CR: Chapter 69

The 3 of Hearts secret room had the help of the police. Those who didn’t know what to do could follow the police’s footsteps to find clues. The score might be low but they could still clear the instance.

4 of Hearts didn’t have the help of the police. They had to rely on themselves to reason things out and find clues, making the difficulty obviously improved.

The identity of a train attendant was of great convenience to the challengers. They could check the passengers’ ticket at any time to confirm the person’s name. If a case occurred, they could analyze and reason things out by asking the passengers questions.

Xiao Lou had a lot of experience in ‘remembering names and faces’ so it wasn’t difficult for him to remember the names of the people.

The hair style, height and appearance characteristics, combined with the seat number. Xiao Lou checked the tickets while memorizing several special aspects of the people he was focused on.

For the family of five, the child was called Yu Xinxin and she was around six years old. The child used a lovely voice to call out ‘Uncle’ when she saw Xiao Lou and was polite. Her teachings obviously weren’t bad. Her parents smiled and her grandparents were kind and gentle. The family was the only one with the surname ‘Yu’ in the entire carriage and it was very easy to remember.  Based on Xiao Lou’s subjective view, the probability of this family having a murderer was small. The family was warm and harmonious and there was no reason to kill.

Out of the two couples, the boys were called Zhao Quan and Zhao Zheng. Perhaps they were brothers.

Zhao Quan’s girlfriend was called Yue Xiaoquan. There was a ‘quan’ in the name and the pronunciation was consistent. It wasn’t easy to be confused. The girl’s voice was very good and there were two shallow dimples when she smiled. She had long black hair, beautiful facial features and clear and bright eyes. It was a type of aura that made people feel good and it was a fresh, natural beauty.

Zhao Quan and Yue Xiaoquan wore a light blue T-shirt with cute kittens printed on them.

Zhao Zheng’s girlfriend was called Mo Jiaran and she was the one who changed seats to avoid sitting with that shy young man. Her hands were covered with beautiful nail polish and she was wearing a necklace, bracelets and earrings. Her curly hair was dyed dark brown. The upper body was the same shirt as her boyfriend but she wore a short skirt that deliberately showed off her long legs. She was obviously a girl who loved to dress up.

This couple’s T-shirt was in white with a cute puppy printed on the chest.

The T-shirts printed with a kitten and a dog as well as the combination of handsome men and beautiful women was a good match.

The four of them had bought half-price student tickets.

Xiao Lou noticed this and said, “Please show me your student cards.”

The four people cooperated to take out their student ID cards.

Zhao Quan and Zhao Zheng were both science and engineering. They were from the University of Science and Technology and the former learned computer science while the latter studied materials physics. The student ID cards had the date of birth written and the two people were born on the same day.

Xiao Lou pretended to be interested. “Your birthdays are on the same day, are you twins?”

Zhao Quan nodded. “I am the older brother and Ah Zheng is the younger brother. We are fraternal twins.”

Xiao Lou smiled. “No wonder why. You don’t look exactly the same.”

Both Yue Xiaoquan and Mo Jiaran were from a medical school. The former studied clinical medicine and the latter was nursing.

Xiao Lou glanced at Mo Jiaran’s red nail polish with surprise. The nursing profession was to train nurses and many practical classes were needed, such as injections, changing bandages, changing medicine etc. A girl with long nails and nail polish would certainly be scolded by the teachers. She was probably on holiday and put fake nails on her nails. This further confirmed how much this girl liked being beautiful.

The four people were similar in age and were currently in their junior year. Their relationship was very close. After changing seats, the two females sat together and whispered in each other’s ears.

Xiao Lou learned about their situation, then smiled and returned their student cards to them.

The four people collected their student ID cards. Xiao Lou continued to the boy sitting in 8F. “Please show me your ticket.”

The boy who was late was called Jing Weiguang. This surname ‘Jing’ was relatively rare and easy to remember. Since he was in a hurry to catch the train, he was dressed very messily. The young man kept his head down and arranged his crumpled clothes. Once Xiao Lou walked over to check the tickets, he hurriedly searched his pockets and found it after a long time, saying with a blush, “No, I am embarrassed…”

Xiao Lou smiled and spoke gently, “It doesn’t matter. Don’t worry.”

The ID number on the ticket was covered with a mosaic but the year of birth could still be seen.

Compared to the students nearby, this young man was born six years earlier than them. He should be around 26 years old but due to his baby face, Xiao Lou almost mistook him for a student. Now it seemed that 26 year old Jing Weiguang was a worker and this time he was in a hurry to take the train. He was probably on a  business trip.

Xiao Lou returned the ticket to him and continued to check the back row.

The group of five females saw Xiao Lou checking the tickets with a smile and couldn’t help speaking quietly.

“This train attendant is so handsome!”

“I like this type of warm person. He smiles so nicely.”

“Do you want to inquire about his phone number?”

“Is this okay?”

“There is nothing wrong with hooking up with a handsome guy. It isn’t breaking the law.”

“You’re right. Then you go!”

Xiao Lou might not be able to hear what they were saying but from time to time, the females would look at him. He probably guessed that the other side was talking about him. Xiao Lou didn’t mind either. They were sitting in the last row and after checking the tickets in front of them, Xiao Lou went over and smiled. “Please show me your tickets.”

The females took out the tickets they had prepared.

Liu Xiaoyan, Zhang Xiaozhu, We Xiaofei, Song Xiaoyu and Cheng Xiaoli.

Xiao Lou, “…”

They were very neat and unified names.

How did the parents of these five girls happen to give their daughters the ‘xiao’ character?

Fortunately, the five girls had different hair’, wore a skirt or different coloured clothing. Some were tall, fat or thin. He could remember them based on their hairstyles, figures and clothes.

Xiao Lou joked while checking, “Your names are really similar. If it was a surname, I would think you are sisters.”

The girl sitting in the aisle said, “We grew up together and are like sisters.”

Xiao Lou pretended to casually ask, “Is this a group trip?”

Another girl replied, “Yes, every year, we take annual leave to go out together to play.”

The other three people didn’t speak but they were looking at Xiao Lou with smiles, not in a malicious manner. Xiao Lou didn’t want to chat with them for too long so he returned the tickets and told them, “Females travelling together should pay attention to safety.”

All five nodded with understanding.

The train slowly moved forward. The LCD screen at the top of the carriage showed that the current time was 18:30.

Just now, the start time of the train was 18:00 sharp. Xiao Lou took half an hour to check the tickets and he checked it very carefully, getting to know the passengers in the carriage. The focus was still on Jing Weiguang in 8F who was late, the Zhao Quan Yue Xiaoquan and Zhao Zheng Mo Jiaran couples in the eighth row and the group of five girls with the name ‘X Xiao X.’

Just then, Xiao Lou heard the train broadcast in his ear. The female announcer spoke in a gentle voice, “Dear passengers, it is now dinner time. We have prepared hearty fried vegetables, hot and sour potatoes, celery fried beef, braised pork ribs…”

She named a large number of dishes and followed up with the words, “You can eat in the middle of the train in the 5th carriage. In addition, we offer simple packages. The chicken rice set is 5,000 gold, and the beef set is 5,500 gold. Passengers who need to use this package, please talk to the attendants in each carriage. We will send the dinner to your seat…”

Xiao Lou was hungry. He had eaten instant noddles in the 3 of Hearts room every day. It seemed that the food in the 4 of Hearts secret room had been greatly improved. He wondered if the train staff got to eat free food.

The passengers inside the carriages heard the broadcast and started drooling.

However, the food on the train was more expensive. Most passengers didn’t intend to buy food in the carriage but took out pre-prepared snacks from their own bags.

The two couples got together to discuss it and looked for Xiao Lou to register two chicken sets and two beef sets.

The group of five females took out a bag of snacks. They often travelled and well prepared.

Jing Weiguang sitting in 8F took out a bowl of instant noodles and spoke to Zhao Zheng sitting next to him, “Can I trouble you to…”

Zhao Zheng frowned uncomfortably but didn’t say much as he moved sideways to let this person out.

Once Jing Weiguang was far away, Mo Jiaran spoke coldly, “Isn’t this person too slovenly? His body odor is terrible. I don’t know how long it has been since he had a bath. I really can’t stand it!”

Jing Weiguang had arrived late and Xiao Lou had been standing at the door. They had close contact but there wasn’t any obvious odor. It was just that his crumpled clothes didn’t look very good. The girl probably saw him sloppily dressed and seized on the issue to dislike the other person.

Zhao Zheng coaxed her gently, “Don’t be angry. The train has sleeper rooms. Later, we will go and buy it and the four of us will be in one room. We don’t be disturbed…”

Mo Jiaran looked depressed once this topic was raised. She turned to her boyfriend and spoke through gritted teeth. “I have already reminded you to buy tickets half a month in advance. You said that the train tickets are easy to buy and there is no rush. What is the result? We couldn’t buy tickets for the sleeper carriages and have to sit in the hard seats! Three days, 72 hours! My waist will be broken from sitting in such a hard seat. I haven’t suffered anything like this since I was a child! Are you stupid? You don’t even know how to buy a ticket in advance? Can’t a 20 year old be more reliable?”

Her loud voice attracted the eyes of many people. Xiao Lou immediately looked at them with alarm.

Zhao Zheng carefully smiled. “I’m sorry, it was my fault. It isn’t the peak tourist season. How come the sleeper tickets are suddenly sold out…?”

Mo Jiaran rolled her eyes. “You didn’t expect it? Do you only have physics formulas in your head all day? Last year, I was expecting a gift on my birthday yet you forgot because you were doing an experiment! What girlfriend are you looking for? Go and live with your board!”

Someone else heard this and couldn’t help laughing. Zhao Zheng’s face was red after being scolded.

Next to them, Zhao Quan tried to mediate. “Please don’t quarrel. I will ask the attendant if I can make up the difference for a sleeper ticket.”

He rose from this set and walked up to Xiao Lou, asking politely, “Hello, do you have any spare sleeper tickets for this train? Can we make up the difference and change to a sleeper car?”

Xiao Lou didn’t know but had to act as a dutiful train attendant. He smiled and replied, “Wait a minute, I will ask.” Xiao Lou picked up the wireless pager and directly asked the conductor if there were any spare sleepers. The answer was that the train was full and he had to apologize. “There is no room.”

Zhao Quan frowned and thanked him before turning back.

Mo Jiaran turned her head and looked other the window. her eyes were red and she seemed like she was about to cry. Her boyfriend’s face was somewhat ugly from the scolding and he no longer continued to coax her.

Zhao Quan helplessly had to say, “There are no sleeper rooms but just put up with it. Sitting in the hard seat for 72 hours is really heard. If you can’t stand it then walk around the carriage. By tomorrow, maybe someone will get off. If there is a free sleeper room then we will immediately change to it.”

Mo Jiaran nodded but she and her boyfriend Zhao Zheng still didn’t speak. It was as if they were in a cold war.

The rest of the carriage had been watching the excitement as the couple quarrelled. Once the two had stopped, the inside of the carriage became extremely quiet.

Jing Weiguang hadn’t experienced the argument just now and came back with instant noodles. He walked to Zhao Zheng and said, “I’m sorry, I have to trouble you again.”

Zhao Zheng had been arguing with his girlfriend and was upset. He naturally wouldn’t give the other person a good face. Jing Weiguang thought the other side wasn’t happy about having to move and gave an embarrassed smile. Then he moved past Zhao Zheng with his instant noodles.

Unfortunately, Jing Weiguang’s shoelaces weren’t tied and he tripped himself. The instant noodles in his hands fell and got chilli oil, soup and noodles all over Zhao Zheng’s arms and chest, dyeing his white T-shirt.

The bowl of instant noodles was fed to Zhao Zheng’s dog T-shirt.

Zhao Zheng’s mood was probably like an X dog. He jumped up like he received an electric shock and swore, “F*k, are you blind?!”

Jing Weiguang was full of apologies. “I’m sorry, I”m sorry. S-Should I clean it? If not, I’ll pay for this shirt…”

Zhao Zheng’s anger finally found a place to be vented. He growled. “This is a limited edition T-shirt worth hundreds of thousands!”

The visitors around them were surprised to hear that the cartoon T-shirt was so expensive.

Xiao Lou wasn’t very convinced. 100,000 gold coins was almost 1000 yuan. Could a printed dog head T-shirt be so expensive? Was it really a limited edition? There were no signs and only the dog head.

In the front row, the lively Yu Xinxin child suddenly said, “Mom, I have seen that shirt. Isn’t the supermarket selling it for 1,000 yuan?”

Everyone, “……………”

The atmosphere inside the carriage was suddenly awkward and Zhao Zheng’s expression was about to crack.

The woman immediately covered the child’s mouth. “Okay, don’t talk.”

Children obviously wouldn’t lie. Zhao Zheng had been scolded by his angry girlfriend in front of so many people and wanted to deliberately embarrass this young man.

Jing Weiguang wasn’t a fool. It was wrong for him to dirty the clothes with instant noodles but it was too much to pay 100 times the price.

The situation was in a stalemate for a while.

Finally, Zhao Quan sitting at the window stood up. “Ah Zheng, he didn’t do it intentionally. You went out this time with so many clothes. Come with me to change.”

He looked at Jing Weiguang and continued, “I’m sorry, my brother is in a bad mood. He didn’t deliberately want to trick you.”

Jing Weiguang immediately waved his hand. “It is fine. I was in the wrong first. I was too careless and dirtied your brother’s clothes. Well… there are no burns, right? Do you want money for the clothes? I’ll still pay you…”

Zhao Zheng didn’t have a good air. “No!”

He turned away and his brother Zhao Quan took the bag off the luggage rack and chased.

Mo Jiaran glanced coldly at the culprit Jing Weiguang. “Spilling instant noodles is disgusting. Quickly clean it up or the carriage will be filled with the smell of your instant noodles.”

Jing Weiguang was in a hurry. “I’m sorry, I’ll clean it up…”

He turned to find Xiao Lou, asking, “Hello, do you have a broom or mop? I soiled the ground over there and want to clean it up.”

Cleaning should be the responsibility of the train attendant. Xiao Lou was in the role and immediately smiled. “I will clean it up.”

Jing Weiguang protested. “No no no, I won’t trouble you. I’ll clean it up.”

He grabbed the mop from Xiao Lou and turned to clean the floor.

The smell inside the carriage wasn’t that bad and this high-class train had an air purification system. Xiao Lou took the initiative to turn on the purification system.

Jing Weiguang went to cook a second bowl of instant noodles and the brothers came back after changing clothes.

Zhou Zheng had taken off the couple shirt and changed into a blue T-shirt with letters on them. Mo Jiaran gave him a cold look and didn’t speak.

Jing Weiguang came back with the bowl of noodles. Zhao Zheng simply stood in the corridor and let the other person get in first. Then he put down the small table board and sat steadily. He calmly adjusted his clothes while sitting.

Xiao Lou looked at the couple thoughtfully.

Just now, Mo Jiaran and Zhao Zheng had argued so loudly and startled almost the entire carriage. Yet Yue Xiaoquan sitting next to them remained calm. She wore headphones, held her mobile phone and listened to music while reading novels. She was completely immersed in her own world and had an indifferent attitude towards others.

Zhao Quan was Zhao Zheng’s brother and he couldn’t stay still when seeing his brother argue with his girlfriend.

After his younger brother and a strange passenger had a dispute and the child inadvertently humiliated his brother, he stood up to preside over the situation, taking his brother to change clothes while also apologizing to Jing Weiguang.

It was obvious that in this group of four, the older brother’s character was calm and he was more ‘considered’ when doing things. His girlfriend Yue Xiaoquan didn’t care about idle things, even if the people around her were arguing. She just continued to read.

Mo Jiaran had the typical temper of someone from a big family. Her family’s situation should be very good and she wanted to rely on her boyfriend for things. She asked him to buy sleeper seats but as a result, they ended up with hard seats. Most people would be angry at having to sit in hard seats for three days. However, she lost her temper regardless of the situation and loudly scolded her boyfriend in front of the entire carriage, giving him no face. This obviously hurt Zhao Zheng’s self-esteem and he was depressed.

Zhao Zheng had to constantly bow to apologize. It was clear that in this relationship, his girlfriend had the upper hand.

He had been scolded by his girlfriend and lost face in front of the passengers. Then Jing Weiguang happened to spill instant noodles on his body. This would undoubtedly make him angry but… he was too much. It was a cheap T-shirt and could be worn again after washing it. There was no need to hate the other person to that extent.

There must be something wrong with the two couples.

In particular, the couple T-shirt was dirty and Zhao Zheng was forced to change out of the couple clothes. Was this a sign that his relationship with his girlfriend was going to break down?

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