CR: Chapter 67

In the second game, the right to play first rotated counterclockwise.

This time, it was the No. 2 curly-haired girl’s turn to play first. She had good luck and obtained A of Spades and A of Hearts.

It was just that this female’s style of play was a bit unspeakable.

She first played the A of Spades, followed by A of Hearts. There was nothing to say about this. Testing the waters with a big card was a good idea. An ‘A’ was the highest card and the card rights would always rest in her hands.

If changed to Xiao Lou, he could continue to play Hearts.

It was because just now, she played Hearts and her teammate played 2 of Hearts. He should have other Hearts cards in his hand. Meanwhile, Yu Hanjiang played a Q of Hearts and obviously didn’t have any more Hearts in his hand.

However, she didn’t look closely at the game or calculate the hands of others.

She had three Spades and three Hearts in her hand, of which, the Spades had the big Q of Spades remaining. Meanwhile, the Hearts were the small numbers: 3, 4 and 5. The countdown of 3, 2, 1 appeared on the screen. The girl was somewhat nervous. She gritted her teeth and decided to play Q of Spades, thinking that if there wasn’t a higher card then she would continue having the right to choose.

It was just that Yu Hanjiang directly played the K of Spades.

The girl looked stunned silly!

She had already played A of Spades and K of Spades was now the highest card.

Yu Hanjiang successfully snatched back the rights and continued with a J of Spades in the next round.

A, K, Q had appeared and his J was the largest. In the next round, Yu Hanjiang continued with 10 of Spades…

He wiped out all his Spades in one breath and then played the A of Diamonds.

Out of the couple, one played the 8 of Diamonds and the other the 9 of Diamonds. Xiao Lou played the 2 of Diamonds.

Yu Hanjiang continued with J of Diamonds. The man played Q of Diamonds and it was Xiao Lou’s turn. Xiao Lou directly played the K of Diamonds and stably kept the right to choose in their hands.

The next round, he continued with 10 of Diamonds and Group Leader Yu followed with a small Diamonds card.

The two men cooperated with each other and quickly cleared Diamonds.

After finding out that Yu Hanjiang only had one card left, Xiao Lou smiled and played a Clubs card.

Group Leader Yu’s last card was indeed Clubs.

In the beginning, the female played A of Hearts and Yu Hanjiang directly played Q of Hearts, making it obvious he had no other Hearts in his hand. Immediately after that, he got rid of all his Spades and then his Diamonds with Xiao Lou. His remaining card could only be Clubs.

Xiao Lou tacitly helped Yu Hanjiang get rid of the last card.

The keeper’s face was expressionless as he declared, “No. 3 has finished his hand. The red team has won. Blue team, please count the remaining cards.”

The couple’s faces became uglier. The girl hadn’t played well. Her stating hand had been good but she made the wrong choice in the second selection. This gave Yu Hanjiang the chance to recapture the priority and get rid of his Spades.

The countdown was only three seconds and it was impossible for her to think. Her brain worked noticeably less quickly than Xiao Lou.

This time, there were six cards remaining in the couple’s hands. They lost 30,000 gold coins to Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang.

The couple only had 20,000 chips left.

The keeper stated, “No. 3, play a card first.”

In the third game, Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang’s hands weren’t very good. They didn’t get any aces and the couple quickly finished the A of the four suits, while the Ks were also in their hand.

They cooperated with each other and tried to play the suit the other might have.

Cards were played one after another, By the time the No. 4 man finished his hand, Xiao Lou only had one card left while Yu Hanjiang had two. They lost but they only needed to pay 15,000 chips to the other side.

The keeper said, “The fourth game, No. 4 is first.”

Xiao Lou had some big cards in his hand while No. 4 didn’t have any big cards and they happened to be the opposite of his girlfriend’s suits.

His girlfriend had A of Diamonds and A of Clubs but he opened with Spades.

The result was that Xiao Lou used A of Spades to regain the right to choose and he quickly got rid of all his Spades. Then he cooperated with Yu Hanjiang to finish Clubs, Hearts and then Diamonds…

Finally, Group Leader Yu guessed the last card in his hand and casually played a 3 of Diamonds, allowing Xiao Lou to get rid of his last card.

They won again!

The couple wanted to cry.

Out of four games, the couple only one game and the other team only had three games, giving them 15,000 gold coins. Unexpectedly, the combination of these two men actually won three games and took all their 100,000 chips. Not to mention, they had too many cards remaining in the last hand and they didn’t have enough chips!

The teenager with facial paralysis spoke lightly, “Since the two of you have no chips left, please take out your card packs and let them select a card each as compensation.”

The two people, “…”

The LCD screen in front of the four seats lowered and Xiao Lou found the couple staring at him with tearful eyes.

Xiao Lou smiled in an embarrassed manner. He hadn’t expected the couple’s tacit understanding to be so poor!

Were these two a fake couple?

Yu Hanjiang looked at Xiao Lou and nodded at him, eyes gentle.

At first, he discovered that the opponents were a couple and thought that in this game, he and Professor Xiao would at most tie with the couple, keeping their 100,000 chips. It was okay to lose tens of thousands of gold coins, as long as their cards weren’t drawn.

He didn’t expect that in the process of playing the game, Professor Xiao was connected with his heart. He had a Diamonds card left and Professor Xiao happened to play Diamonds. He had a Clubs card left and was afraid of the priority being captured by the opponents when Professor Xiao directly played a Clubs card.

‘You play small cards while I use big cards to control the field.’

‘I have one card left in my hand and you will give me the same suit…’

Xiao Lou’s mental calculation ability was too strong. There were only three seconds of playing time but he could actually remember all the cards that had been played, as well as calculating the opponents and teammate’s cards.

The two people held the right to select cards most of the time and used this tacit understanding to beat the couple. They walked away with the final win. Forget the 100,000 gold coins, the other side didn’t have enough chips and they could actually draw from the card package.

The curly-haired man sighed helplessly. “My girlfriend rarely plays cards.”

The girl awkwardly bowed her head. “I’m sorry. Three seconds is too slow and I couldn’t react fast enough.”

The man waved cheerfully. “It’s fine. In any case, we have enough cards and there are no good cards. It’s fine for them to draw it.” The man took out his card pack and turned to ask the keeper, “Is it to be drawn from both our packs?”

The keeper replied, “No. 1 will draw from No. 2 and No. 3 will draw from No. 3. You can rearrange your card packs.”

The girl took out her card pack and the two people quickly took out all the cards from their bag and put them back.

After finishing, they placed the card packs on the table.

Xiao Lou thought for a moment. “The third one.”

The keeper took out the third card.

[Tool Card: Charging Treasure]

Rarity: B

Description: There is a certain probability of obtaining it from a draw when clearing a room with a score of B.

You are my charging treasure. With you around, my heart will be full of motivation.

How can I go out without a charging treasure?

All electrical type cards connected to the charging treasure can immediately reset all skills.

Xiao Lou, “……”

He had become accustomed to all sorts of strange descriptions in the Card World.

Unfortunately, the two people didn’t have any electrical cards at present. They would have to wait until they got an electrical card to use this charging treasure.

He just had this thought when Yu Hanjiang reached out to the curly-haired man’s card pack and happened to pull out an electrical card.

[Tool Card: Hair Dryer]

Rarity: B

Description: There is a certain probability of obtaining it from a draw when clearing a room with a score of B.

The hair dryer is used to blow hair but in this world, it is too windy. Don’t use it to blow your hair because it blows objects with a weight up to 200kg to a position 50 metres away. Blow your hair with it and you will become bald.

The cooldown time for use is 60 minutes.

Xiao Lou, “……”

They had seen this card before. A male challenger in 3 of Spades held the hair dryer and blew several zombies into the pit.

Unexpectedly, they drew cards with such a high tacit understanding. Xiao Lou drew the charging treasure while Yu Hanjiang immediately drew an electrical card.

The couple made bitter expressions and couldn’t help complaining, “We managed to draw the combination of the charging treasure and hair dryer yet you managed to get it. You must have eyes in the sky.”

Xiao Lou smiled apologetically. If they didn’t want to lose both cards then the most reasonable thing was to put the two cards in the same card pack, so that only one could be drawn.

Fortunately, B-grade tool cards were easy to obtain. The couple might be pained at losing it but it was still acceptable.

The girl quickly readjusted her expression. “The loss is only two B-grade cards. It is better than being eliminated and entering the Nightmare Room.”

The man nodded. “Yes, let’s go to the Diamonds secret room first. Perhaps we can get better cards.”

The two people agreed and turned away.

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang glanced at each other. They hadn’t expected this Clubs room to be really simple.

The person who lost only randomly lose two cards and they wouldn’t be directly eliminated like 2 of Clubs.

It was because 3 of Spades was too cruel that 3 of Clubs was kind.

Xiao Lou smiled and asked, “Do we get any rest time?”

A of Clubs asked incredulously, “Such a simple game that ended in minutes and you still want to rest?”

The two guys, Spade and Clubs really weren’t considerate to challengers at all. The one with the longest break was the Hearts secret room.

Xiao Lou had a headache and pressed a hand to his temple. “We will go to 4 of Hearts next.”

The teenager nodded and drew the 4 of Hearts card. He waved to both of them. “Go ahead, good luck to both of you.”

4 of Hearts was also a C-grade secret room. The difficulty of the C-grade secret rooms might be low but Xiao Lou always felt that with the personality of these four keepers, the fourth level wouldn’t let challengers pass easily.

3 of Hearts was a campus serial murder. 4 of Hearts… what would it be?

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