CR: Chapter 90

In the previous instances cleared, only one card was drawn. This time, they were able to draw two S-grade cards because there were two cases and this was really a surprise. Xiao Lou looked over at Yu Hanjiang and asked, “Group Leader Yu, how about we draw one each?”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Okay.”

The familiar golden treasure chests appeared in front of them. Yu Hanjiang stepped forward and casually drew something from the treasure chest.

[Congratulations on acquiring the S-grade limited weapon card Bloodthirsty Golden Shark!]

Yu Hanjiang picked up the card and carefully activated the weapon.

It was more than a metre long and the long gun body was painted a dark red and it was decorated with small gold patterns. The butt of the gun had a small shark icon printed and the entire gun body looked very domineering.

Compared to the previously drawn Silver Moon, this Bloodthirsty Golden Shark was a much larger and heavier weapon.

Xiao Lou didn’t know much about firearms but based on Yu Hanjiang’s bright eyes, he really liked this gun. Xiao Lou came over, examined it closely and asked, “What type of gun is this? It looks heavy.”

Yu Hanjiang easily raised the gun with one hand and explained while checking it lovingly, “It is a shotgun. In the real world, special forces, military and anti-terrorist forces will be equipped with such weapons.”

He glanced at Xiao Lou and continued patiently explaining, “It is the opposite of the sniper gun that I previously drew. The sniper gun is a super long-range precise killing of a single target. The shotgun is a melee weapon with a range of less than 200 metres. It is suitable for complex and narrow terrain such as jungles, valleys, ports, etc. It is more powerful and the range is very broad… Professor Xiao, have you ever heard of a tear bomb?”

Xiao Lou nodded. “Of course I’ve heard of it.”

“Tear bombs can also be shot through the shotgun. If people are gathering together to make trouble then the police will use the tear bombs to disperse the crowd when necessary.”

Xiao Lou finally understood. Then this is a large-scale, lethal melee weapon?”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Yes, it can also be used to hunt in the wild.”

Xiao Lou praised it. “That’s good. If we encounter the wilderness in future survival rooms, this weapon will have a big effect. Maybe we can shoot some prey and then use Bai Juyi’s charcoal fire to eat barbecue in the wild.

Yu Hanjiang had to laugh. “Yes, if there is a chance then we’ll try it.”

The weapon card that Group Leader Yu drew was really simple and easy to use. He put away the weapon and handed the card to Xiao Lou. Xiao Lou looked down and read the description.

[Weapon Card: Bloodthirsty Gold Shark]

Rarity: S

Description: After a perfect clearance and when there is an S score, there is a low probability of obtaining it from the limited card pool.

Data: Caliber 18.4 mm, length 1 m, weight 4.4 kg, range of 200 metres.

Description: This is a shotgun. As a melee weapon, it has a large firepower, a wide killing range and a high hit rate. This gun can use a variety of bullets such as buckshot, tear bombs, breaching rounds etc. Please find the bullets yourself.

Note: There are no skills which means no cooldown. If you can’t use firearms then it is recommended to sell this for money. Otherwise, you might use the gun to shoot your teammates.

Xiao Lou looked at the long description and thought it was fortunate that Group Leader Yu was proficient in firearms. A general challenger wouldn’t be able to use guns and it would definitely be a headache to get this type of hot weapon. It didn’t have any skills so they had to aim and shoot it on its own. If a challenger didn’t know how to use it then they could kill their teammates.

Xiao Lou returned the card to the other person. “Group Leader Yu, put it away. We will find ways to obtain bullets later.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded and put the card into his card pack. “There is one more card. Go and draw it.”

Xiao Lou went to the treasure chest, gently shook his hand before drawing out a card.

He thought, ‘Please don’t get a poet again this time…’

The next moment, he saw the prompt on the floating box.

[Congratulations on drawing the S-grade limited summoning card, Liu Yong!]

Yes, it wasn’t a poet. This time he drew a person of literary talent. Xiao Lou helplessly rubbed his temple before looking carefully at the card. Liu Yong was the representative of the graceful and subdued style so the image on the card was also quite gentle. It was a typical ancient style talent.

[Summoning Card: Liu Yong]

Rarity: S

Description: After a perfect clearance and when there is an S score, there is a low probability of obtaining it from the limited card pool.

Description: Liu Yong is the representative of the graceful literary talent in the Northern Song Dynasty. He was wanton, unrestrained and free all his life. Due to his adverse official career, he liked to go in and out of romantic places, making friends with talented pleasure girls and writing many words for them. It was said that after Liu Yong’s death, a large number of prostitutes came to his grave to mourn, making an extremely spectacular scene.

Additional Skill 1: Hold hands with tearful eyes, unable to speak a word.

From Liu Yong’s ‘Yu Lin Ling – Mournful Cicada’. Describes lovers holding hands with eyes full of tears. The poignant scene is worth a thousand words.

Effect: Summon Liu Yong and specify two targets. These two people will hold hands with each other and stand in place with tears in their eyes. This lasts for 30 seconds and they can’t move in this time. There is no limit on the specified target. You can specify a person you hate and a dog to tearfully hold hands.

The skill’s cooldown time is 24 hours.

Additional Skill 2: Belt gradually widens with no regret, as a person becomes thin and pallid.

From Liu Yong’s ‘Butterfly Loves Flowers – Leaning against the banister of a tall tower, the wind blows gently.’

Effect: Summon Liu Yong and specify a target. The other person will enter the sad state of missing their lover, instantly losing 15 kg for 10 minutes. Due to the poor state and becoming thinner, they are unable to attack others during this time.

The skill’s cooldown time is 24 hours.

Xiao Lou read the long description and his expression became a bit strange. Yu Hanjiang came over and took a closer look… he didn’t want to comment on Xiao Lou’s luck.

Xiao Lou ignored the strange skill description and smiled. “Liu Yong, this card directly unlocked two skills. I don’t need to improve the level and it should be considered a very strong control card.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Yes, the first skill can control two people, making them look at each other tearfully. The second skill… makes someone lost 15 kg and also stops the other side’s attack power. Overall, it is quite strong.”

Xiao Lou didn’t know if he should laugh or cry, especially in regards to the ‘tearful look’. Could he really make people look tearfully at a dog? This was too much and the person being controlled would probably go crazy. The second skill instantly caused 15 kg to be lost? He was already thin. If he lost 15 kg then wouldn’t he just become bones?

Xiao Lou was mulling over it as he put Liu Yong into the card pack along with Tao Yuanming,  Di Renjie and Bai Juyi.

Up to now, he had drawn four ancient character summoning cards. Tao Yuanming was a group teleport, Di Renjie could help find clues in the Hearts and Diamonds rooms, Bai Juyi’s only unlocked skill at the moment was igniting the charcoal fire while Liu Yong’s control was very easy to use.

The two people organized their newly drawn cards and Yu Hanjiang followed up with a question. “The plot card? A perfect clearance should give it.”

A of Hearts smiled. “Don’t be in a hurry. The plot card is definitely indispensable. Which one do you want to see first?”

She waved her hand and two cards appeared in front of them.

[Plot Card: Li Mo] [Plot Card: Cheng Mu]

Xiao Lou was startled. Previously, the plot cards sent to them had the same name as the secret room. For example, 3 of Hearts was Plot Card: Bloody Maple Leaf. However, 4 of Hearts had two cases so they became character plot cards.

Yu Hanjiang asked, “Is this telling the story from a different perspective?”

A of Hearts replied, “Yes, in the case of Li Zhemin’s murder, Li Mo didn’t appear. The reason for all of this and his plan are considered to be hidden plots. You can only unlock it after a perfect clearance. In addition, Li Mo is a very important free person. He is the owner of the largest real estate company in this Card World. You might encounter him in the main city in the future.”

Yu Hanjiang wondered, “Then Li Zhemin’s death is a previous story?”

“Yes, the train your rode was actually a memory train. In reality, Li Mo already has two children and Liu Xiaoyan’s group of friends are already married.”

Xiao Lou opened his mouth. “We will look at Li Mo first.”

In fact, he was very interested in Li Zhemin’s son who was hiding behind the scenes.

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