DSA: Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Gu Jingchen was always busy and it was rare for him to sleep until the day was bright. After getting up, he first lit incense for Shen Qingran then pushed open the door of the storage room. Then he smelt the warm and tempting aroma of food.

The house was very quiet. Only the sound of cooking utensils colliding came from the kitchen. Pale sunlight shone through the window and illuminated the ordinary room.

Gu Jingchen stood in place with a gentle expression before walking towards the kitchen. Within a few steps, a soft shadow appeared from nowhere and slid past him.

Shen Xun was holding a bag of milk while sitting cross-legged on the vacuuming robot. As it slid forward, he hit it from time to time, adjusting the direction according to obstacles in real time.

When he was a dog, he was small and light. This allowed the robot to carry him with ease. It could also suck up dust while moving around. However, now he was a person that was dozens of kilograms. For the original vacuuming robot whose function wasn’t as a ‘personal ride’, it was difficult. The two electronic eyes flashed red and it was close to the ground. The disc-shaped shell was overwhelmed by the heavy burden and its teeth made a noise as it touched the ground.

This scene fell into Gu Jingchen’s eyes and he was speechless.

Shen Shian walked out of the kitchen with a casserole. He saw Shen Xun and frowned, lifting him up “How many times have I told you not to die it? Do you want to destroy the floor by riding it?”

Then he looked up towards Gu Jingchen. “Morning, breakfast is ready.”

“An An, good morning.” Gu Jingchen’s eyes fell on Shen Xun and he seemed to want to say something. However, he paused and then turned to the bathroom to wash up.

After breakfast, Mr Gu left and Shen Shian wasn’t very surprised. The higher the position, the busier the work. Mr Gu’s current status meant it was already rare that he could stay overnight.

Before leaving, Shen Shian had another thing to discuss with him. “It has been a long time since the car accident and I’ve been safe the entire time. Even if someone really wants to do something to me, perhaps they have already given up the plan. Can the bodyguards be removed?” He was grateful to the two people for the diligence but it wasn’t a pleasant experience to be tracked anytime and anywhere. In addition, he couldn’t have people protecting him for the rest of his life.

“She isn’t doing anything to you now because she is too busy.” Gu Jingchen sneered, a cold light flashing in his eyes.

Shen Shian felt at ease and he heard the meaning in these words. “Did something happen with Mrs Gu?”

Gu Jingchen showed obvious disgust to the words ‘Mrs Gu.’ “I don’t know what stimulated her but all day long, she is mumbling that evil spirits are harming her. She cries and howls at night, making the house uneasy. She went to the hospital but no illness was found. She went to see more than a dozen psychologists and it was no use. Later, I heard that someone has cast a spell on her. She is now hiding in a temple in Southeast Asia and asking the masters there to solve the problem. Well, if you do bad things then you’ll easily run into ghosts.”

Shen Shian was a bit surprised. Cast a spell?

Next to him, Shen Xun finished the bag of milk and hiccuped.

“Don’t be in a hurry to withdraw the bodyguards,” Mr Gu stated. “Let’s wait a few more months to see the situation. The recent situation is Beijing is complicated and the Qin family might make some big moves. You can rest assured that after half a year, she will never have any ideas about you again.” He would become the leader of the family and make it clear that he only recognized Shen Shian as a son. He had to guard against other dogs jumping over the wall.

Shen Shian agreed and Mr Gu went to the door. Gu Jingchen looked at the child next to him and after thinking for a moment, he said something, “An An, raising a child isn’t an easy task. Besides food, clothing and accommodation, there are important educational issues. You are young and busy with your studies. The child is at the age to enter kindergarten and I can bring him back to Beijing and provide him with the best educational resources and living conditions. Once you finish your studies and have a firm career, I will send him back.”

Shen Xun was exposing his sharp teeth when a warm hand pressed against his head. Shen Shian shook his head and replied, “I appreciate Mr Gu’s kindness but he is my son. I have an obligation to raise him myself.”

The dog was picked up by himself and became a person. In any case, he had to personally ensure that the child could live normally in this society.

Mr Gu seemed to have misunderstood and thought Shen Shian meant Mr Gu was an unqualified father. His eyes showed a bit of bitterness before he smiled. “That’s fine. If there’s any difficulty then tell me.”

Shen Shian nodded. “I will.” After a pause, he stepped forward and gave Mr Gu a light hug. “Have a pleasant journey.”

This hug improved Gu Jingchen’s mood and he didn’t let Shen Shian send him off. He stood the elevator down and the assistant was already waiting with the car. Before getting on the car, Gu Jingchen asked Mo Feng who came out. “IS the child called Shen Xun really An An’s child?”

Mo Feng shook his head. “I’m not sure but it shouldn’t be. That day, Mr Shen went to the mall alone and came back with a child. He seems to be an abandoned child picked up by Mr Shen.”

This matter was actually a dereliction of duty for him and Fan Guoping. They were bodyguards who should stick close to Shen Shian for 24 hours a day yet they didn’t even know Shen Shian went out that day. Mo Feng had confidence in his own ability and he also had confidence in Fan Guoping It was almost impossible for Shen Shian to go downstairs without one of them noticing but the incident truly happened. No matter the reason for this omission, he felt shame as he stood in front of his employer.

However, Mr Gu didn’t care about this. He sat in the car and sighed with relief. He had thought that the combination of Gu and Shen family genes shouldn’t give birth to a child without a fully developed brain.

Shen Shian rejected Mr Gu’s proposal to support the child but the words reminded him of something. Shen Xun was now a human. If he wanted to survive in this society, he must receive the corresponding education.

It was just that this child’s temper meant he was always biting. Shen Shian didn’t dare to send him to kindergarten and could only teach the child himself for the time being.

During the Spring Festival, most of the shops were closed and it was hard to find several products that could normally be shipped. After carefully comparisons, several sets of children’s teaching materials were selected. Shen Xun’s biggest problem was that his words were unclear. Therefore, Shen Shian decided to start from the basics and teach him pinyin first.

Since it hadn’t been long since Shen Xun became human, it was estimated that boring learning methods would be unacceptable and it was best to be entertaining. So besides textbooks, Shen Shian bought several comic books and story books, as well as several sets of easy to use Lego blocks. He also bought a few professional text-breaking and deciphering books for himself. The holiday was long and he wanted to find a way to read and understand the book in the space.

The courier arrived a bit faster than expected. Shen Xun was leaning close to Shen Shian and once the express box opened, he quickly took out a box of blocks and bit it. He found them tasteless so he threw them back.

The teaching materials were available and the small blackboard that had been prepared for a long time was put out. The paper, pen and eraser were also placed in order. Shen Shian cleared his throat and said, “The Little Sunflower Classroom has officially started.”

The teaching progress was smooth. The child looked stupid but he was unexpectedly smart. He learnt much faster than Shen Shian expected. It took only two days for him to recite the initial and vowel tables. If he hadn’t witnessed it, Shen Shian never would’ve imaged that this child was a furry, spoilt and angry puppy biting a hold in his trousers.

Unfortunately, the gratifying teaching process quickly encountered obstacles.

Shen Shian took a deep breath and inwardly warned himself for the 23rd time, ‘Don’t worry, he is still a child. Children learn things slowly and I have to be patient and teach well. Keep teaching them and they can always learn.’ Then he pointed to the pinyin in the textbook. “Come, read this word again.”

The child sat in front of the blackboard, looking cute and well-behaved. “M—i—li, f—eng—heng, li heng!”

He was supposed to read a single thing but he spread it thousands of miles apart.

“Wrong! What is li heng? Is it a word? How many times have you spoken the same word wrong? Look at the picture behind it. How can you see these two big bees and read it wrong…” Shen Shian gritted his teeth and tried to maintain a light tone. “I just taught you, m, the tongue should hang over the lips when pronouncing it. Bee (Mifeng in pinyin), a buzzing bee, a swollen bee, do you remember?” He slowed down and pointed to the next pinyin. “Read it once again.”

The child looked at it. “H—ua —fa, h—u—fu, d—ie—die, fafudie (blessed butterfly)!” This time, it was the right word.

Shen Shian raised his eyebrows and the hand gripped his right leg loosened, tightened and loosened. ‘No hurry, no hurry. The child is young and just started learning. It is normal to make mistakes. I can’t kill him.’

He didn’t know that teaching a young child would be so torturous.

He gritted his teeth and carefully corrected the child. Then he squeezed out a smile with all his effort. “Come on, think about how I taught you before. You can do it. Come, how do you read this?”

“X—i—ao—xiao,s—ong—xiong,sh—u—xu.” Shen Xun scratched his face and cried out, “Xiao xiong xu!”

Shen Shian closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He rose to his feet, picked up two kitchen knives and cut meat fillings for half an hour.

Once his nerves finally eased, he gazed at the incredibly smooth meat on the cutting board and suddenly had an idea.

He strode back to the desk and wrote two words on the small blackboard along with the pinyin. “Try again. If you read it right then we will eat this at noon.”

Shen Xun’s gaze immediately focused and this time he read it quickly. “H—ong—hong,sh—ao—shao,r—ou—rou,hongshaorou (red braised pork)! K—ao—kao,j—i—ji,t—ui—tui,kao jitui (roast chicken leg)!!”

Shen Shian sighed with relief and he couldn’t help his lips curving. He knew it.

He wanted to strike while the iron was hot. He quickly picked up the textbook and continued to ask. “How do you read this?”

The child opened his mouth, “D—a—da,x—i—ji,g—ua—ba,da ji ba!”


Shen Shian touched his forehead and thought he was a hard-working old father.

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