CR: Shao Qingge Ye Qi – Extra Two

Ye Qi returned home that night and told his parents he was going to take piano lessons on the weekend. He wouldn’t go home to eat at noon.

Ye Qi had been fond of music since he was a child and insisted on learning the piano for all these years. He had passed the 9th level and was sprinting for the 10th level. His parents were very supportive of his hobby. Now Ye Qi said he would go to learn piano on the weekends and there were naturally no doubts. Ye Qi’s mother even secretly gave him 200 yuan so he could eat better at noon.

Ye Qi felt very guilty but he couldn’t say he was going out with Shao Qingge.

He was only a freshman in high school. How could he know the youngest entrepreneurial boss of Jiangzhou? He couldn’t explain it at all. Therefore, Ye Qi didn’t tell the truth according to Shao Qingge’s instructions. He just said that he was learning the piano and this would save him a lot of trouble.

Early the next morning, Ye Qi put on his daily clothes and came to the place he had agreed upon with Shao Qingge.

Shao Qingge sat in the car. In the distance, he saw a teenager who was only 1.7 meters tall walking toward him with a school bag. In the morning sun, the young man had a smile on his youthful face. His dark eyes lit up immediately after seeing Shao Qingge. He ran over like the wind and shouted, “Chief Shao!”

Shao Qingge’s lips slightly curved up. “Get in the car. I will take you over.”

Ye Qi got into the car, quickly fastened his seat belt and put his bag in the back seat. “Aren’t you busy? You came to pick me up personally?”

Shao Qingge replied, “I gave myself two days off on the weekend just to accompany you.”

In fact, in order to accompany Ye Qi to meet the arranger teacher, Shao Qingge had pushed back many things in his company. Even two important internal meetings were postponed to next week in order to squeeze out two days in his busy schedule.

Ye Qi didn’t know how busy Shao Qingge was. He just thought that Shao Qingge was the boss and it was easy to give himself a holiday.

He excitedly asked, “Where are you going to take me?”


Ye Qi blurted out, “Won’t it take two hours of driving to reach Rongcheng?”

The city he was currently in was around 200 kilometers away from Rongcheng and it took two hours of driving on the highway. If there was a traffic jam then it would take three hours. He thought that Shao Qingge was just taking him for a meal and hadn’t expected to go to another city.  He looked at Shao Qingge suspiciously, “Why are we going so far?”

Shao Qingge started the car. “You will know when we get there. I have prepared a surprise for you.”

Ye Qi knew that Chief Shao was the best at keeping people in suspense. He didn’t ask any more questions and just joked, “Don’t try to sell me!”

Shao Qingge looked him up and down and teased him. “You are so thin. If it is sold based on weight, I won’t be able to sell you for a good price.”

Ye Qi rolled his eyes. “If it is based on weight, you should sell pork!”

Shao Qingge was very relieved. After returning to the real world, Ye Qi wasn’t alienated from him and treated him as closely as before. He liked the cute little guy who joked with him the most. It made him want to pinch the other guy’s puffy cheeks.

Shao Qingge resisted the impulse and drove the car onto the highway.

They drove for a while before Ye Qi couldn’t help asking, “Chief Shao, you went back three years and know many stocks that are going to rise in the next three years. Will you be able to make more money?”

Shao Qingge glanced at him with a smile. “Why? Are you curious about my income?”

Ye Qi said bluntly, “After all, you are the richest person I know. You don’t need to be too detailed. Just say a number that will make my eyes widened.”

Shao Qingge simply handed him the phone. “The unlock password is 856971. You can open my Alipay to check the balance. That is just my investment income from last week.”

Ye Qi was flattered. Unexpectedly, Chief Shao would tell him the very personal mobile phone password.

He hesitated for a moment but curiosity still drove him to open Chief Shao’s Alipay.

He was then blinded by the string of 000000 behind the numbers.

Ye Qi, “……”

This time, the number was RMB, not the 100:1 gold coins of the Card World.

Ye Qi silently put down the phone and sighed. “The life of a rich person can’t be imagined.”

However, Shao Qingge’s money was his own business. Ye Qi didn’t covet Chief Shao’s money. He just wanted to maintain their current relationship where they could talk about everything. He believed that Shao Qingge wasn’t the type of person who disliked the poor and loved the rich. Thus, they could still be friends.

Ye Qi joked without any pressure, “Chief Shao, do you live in a large villa that is hundreds of square meters? Are there many servants serving you and many bodyguards following you when you go out? Do you order dozens of dishes for a casual meal? Are the people who pursue you taking up one street when lining up and can you choose from all types of beauties?”

Shao Qingge chuckled. “What nonsense.”

“A domineering president is written like this.”

Shao Qingge said helplessly, “It isn’t so exaggerated. In particular, what do you mean by choosing from all types of beauties? Do you think I am the emperor choosing from his concubines?”

Ye Qi looked at Shao Qingge’s handsome side profile. “You are so handsome and rich. Won’t there be many beautiful women chasing you?”

Shao Qingge answered casually, “I have someone I like.”

Ye Qi was stunned and didn’t ask any more questions. He just suddenly felt some envy for the person who was liked by Chief Shao.

Maybe it was a childhood sweetheart, the rich lady who lived next door?

Shao Qingge was a rich second generation and he must be very picky. He couldn’t look at ordinary women. Only a rich lady with talent, appearance and stature was worthy to stand by his side.

A scene flashed in Ye Qi’s mind.

A beautiful woman with an outstanding temperament stood by Shao Qingge’s side, gently holding Shao Qingge’s shoulder. Shao Qingge’s eyes were turned to her and the smiling peach blossom eyes were full of a gentle look as he introduced her to his relatives and friends, “This is my wife…”

Ye Qi’s heart was suddenly a bit uncomfortable.

He lowered his head and was silent, looking as sick as a frosted eggplant.

Shao Qingge saw the little guy suddenly lowering his head and couldn’t help wondering, “What’s wrong?”

Ye Qi whispered, “A rich and good-looking person like Chief Shao will definitely be liked by many people. Meanwhile, a learning scumbag like me might have to be a single dog for many years… I don’t know when I can stop being single.”

Don’t worry, I’ve booked you. Once you become an adult, I’ll let you stop being single. Shao Qingge thought this in his heart but his mouth teased the other person. “You want to fall in love at such a young age?”

Ye Qi muttered in a soft voice, “I’m not too young. There are many students in my class with love letters filling the sky.”

Shao Qingge couldn’t help smiling. “Really? Have you ever written a love letter to someone?”

Ye Qi shook his head. “No.”

That’s fine. There was no need to guard against someone showing up unexpectedly and ruining his cultivation plan.

There were a large number of cars in front of him entering the highway and Shao Qingge concentrated on driving. He turned on the music in the car to let Ye Qi listen to it. Just in time, the radio station started to broadcast the most recent week’s gold hits chart.

The female host introduced it. “The number one song on this week’s Golden Songs list is Qin Xuerong’s latest single, ‘Sky Realm’ which has been widely praised since it was launched on major music platforms. The sales volume is far ahead…”

Ye Qi couldn’t help saying, “I’ve heard this song.”

“How is it?”

Ye Qi seriously commented, “The song is well written. The lyrics aren’t vulgar and are very fresh and smooth. The composition is also a must. The addition of the ethereal flute song matches with the clear voice of Goddess Xuerong. It is like a voice from the sky when listening to it alone at night. This can make the head completely empty. Such good music sounds like a real treat.”

Shao Qingge saw the young man’s serious side profile and couldn’t help smiling.

Ye Qi was very serious when talking about music. His eyes seemed to be full of light and it was particularly heartwarming. He really liked music so he would be very happy to see Teacher Zhao, who composed music for Qin Xuerong, right?

Shao Qingge asked in a low voice, “Do you like Qin Xuerong very much?”

“Her voice is very recognizable and belongs to the type of voice that God enjoys. Moreover, she rarely sings vulgar songs and has always insisted on her own style. I like singers with personal styles like this.”

“How much do you know about her agency, Starlight Entertainment?”

Ye Qi scratched his head. “I’ve heard of it but I don’t know it very well.

“The owner of Starlight Entertainment is called Chen Yu and he is my childhood friend,” Shao Qingge said bluntly.

Ye Qi quickly reacted. “You seem to have mentioned it to me before. You said you wanted to introduce me to sign with his company?”

“Yes but I’ve changed my mind now. Chen Yu will also come today but he is a lot less serious than me. It isn’t the best option for you to sign under his banner in the future.” Shao Qingge’s tone was rarely this serious. “Let’s take it step by step. It involves your future so you don’t have to make a decision so early.”

“Yes, things haven’t even started to take shape yet. It will take me three years to participate in the singing competition.” Speaking of which, Ye Qi remembered another key sentence in Shao Qingge’s words. “Wait, Chen Yu will come today as well? Chief Shao, do you mean… the appointment is with him?”

“Yes. There is also Teacher Zhao Chen, who composed and arranged the music for Qin Xuerong’s new single, Sky Realm.”

“……” Ye Qi was shocked.

He originally thought that Chief Shao was bringing him to Rongcheng to meet a few friends or to have a meal. Unexpectedly, Shao Qingge actually made an appointment with such bigshots in order to meet an unknown person like him?

Teacher Zhao Chen. Anyone had to know him as long as they were in the music circle. Many well-known singers lined up to ask him to write songs. It was said that this person had a quirky temper and only wrote songs for people who were pleasing to his eyes. If he didn’t like them then he wouldn’t write a song, no matter how high the price offered.

As for Chen Yu, the boss of Starlight Entertainment, he was also a legend in the circle. He made several stars popular. Signing with him was equivalent to walking through the front-tier of the singing world. The singing competition that Ye Qi later participated in was a collaboration between this rich second generation and the TV station.

He could actually meet such legendary people…

Ye Qi felt like he was dreaming.

Shao Qingge saw his dumbfounded expression and smiled. “We’re almost there. I’m telling you in advance so you can prepare yourself mentally. Whether Teacher Zhao accepts you as an apprentice or not depends on your performance.”

Ye Qi was stunned. “Apprentice?”

Shao Qingge looked at him and there was a bit of tenderness in his low voice. “Didn’t you want to learn how to arrange music? You want to learn so I’ll naturally find the best teacher for you.”

Ye Qi, “……”

Last week when he was chatting with Shao Qingge, he did mention that he wanted to learn how to arrange music but he was just speaking casually. He didn’t plan to find an arranger teacher immediately. After all, there were very few arrangers in the training class and finding a good teacher wasn’t easy. Unexpectedly, Shao Qingge noted it down and quickly helped him find a teacher…

He never even dared dream about Teacher Zhao Chen!

Ye Qi’s heart was warm and he didn’t know how to thank Shao Qingge.

Shao Qingge saw that the young man was looking at him with a moved face and there seemed to be a layer of water over his bright eyes. Shao Qingge’s heart moved slightly. He really wanted to hold Ye Qi’s face and kiss him.

If he was kissed, Ye Qi’s face would definitely turn red and he would be even cuter like this.

It was just that Xiao Ye was only 16 right now. He couldn’t do anything to the 16 year old Ye Qi…

Shao Qingge calmly looked away. He reached out his hand and lovingly rubbed Ye Qi’s head. “Really? Don’t you think you owe me another favor since I am helping you so much?”

Ye Qi nodded immediately. “Chief Shao, thank you. Regardless of whether Teacher Zhao accepts me as an apprentice or not, I am already very happy and satisfied to meet him!”

Shao Qingge retracted his hand with a smile. “You’re welcome. I’ll note down all the favors you owe. You are still young and can’t pay them back yet. Once you are an adult, I’ll naturally get them back.”

Ye Qi had no idea what the man in front of him was thinking and made a serious promise. “Chief Shao, once I graduate from high school, you can use me anywhere. Just ask and I will definitely do what you want!”

Shao Qingge, “……”

Once the time comes and I ask you to warm my bed every day, will you still be willing to do whatever I want?

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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XDD i’m laughing so much Chief Shao your mind is full of too yellow stuff