CR: Chapter 88

The ultrasound examination form found in the backpack was a result from two months ago while the HIV positive test date was a month ago.

Xiao Lou carefully found that the date of these inspection documents wasn’t the same. Obviously, Cheng Mu first found out that she was pregnant and then found herself infected with HIV.

From the perspective of time, Cheng Mu couldn’t have sex with people everywhere after becoming pregnant. Thus, it was likely that this child was Zhao Quan’s and it was also possible that Zhao Quan passed on the HIV to her.

Realizing this, Xiao Lou felt the back of his spine become cold. He immediately handed the inspection sheet to Yu Hanjiang. Yu Hanjiang took a careful look at the inspection sheet and whispered to Cheng Mu, “HIV, was it Zhao Quan who infected you?”

Cheng Mu’s face had no colour and she nodded stiffly.

Xiao Lou worriedly asked, “That… the other six girls, did they have a check up?”

Cheng Mu spoke softly, “After I found out, I asked them to go to the hospital for a check up. They are all fine.”

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang glanced at each other. The seven girls actually went to the hospital to check for HIV but in the process of inquiry, they tacitly all concealed it. It was likely that the other six all knew Cheng Mu had HIV and was the most likely to kill Zhao Quan, but they didn’t directly give up Cheng Mu out of sympathy or other reasons. They were asked who had the greatest feud with Zhao Quan and they all said they didn’t know in a perfunctory manner.

Yu Hanjiang had interrogated a lot of criminals but in the face of this poor woman, he couldn’t ask too many questions. He had to whisper, “You and Zhao Quan, it isn’t simply a relationship of opening a room together. Can you tell us the truth?”

Xiao Lou gave her the office seat and handed her a cup of warm water. “Miss Cheng, you sit down first and slowly say it.”

Cheng Mu took a sip from a glass of water, gently clenched her fists, took a deep breath to adjust her state and spoke slowly. “In fact, I have a history of marriage.”

X looked at her in an unexpected manner.

Cheng Mu was very pretty with long and curly hair. She was young and only in her early 20s. It was hard to imagine she actually had a history of marriage.

She closed her eyes and whispered, “He was a senior I knew when I was in university. Originally, I wanted to take the postgraduate entrance examination but then I found out I was pregnant. I loved him very much so I decided to give up the postgraduate entrance examination and have this child.”

“He was a hospital intern at the time and didn’t have much income. I understood he worked hard so I didn’t have a wedding ceremony or take wedding photos. We just got a license and rented a house to live in. It was a bare marriage.”

“Then he was later admitted to a residency at a hospital and his income gradually increased. He said he would raise me and our child. I stayed at home and did the laundry and cooking for him. I thought life would get better but one time, he said he had the night shift at the home and couldn’t go home. I was worried that his stomach wouldn’t be well eating takeaway so I personally made dinner and sent it to him, only to find out he was involved with a nurse in his department.”

Cheng Mu looked very cold when she mentioned her ex-husband. She had apparently been frozen to this man a long time ago. “He actually cheated while I was pregnant. I knew this and collapsed. I was accidentally hit by a car when crossing the road and the child didn’t… I filed for divorce and he agreed with a few remarks. The marriage dealt a serious blow to me and I became disappointed with men.”

She spoke up to here and was silent. Her hands holding the glass of water slightly trembled. After a moment, she adjusted her mood and was calm and cold. “I adjusted my mood and went out to find a good job and rented a place. I downloaded a friends with benefits software and made appointments whenever I had physiological needs. It was convenient and fast. I would never get married again and wouldn’t have to bear the betrayal of a bad man.”

Cheng Mu added, “Zhao Quan was the third man I made an appointment with. He was handsome, young and very considerate. Whether in life or… in bed, he was the gentlest man I had ever met.”

“I did have sex with him first and had no feelings, but he was so good at talking. He sent me messages every day with warm questions. If the weather was cold, he would thoughtfully buy me gloves and scarves, personally sending them to me.”

“He was the type of warm man that girls liked best. He was considerate in every aspect. Sometimes I would get stomach pains during my period and he knew how to take care of me, giving me brown sugar and ginger water to drink.”

“Once, we were lying in bed and chatting after sex and I couldn’t help talking about my bad marriage experience. He gently hugged me and said this wasn’t my fault. He loved me very much and would take care of me later. It was better for us to be in a fixed relationship. To be honest, my brain wasn’t working and I was really touched by him. I agreed to have a formal relationship with him.”

Cheng Mu thought up to here and also felt regret.

“In fact, how can a normal straight man know so much about girl’s cosmetics and even the red colour for our mouths? Most men can’t tell what is red, rouge red, sweetened bean paste red, agate red…”

“Zhao Quan knew everything about girls, which means he studied them. Either he was a one in a million man willing  to study cosmetics for his favourite girl or he was 99% a scum man with rich experience, allowing him to know a lot. In fact, judging from his behaviour of being on that friends with benefits program, he was more likely to be a slag man.”

“Unfortunately, I was blinded by his sweet words and ignored this key thing.”

Cheng Mu’s fingernails deeply pierced the palm of her hand before she calmed down. “I used to take safety measures when making an appointment with him. I was wary of him in the beginning but he was too good at coaxing girls My ex-husband was a careless person but Zhao Quan was the exact opposite. He always made me feel warm in my heart with small details. Gradually, I let down my guard.”

“He said he wanted to be with me for a long time and I was shaken.”

“During that time, we didn’t take any safety measures or contraceptives. We played more openly, which was very exciting and addictive. In May this year, I found out I was pregnant.” She paused and lowered her head slightly. “I was in a very good mood at the time. I had been wounded and found it hard to believe in men. It was Zhao Quan who pulled me out of the mud and made me hope again…”

In fact, Zhao Quan didn’t pull her out of the mud. Instead, she fell into a more terrifying abyss.

Cheng Mu closed her eyes and said, “After finding out the pregnancy, I took all my savings and was going to buy a house together after he graduated. I couldn’t wait until the baby was born and even selected furniture for the nursery.”

“Zhao Quan was interning at the company and was very busy. I wasn’t in a hurry to tell him about the pregnancy and wanted to wait until the weekend to give him another surprise. Before I could… his six girlfriends added me and pulled me into the group.”

There was a self-deprecating smile on Cheng Mu’s face but tears floated in her eyes. Her voice quivered as she exclaimed, “I found out that Zhao Quan actually stepped on six boats! When I was pregnant, he was buying a cake for Yue Xiaoquan and celebrating her birthday from 7:00 to 9:00. Then he showed up at my house at 9:30 and went to bed with me! I was so sick that I almost vomited up my meal!”

“I really broke down at that time. I pulled all the curtains in the room shut and stayed in the dark room all night. I didn’t know… what did I do? Why do I always meet such men?”

She gently held her belly and whispered, “The child certainly couldn’t be born. He had a relationship with so many people and it was impossible for him to marry me. If the child was born, how could I explain the type of person the child’s father was?”

Here, she could no longer maintain her calm. Her tears came out uncontrollably like a faucet had opened. Xiao Lou hastily handed her a packet of tissues.

Cheng Mu choked up and wiped away her tears, whispering, “Thank you.”

She grabbed the warm water and took two sips. Once her calm was restored, she continued, “I went to the hospital again. This was my second lost child and I thought I wasn’t qualified to be a mother in my life. However, it wasn’t over yet. Before the operation, I needed to take a blood test. At that time, I suddenly thought that Zhao Quan had slept with so many people. Did he have a sexual disease? Therefore, I asked the doctor to check it for me.”

The result of the inspection was predictable. Not only did she lose her baby, she also got HIV.

Cheng Mu’s mood at that moment was difficult to describe in words. It was probably… the entire world had collapsed.

The first time, she was betrayed by a scum man. She divorced her partner and lost confidence in men. She decided to no longer marry in this life and to live alone. However, Zhao Quan’s emergence gave her hope. She thought that Zhao Quan could save her and restore her faith.

Her original ‘only sex, no feelings’ concept started to shake and she fell in love with Zhao Quan. She believed in Zhao Quan and was willing to be pregnant for Zhao Quan. Unexpectedly, Zhao Quan held her high and then dropped her heavily!

This time, her body couldn’t recover from the fall. Cheng Mu’s heart was full of anger from the betrayal and hatred from being infected with HIV. This was enough to support her picking up the butcher’s knife.

Xiao Lou previously said that the other girls talked about their future, wanting to forget the scum man and start a new life. Only Cheng Mu didn’t mention her future at all…

It was because she knew that the moment she got on the train, she had no future.

Cheng Mu held a tissue and sobbed, “The moment I found out that I got HIV, I completely collapsed…”

Xiao Lou gently placed a hand on her shoulder and spoke softly, “I can understand you.”

Zhao Quan destroyed her so she decided to destroy Zhao Quan.

Cheng Mu looked up at Xiao Lou with a bitter smile. “I am infected with HIV, don’t you think I am dirty?”

“It isn’t your fault… you aren’t disgusting at all. It is Zhao Quan who is disgusting.”

Cheng Mu was silent for a moment before saying, “I was alone at home all day and had nothing to eat. I was desperate, my mind was a mess and I didn’t know what to do. Later in the WeChat group, Si Yi said that we were cheated by a scum man and this was also fate. She organized everyone to eat a meal together while also summarizing the characteristics of a scum man so as to not be cheated later.”

“I saw the messages in the group and suddenly remembered that I wasn’t the only victim. What if the other girls were infected? I quickly sent the results of my examination to the group.”

“All the girls in the group were furious. They only had Zhao Quan as a boyfriend and they were definitely fine. I took safety measures before dating Zhao Quan. Then where did the HIV come from?”

“Zhao Quan must’ve definitely slept with an unclean woman.” Cheng Mu frowned and said, “Sister Xiaoyan speculated that it was during the winter vacation of this year. Zhao Quan told all of us that he was returning to his hometown. Maybe he couldn’t help sleeping with a prostitute or a girl he knew, got HIV and then passed it onto me.”

“I had the girls hurry to check. If Xiaoyan’s calculations were correct, he hadn’t passed it onto the other girls. This was because everyone was busy at school and had no time to sleep with him.”

“Song Xiaoyu directly started crying and went to the hospital again. Everyone went to the hospital to see her while also checking for HIV. At that time, the six girls lined up without saying a word. A few days later, the inspection results came out and everyone got together again.”

“They were all fine. Perhaps I was just unlucky and didn’t use any protection that time with Zhao Quan in bed…”

Cheng Mu smiled bitterly. “We all agreed with the plan proposed by Yue Xiaoquan. We took protection measures, bring a mask and gloves to cut Zhao Quan dozens of times. However, I thought that if the girls really got revenge on him, after some time, he would come out to get revenge on other girls. What should I do if he makes appointments with other women through the friends with benefits software and spread the disease everywhere?”

“So I said that I have a plan B that can solve all the problems. They asked curiously about the plan and I told them that I would tell them when Yue Xiaoquan’s proposal was executed and I watched Zhao Quan’s reaction…”

“I had already decided to kill Zhao Quan but I didn’t tell them about my plan because I didn’t want to scare them.”

“It is only by Zhao Quan dying and having his thing cut off that he can’t continue to harm girls.”

Cheng Mu wiped her eyes and the expression on her face was restored to a calm state. She said, “Zhao Quan pulled me down to hell. I should send him to hell and let him go to accompany my innocent child.”

She suddenly leaned over and took off the boot on her right foot. There was a portable fruit knife hidden in the delicately beautiful knee-length black boots.

She removed the scabbard and Xiao Lou saw that the sharp knife was covered with blood. Cheng Mu calmly placed the fruit knife on the table and declared, “This is the knife I used to kill Zhao Quan. After killing him, I hid it in my boot.”

So far, all the other clues of the crime had been found and she actively handed over the tool to commit the crime.

Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou were both silent.

Cheng Mu clearly explained and her testimony had no loopholes. It was just that the truth was even sadder. Cheng Mu’s experience was too painful. She was a very good girl but she met two scum in a row who ruined her life. Finally, she decided to end it herself.

The train to hell, the person who created this image was no longer important. Ultimately, it was Cheng Mu who replaced the desktop photo of Zhao Quan’s phone. It was because she wanted Zhao Quan to take this train to go to hell and accompany their child.


Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang took Cheng Mu to the 9th carriage. They had to pass by the 4th carriage where the other six girls were gathered together. They all guessed that the murderer was Cheng Mu but they didn’t want to personally tell the truth.

Cutting Zhao Quan many times, castrating him and finally killing him was the Plan B that would ‘solve’ everything.

Liu Xiaoyan’s eyes were filled with tears and she was the first one to walk over to hug Cheng Mu. The other girls also began to walk one by one, stretching out their arms and giving her the gentlest hug between girls.

The passengers were puzzled by this scene and turned to watch curiously. However, they didn’t say anything.

Cheng Mu smiled, waved to them and turned to follow Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang.

Song Xiaoyu buried her face in Liu Xiaoyan’s shoulders and secret shed tears. Yu Lin turned her head and clenched her fists while a trace of being unable to endure it flashed on Yue Xiaoquan’s face. Yan Ruru’s eyes were red and Si Yi pushed up her glasses, whispering, “It is over. Forget that scum and start a new life.”

Song Xiaoyu whispered, “That… what about Cheng Mu?”

What about Cheng Mu? She didn’t want to start over. She was so tired that she decided to end it. This train was the end of Zhao Quan’s life but also the end that she chose for herself.


[In the 4 of Hearts secret room, the person who killed Zhao Quan is:

A. Cheng Mu, B. Yue Xiaoquan, C. Yan Ruru, D. Liu Xiaoyan, E. Si Yi, F. Yu Lin, G. Song Xiaoyu…]

The familiar prompt on the suspension box appeared again. Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang once again looked at the names of the seven girls and tacitly pressed the A option.

[Congratulations to the challengers Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang for perfectly clearing the 4 of Hearts secret room. All clues have been found and the instance clearance time is 39 hours, 22 minutes and 08 seconds. The instance clearance score is S grade  and the world record for the 4 of Hearts secret room has been refreshed!]

The clearance message popping up on the floating box proved that there would be no more cases on the train.

In the 6th carriage, Li Zhemin who harmed three families was finally killed by Mrs Mei.

In the fourth carriage, the person who pursued the fast sense of conquering girls and stepped on N boats, Zhao Quan was killed by the despairing Cheng Mu.

The direct connection between the two cases was Shu Ping’s daughter, Shu Xiaomeng, who happened to know the group of female friends.

In fact, on this train, there was only one core theme related to the two cases. This was the train for the funeral of scum men. Cherish life and stay away from scum men.

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1 year ago

I feel like they didn’t solve anything, especially the second one she basically volunteered herself XD uhhhh hahahaha, okay we will take the easy win! thank you for the translation! 🙂

kdj fan
kdj fan
1 year ago
Reply to  laketica

samee i was thinking they didnt do much for this case.. maybe its cuz they have 2 murderers in the same secret room and the keeper decided to make it a bit easier? and maybe the test is more on their mental side n whether theyre able to withstand the psychological pressure(?) rather than being able to solve the cases. but idk…

1 year ago
Reply to  kdj fan

Actually, this scene is a lot harder than it looked. There were multiple variables, and the scene had originally used the words ‘murderer’. That causes the people to think there may only be a ‘single murderer’ in the entire train story, which means they may overlook the other. That can cause the ‘perfect clearance’ score to not be achieved- in fact, the people only had around one day’s time to figure out the way to get a ‘perfect clearance’! The elderly left in the middle of the three days, which means they only had around one day’s time to gather evidence- while they may be able to solve it after, if they didn’t get the necessary clues in that day’s time, they may have let the old lady off with the others. Not only that, but the key ‘witness’ is a little girl. This little girl appeared only a little bit, and although the scene let them know that the family is important, the key words were ‘she was a little kid, and little kids have no reason to lie.’ This happened only once to let attention be drawn to her. Not only that, but the two did an excellent job containing the ‘murder onboard’ information spread. Had others known about the death-on-board situation being a murder, there would be a lot more panic.y While attendants ARE trained for these situations(according to articles), the people playing the role of attendants do not necessarily have the necessary training. There was also the fact that the ‘doctor’ was not as informed or knowledgeable as Xiao Lou. There was an instance of the person being known as a doctor(the kid choking), however, we are not sure what kind of doctor the person is. Besides, if a person happened to forget the doctor, the doctor would only come up to the people after a certain period of time, which already wastes some time for the ‘players’. Yu Hanjiang is also a police officer- he knows the protocol for these kinds of things. People who are not may hem and haw, as they may not bluntly accuse a person of something. The two are also good at remembering details and keeping calm under the time limit, as well as reading people.
In the second case, there were also multiple red herrings, and although it could be seen through rather easily, had the news spread, there would have been even more panic or the start of one. People would be uneasy, especially if they knew about both crimes, although even one could cause mass panic. There was also a foil- the other brother. The brother originally wanted to confront the girlfriend- not only was he panicked, but he was also mad and jumped to conclusions. For less experienced people, this may have caused many problems. The news not spreading also helped with the second clue: Testing the reactions of the people who are suspected. If the news had already spread, there would have been less reaction, and there would be no chance to catch a person who isn’t supposed to know off guard. The knife wounds being knife wounds are also something that a typical person wouldn’t have noticed- Most people do not know the difference between a knife and a scalpel wound. While the doctor may have noticed, again, this would require them to find the doctor first. Last but not least, the fact that the person being slapped is more of a female reaction rather than a male reaction was definitely not something I would have noticed, which other people may also not have known(although, it could be just me).

The ‘mostly confessed’ in the end may seem like an easy win, but in the end, this IS a C-rank scenario. Also, it may be required- how are you supposed to easily hold an unwilling individual on a train, when the ‘conductor can stop you at any time?’ Especially if it causes panic?

Uh. So, that’s what I think(sorry about the mass rambling, I know no others who read this or debate it so I just wanted to write down my thoughts T^T), and maybe you think it’s different?

1 year ago
Reply to  kdj fan

Also, I definitely agree with you on the ‘it was more psychological’ side’ part!

10 months ago

😭 petition for CM to experience transmigration/rebirth and be happy

10 months ago

I kinda feel like thye didnt rlly solved it… The murderers came clean themselves, but overall, this arc was kinda sad lol.

8 months ago

What’s with the comments they didn’t solved it. They figured out who the murderer is before they confessed.

In the first one, they know that Shu Ping and Mrs. Mei are party that involved but Mrs. Mei just want to end things and doesnt want to implicate Shu Ping further thus, she hurriedly done the killing and cofession. They KNOW who are involved but they dont have proper evidence and equipment (e.g. examing finger print) to fully solved the crime and murderer.

In the second one, they also figured that it is Cheng Mu, they called her again because they KNOW but they dont have concrete evidence so they could only just take another testimony. She confessed because she’s tired.

Both murderer are the same as they no longer see any future and confession is easy to them. Is it an easy win by confession? Yes, to Mcs, ’cause they are proffesionals, done great in analyzing their statement, and great sensitivity towards emotions and psychological being of involveds.

They’ve solved the cases but not fully solved like the way other people wants. They’re just conductors. They can only asked for statements to solved it. Do you really think they could reach the confession part if they didn’t figured out things?

6 months ago

wdym “they didn’t do anything”??? did those people even read the story 🤦 they’re the main reason why I don’t believe in NU reviews. this is a game, G-A-M-E. to make it easier to comprehend, think of the Hearts as a criminal investigation board game. it might become more immersive as the level gets harder, like real investigative work but with super quick results like those American tv shows that those people in the comments kept wanting. Anyway, poor Cheng Mu and her unborn children 🙁

Last edited 6 months ago by rosey
6 months ago

For this train arc…I feel quite sad. The ones who are victims turned out to be people who destroyed other people’s lives and the murderers are all those who suffered under those scum people.
I hope no one has to go through the same thing as them and lives – if not a happy one – but a good life.

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