feel uncomfortable and want to change your mind then feel free to call me.”

“Thank you, Teacher.”

The counsellor left and Shen Shian turned around to see the class monitor, Lu Xiuyuan standing behind a pillar. He had clearly been there for a while.

Shen Shian raised his feet to enter the classroom, only to be stopped by Lu Xiuyuan. His thick eyelashes lowered and rose again, his eyes as cold as frost. “Is there anything?”

Lu Xiuyuan’s eyes were gloomy and he spoke through gritted teeth. “The reason why the counsellor and hospital leaders take care of you isn’t because you are a good seedling. It is because your father donated two research laboratories to the school. So what if you have money at home and have been rich for three generations? Haven’t you heard that only achievements made through hard work can be truly preserved throughout your whole life? The 30 years of Hedong and 30 years of Hexi now rely on family background but there might be some development in the future.”

“Are you finished?” Shen Shian waved his hand and continued to move forward.

“You!” This type of indifference made Lu Xiuyuan more furious and he screamed at Shen Shian, “Do you think you can do whatever you want just because you have money at home?”

Shen Shian thought about it before turning to him and nodding. “Yes.”

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