CR: Chapter 85

Yue Xiaoquan obviously didn’t expect the train attendants to know the names of all seven of them. The always calm and indifferent girl stared with wide eyes, her hands clasped together nervously. “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Yu Hanjiang simply grabbed the laptop and opened the folder on Zhao Quan’s USB disk for her to see. “This is the USB disk we found in Zhao Quan’s backpack. There are photos of the seven of you. Miss Yue, please check carefully. Isn’t it consistent with the seven girls on the train?”

Yue Xiaoquan glanced at the folder and a bit of shock flashed in her eyes. “This…”

Yu Hanjiang saw her reaction and whispered, “It can’t be a coincidence that all seven of you are on the train. Speak. You are the one who reported the movements of Zhao Quan to the other six people, isn’t that right?”

Yue Xiaoquan’s body started to tremble violently. She bit her lips and refused to say anything.

Xiao Lou said, “Miss Yue, Zhao Quan deceived your feelings and stepped on N-boats. It is indeed wrong and I can understand your hatred of him but… killing is against the law and the murderer will be sentenced to death. You are only in your twenties and shouldn’t ruin your life for a scum. How sad would your parents be if they knew you killed a bad guy?”

Yue Xiaoquan’s shoulders trembled and she quickly shook her head. “No, I didn’t kill him!”

Her expression revealed a hint of horror and she didn’t seem to be lying.

Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou glanced at each other before Xiao Lou asked, “You didn’t kill him? Did you know he was going to die?”

Yue Xiaoquan shook her head wildly. “No, we didn’t think of killing him. I also knew the law for murderers. How can I destroy my future for a scum?”

Yu Hanjiang questioned, “Then what were you doing together?”

Yue Xiaoquan remembered the tragic sight she saw in the toilet and couldn’t control the shaking of her voice. “We just wanted Zhao Quan to find out his own stupidity and slap him in the face, kicking him. He is really a scum but I didn’t want to kill him. How can I afford to raise my parents if I go to jail for Zhao Quan?”

She repeatedly stressed that she had no plans to kill and didn’t look like a liar. As a junior at a medical school Yue Xiaoquan had a promising future. There was no need to destroy herself for a scum man.

Xiao Lou temporarily believed her defense and told her softly, “Don’t be sad and calm down first. If it wasn’t done by your hands then we won’t wrong you. I hope you can cooperate with the investigation. Murder isn’t a joke and once the police intervene, perhaps you will be arrested as an accomplice and brought to the police station.”

Presumably, Xiao Lou’s pacification played a role and the girl gradually calmed down. Yu Hanjiang saw she was emotionally stable and asked, “Since it wasn’t your hand, do you know who is most likely to kill Zhao Quan? Among these girls, who has the deepest hatred with Zhao Quan?”

Yue Xiaoquan was silent for a long time before calmly replying, “Everyone was deceived by him. I don’t know who had the most serious grudge.”

Yu Hanjiang opened his mouth. “Tell me in detail how you and Zhao Quan started to communicate.”

Yue Xiaoquan nodded. “I got to know Zhao Quan and Zhao Zheng at a school party. Our talk was good and they left their contact details. Zhao Quan started chasing me, saying I was his first love and he fell in love with me at first sight. His way of coaxing girls was particularly gentle. At first, I thought his sweet words weren’t reliable. Later, I was moved by his practical actions…”

Yue Xiaoquan’s face became uglier as she thought of the sweet past. “One time, it rained heavily and I forgot to bring an umbrella. He braved the rain to pick me up and send me back to my dormitory. Then he caught a cold afterwards. I believed him when he said he was serious about me and agreed to date him.”

Xiao Lou wrote down the process and wondered, “When did you find out he was cheating?”

Yue Xiaoquan bowed her head to organize her thoughts. “This winter vacation, I went on a trip with him. He took a bath and left his phone on the table and a WeChat message popped up. The other person called him ‘Husband’ and was a cute puppy head. I sensed something wasn’t right and asked him bout it. He said it was a girl he knew from a game and she pestered him every day by calling him ‘Husband.’ Then he deleted the other side’s contact right in front of me so I didn’t mind.”

Yue Xiaoquan paused before adding, “Then a week later, the dog head person suddenly added me. I accepted and she said she was Zhao Quan’s girlfriend and scolded me for being a shameless junior. I thought she was a little girl that Zhao Quan knew in the game and didn’t pay much attention to her making trouble for no reason. I directly blacklisted her.”

This was also in line with Yue Xiaoquan’s personality. She didn’t care about being nosy and it wasn’t possible for her to quarrel with people. She was direct and just blacklisted this person.

Yu Hanjiang said, “The puppy head girl, is she Song Xiaoyu?”

Yue Xiaoquan looked at him with some surprise. “How do you know?”

Yu Hanjiang answered, “Zhao Zheng had seen her photo.”

Yue Xiaoquan was silent for a moment. “Yes, Song Xiaoyu was the first one to add me. She didn’t know the situation at the time and thought I was a junior who took the initiative to seduce Zhao Quan. She ran to the rest of her friends to cry about it and the eldest, Liu Xiaoyan was shocked.”

Xiao Lou quickly responded. “Then it was Liu Xiaoyan and Song Xiaoyu who first found out that Zhao Quan was wrong?”

Yue Xiaoquan nodded coldly. “Zhao Quan, this fool, probably didn’t expect that one of his ex-girlfriends and his current girlfriend were actually friends. Sister Xiaoyan had a relationship with him when she worked at the front desk of the Internet cafe. They went to hotels to fool around and Zhao Quan hadn’t shown her a gentle and considerate appearance at the time.”

“Sister Xiaoyan later left the Internet cafe and used the money she saved to open a hairdresser’s store. Business is doing well. She is a completely different type from Song Xiaoyu. Song Xiaoyu is particularly dependent on her boyfriend and is just like white paper. Sister Xiaoyan likes countless men and is quite straightforward. Song Xiaoyu cried about her boyfriend cheating and Sister Xiaoyan asked her to send a photo of her boyfriend. As a result, she sent a photo of Zhao Quan. Sister Xiaoyan looked at it and found that it was Zhao Quan who opened a room with her every day.”

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang, “…….”

They could imagine how awkward that scene was.

Yue Xiaoquan was expressionless. “Sister Xiaoyan suspected that Zhao Quan deceived this little girl and didn’t let Song Xiaoyu act. She came forward to hook up with Zhao Quan. Zhao Quan met her and looked excited to reunite with an old friend. In two days, he proposed to open a room with her and relieve their old love. Song Xiaoyu was angry. She already had a heart condition so she had a heart attack and needed to go to the hospital.”

Xiao Lou, “……”

Yue Xiaoquan added, “Sister Xiaoyan decided to investigate Zhao Quan’s private life.”

Yu Hanjiang asked, “What was the result of the investigation?”

Yue Xiaoquan bowed her head and declared coldly, “In addition to sister Xiaoyan, Zhao Quan was with six other girls at the same time.”

Xiao Lou, “!!!”

He thought these girls were Zhao Quan’s former girlfriends. He didn’t expect them to all be ‘current girlfriends’!

Yue Xiaoquan explained, “Sister Xiaoyan first found me because Zhao Quan and I are at the same school and many students know about us. Song Xiaoyu also added me as a friend. Then she found the company where Zhao Quan was working and found Sister Si Yi.”

“Sister Si Yi works at the software company and her working ability is very strong. Zhao Quan was an intern in her department and his performance was excellent. He also took care of her. The gentle and considerate fresh meat soon moved Sister Si Yi and they entered a relationship.”

“Once Sister Si Yi knew about this matter, she decided not to arouse his suspicions. She noticed that something was wrong with Zhao Quan. Every weekend, he would go somewhere and there might be other women. Thus, the four of us worked together and found his first love… Yu Lin from the mathematics department of Huada University.”

“Yu Lin was his high school love. After graduating, they broke up because they were going to different places. However, Zhao Quan still couldn’t let go of his first love. On her birthday, he ran all the way there to celebrate with her, stating that he wanted to restore their relationship. Yu Lin was impressed by his sincerity and they got back together. Since then, Zhao Quan would take a car to Huada to date Yu Lin every month.”

“Sister Si Yi used hacking software to enter his game account and found his wife in the game, Yan Ruru. He had played instances with this beautiful woman in the game and Yan Ruru was known as a beauty since her photos once spread. Zhao Quan chased her and they finally got together. They go on a date every Wednesday and also built a guild together.”

“Cheng Mu was known through a dating software. Zhao Quan had just gone to university and had no girlfriend. He probably felt relatively empty and met a female through the dating software. From an Internet love, they progressed to a male and female friends with benefits relationship.”

Yue Xiaoquan told the other people’s stories without any expression.

She concluded, “In any case, Sister Si Yi and Sister Xiaoyan are particularly strong and found all the girls. The first time we added each other as friends, we were shocked. Zhao Quan dated six other girls at the same time but still clearly remembered everyone’s favourite food, colour and cosmetics brand. Every time he dates a girl, he will put on the appropriate look.”

Yue Xiaoquan’s mouth raised in a sneer. “Interestingly, the 10th of April happened to be my birthday as well as the first anniversary of his understanding with Cheng Mu. From 7 to 9 o’clock at night, he was with me for my birthday. He ordered a rose cake and said I was his only love. At 9:30, he went to Cheng Mu’s home and sent her 99 roses. He said she was forever and they did it twice that night. Going to bed with two women on the same day, isn’t he afraid of getting schizophrenia?”

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang became more shocked the more they listened. This was an annual drama! If it was posted on the forum then amazing gossip would definitely happen. In particular, rolling in the sheets with two females on the same night was too much. Wasn’t he afraid of calling out the wrong name?

Xiao Lou helplessly asked, “Were there any arguments after the seven of you got together?”

Yue Xiaoquan was cold. “Who would feel rivalry and fight when faced with such a thing? We were just shocked, angry and disgusted. In particular, when I think about what happened with Cheng Mu and I on that day, I felt sick and wanted to vomit!”

If it was a very good man then they might be jealous and hate each other. Zhao Quan was such a scum male. How could they feel jealous? The seven girls apparently had their three views refreshed and only felt disgusted by Zhao Quan. It was as if they inadvertently ate a fly. All the love in their heart disappeared and they only felt hatred.

Yu Hanjiang wondered, “Who built your group chat?”

“Sister Xiaoyan built it. She first pulled all of us in and had us send our chat record with Zhao Quan so we could know what a scum Zhao Quan was. Later, Sister Si Yi organized a party and we decided to join forces to retaliate against this scum.”

The sharp Yu Hanjiang found the key. “The result of this party was that you bought the same train ticket and would appear in front of him at the same time, giving Zhao Quan an unexpected shock?”

Yue Xiaoquan nodded. “The original plan was that we would take him to a hotel after arriving at the terminal, tie him up and beat him up. We wouldn’t openly discuss how to kill him. Everyone might’ve been angry but we are all young girls. There is no need to dirty our hands and go to jail for a scum man!”

Yu Hanjiang thought about it. “In other words, the original plan didn’t have this ‘killing part.’ One of you killed him on the train in a spur of the moment thing?”

Yue Xiaoquan looked very complicated. “Zhao Quan is a basta*d and I am happy to see him dead but… it wasn’t by my hand.”

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang glanced at each other.

These girls were normal people. Even if they were betrayed by a scum, they wouldn’t go to the extreme of killing. The emotional pain could be cured. Who didn’t meet a few scum when they were young? In the future, they would surely meet worthy men and lead a happy life. The most irrational thing was to ruin their own lives for this scum.

Moreover, the risk was too high for seven strangers to got together to discuss how to kill a person. What if some of the timid females worried about killing people and breaking the law? They didn’t want to go to jail and leaked the plans ahead of time. Then wouldn’t it be a complete failure?

Therefore, Yue Xiaoquan’s confession was reasonable. They got together and the result of the discussion was to bring Zhao Quan to a hotel to beat him up. The seven girlfriends appearing at the same time to beat the scum to a pig’s head was also a method of venting. Zhao Quan would have a psychological shadow and not dare to cheat girls in the future.

The girls could accept such a result. If they appeared together in front of the scum man, the scum man would be frightened and look very interesting. This collective retaliation was very addictive. Therefore, before the plan was carrying out, everyone would cooperate against the common enemy.

They didn’t expect that one of the girl’s hatred of Zhao Quan went beyond reason. She was even willing to risk her own life to kill Zhao Quan. She took the opportunity to cut Zhao Quan 29 times in the toilet of the train, cutting off Zhao Quan’s organ and stabbing him in the heart.

Her anger, hatred and despair far outweighed the other girls who had simply been let down.

Xiao Lou looked at Yu Hanjiang. “This girl must have a deeper hatred with Zhao Quan that other people don’t know about. This allowed her to risk the death penalty to kill Zhao Quan.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded and whispered in Xiao Lou’s ear. “Yue Xiaoquan’s testimony has relatively high credibility but we also need to investigate the other six people. Since killing Zhao Quan wasn’t a decision discussed by the seven people, the others shouldn’t know that Zhao Quan is dead.”

Originally, the girls just got together to discuss how to scare the scum. At most, they would tie him up in the hotel and hit him. Normal people definitely couldn’t think of the extreme method of ‘killing.’ Who was the girl who would directly murder him?

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