CR: Shao Qingge Ye Qi – Extra Eight

Shao Qingge took Ye Qi out through the backstage VIP passage and they headed to the suburban villa.

The moment he entered the door, Ye Qi couldn’t help asking curiously, “Am I not going to sign with Chief Chen’s company? I think his company isn’t bad.”

Shao Qingge explained in a low voice while changing his shoes, “Chen Yu is a very cunning person. He has a wide network of contacts in the circle and the stars in his company do find it easy to get popular. However, most of the money goes to the company and you can only get 40% of it. In addition, the copyright of the songs belongs to the company for eight years. In other words, even if you terminate the contract with the company, the company can continue to use your songs to release albums.”

Ye Qi didn’t know the terms of the contract. Now he heard Shao Qingge say this and he felt there were some pits. However, most singers didn’t mind these harsh terms if they could sign with a company that would make them popular.

Shao Qingge added, “Don’t you want to be an original singer? In the future, you will definitely create a large number of original songs. I don’t want your song copyrights to be given to the company but I don’t have the right to deal with it.”

Ye Qi scratched his head. “It is just that most companies have to make money. Who would be so kind as to let the copyright of the song belong to the singer? In this way, couldn’t the singer run away with the songs at any time?”

Shao Qingge smiled slightly and reached out to touch Ye Qi’s hair. “There is really no company with such good conditions at the moment. He paused before calmly saying, “That is why I set up an independent studio for you. The contract is up to us.”

Ye Qi, “……”

Ye Qi heard Shao Qingge say these words casually and couldn’t believe that Shao Qingge had done so much for him silently! The shock and emotion in Ye Qi’s heart made his eyes instantly turn red and he threw himself into Shao Qingge’s arms.

Shao Qingge gently touched his head. “Don’t worry. I might not understand the rules of the entertainment industry but I have hired very professional economic and public relations teams to help you. In the future, you will be the only signed artist of my studio. You don’t need to scramble for resources with other artists. You just need to write and sing songs with peace of mind.”

Ye Qi nodded vigorously and choked up. “Thank you…”

The two of them embraced for a while before Ye Qi raised his head. “By the way, I also have a gift for you.”

Shao Qingge was very interested. “Oh? A gift?”

Ye Qi seriously said, “I told you back then that I would write a song for you in the future and that the first song would be given to you. In fact, during my holiday at home for the new year, I finished the song and recorded the demo myself…”

Ye Qi’s face slightly reddened. “It isn’t very well written and I’m too embarrassed to show it to others. Therefore, my first work is only for you to listen to.”

Apart from Ye Qi, the original creator, Shao Qingge was the only person in the world who could hear this song.

Ye Qi’s first work which was of great significance to Ye Qi…

He actually gave it to Shao Qingge.

Ye Qi blushed. “You turn on the computer and I’ll play it for you to listen to. It is my first song so it definitely isn’t very mature. You aren’t allowed to laugh at me!”

Shao Qingge was in a complicated mood. How could he laugh? He was already moved.

This song was the best gift and he had to cherish it.

Shao Qingge’s computer was placed on the bedroom table. Ye Qi went up to the second floor, turned on the computer and connected the USB.

There was only one song on the USB. The title of the song was ‘Thankful for Meeting You’ and the lyrics, music and arrangement were all written by Ye Qi.

Ye Qi opened the song.

A warm melody flowed and the accompaniment made extensive use of the guitar and some simple harmonica notes. It sounded a bit like a school ballad. It was particularly simple and pure but striking.

Shao Qingge’s heart was moved. “Did you play it yourself?”

Ye Qi admitted it. “Yes, the song is to be given to you so I wanted to do it myself. I didn’t dare to make the accompaniment too complicated. The guitar is played by me and the harmonica is also played by me.”

Shao Qingge’s heart trembled and he pulled Ye Qi into his arms. In other words, this song wasn’t just written, composed and arranged by Ye Qi. Even the accompaniment was done by Ye Qi.

Ye Qi was so attentive!

The clear and melodious notes sounded in the room, followed by Ye Qi’s clear voice…

The song written for the first time was indeed very immature but every sentence was like the most sincere confession to Shao Qingge.

That summer, you appeared before me;

Your smiling face under the sun instantly warmed the years;


Every time I saw you, I was excited;

Later, I learned this was love;


The road we traveled together was full of bitter memories;

Yet you were by my side and never abandoned me;

I think I have long been in love with you and cherished you in my heart;

I am thankful to meet you, you are the most beautiful scenery in my life.


It was a very simple song but there was a burst of heat in Shao Qingge’s eyes.

Shao Qingge saw the uneasy appearance of the young man in his arms and gently raised Ye Qi’s chin. He stared into Ye Qi’s eyes and said in a low voice, “Ye Qi, thank you for your gift, I really like it…” Shao Qingge kissed Ye Qi’s forehead and whispered, “I love you.”

Ye Qi blushed slightly. He confessed with a song which seemed really shameless. Yet so what? He really liked Chief Shao. He wanted Chief Shao to know that the most important position in his heart was always reserved for Shao Qingge.

The kiss fell and Ye Qi didn’t resist at all. There was the simple song that he had written for Chief Shao playing in his ears and the man’s kiss was so gentle that Ye Qi was intoxicated. Soon, his head became dizzy.

However, Ye Qi finally realized that something was wrong when Shao Qingge carried him to the bed. He thought about what this man was going to do and his face turned even redder. Ye Qi started to struggle slightly.

Shao Qingge stopped, stared at Ye Qi and whispered in his ear, “I want you, can I?”

Ye Qi, “……”

You don’t have to ask for my opinion!

The championship was won and the confession song was given. If nothing happened, Ye Qi also felt that tonight wouldn’t be complete.

Shao Qingge saw that Ye Qi’s face was red while he remained silent. He smiled slightly and bit the young man’s earlobe. He sensed the trembling of Ye Qi’s body and gently caressed his back, voice gentle to the extreme. “I’ll take it as you agree?”

Ye Qi closed his eyes and let out a hum in response.

The kiss fell heavily on his body. Ye Qi instinctively hugged Shao Qingge’s shoulder while the song he sang still played in the room on a loop. Ye Qi couldn’t help saying, “Turn off the computer first…”

Shao Qingge didn’t turn it off and instead said, “No, I want to listen to your song while hugging you.”

Ye Qi, “!!!”

How embarrassing was this!

Shao Qingge had endured it for a full three years and finally got what he wanted. The usually personable man wasn’t a person at all in bed.

Ye Qi could never forget how Shao Qingge listened to the song he wrote while fiercely possessing him.

Did he dig a big hole for himself?

His own song kept playing in his ears as he was completely possessed by Shao Qingge. It was really too… shameful!

The termination of the contract between Starlight Entertainment and Ye Qi made a lot of noise. There were some negative voices on the Internet saying that after Ye Qi won the championship and became popular, he turned his face and didn’t recognize anyone.

Chen Yu, the owner of Starlight Entertainment, actually came out to clarify that the company didn’t force the participants to sign a contract. It was a personal choice for participants to sign the contract or not. Ye Qi and Starlight Entertainment had no disputes and the contract was terminated peacefully.

Nobody understood this. President Chen wasn’t angry and actually helped speak for Ye Qi?

A few days later, news broke that Ye Qi had signed with a particularly small studio, so small that this studio only had one artist! Many black fans on the Internet ridiculed Ye Qi, thinking that he became too arrogant after winning the championship. He didn’t sign with a company as good as Starlight Entertainment and actually signed with the unknown trash studio. There would be absolutely no way out.

A month later, Ye Qi released his first single. 

This song was actually written by Teacher Zhao Chen, a famous person in the circle. Netizens sighed. “Teacher Zhao’s fees are very expensive. Is the company that Ye Qi signed with very rich?”

”It seems that the studio Ye Qi signed with might not be famous but it is rich. Is this trying to support Ye Qi?”

”Nonsense. The company has only one artist. Why wouldn’t they support him?”

Netizens suddenly realized. “Ye Qi is very smart. The studio only signed him alone and all the resources belong to him!”

They thought that even if Ye Qi sang a song written by Teacher Zhao, he wouldn’t be able to make any splashes. After all, Teacher Zhao had many songs. Not every song became popular. It depended on who sang it.

As a result, the new song was released and swept the major charts in one week, surprising the melon-eating public!

Ye Qi’s voice was very catchy, clear and pleasant. Many passersby changed their minds about Ye Qi due to this song. Even the restaurants and snack bars on the side of the road started to play Ye Qi’s song.

Ye Qi’s popularity was increasing and he received many invitations from variety shows.

It was just that he was still low-key and rejected all variety shows. He only wanted to bury himself in writing songs.

The thing that surprised everyone was that after half a year, Ye Qi started to release original songs. His style was very distinct and the songs he wrote always gave people a warm feeling, full of vigor and positivity. Combine this with his energetic image and Ye Qi’s popularity was comparable with first-tier traffic singers in just half a year.

There were many people who blackened him on the Internet and also many people who liked him.

Ye Qi didn’t mind the water armies blackening him. Every time he was blackened for more than a day, it would be dealt with by the professional PR team invited by Shao Qingge. It was as Shao Qingge said. He only needed to feel at ease writing and singing songs.

In such an environment, Ye Qi’s creative inspiration reached its peak and the songs he wrote got better and better.

However, Shao Qingge never let him announce their relationship. Every time the two of them met, Shao Qingge would send a driver to pick up Ye Qi and avoid the paparazzi. It was because once the relationship between the two of them was revealed, all of Ye Qi’s efforts would become ‘it turns out he was supported by a wealthy backer’ and ‘he only got all of this by crawling into Chief Shao’s bed’.

This would definitely be a huge blow to Ye Qi.

Shao Qingge and Ye Qi did have special identities. People would wear colored glasses when looking at their relationship and not many people would believe they were in love. Ye Qi knew in his heart that Shao Qingge cherished him so he agreed to the decision to keep their relationship a secret.

In any case, their relationship was a matter for the two of them. It was fine as long as they were happy together.

Shao Qingge was very considerate to Ye Qi and Ye Qi was dependent on Chief Shao. As long as there was no job, he would consciously run to Shao Qingge’s villa, accompany Shao Qingge and personally cook soup for him. It was the appearance of a ‘small housekeeper’.

He remembered that when he was young and ignorant, he once promised Shao Qingge, ‘You can use me anywhere. Just ask and I will definitely do what you want!’

Now when Shao Qingge needed him, he was really obliged to stay by Chief Shao’s side.

He also warmed the bed for Chief Shao every day.

Shao Qingge was particularly gentle in bed and Ye Qi enjoyed it very much. Every time the two of them were together, they would study things that weren’t suitable for children without any shyness. Shao Qingge would also force Ye Qi to call him husband.

Ye Qi called him ‘Father’ in the Card World and the two of them happened to be playing an adoptive father and son at that time.


Just let it go!

In any case, he had already called Shao Qingge ‘Father’. Was it difficult to say ‘Husband’?

The life of the unashamed husbands started in earnest in this warm villa.

[End of Shao Ye Extras]

TL: For those who are looking at the raws, you might be confused about why I state that there are a total of 610 chapters. In fact, there is one more set of extras about Lu Jiuchuan and Tang Ci. The author didn’t include it with Card Room but released it for free as another novel. I didn’t want to make a whole new toc page for it so I’ll be adding it to Card Room’s toc.

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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