DSA: Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

It was difficult to teach the child pinyin and Shen Shian decided to give up. The merits of studying the book were more practical.

Some simple modifications were made to the study room in the bamboo building. Two grey-blue fabric sofas were placed against the wall. The floor was covered with a thick layer of carpet. There was a round and low table made of solid wood that could seat four people. A few pillows were randomly placed around the table where people could comfortably lie or sit.

Shen Shian placed the child’s comic, storybooks and building blocks on the round table and said, “Play by yourself and don’t make trouble.” He placed a coaster under a glass bowl and added, “You can eat but don’t get it everywhere.”

The glass bowl was filled with small snacks he made for the child out of aloe vera and orange juice. The raw material was the aloe vera, which had mutated after having spring water poured on it. The sharp thorns were cut off with an axe and the flesh peeled off. The most tender part was cut into long strips. The bitterness was first removed with boiling water and then marinated for two hours with orange juice and honey. Finally, it was poured into a glass bowl covered with ice. It was refreshing and juicy and was most suitable for eating after New Year.

The only inconvenience was that the temperature in the house and the space wasn’t too low. The glass bowl was filled with ice and after a while, the outside of the bowl would have many water drops. If he didn’t use a coaster then there would be a circular water stain. This was unforgivable for Shen Shian.

He got an assurance from the child after telling him that he would only eat vegetables if the bowl wasn’t on the mat. Then Shen Shian took the book from the shelf and tried to decipher it again.

Shen Xun grabbed a few aloe strips with a few and while chewing, he grabbed a bone-shaped pillow and smelt it. He stacked the blocks before pushing them down again. After reluctantly settling down for 10 minutes, he turned to look at Shen Shian and his eyes lit up when he saw the book.

Oh, there were many treasures in this area.

Shen Shian leaned against the sofa, one leg slightly curled and the other leg straight out. He drew a long, straight line on the line cloth with dozens of manuscript papers scattered around his legs. Each manuscript paper was densely packed. The words from the book had been written, arranged and reorganized according to various deciphering methods.

Shen Shian’s writing was very beautiful. It was neat writing that attracted admiration at first glance. The pen edge was thin and self-contained. He had participated in a handwriting competition in high school and won a prize. The language teacher once praised him as a ‘cold and proud person with a romantic air.’

It was a pity that these good-looking words hadn’t been written for long and were soon crossed out with black lines. At the same time, he drew a small cross next to the deciphering method used.

The more words that were crossed out, the thicker the manuscript papers thrown around became and the more annoyed the eyes hidden under black hair became. Once another manuscript paper away was thrown down, Shen Shian closed the book with a loud sound. He raised a hand to his forehead that was as white as jade and leaned back against the sofa with a sigh.

It still didn’t work.

Shen Xun watched for a long time and finally understood what this person wanted to do. His cheeks bulged as he thought, ‘Oh, stupid An An.’ He chewed the aloe vera bars in his mouth and swallowed them. He quickly bit one of Shen Shian’s fingers, squeezed out a few blood drops and smeared the blood on the book.

Shen Shian felt pain from his fingertip and didn’t have time to ask questions when the book on his leg suddenly shone. Like the rising sun, it slowly floated into the air and turned into countless spots of light, surrounding Shen Shian before disappearing into his body.

Like a Buddha thrown into chaos before the creation of the world, he experienced a waking dream. There were countless lights and shadows flying but he couldn’t see it or catch it. He could only follow the waves of boundless darkness, not knowing where he was going…

Once Shen Shian gained control of his body and opened his eyes,h he found himself lying flat on the sofa, with a small, white and tender dango beside him.

“How long have I slept?” He pinched his eyebrow and sat up.

Shen Xun held his hand. “…10 minutes…”

Shen Shian looked around and the book had disappeared—or it existed in another form. He just had to think about it and the contents of the book automatically appeared in his mind. The words were still profound and difficult to understand but it wasn’t the previous illogical chaos.

He gazed into Shen Xun’s eyes. “How did you know that blood was useful?”

Ink-green eyes blinked twice, looking cute and innocent. “…Blood drops cause acknowledgement, it is on TV…”

Shen Shian was silent for a moment. “…Watch less TV later.”

This matter was actually his own mistake. The order of the characters in the book was obviously wrong and he thought about decoding. The book was made of paper so he never thought of connecting it to him with blood. Since the Buddha beads merged with his blood to open the space, he should’ve tried this method with the book a long time ago.

He thought so hard for such a long time, only for a dog who loved to watch TV dramas hit on the right method. Shen Shian couldn’t help laughing as he patted the child’s head and stood up from the sofa.

Once he integrated with the book, the entire space changed in his eyes. The air was filled with a silky and pale matter that was between a liquid and a solid. It floated irregularly and infiltrated the body with the breaths.

Once he meditated on some of the tips recorded in the book, the speed at which the substance infiltrated the human body suddenly increased. It circulated along his veins and gathered in the lower abdomen. It was like the spring water as it nourished his limbs. The fingertip that had been bitten healed and he could clearly feel that all the cells in his body were excited by this substance. He was full of exuberant vitality, like the spring grass after some rain.

Shen Shian tried to clench his fists and a sense of power immediately surged out. If the spring water improved his physique then these exercises created something like spiritual force inside him, thoroughly transforming him from the inside out.

According to the book, if he practiced this set of Gui Xu Exercises to the 12th Great Perfect Realm, he could turn the wind and call the rain to break the void, becoming a power similar to the gods. Now Shen Shian had just been exposed to the Gui Xu Exercises and hadn’t even touched the barrier of the First Realm. Still, he was very satisfied with the current results.

He punched the air a few times and the clear sound of the air breaking revealed the terrible power contained in the fists. At this time, Shen Shian was like an adult cheetah, young and with a vigorous fighting spirit. He was full of energy that he didn’t know how to vent.

He took a few laps around the study to feel the changes in his body. Then Shen Shian’s feet suddenly stopped as he remembered something and turned to go outside.

“…An An…” Shen Xun quickly stood up and chased with the glass bowl.

Shen Shian went to the inner living room on the first floor before continuing up the stairs. He went to a corner and stopped, waving his hand through the air twice.

The invisible barrier that had originally blocked this place was really gone.

Shen Shian’s heart filled with joy and he immediately sped up his pace. Once his line of sight reached the height of the stairwell, he could see the entire second floor with one glance.

The second floor and the first floor were different. There were no separate rooms and the open space was open. It was around five to six metres high and supported by six thick wooden pillars.

“…An An…”

Shen Shian turned back and found Shen Xun climbing up with his small legs. He climbed for a long time and hadn’t even reached a quarter of the way. Then he sat on the stairs and spoke in a spoilt manner. “…Hold…”

Shen Shian’s lips curved as he took a few steps back and carried the child. Then he walked around the pillars. The first floor was divided into several rooms and didn’t feel obvious. Now that the entire second floor was open, the size of the bamboo building was very impressive. The second floor was higher than an average house and it looked very spacious.

After walking to the corresponding position of the study room downstairs, Shen Shian stopped and stared at the entire wall full of weapons.

They were all cold weapons hanging from the wall and there were a variety of swords and daggers. In the middle was a long sword half the height of a person. It was dark and simple, the scabbard engraved with some simple but strange and beautiful animal-shaped lines.

Shen Shian took a few steps forward and held the sword in both hands, carefully taking it from the bracket. His right hand held the sheath and his left hand held the handle, exerting a light force. The blue-white sword suddenly shone in his field of view, the sword trembling like a dragon.

The sword was cold and shining, its blade as frosty as autumn water. Shen Shian didn’t know much about cold weapons but he had no doubt that he was holding a spiritual weapon that could cut iron like it was mud.

He held the sword with one hand and stabbed it through the air a few times. Shen Shian quickly understood why the barrier on the stairs previously existed. He didn’t know the specific material of the sword in his hand but the density was very high. The scabbard was at least 50 kilograms. If he hadn’t merged with the book and had his body transformed by the spiritual power then there was obviously no way he could handle it easily. If he accidentally held it, either his hand or his foot would be broken.

The second floor looked empty but there really were treasures hidden. Shen Shian’s heart moved and he went to the window, extending his right index finger. He carefully touched the blade and a scratch instantly appeared on his finger. The red blood beads emerged and dripped on the sword.

There was no reaction and it rolled straight down the sword.

Cough, he had thought too much.

The slightly embarrassed Shen Shian placed the sword back in the sheath. He had just turned around when he saw Shen Xun reaching for the Tang sword at the bottom of the weapons wall.

The Tang sword was dark red and the blade was twice as wide as the sword. The patterns on the scabbard were wild and it was longer than the child.

If this fell and hit his body, he would be seriously injured or dead.

Shen Shian’s eyes narrowed and he hurriedly shouted, “Don’t touch it!”

He hadn’t managed to save the person when Shen Xun already took the sword down, grabbing the handle with both hands and pulling it out. Then he danced to the left and right, waving it around.

Shen Shian slammed to a sudden stop. He walked over and took the sword from the child’s hand, waving it twice. It was very heavy, heavier than the long sword in his other hand.

His expression towards the child was a bit strange. “When did you become so strong?”

Shen Xun still pretended to be cute and silly. “…I’m always like this…”

Shen Shian blinked and stared silently at the child. Then he turned and placed the long sword and the Tang sword back in their original places. “Let’s go back downstairs.” This might be a divine sword but he couldn’t use it at the moment. It was better to leave it here.

The glass bowl with orange juice aloe vera was placed on the floor but the coaster underneath was completely missing. Shen Shian’s tone instantly became dangerous? “What did I tell you? Don’t put the bowl sprinkled with ice down. The water droplets will seep everywhere…”

His voice came to an abrupt halt as he touched the walls of the bowl.

Wait, this wasn’t right.

Shen Shian picked up the bowl and checked it carefully to confirm he wasn’t blind or hallucinating.

There were no water droplets, whether it was the outer edge of the glass bowl or the floor on which the glass bowl was placed. They were dry and neat without any water stains.

However, this wasn’t possible. There were many unmelted ice cubes in the aloe vera bowl. Shen Shian held the bowl in his hand and his heart was cold. The temperature in the space was around 20 degrees. The liquefaction into water droplets due to heat was the most basic physical reaction. He and Shen Xun had stayed on the second floor for nearly 20 minutes and it was absolutely impossible for there to be no liquefied water drops on the outside of the bowl. It was still normal while in the study.

An idea suddenly flashed through Shen Shian’s mind.

He picked up a piece of ice from the bowl and placed it on the floor, staring at it.

10 minutes passed and the ice was still the same. It showed no signs of melting.

Oh my god.

Shen Shian clenched his fists tightly as he controlled the sentence he almost blurted out.

For items, the time of the second floor of the main building was completely still. Thus, the glass bowl would always be in the same state as when it was taken up!

No, it wasn’t just items. Shen Shian looked down at his right index finger and the slight scratch on his fingertip was clearly visible.

This was his own scratch from when he pressed it against the blade. According to his current physical condition and the spiritual power in his body, a small wound like this should’ve already healed. However, it showed no signs of healing. It looked exactly the same as when the scratch was made.

He thought the weapons wall was the hidden treasure on the second floor. In fact, the entire second floor of the bamboo building was the biggest treasure!

The significance of having a time-stationary space was unclear. In simplest terms, at least he would no longer have to worry about how to preserve the food grown in this land.

Shen Shian suppressed his excitement. In order to prove that his idea wasn’t wrong, he flashed out of the space, poured a glass of hot water and entered again.

Half an hour passed and the water was still hot.

The wound on his right fingertip had healed in the short time he left the second floor of the bamboo building.

In the process of leaving and entering the space, apart from the cut of hot water, Shen Shian found two other surprises brought about by merging with the book.

Before the fusion with the book, the space and the outside world were completely isolated. Once he entered the space, he was completely ignorant of another that happened in the outside world and vice-versa.

After the fusion, whether he was inside the space or outside the space, he could clearly perceive any changes on the other end. For example, Shen Shian entered the space from his living one. Once he was in the space, as long as he was thinking about it, the current scene of the living room would appear in his consciousness. Once he left the space, all movements in the space would be caught by him.

At the same time, regardless of whether he was in the space or outside the space, he could rely on his consciousness to move objects in the space. However, this ability seemed limited by the level of his exercises. Shen Shian’s current level meant he could only move the cactus in front of the bamboo building inside the bamboo building and then back to his original position. Once he did this, he felt obvious dizziness.

This ability seemed useless against living things. He tried several times and Shen Xun still sat on the second floor eating aloe vera.

In any case, the fusion with the book was really fruitful.

Shen Shian’s mood was really good as he held Shen Xun and walked out of the bamboo building. Outside the corridor. the peach tree was full of peach blossoms and the sky was full of clouds. The entire space seemed more and more like a paradise.

A few petals fell quietly on the young man’s face. When looking up, the thickly curled eyelashes were like two small fans. The lower jaw line was delicate and the black hair, red lips and jade skin made him seem brighter than the peaches.

Shen Xun accidentally looked and was stunned for a long time. He almost dripped drool onto Shen Shian’s shoulder.

Shen Shian frowned with disgust and quickly put the child down. Then he explored the space to see if there were any other changes.

He walked to the creek when he suddenly remembered one of the most important things. He quickly turned towards the spiritual pool.

As he moved through the mist and calmly listened, his ears captured the slight sound of running water.

Shen Shian gazed at the spring that was flowing against and sighed with relief. The water flow was very fine compared to the original and seemed like it could disappear at any time but any improvement was great.

Since the spring seemed related to the exercises, he just had to work hard to cultivate and he would one day restore it to its original state.

The huge stone in his heart was put down and his body relaxed. He turned to see Shen Xun looking like a gecko. He was tightly pressed against the golden shield and his squashed face was full of eagerness as he pitifully cried out, “…An An… An An…”

Shen Shian sat beside the pool and gently smiled at him. “Your mother, don’t think about coming in.”

The author has something to say:

Shen Xun: An An, I want to come in~

An An: …In your dreams. Get lose and don’t touch me.

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