CR: Chapter 65

During the previous 2 of Spades, Zombie Town, the keeper piloted a helicopter to the rooftop to pick up people. Unexpected, they cleared 3of Spades and the keeper once again used a helicopter to pick up people. Spades had almost changed into a helicopter mount.

Maybe this was A of Spade’s unique hobby?

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang sat in the back row, glancing at each other and not speaking.

Instead, A of Spades sitting in the front row took the initiative to open his mouth. “This time, the 3 of Spades’ challenger survival rate is more than 85% thanks to your help. However, you helping them clear the instance isn’t necessarily a good thing.”

It was dark outside the window and the city below them had completely disappeared from view. Xiao Lou smiled and replied, “I understand what you mean. In the Card World, challengers must learn to be strong and not always rely on the help of others to clear the instance. Even so, I don’t think it is a bad thing to help them survive for a few days. They might draw good cards and go even further.”

Xiao Lou didn’t want to interfere but he couldn’t let them die if he could save them.

Yu Hanjiang firmly agreed with Xiao Lou’s opinion and said, “Professor Xiao’s words are correct, we should do what we are capable of. As for what they will encounter in the future and how long they can live, it all depends on them.”

A of Spades’ mouth gently curved. “There aren’t many challengers like you.”

Yu Hanjiang changed the topic. “Why isn’t there a perfect clearance in 3 of Spades? The final prompt only said that it was a smooth clearance. Is a challengers survival rate of 100% considered a perfect clearance?”

A of Spades said, “I’ll explain it to you.”

Just then, the helicopter suddenly landed on an empty tarmac and the two people returned to their personal space surrounded by white fog. A of Spades gently flicked his fingers and a large screen appeared in front of them, playing some bits and pieces.

On the first screen, a man gathered a large number of people in the central square. Then he suddenly rushed into the crowd, opened a familiar green bottle and the zombie virus started to spread rapidly, infecting many people. The financial crisis world turned into a larger version of Zombie Town!

The challenger stood among the infected corpses and he was laughing. “How simple is this secret. By turning these people into zombies and using the vaccine, won’t I easily clear it?”

On the second screen, several challengers formed a bandit group, relying on the invisibility cloak and universal key from 3 of Hearts to go and rob the bank at night when no one was around. The woman in the lead spoke precisely, “No matter how the prices rise in the financial crisis, we have millions of gold coins in our hand and can lie down to clear the instance. Sure enough, a C-grade secret room is too easy…”

The third screen showed two challengers holding heavy weapons breaking into a hotel, killing the employee at the front desk and occupying the hotel. They smiled and said, “In the future, this is our territory. We have enough food for seven days and isn’t it easy to clear the instance?” “Big Brother is right. We have guns and no one would dare come close, hahaha.”

Xiao Lou’s hair rose when he saw this while Yu Hanjiang’s fists were tightly clenched.

—It was like this.

No wonder why the world would specifically organize a challengers organization. It was because there were some evil people among the challengers, relying on cards drawn from the secret rooms to burn, loot and kill…

In order to clear the instance, one person actually directly released the zombie virus in the central square, infecting the original residents of the city!

In order to clear the instance, people wore invisibility cloaks and robbed the bank.

Were they still human?

Xiao Lou’s heart was cold. The people who did this could naturally clear the instance. It was just that their means of clearance were to cruel. They treated the world’s free people as ants to be slaughtered…

This was why the 3 of Spades secret room didn’t have a ‘perfect clearance.’

What was perfect?

Everyone had different measures in his or her heart.

Perhaps in the eyes of these people, robbing the bank, releasing the virus or occupying the hotel was a perfect method of clearance. They might feel they were very witty, using the cards obtained in previous secret rooms to easily clear 3 of Spades.

In fact, if Xiao Lou was a hard-hearted person, he could release Liu Xiaoyuan and have the zombie leader bite everyone, creating a large number of zombie puppets. Then clearing the instance would be extremely easy.

However, he didn’t do this.

After all, he was faced with living people. They might come from different worlds but these people also had feelings, a consciousness, relatives and friends.

Trampling on the lives of humans in a different world in order to live… these challengers were crazy.

The ruthless, cold-blooded and unprincipled challengers were also a huge threat to other challengers.

They would do whatever it took to clear the instance.

There was no hesitation in clearing the natives of this world so they wouldn’t show any hesitation killing the same type of people…

This world of secret rooms distorted the human mind.

Fortunately, Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang still maintained their rationality, Shao Qingge had no interest in killing and Ye Qi could still maintain his heart after experiencing the Nightmare Room. Their three views were in the same general direction and were the most solid cornerstone for the four people who came together.

A of Spades spoke lightly, “The financial crisis secret room has many methods to clear it. You chose the most laborious one but your group of challengers has the highest survival rate.”

On the screen, the pervert who released the zombie virus for his own interests infected a large number of citizens as well as challengers who were caught off guard. Finally, he walked out of the secret room while everyone else died. The entire city had been turned into a hell.

The group that robbed the bank had infighting due to the money distribution. One of them secretly took away a large number of gold coins. For the next few days, they were busy looking for the person who took the money and were suspicious of each other. Finally, only three people cleared the instance.

The men who occupied the hotel had piece of mind because of the guns in their heads. Then on the fifth day, they were shot to death by prisoners with guns.

For other challengers, some of them formed a temporary organization but not many people had the courage to take the lead and it was difficult to convince others. Most temporary organizations disbanded halfway. Others encountered a traitor like Ye Qi and were wiped out…

Xiao Lou didn’t know how to evaluate it.

There were all types of people among the challengers.

At first, he felt that a mysterious organization targeting challengers was too much… now it seemed that some challengers relied on their cards to behave even more brutally!

A of Spades played some videos for the two of them before going on to say, “3 of Spades doesn’t have a perfect clearance but challengers who perform well can still get a chance to draw a card as long as the score is S.”

He waved. “Look at your fixed rewards first.”

The two people opened the card pack at the same time and saw that a new card had indeed appeared in the card bag.

[Tool Card: Materials Supply Package]

Rarity: A

Description: A fixed reward for clearing the 3 of Spades secret room.

Effect: Open the materials supply package and you can immediately get mineral water x1, compressed biscuits x1, instant noodles x1, milk x1.

Limit: Can only be used once in each secret room.

Xiao Lou couldn’t help thinking, ‘It can only be used once in every room. Isn’t A of Spades too stingy?’

A of Spades seemed to sense his mind and spoke lightly, “Don’t think it is too little. In some extreme secret rooms, eating these might save your life.”

Xiao Lou smiled. “Yes, thank you for the reward.”

Yu Hanjiang coolly put away the card and asked, “Gold coins? Wasn’t it mentioned we could bring them out of the secret room?”

A of Spades told him, “For the 3 of Spades secret room, the two of you left with a total of 356,800 gold coins. It has been deposited into Xiao Lou’s account and can be used in the Card World with any ATM machine or bank counter. Mr Yu, do you agree?”

He knew Xiao Lou was in charge of the accounts so the money went directly into Xiao Lou’s account.

Yu Hanjiang nodded to show he had no opinion.

A of Spades stated, “Please draw a card.”

His index finger raised gently and a glittering chest appeared on the table in front of the two men.

Xiao Lou didn’t have time to speak when Yu Hanjiang took the initiative to suggest, “You draw it. Perhaps you can draw a summoning card.”

In reality, Xiao Lou received 10 yuan maximum when drawing the lottery but in the Card World, the cards he drew were really strange. Since Group Leader Yu said so, Xiao Lou didn’t refuse. He gently drew a card from the treasure chest.

[Congratulations on drawing the S-grade summoning card, Bai Juyi!]

Xiao Lou, “……”

He really thanked Group Leader Yu’s prophecy.

It was another summoning card. Since the two people’s clearance score was S, this time they also drew a very powerful S-grade summoning card.

Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou immediately held the card and observed it carefully.

The back was the inherent style of the Card World. It had the patterns of hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs painted on it. The front contained an old-fashioned poet in a hat.

[Summoning Card: Bai Juyi]

Rarity: S

Description: After a clearance score of S, there is a very low probability of obtaining it from the limited card pool.

Additional Skill 1: Old Charcoal Seller

Bai Juyi once used poetry to describe the miserable life of an old charcoal man. His clothes were poor and he was worried about the charcoal being too cheap!

If the weather is cold, how good would it be to have a warm charcoal fire?

Use Bai Juyi’s ‘Old Charcoal Seller’ skill to produce a charcoal fire in a designated location. The charcoal fire can be ignited in any harsh environment and the duration is 30 minutes. For every increase in level, the charcoal fire is extended by 6 minutes and this can go up to 60 minutes.

Additional Skill 2: Unlocked when the card grows to level 10.

Yu Hanjiang looked at Xiao Lou with a complicated expression, seemingly saying, ‘The cards you draw are really strange.’

Xiao Lou helplessly pinched his brow. He felt that something wasn’t right when he first drew Tao Yuanming. Then he drew Di Renjie after 3 of Hearts and now it was Bai Juyi… did he accidentally put his hand into the pool of historic celebrities?

The two people looked at the skill description again.

Thanks to the Bai Juyi card, they would no longer have to buy candles, lighters and other things to set a fire in future secret rooms.

The Old Charcoal Seller skill could directly make a charcoal fire, ignoring any humid or cold environment.

Bai Juyi’s first skill was actually quite practical. If they were thrown into the wilderness, they could light the charcoal fire to roast some game to eat or heat themselves up in the cold environment. It was a good choice.

In addition, the second skill wasn’t unlocked. The S-grade card’s growth was higher than the A-grade cards. Perhaps the second skill was even more powerful?

Xiao Lou was pleased and placed the Bai Juyi card into his card pack.

Yu Hanjiang turned to A of Spades. “You threw us into the financial crisis for seven days and we didn’t sleep well. You should give us time to rest?”

A of Spades replied coldly, “Half an hour.”

Xiao Lou was depressed. “Isn’t that too little?”

A of Spades coldly raised his eyebrows, “I don’t like bargaining. If you aren’t satisfied, how about I change it to 10 minutes?”

Xiao Lou immediately smiled. “I’m very satisfied. Thank you.”

Facing this iceberg face, Xiao Lou really didn’t want to talk. The Hearts sister was the friendliest and kindest.

Xiao Lou sighed and glanced at Yu Hanjiang. “It is 30 minutes, let’s take a break.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded, sat down on the sofa and took time to rest.


In their personal spaces, Ye Qi and Shao Qingge were affected by Xiao Lou and also received an S-grade clearance score.

The two of them each drew a card.

Ye Qi received the instrument card ‘Flute’. He happened to play a flute and this S-grade instrument was much stronger than his previous Guitar. The first skill ‘Melodious Flute’ played music and could let people in a 50 metres radius fall into a forced sleep state that lasted 30 seconds.

It was a very amazing group control skill but the cooldown time was relatively long. It could be used once every eight hours.

The second skill wasn‘t unlocked and should also be very strong.

Ye Qi excitedly held the new card and sat on the sofa. A moment later, A of Spades said, “Someone sent you a contract invitation. The other person is called Shao Qingge. Do you want to accept?”

The contract that Ye Qi had been waiting for finally arrived and he immediately nodded. “I accept!”

A of Spades took out the signed contract book and handed it to him. Ye Qi didn’t even look as he signed his name in it.

The moment he signed his name, it became dark in front of him…

Shao Qingge actually pulled him directly into 3 of Hearts!

Ye Qi couldn’t help inwardly scolding, ‘Can’t you slow down? Don’t you need to rest?’


Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang rested and once the time came, the two people moved to the card wall.

They passed three and there was only 3 of Clubs left.

Xiao Lou directly reached out for a card.

Moments later, the space shifted and they saw the familiar A of Clubs.

The teenager sat on a luxurious sofa and spoke lightly, “Welcome to 3 of Clubs.”

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang turned their heads. They were both wearing black suits and silver masks. This was Clubs’ favourite outfit and they automatically changed into it once entering Clubs. All challengers were collectively dressed in black like they were going to a funeral.

A of Spades liked flying helicopters while Clubs liked everyone in black. Xiao Lou was too lazy to care about the unique hobbies of the keepers.

They had received some information from Shao Qingge about the 3 of Clubs secret room so Xiao Lou was very confident that he could make another big profit here!

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Xiao Lou may be lazy but I want to know all about the keepers 😭

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Me too. Especially Spades.

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I wish they have chance to relax, even i need to chill after reading that