DSA: Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

The first class of H City Medical University usually started at 8:30 in the morning. Thanks to his good sleeping habits, it was almost impossible for Shen Shian to be late.

—Until this morning.

After seeing there were less than 20 minutes until the class bell rang, Shen Shian’s patience finally ran out as he looked at Xiao Hei with a cold face. “I want to go to class. Why are you following? Do you want to be an anatomical material?”

Xiao Hei lay on his shoes, front legs clinging to his angles while the paws were slammed against his shoelaces. Two rows of small fangs were biting Shen Shian’s pants. 「 You are the food I have chosen. What should I do if you are snatched by someone else?! 」

Fan Guoping leaned against the door and smiled. “What did I say? Dogs are the most loyal to people. Don’t look at his small temper. After just a few days, he is sticking to Mr Shen and isn’t letting go. Mr Shen, this shows that he likes you!”

The ‘liked’ Shen Shian didn’t feel honoured. He bent down and picked up the little thing by the back of the neck. “Be obedient. I will come back to you after three classes to make you something delicious. If you aren’t obedient—”

His gaze stopped meaningfully on a special position below the dog’s belly and his voice was scarily soft. “Don’t you want your balls?”

Xiao Hei clamped his two back legs together.

30 seconds later, Shen Shian and his two bodyguards smoothly entered the elevator.

The elevator ran smoothly. Mo Feng stood in front of Shen Shian and was silent as usual. Fan Guoping was standing on the right rear side and unscrewed the lid of a 1.5 litres capacity cup. He lifted it up and drank a few mouthfuls before saying to Shen Shian, “Mr Shen’s tomato juice tastes too good. It reminds me of the tomatoes I ate in my hometown many years ago. My hometown is in the southwest mountain area and at the time, the tomatoes were grown without pesticides. There was no ripening agent and it grew naturally with spring water, the flesh as big as fists. During the hottest summer, a basket of tomatoes in ice would be pulled from the well and the moment I bite into it, the taste…”

Fan Guoping grinned, apparently immersed in some beautiful memories. “However, I feel that even the tomatoes I ate at the time aren’t as good as Mr Shen’s tomatoes. I am paying attention to organic products and the tomatoes Mr Shen bought probably aren’t cheap. Thank you for thinking about us!”

Shen Shian told him, “It’s nothing. I have many at home. If you still want some after going back, I will give you more. You don’t have to be polite with me.” There were too many tomatoes in his space and those he picked didn’t make an impact. If it wasn’t for the missing signs of it rotting from being too ripe, he really wouldn’t know how to get rid of these basketball-sized tomatoes.

Shen Shian was uncertain about the ‘preservation time’ of the space and it was necessary to come up with a method to handle the tomatoes properly. Making juice and ketchup definitely wasn’t enough. He could give it to all his teachers at the medical university but then he would have to explain where he got such a large source from.

It took only five minutes to walk from the entrance of the community to the medical university’s south gate. However, his class location this morning was in the north teaching building. This was diagonal from the south gate and would take at least 10 minutes of walking.

Shen Shian glanced at his phone and sped up. The young man was tall and upright but his gorgeous face was covered in a thin layer of frost that didn’t allow people to get close. As he strode past, it was like there was a burst of cold wind that carried a pleasant fragrance.

Thanks to his appearance and relationship with Mr Gu, there were many people at the medical school who knew him. Plus, there were the two bodyguards filled with energy not far behind him. They might be able to hide well but this medical university was full of lively and energetic students. After entering the school gates, it was like a pony mixing with cougars. They didn’t fit in and Shen Shian naturally attracted more attention.

Shen Shian bit his lip and pulled the zipper of his jacket up to the top. Most of his face was covered up, leaving only a pair of eyes as dark as ink.

He walked quickly and finally entered the classroom half a minute before the bell rang.

The morning class was a public theory class. More than 200 people from three classes were gathered together in a large lecture hall. Shen Shian entered the door and was going to sit in the third-bottom row when a familiar voice was heard. “Hey, An An! Over here!”

Shen Shian picked up the bag he put down and headed towards Yun Feiyang.

Yun Feiyang moved the things on the table and gave Shen Shian a place near the aisle. “Why did you come so late today? I thought you hadn’t recovered from your car accident and was ready to request a leave of absence from the class monitor. Fortunately, I came early and got such a good position for us.” This position was like hiding in the sea, so that Old Li with 1000 degrees of myopia definitely wouldn’t be able to see them.

Shen Shian took out a textbook and handed a bottle of tomato juice to Yun Feiyang. “I was delayed by some things. Has the roll been called?”

“The class monitor just called it but it’s fine. You aren’t late and you can say something after the class is over.” He just finished speaking when the bell rang.

The first lesson passed quickly with the rustling of Shen Shian’s notes and Yun Feiyang’s choked laughter as he watched a short video. Once the bell rang, Shen Shian found a USB disk from his bag and was prepared to copy the coursework he did during his hospitalization to the teacher. Then a girl in the row in front of them turned back, her eyes darting around and her expression obviously shy. “Classmate Shen, I heard that you were hospitalized after a car accident. Was it serious? Are you okay now? I helped copy all the public and specialized courses during this time. Do you need it?”

Shen Shian knew that this girl surnamed Zhang was his classmate and he really did need the coursework. Today was December 24th and after the New Year’s holiday, he would enter the test week. He had been missing from the course for a month and had to catch up before the final exam.

It was just that based on past experience, it was best to reject such good intentions if he wanted to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

Shen Shian gazed at the pink USB flash drive in the girl’s hand and didn’t know how to refuse in a polite manner that wouldn’t make the other person embarrassed. Then Yun Feiyang, who was on his phone, suddenly looked up and interjected. “Hey, I almost forgot if it wasn’t for this beautiful woman reminding me. An An, i have the information of your coursework on a USB disk in my bedroom. I will give it to you in the afternoon.”

Shen Shian turned to look at him. “You helped me copy all the information?” The public classes were fine so most of their classes were together. However, the two of them had different majors. How could he copy the information of the specialized courses?

“It isn’t simple but you have so many people in your classes. I just needed to ask a classmate to resolve it. You can rest assured that I have specifically checked the coursework for each class and the information is all there.”

Shen Shian nodded and looked back at the girl. “My friend has helped me copy it. Thank you for the trouble.”

The girl couldn’t cover her disappointment but her mood wasn’t low. “It’s fine, I have to review it myself anyway. Classmate Shen, is your body okay?”

“Yes, there doesn’t seem to be a big problem with Classmate Shen’s body?” Shen Shian hadn’t answered yet when a deliberately loud voice was heard from the aisle in front of them, deliberately attracting more than half of the classroom’s eyes. “Classmate Shen was hospitalized after a car accident and took a long holiday. The students were very worried and they were afraid you were seriously hurt. Now it seems there is nothing big. Not even one scar can be found.”

The class monitor, Lu Xiuyuan’s gaze swept over Shen Shian’s body twice before saying, “I don’t know if Classmate Shen’s luck is good to suffer only minor injuries in the car accident or if your body heals very quickly?”

Shen Shian watched the other person and didn’t speak.

Yun Feiyang couldn’t help himself and stood up. “What do you mean? Are you suggesting that An An is lying? Such a grown-up man, can’t you say something well? Is it interesting to make insinuations? Have you been watching a lot of palace fighting or family fighting dramas lately? An An applied for leave with his medical record and inspection report. According to your opinion, do you want to see his medical record in person?”

Lu Xiuyuan’s skin was on the white side among the man and the red on his face was obvious once he was smashed by Yun Feiyang. However, he wasn’t willing to lose in the eyes of the public. “You aren’t a member of the class committee and don’t know. Our clinical profession requires a comprehensive evaluation of each class according to the attendance rate and the students have to take turns having miscellaneous classes in the affiliated hospital. This leave is related to more than one person. If the reason for Classmate Shen’s leave is clear then there is nothing to hide. It is better for him to take out his medical records to let the students see.”

“Hahahaha.” Yun Feiyang couldn’t hide the ridicule in his laughter as he gazed at Lu Xiuyuan with condescending eyes. “A patient has the right to keep their information private. Only the attending physician and the patient’s family can see it. Class monitor, are you so busy with the important affairs of the class committee that the ethics class went into a dog’s stomach? You don’t know this? You want to make a medical record public? Fool!”

Lu Xiuyuan’s face flushed and he stepped forward, as if he wanted to start something. Yun Feiyang couldn’t wait and rolled up his sleeves. A mess was about to start when the class bell rang.

Lu Xiuyuan stared at Shen Shian for a long time before returning to his seat.

“That fu*ker.” Yun Feiyang sat down. “This small tramp who lives by begging or stealing, he really assumes unwarranted authority. How could he get the position of class monitor if it wasn’t for the fact that you didn’t run?”

Shen Shian drank from his bottle and tightened the bottle cap. “Pay attention to class.”

Yun Feiyang stared at this exquisite and beautiful face that caused many girls to scream from the sidelines for a long time. “Do you think he is always aiming at you because he likes you?” He spoke these words and shivered. “Fu*k, it’s terrible. Promise me, don’t look for someone like Lu Xiuyuan. He is good-looking but his personality is too annoying.”

“Yes.” Shen Shian asked casually while taking notes. “Then what should I look for?”

‘What should you look for? At the very least, it should be someone handsome, generous, sincere, tall and might, just like me—

Stop, stop!’

The startled Yun Feiyang started sweating and quickly cut off the thoughts in his mind. He repeated the words ‘I am a straight man’ more than a dozen times in his head.

Then he gazed at Shen Shian who was obsessed with learning.

This enchanting face that had endless charm for men and women. Who could hold out against it?’

The author has something to say:

Monday, December 24th, 2018. There are still 3 months and 9 days before the outbreak.

Author’s Note: There is a pure brotherly friendship between Yun Feiyang and Shen Shian, with no emotional lines.

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