DSA: Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Yun Feiyang went to the pet hospital for his part-time job on Saturday. On Saturday, he brought two big bags of snacks and rang on Shen Shian’s door.

The moment the door opened, there was a burst of a tempting sweet and sour aroma.

Yun Feiyang looked at the disposable gloves on Shen Shian’s right hand. “What are you doing? What’s so delicious and fragrant?”

“Squeezing juice.” Shen Shian let him in, closed the door, took off the gloves and threw them into the trash can in the living room with his left hand.

Yun Feiyang put the bags and snacks on the shelf of the entrance hall and found slippers from the shoe cabinet. He sat on the stool and looked inside while changing shoes.

Shen Shian’s home had clear windows and golden sunlight spilled in from the balcony. The incense ornaments on the coffee table emitted smoke. Everything was spotless and nothing was different from usual—

Until the saw the little puppy sitting on the vacuuming robot that was moving out of the kitchen

Xiao Hei revealed two rows of small fans and rushed fiercely at Yun Feiyang. He was only halfway when he was lifted up by Shen Shian, who stopped the robot. He squeezed the back of Xiao Hei’s neck and scolded, “Don’t make trouble, my own person.”

「 Who is your person? Your whole family is my person! A human dares to call me their person! 」

Xiao Hei didn’t give up resistance despite his weakness. He twisted back and forth while howling at Yun Feiyang. “Wuwuwuwu… aowu!”

Yun Feiyang changed his shoes and came over. “Hey, where did you get the dog? It looks quite spirited.”

“I picked it up in the neighbourhood.” Shen Shian put the dog down on the sofa and softly threatened him, “Do you still want to eat me?” He saw the little thing quiet down and walked into the kitchen.

Yun Feiyang moved to the other side of the sofa and sat down, his eyes full of novelty as he watched Xiao Hei. “You really move fast. I only advised you to keep a dog two days ago and was thinking of bringing you one from the pet store. I didn’t expect you to pick one up yourself. Based on this head, it is still weaning. Have you met the mother? Is there a name?”

“He was the only one I saw when I picked him up. I asked the community guard yesterday and he said he didn’t see any adult stray dog in the area. She was probably hit somewhere by mistake.” Shen Shian’s voice came from the kitchen. “His name is Xiao Hei.”

“Hey, good name, good name.” Yun Feiyang fake praised and saw a box of beef jerky on the table. He leaned forward and reached for it. The tip of his finger had just touched the box when the quiet Xiao Hei on the opposite sofa became thoroughly enraged. His fur shot up and his hind legs kicked hard. The miniature figure was like black lightning as he jumped from the sofa to the coffee table, heading straight for Yun Feiyang’s fingers to bit them.

The upper and lower teeth bit empty air and the loud sound was clearly audible.

Yun Feiyang, “…!”

He held his hand while shrinking back on the sofa. His face was white and he gulped. He had no doubt that if he hadn’t reacted fast enough, he would be bleeding and might lose a finger on the spot. He looked at Xiao Hei with eyes filled with sorrow? ‘Why? Eat your beef jerky!’

Shen Shian came over and handed the glass in his hand to Yun Feiyang. Then he picked Xiao Hei and placed the dog on his leg to separate him from Yun Feiyang, the palm of his hand making Xiao Hei unable to move. “Behave well.”

“Oh my god.” Yun Feiyang couldn’t help complaining. “That dog’s temper isn’t small. He is too fierce.”

Shen Shian touched the smooth dog fur. “Fortunately, he only looks fierce on the outside but his fierceness is actually very low. The night before, he was crying because he was afraid of the darkness.” Shen Shian remembered the scene at that time and his expression immediately became gentle and even the movements of his hands were lighter.

Yun Feiyang swore that he saw a distorted expression on Xiao Hei’s furry face.

He raised the cup and stared at the blood-red liquid inside before taking a sip. “What is this… hey? It’s good!” Yun Feiyang’s eyes brightened and he took a few more mouthfuls of the liquid in the cup. “Is this your new drink? It looks a bit like a tomato. Is it?”

“It’s tomato juice and I have a lot. I will give you a few bottles to take back to school later.” The tomato forest had grown too well and there were thousands of big tomatoes the size of a basketball’. Shen Shian picked a few and squeezed the juice. “In addition to juice, there is ketchup. The taste isn’t bad. Now the temperature is low and you should be able to place it on the balcony of your bedroom for a few days.”

“That’s good.” Yun Feiyang was grinning. “Where did you buy these tomatoes? The taste is too delicious. This is definitely the best tomato juice I’ve ever drunk!” The supply was enough for a few days but it was estimated he would fully resolve it in one night.

Without waiting for Shen Shian to answer, Yun Feiyang found the dog kicking and whining on Shen Shian’s leg. This time, he understood. “Hey, the little thing you picked up is quite protective of food..”

He deliberately grabbed a piece of beef jerky in the box and took a big bite in a provocative manner.

Shen Shian struggled to appease the suddenly violent Xiao Hei and was too late to stop Yun Feiyang. Shen Shian could only watch him swallow the beef.

The provocative look barely lasted for three seconds before Yun Feiyang raised his eyebrows. “Hey, what’s wrong with the taste of your beef jerky? Is it expired?” He picked up the box and checked. “Production date is November… it isn’t expired.”

Shen Shian couldn’t bear to look. “…Xiao Hei licked all of it.”


“Every beef jerky in the box was licked by Xiao Hei.”

Yun Feiyang stared at the dog on Shen Shian’s leg. His face turned from red to black, black to green and green to white. After a few moments, the bitten beef jerky was slowly stuff back and he went to the kitchen to pour four glasses of tomato juice.

Once he returned to the living room again, Shen Shian acted like nothing happened and changed the topic. “Feiyang, what do I do if Xiao Hei is determined not to eat dog food?”

“He isn’t eating dog food? Is it a hunger strike?”

“No, he eats rice and normal food.”

In fact, this little thing wanted to eat everything apart from dog food. The amount of food he ate was really large and almost caught up with an adult man. Shen Shian was worried that he would kill himself and only fed a small amount last night. Then he woke up this morning and found a lot of wrapping paper for chocolate under the sofa.

Somehow, this little thing found the chocolate Shen Shian brought back from the hospital and ripped off the wrapping paper to eat it cleanly. There was also the box of beef jerky that couldn’t be eaten anymore. Xiao Hei had hidden it below the sofa until it was swept out by the robot. After being spotted by Shen Shian, Xiao Hei licked all the beef jerky and placed his paws into the box.

Chocolate contained a lot of theobromine, which was a substance that was highly toxic to dogs and could be fatal.

The dog had eaten a big box but it could be seen that nothing happened as he chased after the vacuuming robot in a lively manner for exposing the position of the beef jerky.

Xiao Hei was obviously different from other dogs. Shen Shian had discovered this after bringing him home. Not only was his eating habits different from a regular dog, his IQ was also beyond the level of an average pet.

Shen Shian initially suspected the cause was the spring water. Once he witnessed the primitive forest composed of aloe vera and green radish, along with the tomato forest, his original suspicions turned into conviction.

This dog was no longer an ordinary dog. Even so, smart dogs must also eat dog food.

“Perhaps the dog food isn’t palatable?” Yun Feiyang leaned back on the sofa. “What brand did you buy? Show me.”

Shen Shian brought over two bags of dog food and Yun Feiyang examined them. “This brand is very good and can even be regarded on the high-end of imported food. The user evaluation is very high. Xiao Hei really doesn’t eat it?”

As he spoke, he grabbed a small piece and sent it to Xiao Hei’s mouth where he was almost bitten by the dog again.

“Such good dog food not being eaten, it must be because he isn’t used to it.” Yun Feiyang looked as usual as he took back his hand. “It’s fine once he is hungry for two meals.”

He paused before asking, “When did you pick it up? Have you got him vaccinated yet? A stray dog can easily carry germs and needs the rabies vaccine. You start class tomorrow, right? I have time today. Shall I take you to the pet hospital where I work? The department head is particularly ‘nice.’”

Shen Shian thought about it and nodded. “Okay.”

Yun Feiyang’s part time job was at Hapi Pet Hospital and it wasn’t too far from H City’s Medical University. It was approximately half an hour away by bus. Fan Guoping drove and Shen Shian and Yun Feiyang sat in the back seat, the journey taking less than 10 minutes.

Shen Shian grabbed Xiao Hei’s neck to stop him from biting Yun Feiyang while thinking that he would have to buy a dog collar and chain later. He couldn’t keep grabbing the neck.

The facade of the pet hospital was warm and lovely. There were giant cat and dog dolls on the left and right. It was quite lively for a Sunday and there were sounds of various pets along with the conversations between owner and vet.

Yun Feiyang pushed open the glass door and entered. “Sister Fang, Sister Fang, are you here? I brought guests!”

Shen Shian followed, his tall and slender figure causing the originally noisy hospital to quiet down.

The pet owners and vets were mostly concentrated on Shen Shian while the loud pets fell completely silent for some reason.

A woman in her 30s, wearing a white coat, walked out while holding a document. “What are you shouting for? You normally don’t bring me guests at work. You are working so hard today when you don’t have a shift? Is the sun rising in the west?” Her hearty voice came to an abrupt end when she saw Shen Shian and it became more delicate and softer. “Oh, who is this gentleman?”

Yun Feiyang raised a hand to grab Shen Shian’s shoulder. “This is my classmate and best brother, Shen Shian. How is it? Isn’t he handsome? He is the famous handsome man in our medical department and the number of girls who secretly love him and form a dozen or so laps around the medical department…”

Shen Shian interrupted him with a cold voice. “State our business.”

“Oh, yes.” Yun Feiyang took back his hand and pointed to the dog. “An An picked up a dog in the community two days ago. We came over for a simple checkup and then to get the rabies vaccine. Sister Fang, this is my brother. How about a discount on the price? For example, 80…”

“This is a special offer.” Department Head Fang called the two people into her clinic. “All costs will be 50% off!”

Yun Feiyang, “…”

He felt like he lost value.

Sister Fang ignored him and had Shen Shian place the dog on the table. “You picked the dog up for two days? Have you already bathed him? Are there any wounds? No, that’s good. Did you find any parasites in the bath? No, not bad. Is his defecation normal? Okay, how about his diet?”

Shen Shian replied, “He refuses to eat dog food. He wants to eat like humans.”

“It might be because of his long wandering time. He isn’t used to dog food and it is just a matter of getting used to it.” Shen Shian held down Xiao Hei and Sister Fang examined him. “He looks very healthy and his spirit is good. There are no parasites on his body. If Mr Shen isn’t at ease then we can do a routine blood test to check some basic things.”

Shen Shian thought about it and refused. He wasn’t afraid of spending money but Xiao Hei had been drinking the spring water for the past two days. He was worried that some data that violated common sense might be detected. Not to mention that Xiao Hei was still healthy after eating chocolate.

“That’s fine.” Sister Fang nodded. “Then let’s start with the vaccines. He looks around two months. Getting vaccines at this time is a bit late but it won’t affect him. I would suggest the six-in-one vaccine. This six-in-one has three injections, with one occurring every four weeks. Once the third needle is finished, the rabies vaccine will be injected again. After that, one injection of the six-in-one vaccine will be required every year. Today, I will give the first shot of the six-in-one vaccine. Then come back in a week for the deworming treatment.”

“Thank you, Doctor.”

“It’s fine, you’re welcome. “Sister Fang’s face was flushed like peach blossoms.

“Our Sister Fang is amazing.” Yun Feiyang interjected. “She is a talented graduate student and there is no pet in this world she can’t cure. You can rest assured about Xiao Hei being in her hands.”

Sister Fang’s flushed deepened. “W-What nonsense are you saying? I’m going to get the vaccine. Mr Shen, please wait here.”

Yun Feiyang had just praised his boss. How could he expect for the ‘omnipotent’ Sister Fang to encounter difficulties right afterwards? Xiao Hei was full of violence and reluctant to let Sister Fang stick the needle in his body. Even Shen Shian pressing against his neck wasn’t helpful as Xiao Hei kept growling and not letting people close.

After seeing the little thing almost break away from him and bite Sister Fang for the fourth time, Shen Shian sighed and told Sister Fang, “Let me try it. It is just plunging it into the skin and injecting it under the skin?”

This was Sister Fang’s first time seeing such a difficult dog and she handed the syringe to Shen Shian. “Yes. Mr Sheng, please be careful. After all, he is a stray dog as his temper isn’t as good as those raised in the home.”

“I understand, thank you.”

In order to prevent further stimulation to the dog, Sister Fang left the treatment room. Yun Feiyang also retreated to the door but he didn’t feel at ease so he poked his head in.

Shen Shian released his hand on Xiao Hei’s neck and his fingers ran along the spine as he aligned his gaze with the right spot. “Don’t make trouble and let me inject you, okay?”

“Woof!” Xiao Hei viciously rushed at him with bared teeth.

“Once I go back, I will cook you braised pork. The half fat and half thin pork, the delicious scent and the soup poured on white rice to be eaten with it. How much do you want to eat?” Shen Shian’s tone was soothing and his black eyes contained rare patience and gentleness.

“Aowu…” The sound was a bit smaller but Xiao Hei clearly didn’t intend to back down.

“I’ll give you braised pork for a week.”


“Two weeks.”


“One month, no more.”

This time, Xiao Hei didn’t bare. His round eyes stared straight at Shen Shian and there was no violent anger inside, only a bit of grievance.

Shen Shian seemed to be blessed and instantly understood what this little thing meant. “…I promise I won’t force you to eat dog food anymore.”

Yun Feiyang couldn’t help laughing. “An An, you are really good. He is a dog, not a person who can understand your word.s You are actually negotiating with him…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when the fierce Xiao Hei spread out his limbs on the table, turning to let out a soft ‘woof’ sound towards Shen Shian.

Yun Feiyang, “…”

His face was always beaten like a tornado so he would shut up.

Shen Shian touched Xiao Hei’s neck, carefully inserted the needle and plunged in the vaccine. After pulling out the needle, he rubbed Xiao Hei’s head. “That’s good.”

Sister Fang came in and found that the vaccination had finished. “Hey, he won’t let others touch and it is only possible for Mr Shen. It seems that Xiao Hei and Mr Shen are really fated. It is currently 10:12. You need to wait half an hour to confirm that Xiao Hei has no allergic reaction to the vaccine. Mr Shen, do you want water while waiting? If you are interested, should I introduce you to dog sterilization?”


“Yes, we generally recommend sterilization for stray dogs. It might seem cruel but a dog’s understanding of reproduction is different from humans. Sterilization isn’t a terrible thing for it and can effectively reduce the risk of testicular cancer and prostate disease. It also improves a dog’s aggressiveness and makes them more docile. Research has shown that the average life span of dogs who have undergone sterilization is higher than dogs who haven’t.”

Shen Shian showed no response until he heard the last sentence. “Sterilized dogs can live longer?”

“This is what the research has shown. I have a specific research report and explanation on dog sterilization in my office. It shows the advantages and disadvantages. After Xiao Hei’s vaccinations are finished, you can consider sterilization. If Mr Shen wants to come with me, I will introduce it in detail.”

Shen Shian looked at Xiao Hei.

Yun Feiyang immediately said, “You shouldn’t talk about this type of thing in person. We have cages in the hospital. An An, put it here and I’ll look after him. If anything happens then I will inform you immediately.”

Shen Shian thought for a moment before nodding. He placed Xiao Hei into a cage and followed Sister Fang out of the clinic.

There were only one person and one dog left in the treatment room. Yun Feiyang moved his stool and sat opposite Xiao Hei. “Is it uncomfortable?”

“Woof!” Xiao Hei revealed two rows of small teeth.

“Hey, your temper is so bad. What big psychological shadow was caused by your wandering?” Yun Feiyang didn’t mind his attitude and kept talking to the dog. “Do you know how good it is to be taken home by An An? Don’t look at his coldness. He is always good to himself… and his dog. I didn’t have much hope when I advised him to raise a dog two days ago. He doesn’t like to keep pets. It isn’t you. He doesn’t like to keep pets because he doesn’t like animals. It is just that your life span is too different from humans. Do you understand? Almost all his life, he spent saying farewell to his loved ones. He sent them away one after another and doesn’t want to raise a pet that is destined to die in front of him.”

Yun Feiyang spoke of this and scratched his head. “In fact, I don’t know if it is right to persuade him to raise a dog. If he doesn’t raise one then he is too lonely. If he raises you then he will have feelings for you and hurt himself. In short, you have to try and live as many years with him as possible. Sterilization is a good thing. After sterilization, you can be healthier and perhaps even break the maximum life span for dogs. I am optimistic about you.”

Xiao Hei didn’t look at this person from beginning to end as he lay in the cage and thought, 「 What is sterilization? 」

Just then, a doctor came in with a dog. The dog was paralyzed and the tail was wrapped in several layers of gauze. The dog owner was following behind the doctor.

Yun Feiyang greeted them. “Hello, have you just finished the sterilization operation?”

The doctor nodded. “Yes, he hasn’t fully woken up from the anesthesia. I have to put him here for observation for a while.”

The dog owner held a transparent small bag in his hand, the two testicles inside rolling back and forth. “It is just cut off and still hot. I will keep it at home and later bury it together with my dog.”

Yun Feiyang smiled and was about to speak when there was a loud bang from Xiao Hei slamming into the cage. The force was so strong that the cage fell down. Two rows of sharp teeth were revealed as Xiao Hei glared at Yun Feiyang with murderous eyes.


The author has something to say:

#What to do about a dog picky with food?#

An An: Coax him.

Yun Feiyang: Let him be hungry for a few meals.

Silly netizens: Plate it!

Silly author: Cut chicken, cut chicken, cut chicken, cut chicken, cut chicken~

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Please don’t do it っ╥╯﹏╰╥c

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You can still *papapa* when sterilized. It just that the next generation is dead. Not a problem, unless this is more. 😉

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Me, too… Why are you running around carrying your dog’s testicles in hand??? So weird. There are some people who like to keep all human parts together as part of their religious beliefs. Maybe this is similar.

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Feeding chocolates to the dogs is a no no.. Huhu I think that was the caused of our dog dying early. Huhu.

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Dark Wattpaders
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So the dog was sterilized? Maybe the author is confusing it with neutered (I.e. castration) bc of the testicles in the bag. I assume with sterilization, it’s quite similar to vesectomy in human males. But the neutering the gong here seems quite harsh.