CR: Chapter 61

Day five, late at night.

The team of escaped prisoners terrorized the streets for only a short time. There weren’t many materials and most residents were worried about the danger outside, causing them to lock the doors and windows. The prisoners couldn’t enter the residents’ homes to steal.

The leader with a scar on his face suddenly said, “The construction site on the outskirts has a group of foreigners. They should have a lot of food.”

Someone wondered, “How do you know this?”

A strange smile appeared on his face as he replied, “A friend of mine told me.”

He simply waved his hand. “Go to the construction site and take advantage of the darkness to take care of all these foreigners!”

Two young men were bowing their heads behind the group. After hearing this, a grey-faced youth whispered in his companion’s ear, “They mentioned foreigners. Are they referring to challengers? What should we do? If they found out that we are challengers, would we be slaughtered by these crazy people?”

The other person was white-faced. “Don’t say it! In any case, we were caught by the police as thieves and we will continue to pretend to be thieves.”

These two people were those who stole the LCD TV in order to go to prison for seven days in an attempt to clear the instance.

The result was that they had only been a prisoner for a day when they stopped giving the prisoners food. It was said that the prison guards collectively went on a holiday. The two people stared at the iron bars with regret and thought they would starve to death in the cell. They didn’t expect that on the fifth day, the prisoners actually escaped from prison?

After a wave of twists and turns, the two of them mixed into the ranks of the prisoners and left the prison.

Along the way, this group killed people without thinking. Both challengers were scared and wanted to find an opportunity to slip away, but they weren’t able to find it.

Scarface didn’t pay attention to the two thieves. He thought these two people didn’t kill anyone because they had no courage.

He brought everyone to the construction site and stared at the three floors in the distance.

There was a fire in the building and the familiar sound of instant noodles floated. The prisoners drooled and exclaimed, “Boss, there really are people here!” “They are also cooking. They must have a lot of instant noodles!”

Scarface looked behind him. “Who will go to explore the road?”

The two grey-faced ‘thieves’ bowed their heads to hide. Scarface raised their eyebrows and said, “You go!”

The two people were shocked. “U-Us?”

Scarface pushed the two of them. “Go in to see if there are any traps.”

They were clearly being used as tools. The two challengers looked at each other and had to cautiously sneak into the construction site.


At this time, the third floor of the construction site.

The girl monitoring the telescope immediately said, “Xiao Ye, a group of people has been found in the distance. Two of them are moving towards the construction site.” She zoomed in on the image and looked carefully, “They seem to be a bit familiar?”

Shao Qingge stated, “I’ve seen them. They are two challengers who stayed in my hotel and had their supplies stolen on the first night.”

He sent the information to Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou.

Yu Hanjiang quickly replied, “They should be the two guys who stole the LCD TV and were taken by the police.”

Xiao Lou, “……”

What a coincidence.

Group Leader Yu went to the decorations market and encountered two strange challengers who tried to rob the LCD TV and were captured by the police. Yu Hanjiang had commented that they wanted to rely on staying in prison to clear their instance. Their thinking was really strange.

They didn’t expect these two guys to run out with the escaped prisoners.

Yu Hanjiang whispered, “Do you want to save them?”

Xiao Lou nodded and Yu Hanjiang quickly moved behind the two people, deftly twisted their arms behind their backs. Xiao Lou covered their mouths and said, “Don’t let out any sounds. This is the challenger base camp.”

Both men were stunned and frightened after being caught in an instant.

Yu Hanjiang quickly took them to a dark corner and spoke in the ears of the two people, “This construction site is full of traps and the roof has a very lethal weapons card. The surviving challengers are gathered here and we intend to clean up this group of thugs. The two of you stay in a corner and don’t move or run around, otherwise you will be caught by the traps and die miserably.”

Then he took out a vaccine and pricked the two people in the arm.

A cold liquid was injected into their blood vessels and the two people stared with tense bodies, thinking the other side had given them poison/drugs.

Xiao Lou laughed, “Don’t be afraid. I gave you a special vaccine that makes you immune to the zombie virus. You don’t know everyone’s layout so in order to avoid both of you stepping on a trap, I will tie you to a safe place.”

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang quickly cooperated and tied the two men up. This was followed by Yu Hanjiang taking their clothes to pretend to be a prisoner. He whispered to Xiao Lou, “I will release the virus. Prepare all the firepower for one minute later.”

Xiao Lou looked at him and nodded. “Be careful.”

The two challengers tied together with clothes stuffed in their mouths were stunned.

Was this really the challenger stronghold? Weren’t the virus and vaccine rewards from the 2 of Spades room? It seemed that everyone had done a good arrangement. Did they just have to lie down to clear the instance?

The two people were perturbed and they couldn’t believe they had such good luck.

Yu Hanjiang pretended to be a prisoner and walked out of the building.

Scarface frowned. “What is the situation? Those two rabbits haven’t come back after so long?”

Just then, he saw a man in prisoner clothes coming over. He thought the person he sent to investigate had come back and Scarface was just about to open his mouth when he realized something was wrong.

This man was too tall!

He was nearly 1.9 metres and was half a head taller than the two guys Scarface had just sent.

Scarface’s expression changed. “Stop him!”

However, this command was a step too late.

Yu Hanjiang used Ye Qi’s teleportation card and acted as fast as lightning. The tall figure was a few dozen metres away when the next moment, he appeared in the crowd and opened a bottle full of green liquid.

A strange smell spread in an instant.

Scarface hurriedly covered his mouth and nose, angrily screaming, “What is this? Get him!”

Yu Hanjiang was flexible in his actions and withdrew from the siege in an instant.

The girl monitoring on the third floor hurriedly said, “Old Han is safe and the prisoners are also withdrawing…”

Xiao Lou gave a command. “Ready—fire!”

A lead ball was suddenly thrown high into the air. Under normal circumstances, the record of this lead ball was only 20 metres but this was the Card World’s enhanced lead ball. It was directly thrown a few hundred metres into the crow.


Once the lead ball landed and exploded, there was a loud bang and a 5×5 metres pit was smashed into the ground!

The dozens of prisoners were caught off guard and fell into the pit. They soon felt their bodies start to heat up and the actions became slow. Their hands and feet didn’t seem to listen to their brains and the group of people panicked. “What? I can’t walk…” “I have a headache and a fever…”

The zombie virus was effective and the people who remained above the pit also felt unwell.

Scarface’s eyes flashed with a hint of cruelty. “There is an ambush. Cover the front with weapons!”

The prisoners had grabbed a lot of weapons when escaping from the prison. Today, Yu Hanjiang went to the city to investigate and saw them shooting people with guns, killing many people. There were also have weapons such as machine guns and grenades.

Under the command of Scarface, this group of zombies started to shoot the construction site up like crazy!

There was the loud sound of gunfire and grenades thrown at the construction site, causing flames to explode in the dark of the night!

The girl with the Mirror card immediately threw the mirror at the door of the construction site, rebounding the attacks and protected the males on the first floor. The boy on the third floor opened the umbrella and blocked all bullets that might come over.

The monitoring girl cried out, “There are three to the west and two to the south!”

Beard decisively released his hound.

Xiao Lou controlled the rings and countless bracelet-sized rings flew through the darkness like a ferocious storm towards the crowd!

These people were affected by the zombie virus and they were slow to move. Xiao Lou’s ring knocked down a large number of them in the blink of an eye. Scarface roared angrily and raised his machine gun in the direction of the rings, shooting them down.

He fired and retreated. He had just retreated a few metres when pain shot up from his feet.

It was the Seize Prey card that had been placed in advance and he was caught.

A few people were captured while wailing came from the east and west.

It wasn’t enough.

After they were caught by the trap, a gust of wind blew and several light people were directly blown into the pit!

Several people in the pit were struggling to climb up. They were just about to climb out, only to be smashed back by their companions who fell from the sky.

A group of people stacked together and the bottom prisoner was almost crushed into a meat pie, his mouth constantly swearing. “Fu*k! Are you stupid? Why go into the pit?” The people who were scolded were innocent. “I was blown over! This group of foreigners are demons!”

Scarface’s expression was extremely ugly.

Several people who had escaped the attack sneaked away and they were chased by the bearded uncle’s hounds. Their legs were bitten and they soon fell to the ground, unable to get up. The hounds were vaccinated and they returned to the bearded uncle, continuing to bite those who wanted to escape.

The prisoners were caught by traps while the dozens in the pit trampled on each other. It was a mess.

At this point, the prisoners’ heads were full of question marks. ‘Who am I? Where am I? What type of devil have I met?’

A few days ago, Scarface received the news passed on to him from Old Liu that the foreigners would eventually gather at the construction site. He should bring the prisoners over and let them destroy each other, allowing him to receive a high bounty.

The result was that forget the bounty, they were beaten so badly?

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