CR: Chapter 92

After watching Li Mo’s plot card, the two of them followed up by opening Cheng Mu’s plot card. The contents of this plot card started from when she knew she had HIV.

On the big screen, Cheng Mu pulled shut all the curtains of her room as she held the results of the hospital inspection, hands clasped tightly around her knees. She curled up in a corner, looking so lonely and helpless that it really made people feel distressed. She stayed alone for a long time before sending a message in the group, asking the other girls to go to the hospital to check.

The seven girls gathered at the hospital and lined up to draw blood. Everyone was silent and there was a bit of panic in their eyes. They all knew what AIDs meant. They were so young and if they got the disease, this was equivalent to their lives being destroyed.

Song Xiaoyu turned her head to hold back tears when her blood was drawn. Liu Xiaoyan gently held her shoulder and comforted her silently. The doctor told them, “Come back in three days for the results.”

The seven of them left the hospital together. Si Yi said, “In three days, no matter the outcome, we will regroup. I will set the time and place. Don’t worry and say everything then.”

For those three days, apart from Cheng Mu who already knew the result, the other people were restless and several girls didn’t sleep well.

On the day that the results came out, several people were relieved to see the ‘HIV-negative’ on their test result sheet. Then they all looked at Cheng Mu because they knew that Cheng Mu was the more unfortunate one…

She had been infected.

Song Xiaoyu tearfully spoke to Cheng Mu, “Sister Mu, you…”

Cheng Mu pretended to be calm as she smiled. “It doesn’t matter. I am probably just more unlucky than you.”

The six people had somewhat complex expressions. Cheng Mu changed the topic. “Then let’s talk about how to deal with Zhao Quan, this scum man.”

Yue Xiaoquan suggested to cut him a dozen times. This would be identified as a minor injury and they wouldn’t be punished.

Song Xiaoyu was pale. “However, Zhao Quan has been infected with HIV. What if we cut him and his blood splashes, infecting us?”

Yue Xiaoquan spoke calmly, “The transmission of HIV is through blood as sex. As long as there are no wounds on our bodies then we won’t be infected. Moreover, I have considered this aspect. I will have everyone taken protective measures. We will wear isolation suits and gloves. Didn’t Ruru say that she can get a scalpel? The incision of a scalpel is very fine and blood won’t splash everywhere. It won’t be a problem if we wear gloves.”

Song Xiaoyu still had some concerns but Yan Ruru told her, “If you are afraid, let me and Xiaoquan do it. We are both studying medicine and can master the balance. Of course, there are certain risks in doing so. If there are other methods then everyone can suggest them.

Liu Xiaoyan had a sullen expression. “That basta*d, I really want to castrate him!”

Song Xiaoyu was pale. “W-Won’t we be guilty of intentionally wounding him if we castrate him. Sister Yan, going to jail for a scum man isn’t worth it.”

Cheng Mu suddenly smiled. “I have a good idea that can completely take care of Zhao Quan.”

Everyone looked at her in a puzzled manner and Yue Xiaoquan asked, “Sister Mu, what is your good idea?”

Cheng Mu told them, “First, prepare things according to your suggestion. For my plan B, wait until we arrive at the terminal and then I’ll tell you.”

The people wondered about it but didn’t ask anything more. They went back to buy the tickets.

Cheng Mu was busy once she got up. She first called her landlord and spoke politely, “Auntie, I have a work transfer and won’t renew my lease next month. I will remove everything before the rent expires.” Then she submitted a report to her boss that she was going to resign next month. “Boss, I have something at home. I am sorry and will make sure to hand things over well before I resign.”

She transferred all her bank savings to her parents. Then she went to buy a sharp fruit knife, a sexy black lace dress and a wig with long black hair. She got it all ready and then went online to buy a human anatomy chart. What place to cut with a knife so someone wouldn’t die too soon, the position of the heart…

She was very capable of learning and prepared for a month. Before she left, she deliberately drew a picture and marked the positions with a knife.

July 26th, 21:#0 p.m.

At 21:30, the train roared as the KP-7311 train stopped at the station on time.

Yue Xiaoquan sent a message in the group. “I will transfer him away. Let me take him to the 6th carriage.”

The message was received and Cheng Mu, Si Yi and Yan Ruru quickly got on from the back door of the carriage.

Once she got on the train, Cheng Mu used her hat to cover her face and pretended to sleep until the lights of the compartment went out. The passengers gradually fell asleep and then she took out her phone to send a message to Zhao Quan, who was under the name Husband: Dear, I am going to the City of the Moon on a busy trip. I took train No. 7311. Are you also on this train? I seemed to have seen you. I am in the 13th row of the fourth carriage.

Zhao Quan wasn’t used to going to bed early and always read novels until around 1 a.m. Cheng Mu was very clear about this hobby of his.

At this time, Zhao Quan was reading when the message suddenly popped up on the screen. He was so scared he almost threw his phone away. Zhao Quan turned back to look and Cheng Mu just happened to turn on the light of her phone and was smiling at him.

In the dark carriage, the girl’s face was illuminated by her mobile phone and she looked unusually pale, like a ghost. Especially… when she smiled.

Smiling while the light of the mobile phone was shining on her face was too scary! Zhao Quan’s heart trembled with fright at this scene and he was extremely shocked. His first reaction was to wonder if his stepping on many boats had been discovered by Cheng Mu. Then he quickly stabilized his mind. Fortunately, Yue Xiaoquan had changed to the 6th carriage and only his sleeping brother was beside him.

Zhao Quan quickly calmed down and typed on his mobile phone: What a coincidence? My brother and I are also going to the City of the Moon.”

Cheng Mu: That’s really good. We probably have a fate. ^_^

Zhao Quan saw the smiley expression and found that the other side didn’t doubt him. Her heart was a bit relieved and there was a smile on his face as he replied: Mumu, are you alone?

Cheng Mu: Yes, the boss sent me on a business trip. I’m alone and can’t sleep. I’m so bored.

Zhao Quan: Don’t be afraid, there is me. I can chat with you.

Cheng Mu sneered but she pretended to be very happy when typing: A mobile phone chat isn’t very interesting. Honey, why don’t we do something more fun?

Zhao Quan was interested: What will be fun?

Cheng Mu: I have been to the toilet of the train. It is very clean and the space is big enough. The people in this carriage is very sleeping. Don’t you feel that in the quiet night, going to the bathroom and doing it will be very exciting? Such an experience will definitely be unforgettable. I miss you. Can we try it in the toilet?”

Zhao Quan knew that Cheng Mu was always quite free and was intrigued by her proposal.

The fast moving train, the quiet carriage, the sleeping passengers, the two people in the toilet clinging together, the thrilling train play… Zhao Quan almost got a nosebleed.

Yue Xiaoquan had already changed to the 6th carriage. Moreover, Yue Xiaoquan had always been frosty unlike Cheng Mu. She wouldn’t know if he went to the toilet.

The affair and the fresh environment, Zhao Quan’s impulses overcame his sense of reason and he quickly agreed: Mumu, you are really creative. Let’s do the train play!

Cheng Mu sent a shy expression: It is only one in the morning and there might be passengers who wake up to go to the toilet. It isn’t good to be disturbed. Shall we wait until it is 2:30 when everyone is asleep?

Zhao Quan sent a row of kissing expressions: Waiting until then is right. I’ll see you later.

Next, Zhao Quan continued to look down at his novel but he couldn’t read it at all. He couldn’t help thinking that Cheng Mu was really great. The experienced woman had more flavour than those pure and simple girls…

He waited until 2:30 when Cheng Mu sent him a message: Come.

Zhao Quan immediately got up and couldn’t wait to follow.

All the lights in the carriage were out so he didn’t know that he passed by Si Yi in the 12th row, Yan Ruru in the 13th row and Song Xiaoyu and Liu Xiaoyan in the 15th row. His full attention was on the slim figure in a long dress.

He followed Cheng Mu to the toilet on the left.

There was a light on in the toilet and he was able to see what Cheng Mu was wearing. It was a sexy black lace dress that outlined her perfect figure. Zhao Quan reached for her and said, “Mumu, it has been a few days since I’ve seen you and you’ve really become more beautiful. You look better with long hair.”

Cheng Mu smiled and pushed him away. “Let’s play something a bit exciting.”

She took a few leather bands from her boots and raised an eyebrow at Zhao Quan. “Do you want to play with bondage?”

Zhao Quan’s eyes lit up. “You still have this?”

“Do you want to try it?”

Zhao Quan excitedly nodded and Cheng Mu moved behind him with cold eyes. She carefully tied up Zhao Quan’s hands and feet with an unsolvable knot.

Then she moved back in front of Zhao Quan and had a bright smile on her face.


Zhao Quan’s eyes narrowed with intoxication. As a result, Cheng Mu suddenly took out a towel from her boots and covered Zhao Quan’s mouth. He thought this was also part of Cheng Mu’s stimulating play and smiled at Cheng Mu.

The next moment, Cheng Mu’s eyes became extremely cold. She reached out and slapped Zhao Quan’s face hard! The clear sound echoed in the bathroom and Zhao Quan was stunned, his eyes slightly changing. Being slapped was an insult for men. Was this a part of the bondage play? He liked excitement but he wasn’t a masochist either.

He wanted to ask what was going on but Cheng Mu repeatedly slapped him.

Slap, slap, slap!

There was the clear slapping sound accompanied by the burning pain of his cheeks. Zhao Quan looked at Cheng Mu in a shocked manner and angrily shouted, “What are you doing Cheng Mu?” However, his mouth was blocked and there was no sound. He could only make a few groaning noises.

Cheng Mu shook her wrist and spoke coldly, “These slaps are for Yu Lin. When you restored your relationship with her, you said you couldn’t forget her. She was your first and one woman. You liar!”

Zhao Quan’s face filled with horror when he heard Cheng Mu mention the name ‘Yu Lin’.

Cheng Mu raised her hand and slapped the other side of his face two times. “This is for Liu Xiaoyan. You were with her for the summer vacation of your last year of high school. You said that you would come back after graduation. She believed in you and waited for you for a year. As a result, you saw her again some time ago and wanted to still be with her, You are too shameless!”

Zhao Quan couldn’t believe that she even knew Liu Xiaoyan’s name.

Cheng Mu changed her hand and hit his face hard. “This is for Yan Ruru. You lied to her in the game and said she was your first love. How can you say this? Did you forget Yu Lin?”

Her hand was getting bigger and bigger and Zhao Quan’s cheeks quickly became swollen. “This is for Song Xiaoyu! She isn’t well and you said you would take care of her for a lifetime, making her more infatuated with you. She also wanted to enter the same school as you. Then once she found out that you cheated, she was so mad that she got a heart attack and almost died!”

“This is for Sister Si Yi. She patiently guided you and helped you design a software. You used the money gained from selling the software to take Yue Xiaoquan to a concert. Do you have any conscience?”

“In addition, Yue Xiaoquan, that cold girl was deceived by your sweet words. She is now disgusted whenever hearing your name!”

Cheng Mu slapped him more than a dozen times and Zhao Quan’s face was almost turned into a pig’s head. Still, he couldn’t be angry. His eyes were full of horror as he didn’t understand how Cheng Mu knew everyone’s names.

Cheng Mu opened the WeChat group and showed it to him, sneering. “You don’t know that your multiple boats have capsized early on. The seven of us built a WeChat group and made an appointment to meet you.”

She pulled up the picture that Si Yi had photoshopped and zoomed in on the train to hell, showing it to Zhao Quan. She smiled and stated, “The seven of us are now on the train to collective send you off. Are you surprised?”

This wasn’t a surprise, it was simply terrible!

Zhao Quan’s face instantly became extremely ugly. He noticed that the girls had gathered together to clean him up and his eyes were even more frightened. He struggled and started to beg for mercy but his mouth was blocked and no sound came out.

Cheng Mu stared at Zhao Quan coldly. “Yes, there is me.’’

She raised her hand to slap him but once the palm of her hand was a few centimeters away from Zhao Quan’s face, it stopped and Cheng Mu suddenly smiled. “You gave me AIDs and also made me lose a child. How can I be satisfied with a slap to the face?”

Zhao Quan’s face was full of disbelief.

Cheng Mu’s voice was cold. “I don’t know when you messed around and got the disease but keeping someone like you will only be a scourge. It is better for me to handle you directly.”

She took a fruit knife out of her boots and waved it in front of Zhao Quan. The sharp knife flashed with a cold metallic glow under the toilet lights.

Zhao Quan stared in horror and started to shake his head in a wild manner. “I… I was wrong… spare me… um…”

His face was full of pleading. If he could move then he would be kneeling down in front of Cheng Mu.

Nevertheless, Cheng Mu didn’t pay attention to his begging. She picked up this fruit knife and first gently cut Zhao Quan’s clavicle. She watched the blood gradually seep out before following up with a cut to the lower chest…

One knife cut, another knife cut. Every time her knife moved, she would name a girl who was disappointed by him.

Zhao Quan’s entire body was shaking from pain. He wanted to break free but found it wasn’t possible at all. The rope used by Cheng Mu looked very thin but it was very strong. Zhao Quan struggled desperately but Cheng Mu just stared at him blankly like he was a dead dog.

It was unknown how many times he was cut but the pained Zhao Quan was covered in sweat. He felt like every part of his body was a cracked mouth with blood constantly flowing out. The nerve endings in his skin clearly passed on the pain. Once it reached his brain, he was going to faint.

Just then, Cheng Mu looked at his bottom half and a bad smile appeared on her face. “Sleeping with so many girls while also feeling proud. Is this what you inserted?”

Zhao Quan stiffened as he realized what she was going to do. He suddenly roared and snarled, frantically shaking his head. “Don’t… no, no… you can’t do this.”

He was stiff and desperately tried to move back. However, his hands and feet were tied and he couldn’t hide on the toilet.

Cheng Mu smiled and her knife moved down. If Zhao Quan’s mouth wasn’t covered then he would definitely be screaming like a pig. For men, castration wasn’t just physical torture but also a spiritual shame.

Zhao Quan’s desire was cut off and his eyeballs almost popped out of his eyelids.

Cheng Mu patted his face. “Don’t think that girls are easily cheated. It is easy to cheat them because they still like you. Once this type of love is gone, they will become very clever and unsympathetic.”

She picked up the fruit knife and waved it gently in front of Zhao Quan.

Zhao Quan’s eyes were full of tears from the pain. He had always pretended to be a gentleman in front of women but at this moment, his spirit had completely collapsed. He knew he was castrated and almost went mad, hitting his head against the wall of the bathroom before Cheng Mu dragged him back.

Just then, there was the sound of footsteps from outside. The dazed Jing Weiguang had woken up to go to the toilet. Zhao Quan heard the footsteps and started roaring frantically, wanting to attract the attention of the passenger in the corridor. However, his mouth was tightly blocked. Jing Weiguang heard a sound from the toilet but thought it was just constipation.

A moment later, the toilet was completely quiet when Jing Weiguang came out. Cheng Mu had stabbed Zhou Quan in the heart with the knife. Zhao Quan stared at her even after death, seemingly unable to believe the woman who loved him to her bones would actually kill him.

The footsteps outside the door moved far away and the carriage was quiet again.

Cheng Mu blankly came out from the bathroom. She had washed her hands over and over in the sink, washing away the blood of the scum that covered her hands. Then she went to the train attendant’s office, stole the keys and locked the toilet door from the outside.

She got rid of her clothes and ropes, deleted all the chat records from Zhao Quan’s mobile phone, replaced the photo Si Yi sent into the group as Zhao Quan’s desktop image and then threw the phone into the trash.

Once she got back to her seat, she stared at the starry sky outside the train’s window. It was late at night and everyone in the 4th carriage was asleep. Only she had her eyes open until dawn.

She killed Zhao Quan but she wasn’t happy at all. It was because she knew that Zhao Quan’s life might’ve ended on this train but she also had no future.


Once the train arrived at the station, Cheng Mu was taken away by the police. She confessed everything at the police station and the other six girls were released by the police. The six of them stood at the door of the police station, pale and unable to speak.

Not long after, Song Xiaoyu suddenly said, “I-I received an email from Cheng Mu.”

Yu Lin added, “I got it too.”

Si Yi also took out her phone and saw the mail prompt. “She should’ve sent a letter to each of us.”

Everyone quickly opened their email, bowing their heads to read carefully. The email was very simple.

“The Plan B I mentioned is to personally end Zhao Quan’s dog life. If someone like him knows that he has contracted AIDs, he might retaliate by having sex with girls everywhere, spreading the disease.

I have been infected and I don’t want any other girls to fall into the abyss like me.

You have been deceived and disappointed by Zhao Quan but it is just one experience in your life. It isn’t everything.

You weren’t wrong. The wrong one was him. You just didn’t polish your eyes and accidentally stepped on a piece of poo. I believe that you will soon come out of this haze and usher in a brighter future.

Every girl deserves to be treated kindly.

Please forget Zhao Quan, this scum man. There will be someone better waiting for you.

Cheng Mu’s swansong.”

[4 of Hearts: Extremely Quick Train End]

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