DSA: Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Yun Feiyang flew back to H City before the Lantern Festival. Once he arrived at the building where Shen Shian was located and just got off the elevator when he heard the sound of a child behind the door. “Steamed lamb, steamed bear paw, steamed deer tail, roasted duck, roasted chicken, roasted goose, marinated chicken, dried meat, pig tripe, steamed pork…”

The intonation carried a childish tone.

He couldn’t help laughing after entering the door. “What are you doing? Are you preparing to practice crosstalk behind my back to go out and sell it?” (TL Note: Crosstalk = tradition Chinese comedic performing art and is typically in the form of a duo dialogue or a monologue. All the famous food names that Shen Xun read out was a famous crosstalk example.)

Shen Shian took the birdcage and suitcase from Yun Feiyang’s hand. “I’m teaching him to read pinyin.” It took several days to find a recipe with pinyin on the Internet. As long as Shen Xun could read three pages in a row with no mistakes, he could order any three dishes from the Internet recipe. The current learning result was very gratifying.

He saw Yun Feiyang dragging in a large and bulging snake bag along with his suitcase and asked with surprise, “What is this?”

“It is Hainan green coconuts. Isn’t it good that I brought it for you to taste? Drinking coconut juice in a heated room will let you know the great beauty of life.”

Shen Shian was even more surprised. “You carried that all the way from home?” It was obvious that the weight wasn’t light just by looking at it.

“How can that be? If I die of exhaustion then Brother won’t be able to see me.” Yun Feiyang changed into slippers. “I came back by plane. I was afraid that Ruibao would be wronged in the consignment warehouse and went to an express company specializing in pet transportation, that allows me to monitor the situation of the pets in real time. They also transport fresh fruits so I simply sent them together. The timing was right and they arrived two hours earlier than me. I went to grab Ruibao and picked it up along the way.”

He went into the living room and saw Shen Xun sitting on the sofa. “Xun Xun, Uncle was dying from missing you! You couldn’t speak years ago. Now I haven’t seen you for a few days and you can read books. You definitely have a lot of promise. Sure enough, learning is different depending on the way you are raised.”

Shen Xun looked at him coldly and ruthlessly.

Yun Feiyang didn’t mind and turned to Shen Shian. “Hey, I think your son is growing taller?”

“Is it?” Shen Shian poured a glass of tomato juice. Then he picked up the child and placed him on the ground. The child really was taller. When Shen Xun first became a human, he was as long as Shen Shian’s knee to ankle but now he could touch Shen Shian’s knee with his forehead.

He saw the child every day and wasn’t particularly sensitive to any changes. Yun Feiyang hadn’t seen the child in half a month and this growth rate might be a bit unnatural.

He placed the child back on the sofa, separating him from Yun Feiyang before explaining naturally, “It is normal. He eats a lot.”

Yun Feiyang let out an ‘ah’ and was instantly convinced. This was a good reason.

Then he stared at Shen Shian for a while. “It isn’t only him, you seem to be doing well this year. You seem more spiritual, more handsome and more…” Yun Feiyang pondered for a long time before finally coming up with a third suitable description, “More atmospheric!”

Shen Shian’s appearance was impeccable and just casually looking could make people’s ears red and their legs weak. Generally, no one could stare at him for a long time in fear they wouldn’t be able to control themselves. In addition, they felt ashamed to look. At this time, Shen Shian was still beautiful but there seemed to be something else, apart from his beauty. He was like a cheetah running on the prairie. It was breathtaking but once a person got too close, they couldn’t help feeling a bit of fear.

Shen Shian knew what the other person was saying. The changes in his temperament and aura were one of the additional effects brought about by the exercises. If he was in his space, the speed of cultivation increased and the changes would actually be more obvious.

After integrating with the book, Shen Shian became more and more aware of the preciousness of his portable space. For practitioners like him, the most essential thing was spiritual power. There wasn’t only spiritual power in the spring. The spiritual power in the air could also be condensed into essence, infiltrating him at any time and enhancing his body from inside out.

However, once he left the space, the spiritual power in the real world was too thin and pitiful. Shen Shian’s power worked all night but the absorbed spiritual power wasn’t as much as he absorbed in one breath in the space. It was no wonder that Shen Xun always wanted to run into the space.

He couldn’t see the change on his own face and quietly changed the topic. “Did you only have honey at home for New Year’s? Your mouth has become quite sweet.”

“No, I’m telling the truth. Besides, what honey should I drink? Your tomato juice is enough.” Yun Feiyang spoke while taking a sip from his cup. “You are really good at making tomato juice. You gave me such a big bag when I left and once I got home, it was finished in two or three days. My parents also used the big cans of tomato sauce for soup, cooking or on bread. No matter how it was used, it was delicious. When my relatives came to visit me, I quietly hid them all in my blankets or those naughty children would’ve finished it sooner.”

Shen Shian couldn’t help laughing. “As for drinking, there is a big pot in the kitchen. Give me the contact information of the express company that delivers fresh food and I will send a batch to Uncle and Auntie.” The last thing he was lacking right now was tomatoes.

“Hehehehe, these are our good feelings.” Yun Feiyang didn’t fake politeness. He saw a can of peanut candy on the tea table. The peanuts covered in syrup were shiny and amber coloured. The transparent jar was sealed tightly and the mouth of the jar tight with a bow. This obviously wasn’t Shen Shian’s usual style. He reached out and took one piece. “What sister secretly in love with you sent this? Hey, it is quite delicious.” The peanuts were crisp, sweet and fragrant.

Shen Shian held down Shen Xun’s head to prevent him from baring his teeth and biting Yun Feiyang while pushing the glass jar to Yun Feiyang with his other hand. “Don’t talk nonsense. This was made by Fan Guoping and his wife. Mr Fan spent the New Year at home and brought it when he came back.” It was to show off his wife and a small thank you for Shen Shian giving him time off. The taste was really good and Shen Xun was at the age where he was fond of sweetness. He couldn’t stop eating it and Shen Shian was afraid he would have broken teeth from eating too many. Thus, he only allowed Shen Xun to eat five pieces every day.

Yun Feiyang ate the child’s share for the day in succession and then turned to see Shen Xun’s expression, deliberately teasing him, “Hey, you don’t want me to eat the food? But it’s so delicious. Why is the peanut so fragrant and the syrup so sweet? Listen to this sound, it is crunchy…”

It was simply unbearable and the dog couldn’t endure it any longer.

Shen Xun violently broke away from Shen Shian’s hand and slammed into Yun Feiyang. Just as the teeth were about to penetrate flesh, Shen Shian pulled him back with a dangerous grip.

What a surprise.

Yun Feiyang covered his hand and his face was white. Why didn’t he have a long memory?

The medical university officially opened on February 25th. The new semester’s courses were selected through the educational administration system as early as the winter vacation. Shen Shian’s total score at the end of last semester was first in the clinical university and he won the first-place scholarship. He had the priority to choose the main direction of his mastery, which facilitated the school’s focus on training in advance.

He chose the direction of pediatrics based on his own wishes and submitted the plan according to the school’s requirements. Yun Feiyang chose the direction of clinical psychology and often carried the thick and heavy psychology books to look the part.

There weren’t many changes in the new semester. They were still busy learning and Class Monitor Lu Xiuyuan was still the same. Yun Feiyang hatefully grinded his teeth and vowed to secretly cover him with a sack and beat him up.

In addition, perhaps due to the large temperature change between the winter and spring seasons, many people around the world caught a cold. The people who came to the hospital for medical treatment were several times more than before and it was overcrowded every day. Correspondingly, the frequency of the clinical university’s students going to the hospital for duty also increased.

Mr Gu’s car for Shen Shian arrived in mid-March, the day before his birthday. MR Gu’s assistant drove it downstairs from Shen Shian’s house.

Yun Feiyang heard the news and ran over to be an onlooker. He couldn’t stop his sounds of awe the moment he saw the car.

“What a surprise, too handsome. what a surprise, too strong.” He circled the car several times before rushing to Shen Shian and holding his hands. “Let me test drive it, let me test drive it, okay? Brother~”

The nearly 1.9 metres man doing these things was really hard to swallow. Shen Shian couldn’t bear it.

The car was a military off-road vehicle. The body was a dull and reserved dark grey while the chassis was tall. Maybe in consideration of the fact that Shen Shian had a son but the car area was very large and it was equipped with a child’s seat. Once the back seats were lowered, it was okay to directly sleep in there. The overall style was fierce and reckless, like a mighty beast. In contrast, the 1.8 metres Shen Shian looked petite when standing next to it. He couldn’t touch the door when raising both hands above his head.

Fan Guoping and Mo Feng’s eyes were heated as they examined it. “Bulletproof glass, special-grade explosion-proof steel, top-level driving and safety system. Hey, when driving this car, forget ordinary car accidents. Even hitting a train is no problem.”

Shen Shian’s heart was moved. No wonder why that person wanted to give him a car. It was for this purpose.

The assistant got down from the driver’s seat and handed the car keys to Shen Shian. Together with the car keys was an antique rosewood box. He opened it and saw lotus flower beads carved in jade. They weren’t exactly the same as Shen Shian’s original string of beads but they were very similar. It was difficult to find a difference at first glance. It could be seen that Mr Gu used a lot of effort to find it.

“The boss said to wish Mr Shen a happy birthday and to apologize on his behalf. He originally wanted to send it personally but something happened in the family and he couldn’t leave. Once he isn’t so busy, he will come and make up for missing Mr Shen’s birthday.

“No, it’s fine.” Shen Shian stared at the beads in the wooden box for a moment, placing them on his right hand and just covering the tattoo of the Buddha lotus flowers. His thick eyelashes were raised and his eyes were soft. “Help me say thank you to him. He is busy and I can understand. He doesn’t have to mind it.” He paused before adding, “He might be busy but health is the most important thing.”

The assistant smiled. “Mr Shen, rest assured that I will convey it truthfully. Ah, right. The gift for your little son is right behind me and will probably be here in another 10 minutes.”

The little son meant Shen Xun and as the assistant said, 10 minutes later, three trucks that were four metres high slowly drove into the community.

Mr Gu was a man of his word. He said he would send Shen Xun a house full of meat and he really sent over enough meat to fill a house. Beef jerky, preserved pork, ham, sausages, duck neck, chicken wings… there was everything. Shen Shian’s house couldn’t fit so many things so he purchased an unoccupied house upstairs. The porters pushed the carts back and forth for nearly five hours and filled up all the space, including the balcony.

Shen Xun was crazy with joy and wanted to live in the meat pile. Shen Shian had to carry several boxes of meat home before he could finally be brought downstairs.

Yun Feiyang witnessed the entire process and thought, ‘Rich people really aren’t the same.’

In addition, Shen Xun’s identification was also sent. Unlike Shen Shian’s expectations, Mr Gu didn’t add Shen Xun as Shen Shian’s son in the Shen family’s household registration. He instead established a completely new identity that had nothing to do with Shen Shian.

The assistant explained, “After all, he is a young child. If he is rushed onto the Shen family’s household registration then there might be the suspicion of a child sold by a trafficker. If the identity is completely separated from the Shen family then even if his biological parents come to make trouble later, it will be easier to handle.” There was another reason that Mr Gu didn’t mention but the assistant guessed. Master Shen didn’t have a family yet. If he already had a son then it might affect his marriage prospects later. Of course, he would never reveal it even if he guessed his boss’ intentions.

Shen Shian thought about it and realized it was right. His original intention was to give the dog a legitimate human identity. Since that had been achieved, it wasn’t important if Shen Xun was his son or not.

Mr Gu might be unable to attend but Shen Shian’s 20th birthday was still warm and lively. Yun Feiyang brought a big cake, Fan Guoping cooked chicken wings and Mo Feng told the story of when he joined the army. Shen Xun was responsible for eating and the five people were very happy.

After his birthday, life continued. Shen Shian studied hard and things with the child went smoothly. If there was a problem, it was that more and more people at school were getting colds.

The wave of influenza virus seemed to have seized a good opportunity in the cold and warm early spring. It suddenly infected nearly one-third of the people. When walking on campus, the sound of coughing and blowing noses kept being heard. Therefore, the school held a public conference on ‘be vigilant against the influenza virus to prevent a cold infection.’ The students should pay attention to keeping warm, preventing the cold and exercise hard to increase resistance. The student union also organized personnel to deliver  Ban Lan Gen (tradition Chinese herbal medicine to help with colds) and other medicine to students free of charge at the entrance of the cafeteria.

Yun Feiyang wasn’t very concerned about this and still played basketball often. He said, “I heard this influenza virus is a mutant strain that is particularly severe. It is too boring because the school is empty of students and they stay in the dormitory all afternoon. If they have time then they should play games and their resistance will be good.” He pointed at Shen Xun and himself. “You see, we aren’t affected. Fan and Mo are also fine. Even Shen Xun is good. Children normally have less resistance but he doesn’t have a cold at all.”

Shen Shian caught the basketball he threw over, bluffed a few times to bypass his defense and leapt forward. His posture formed an arc and there was a perfect dunk in the basket. He had to admit that Yun Feiyang’s words contained some truth but for the sake of insurance, he quietly added spring water to the tomato juice given to Fan, Mo and Yun Feiyang.

No one thought that the cold would worsen. It wasn’t only the students with relatively weak resistance and the central and northern regions where the temperature difference was great. All regions in the country seemed to be affected by this ‘epidemic’. Among them was Fan Guoping’s wife.

There were four people in Yun Feiyang’s bedroom. By the end of March, the others apart from Yun Feiyang showed signs of catching the cold. Shen Shian wasn’t at ease and told him, “You move out here to live. Your resistance is good but it might not be enough if you stay around a source all day.”

Yun Feiyang agreed. He didn’t doubt his strong physique but he had Ruibao. This little thing went through a major surgery last year and it would be troublesome if he became sick.

On March 31st, 2019, Yun Feiyang moved out of his dormitory with the help of Shen Shian and lived in Shen Shian’s house.

At this point, there were two days and 11 hours before the virus fully broke out.

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