DSA: Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Shen Shian told Yun Feiyang that he only suffered a skin injury in the car accident. This actually wasn’t quite right.

The place where the accident occurred was an intersection on the outskirts of H City. It was raining and the view was dim and unclear. Shen Shian didn’t notice any abnormalities until the huge truck filled with coal suddenly burst out.

He was driving a small sedan that his grandfather had given him as a graduation gift after his university entrance examination. The main propaganda of this vehicle was that it was light and dexterous, suitable for novice drivers. Therefore, it was like a fragile matchbox in front of the rapid impact of the heavy truck driving through the red light and it flew into a mud puddle on the side of the road.

The car rolled several times before landing. Shen Shian, who was tied to the driver’s seat by the seatbelt, could clearly feel that three ribs were broken. One of them had pierced his lungs from the right side. Blood fill his chest and emerged from his nose, mouth and wounds, quickly soaking his clothes.

He thought he would die. He didn’t think there was any possibility of surviving when the passenger’s side was squashed and he was completely incapable of moving.

However, he didn’t die.

In the dimness before death, the blood beads shone and the burning pain from his right wrist almost surpassed the pain of his lungs being drowned in blood. Once his vision was clear again, he came to the place he was currently standing in.

There was a quiet space approximately the size of a football field in front of him. The environment wasn’t complicated and the most conspicuous thing was the three-storey, antique bamboo building in front of him. There was a bamboo plant behind the building and two trees in front of the building. One was a peach tree while the other was unknown.

In front of the two trees was an open space surrounding by a sparkling stream. The source of the stream was a spring on slightly higher ground. Below the spring was a poll of spring water. This spirit spring had a diameter of approximately three metres and mist was formed.

It was this spiritual spring that saved his life.

After the car accident, the burning pain from his right wrist just appeared and he was ‘sucked’ into this place by the Buddha beads and placed in the spiritual spring. He studied clinical medicine but no medical theory could explain the changes in his body.

It felt like countless warm currents poured into his body from the spring, soothing, repairing and healing his body and the wounds caused by the car accident. The pain that made people go crazy quickly disappeared, the broken ribs were regrown, the pierced flesh quickly healed and the congestion in his chest was discharged from his pored in a wonderful way…

The warm spring was like a mother’s uterus that provided him with all the substances he needed for life.

He didn’t know how long he spent in the spring. Once the space spat him out again, he was still tied by the seat belt in his overturned car. The beads on his wrist disappeared, leaving only a circular, dark blue tattoo. Then there was the siren of the ambulance in the distance.

The ambulance took him to the hospital and the doctors examined him. The main trauma was an external skin abrasion and soft tissue contusion caused by the impact. Once Mr Gu received the news and rushed to the hospital, the director of the surgery department personally supervised and gave Shen Shian a check from head to toe. The results of the inspection remained unchanged.

The most serious wounds on his body were the deep and shallow cuts caused by broken glass. Several veins were cut and the amount of bleeding was relatively large, making him look scary. However, they were actually skin injuries and would scab in two days. In addition, there wasn’t a concussion. If it wasn’t for Mr Gu’s insistence, he wouldn’t need to be hospitalized for half a month.

The truck driver who caused the car accident fled the scene before the ambulance arrived. The police found that he was a temporary worker hired at a certain construction site. The identity information, contact information and home address on the work contract were all fake. He ran away and there was still no news.

Only Shen Shian knew the mysterious and wonderful thing that happened on the rainy, early winter afternoon in this car accident.

The temperature in the space seemed fixed at around 20 degrees Celsius. Thus, he didn’t feel cold even if he only had a bath towel around his waist.

The surroundings were very quiet with only the sound of the water in the spring being heard. Shen Shian leaned against the wall of the spiritual spring. The warm spring water covered his chest as he looked up at the snow-blue ‘sky’ of the space.

Once the initial shock and disbelief faded, the only thing left were doubts.

What type of existence was this space? Who created it? What relationship and connection did it have with the Shen family? Apart from him, did anyone else know the secrets of the beads?


The similar or different questions repeated one after another without end. He sat soaking in the hot springs and obviously had no way to answer any of them.

Shen Shian bowed his head and poured a handful of water onto his face. He had almost died once and he was safe in here. It was useless to think about these things.

After half an hour, Shen Shian felt the energy and strength in his body and used a single hand to jump up from the spring water. He dried the water on his head with the towel before wrapping it around his waist again. A grassy and soft path led to the bamboo building.

The touch of the grass against his feet was wonderful. There was a slight tingling followed by a dense itch. The land next to it was soft and a fertile black.

Shen Shian gazed at the open space surrounded by the stream, wondering if he should plant something. Otherwise, it would be too wasteful.

Then what should he plant?

Not only did he have no experience with planting anything, he was in a modern city where it was extremely convenient to buy vegetables and fruits. It seemed unnecessary to go to the space to dig and farm.

As he was thinking, he bypassed the two large trees in front of the building and stepped on the stairs outside the entrance. Shen Shian stopped at the door, picked up the neatly folded towel on the bamboo stool, wiped his feet cleaned and put on a pair of cotton slippers next to the stool.

These things were purchased by his bodyguard Fan Guoping during his hospitalization and brought into the space. The law was that any item in direct contact with his body could enter the space with him.

The first floor of the bamboo building wasn’t large. There were only four rooms in total. The central was the living room while the right hand side was the study.

The furnishings in the study were simple and elegant. Shen Shian pushed over the door, ignoring the pen and paper on the desk as he went straight to the bookshelf opposite the desk.

The bookshelf was large and covered the entire wall, but there was only one book on it. Shen Shian walked over and grabbed the book on the shelf, the characters on the cover once again greeting him:

Gui Xu Exercises.

Shen Shian had turned his book back and forth many times. He felt that this book and the spiritual spring should be the two most important things in this space. If he could master the contents of the book, he should have a deeper understanding of the space.

Unfortunately, most of the book was in traditional characters and it was difficult to recognize them. The most important thing was that the words were difficult to understand, the word order was chaotic and the words couldn’t be linked even if he knew them.  For Shen Shian, it was no different from illegible writing.

He barely managed to turn over two pages and found that it was still the same as before. His head was full of fog and there was no progress. Shen Shian could only put the book back and return to the living room.

The innermost part of the living room contained a wooden staircase connecting to the second floor. Shen Shian went up the stairs and was blocked halfway up. He was probably blocked by an invisible barrier.

Sure enough, he still couldn’t go up. There were still too many places in this space that he couldn’t touch.

Once outside the bamboo building, Shen Shian once again focused his attention on the tattoo on his wrist and he reappeared in his bathroom.

The steaming heat from the shower had dissipated and his figure was clearly seen in the mirror. The time flow rate in the space was different from the real world. It was approximately 2:1. In other words, staying in the space for two hours was only one hour in reality.

It seemed like a good choice to cram in here before the exams.

Shen Shian untied the towel, put on clean underwear and wore his white plaid homely clothes. The light colour neutralized the cold temperament of his body and even the aggressiveness of his appearance was weakened a bit, revealing a softness similar to that of his mother.

There was Yun Feiyang to help and his house had been completely cleaned. Still, he hadn’t lived in it for half a month and there were many places to organize. The quilt and pillows were taken to the balcony for exposure. He replaced the bed cover and stuffed the old one into the washing machine. The fruit supplements brought back from the hospital were placed in the refrigerator and Shen Shian took a small watering can and walked around the vacuuming robot to water the green plants on his balcony.

The green plants were grown by his grandparents. When they were alive, the whole balcony was like a small garden. Common peppers and other vegetables grew along with the various vine flowers. It was lively and full of life. After his grandmother died, many of the vegetables and flowers withered until his grandfather regained his spirits and carefully looked after them.

Then his grandfather passed away and Shen Shian didn’t know how to take care of the plants on this balcony.

He tried to manage them according to the gardening manuals and various plant habits found online. However, the plants that had been carefully cared for seemed more vulnerable. No matter how hard he tried, one or two died per day.

Later, most of the plants were given to neighbours upstairs and downstairs who liked to take care of plants. A small portion was left being to ‘prove his gardening ability’ and now only a pot of cactus, a pot of aloe vera and a few bunches of green radishes remained.

However, no one had watered them for half a month. The wet aloe vera and green radishes seemed unable to breathe for a long time.

His fingers pinched the aloe vera that had shrunk and withered and unconsciously frowned. Then he thought about it and his body disappeared. Once he reappeared, the watering can had been replaced by spring water.

The spiritual spring could heal wounds. Could it also nourish plants?

Shen Shian wasn’t particularly certain. After all, the nutrients that plants required were different from the human body. Still, he could only keep trying everything in this desperate situation.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion but after pouring the spring water, the state of the aloe vera and green radishes seemed to have improved at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Water had been poured on the cactus before the hospitalization and it shouldn’t need any more for the time being. Shen Shian stared at the spikes for a while and reached for the pot where the cactus was planted. He thought something and the cactus in the flower pot disappeared.

It seemed that not only ‘dead’ things like slippers and towels could be transferred. Plant life like the cactus could also be brought into the space. Was it possible with animals?

He had mastered a bit about the space and Shen Shian was satisfied. He gazed at the sky and decided to go to the supermarket to buy some daily necessities before the sun went down.

His grandfather had been a teacher of H City Medical University before his death and many residents in the community were colleagues. These colleagues knew Shen Shian and more or less took care of him after his grandfather’s death. From the door of his house to the entrance of the community, he was stopped and had to say hello to the other person.

The school couldn’t hide the news and many people heard about Shen Shian’s car accident. In addition, he had the code of conduct of ‘doing one good deed a day’. He often helped the elderly carry things to the elevator and so on. Thus, his popularity was quite good and those who met him carefully asked after his health.

In the face of these grandparents, Shen Shian always controlled his indifference and tried to slow down his tone. His thick eyelashes hung down and he looked cute and beautiful. It made a person reluctant to let go.

The two bodyguards dutifully stayed in the back. Both of them had professional military training and if they were quiet, they couldn’t be detected. Shen Shian had benefited from the spiritual spring and his eyesight and observational abilities were sharper than ordinary people. It wasn’t difficult for him to find the two shadows in the distance.

Fortunately, they didn’t follow closely. Otherwise, if two bodyguards suddenly appeared around him then these grandparents would probably have more questions for him.

He finally managed to walk out of the gate of the community. Shen Shian gave a long sigh, as if to unload a heavy burden. His eyes became cold again and his footsteps were a lot lighter.

The supermarket wasn’t far from the community and he only needed to walk a few dozen metres across the road. Shen Shian bought some fresh ingredients, picked a few bottles of fresh milk and juice, grabbed some snacks and toiletries and had a thought as he was ready to check out. He pushed the shopping cart to the agricultural area and after a long time, he found a few packets of vegetable seeds on the bottom shelf.

After all, this wasn’t a specialized crop seeds store. The variety of vegetable seeds in the supermarket was limited. Shen Shian took a bag of tomatoes and melon seeds. He walked back to the community with a paper bag while thinking about which area in the space would be appropriate.

Perhaps he was thinking too much and didn’t pay attention to where he was stepping. He was tripped by some steps and his body fell forward. He stabilized himself but a pack of luncheon meat fell out of the bag, rolling away.

Shen Shian chased a few steps but bore he could pick it up, a dark shadow suddenly burst out of the bushes. It slammed into the luncheon meat and turned to Shen Shian, lowering its front legs and making a threatening growl.

It was extremely fierce.

Shen Shian stopped. He gazed at the dirty little dog in front of him, narrowed his eyes and pointed to the luncheon meat in front of him. “Mine.”

“Woof!” It was even fiercer.

Shen Shian had no interest in pets and felt that he was being provoked.

The property environment in the community was very good and he hadn’t seen stray dogs or cats in the several years he lived here. Where did it come from? It was so big but looked two or three months at most. Did a family lose it or was it abandoned by the mother dog?

In any case, it was wrong for this dog to steal his meat.

He put the paper bag aside and crouched down. Before the puppy could attack, he quickly grabbed the skin at the back of its neck. Thanks to the spiritual spring, his reaction speed had improved a lot. The puppet was very light and once he got closer, he found it was a small male dog. The terrible stench coming from his body showed he hadn’t bathed in a long time.

Shen Shian frowned and held the dog away from him with some aversion.

The back of his neck was grabbed by a hand and the beast’s instincts caused the puppy to stiffen. He wasn’t willing to be restrained and turned his gaze back, his limbs waving as he struggled to break free from Shen Shian’s hand. He was like a silly dog with neurological mal-development.

Even so, the puppy didn’t spit out the luncheon meat in his mouth.

Shen Shian and the puppy stared at each other for a while, unmoved by the fierce eyes and whining threats of the other side.

Shen Shian thought about how Yun Feiyang had advised him to raise a dog before leaving and how he wasn’t particularly satisfied with today’s good deed. He hesitated for a long time before dumping the little thing in his hand on the ground like it was a dried plum.

“…Or do you want to come home with me?”

The author has something to say:

The gong has appeared! He is currently in the form of a cub and his IQ and strength are temporarily limited by the form.

Added a ko-fi for the people asking for an alternative to Patreon:https://ko-fi.com/rainbowturtlePledge any amount to my Patreon to access to the BL google drives, where you can get early access to any chapters I have completed.

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