CR: Shao Qingge Ye Qi – Extra Seven

Ye Qi was very busy during the next period of time. He couldn’t fall behind in his freshman classes and he had to prepare to participate in the singing competition in his spare time. The number of meetings with Shao Qingge decreased significantly.

Perhaps it was because their relationship was established but Ye Qi couldn’t help missing Shao Qingge every night. In his dreams, Shao Qingge’s face appeared repeatedly. Of course, he was too embarrassed to tell Chief Shao about this.

During the day, Ye Qi still focused on his studies and preparing for the singing competition.

Last time he participated in the singing competition, his performance was okay but his performance in the regional competition wasn’t good. This time, it was restarted. Ye Qi corrected some shortcomings in his singing, practiced repeatedly and made full preparations.

The results were as he expected. The audition was easily passed and he directly won first place in his area for the regional competition!

The finals would be held on the day of the Lantern Festival. Last time, Ye Qi went to Jiangzhou in advance and the car accident happened. This time, he listened to Shao Qingge’s words and stayed home after the new year. He never left his house and stayed at home until the 10th day.

The ones who also didn’t go out were Xiao Lou, Yu Hanjiang, Liu Qiao and the Long Qu couple who had an accident during this period. Everyone greeted each other in the group. It wasn’t until the time of the accident had passed and everyone was fine that they all finally felt relieved.

It seemed that the entire group successfully survived in reality.

Xiao Lou asked: Ye Qi, will the finals be held on the day of the Lantern Festival? I might not be able to go to the scene with Hanjiang. We have something to do at the police station that day. We have to go back to our unit.

Liu Qiao added: I am going to participate in the school’s scientific research training this winter vacation and I can’t go to the scene to cheer on Ye Qi. Still, I will be watching the live broadcast on my phone and will vote for you when the time comes!

Ye Qi sent a row of smiling emojis: Thank you everyone. You don’t need to come to the scene to cheer for me. If you watch the live broadcast, it is enough to cast a vote for me! After all, I am the one who will hold concerts in the future. You will have many opportunities to watch the live show!

Lu Jiuchuan couldn’t help complaining: You really aren’t modest at all.

Ye Qi’s vow was solemn: I am aiming for the championship!

Last time, he had a great chance of winning the championship. This time, he lived again and had a more thorough understanding of the format. He was fully prepared. In addition, Teacher Zhao Chen personally did the arrangement for the finals. If he couldn’t win then wouldn’t it be a waste of the past three years?

Ye Qi had been preparing for a long time so he didn’t feel nervous or afraid of the stage at all. He just wanted to stand on that stage to prove to himself and to Shao Qingge—this path wasn’t wrong.

The day of the finals was approaching and Shao Qingge personally took Ye Qi back to Jiangzhou on the 10th day of the first lunar month.

During the Spring Festival, the two of them hadn’t seen each other for more than ten days and they missed each other very much. The moment they entered the villa and closed the door, Ye Qi threw himself into Shao Qingge’s arms.

Shao Qingge looked at the young man who was hugging him tightly and his heart softened. He reached out and rubbed Ye Qi’s head, asking in a low voice, “Did you miss me?”

Ye Qi nodded seriously. “Yes, you wouldn’t let me go out. I’ve been at home for ten days and I’m about to get sick of it.”

Shao Qingge chuckled and raised Ye Qi’s chin. “I’ll give you a kiss to comfort you?”

Then he kissed Ye Qi gently.

Ye Qi’s heart beat like a drum. He took the initiative to open his mouth. Sensing his response, Shao Qingge tightened his arms and kissed deeper.

By the time the two of them separated, Ye Qi’s face was already red. He couldn’t help whispering, “Where did you learn these skills? Did you have a lot of girlfriends or boyfriends before…?”

Shao Qingge immediately clarified. “No. My heart is filled with you. How can I touch someone else?”

Ye Qi’s heart was sweet when he heard this and he coughed softly. “I was just joking. I don’t mean to doubt you.”

Shao Qingge shook his head. “I know that you are actually very uneasy. You think we won’t be together for a long time because I am very rich and there will definitely be a lot of temptations around me, right?”

Ye Qi really thought so. Shao Qingge was rich, handsome, young and promising. Wouldn’t there be a long line of people who wanted to pursue Chief Shao? Therefore, even if their relationship as lovers was confirmed, his heart was still uncertain. He always felt that the two of them wouldn’t be together for a long time. Maybe in a few years Chief Shao wouldn’t like him anymore.

Shao Qingge saw through Ye Qi’s thoughts and stared into his eyes, stating seriously, “Xiao Ye, have you forgotten what we have experienced together? There will be no second person in the world besides you who will make me protect them with my life without hesitation. Therefore, there will be no other person by my side.”

He paused before deliberately accentuating his words. “No one can replace your position in my heart.”

Ye Qi, “………”

In another world where there were existential crises everywhere, they had experienced so much side by side. How could he not believe in Shao Qingge’s character? In order to protect him, Shao Qingge even used his own body to block the attack of the bugs. The real world might be comfortable but the feelings established in times of crisis were even more precious!

Ye Qi took a deep breath, stood on tiptoe and quickly placed a kiss on Shao Qingge’s lips. He said earnestly, “I believe you. I also only have you in my heart and no one can replace you.”

Shao Qingge hugged him hard.

On the day of the finals, not many teammates could come to the scene because they were busy with their own things.

Still, everyone tried to make time to open their phones and watch the live broadcast.

Ye Qi played very well.

Compared with some singers who were nervous to the point of going out of tune on the final stage, Ye Qi was very stable from beginning to end. There was no trembling in the treble parts and even the professional judges couldn’t help praising his pitch. There was nothing to criticize about his performance. The solo performance in the first round, the double PK in the second round, the ultimate showdown in the third round…

Ye Qi sang three consecutive songs without a red face or running out of breath. He was almost comparable to a professional singer!

The judges discussed it in low voices. “This Ye Qi’s skills are too solid and his psychological quality is super good!”

”Today’s finals are really sung live. Several players had broken voices before but Ye Qi sang perfectly.”

”Some singers lip synch on the spot yet he can sing to such a level. It is really great!”

Due to President Chen spending money on publicity, the competition was very popular online. The ratings were also the highest for this week’s variety shows. Before the finals, some players relied on hype and selling misery to attract a large number of fans. The number of Ye Qi’s fans wasn’t large and not many people on the Internet were optimistic about him being the champion.

However, Ye Qi’s performance was indeed the best today.

His singing skills were almost at the level of a professional concert!

Ye Qi had the highest score among three categories, including the on-site voting, online voting and judges’ scoring.

The host announced excitedly, “The winner of this singing competition is—No. 7, Ye Qi!”

In the midst of the audience’s warm applause, Ye Qi stepped onto the big stage and accepted the golden championship trophy.

His eyes were suddenly a bit sore. In order to win this championship, he had been working hard every day for the past few years. Now his hard work had paid off. He didn’t disappoint Teacher Zhao, Chief Shao and even himself!

His dream of becoming a singer was very close! Ye Qi bowed deeply to the audience, took the microphone with choked sobs and thanked those who helped him.

On such an occasion, the person he wanted to thank most was Chief Shao. However, Shao Qingge had a special status so he couldn’t say it directly. He could only say it silently in his heart, ‘Thank you’.

In the WeChat group, everyone sent their congratulations.

“Congratulations to Ye Qi for winning the championship!”

”Xiao Ye is really the best!”

”I also voted for Ye Qi just now. Xiao Ye, we all support you!”

Just then, Gui Yuanzhang appeared and said: This group is a bit powerful. It consists of a police officer, forensic doctor, soldier, designer, intelligent AI researcher, sports school teacher, dance teacher and now there is a star? [surprised][surprised].

Everyone, “……”

Old Gui, you don’t know that we are the instance clearance group of the perverted Card World. You are also very powerful!

Unknowingly, Senior Gui entered and also followed the trend: I also watched the finals @Ye Qi. You sang well!

Ye Qi had just come backstage at this time and he couldn’t help smiling when he saw the messages in the group. He replied to everyone: Thank you! Once I hold a concert, I will definitely invite you!

At the same time, the VIP lounge backstage.

Chen Yu raised an eyebrow. “Shao Qingge, you are going too far! I invested in this singing competition and the contestants who enter the finals should sign with my company. I will package them and let them debut in the form of an idol group. Now you want to let Ye Qi fly solo and for him to sign to a Qiye Studio? Where did this studio come from? It isn’t reliable!”

Shao Qingge casually answered, “Qiye, read it in reverse and it is Ye Qi. It is the artist studio I set up.”

Chen Yu was stunned. “You? You are going to enter the entertainment industry?”

Shao Qingge patted his friend on the shoulder and told him calmly, “I will compensate you according to Ye Qi’s liquidated damages. He won’t sign with your company and I will ask the economic team to take him separately later. This isn’t very kind to you but Ye Qi is special to me. You have so many artists under your banner and you aren’t lacking one. Meanwhile, my company will only have him.”

Chen Yu was silent for a long time before looking at Shao Qingge suspiciously. “Your relationship with Ye Qi…”

Shao Qingge nodded. “I like him. We are lovers.”

Chen Yu cursed and was so angry that he almost slapped the table. He should’ve seen it earlier. What cousin? Shao Qingge, this bastard was playing with nurturing! Shao Qingge wanted to support his lover. As a childhood friend, it naturally wasn’t good to be a stumbling block for Shao Qingge. He knew that Ye Qi shouldn’t have been allowed to win the championship. This duck had flown into Shao Qingge’s bowl!

Chen Yu was depressed until he heard Shao Qingge say, “By the way, the funds you gave me, I used it to invest in technology stocks last year and it has risen by 30% now.”

Chen Yu immediately raised an eyebrow and smiled. “Okay, you can take Ye Qi away. I’ll have the PR team issue a suitable statement.”

“Thank you.”

Ye Qi came out from the backstage area and saw Shao Qingge walking side by side with Chen Yu. Chen Yu glanced at Ye Qi with a smile and said, “I will ask a lawyer to contact you tomorrow about the matter of terminating the contract. Don’t worry, I won’t embarrass you.”

Ye Qi was dumbfounded. “Cancel the contract?”

He participated in this singing competition and signed a contract when he made it to the finals. If he got a good result in the finals, he would give priority to signing to Starlight Entertainment, the investor of the competition.

Why did Chen Yu mention terminating the contract?

Ye Qi looked over at Shao Qingge.

Shao Qingge smiled slightly. “Let’s go home and talk about it.”

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