CR: Extra Six – Senior Gui Part 2

The plan went very smoothly. Shao Qingge left that night and contacted a friend in the circle who happened to know Gui Yuanzhang’s son, Gui Xiujie. Mr Gui was currently 35 years old and was teaching at the Department of History at Jiangzhou University. He was young and promising and had published many academic papers. Shao Qingge asked his friend to set up a weekend dinner on the grounds of ‘appreciating Senior Gui’s calligraphy and painting’.

In addition, Tang Ci found that Gui Xiujie had a son and a daughter. They were twins and were currently studying in the third grade of Xingzhi Primary School in Jiangzhou. The two children’s grades were very good and Old Gui really loved his grandchildren.

The eleven people’s WeChat group.

Shao Qingge typed: If there is no accident, I will give the VIP medical card to Gui Xiujie tomorrow. The day after tomorrow is exactly Sunday so he should persuade his father to go to the hospital for a check-up. Then I will leave it to Professor Xiao.

Xiao Lou immediately typed a reply: No problem. I have contacted the expert at the Cardiac interventional Department and I will personally go there. My university classmate is in the physical examination department of the private hospital. Once the time comes, I will pretend to be a doctor and take Senior Gui for a comprehensive examination in person.

The group filled the chat with the ‘applause’ emoji in unison.

A moment later, Yu Hanjiang sent a serious voice message. “Our purpose might be to help Senior Gui but don’t interfere with him too much. After all, we are strangers in his eyes. He is likely to resent too many strangers interfering in his life.”

Lu Jiuchuan agreed: Just do as you said. I remember that Old Gui likes to go fishing at Nanchuan Lake and he sits there for an afternoon. If any of you are free, who wants to come with me to go fishing with Old Gui at Nanchuan Lake?

Tang Ci said: I will take annual leave after a while and can go with Brother Jiu.

Lu Jiuchuan: Yes, I’ll go online and buy two fishing rods first.

They chatted in the group for a while. It was almost 11 o’clock before it gradually became quiet.

The next day, Shao Qingge did indeed meet with Gui Xiujie.

The 35 year old young talent wore a suit and black-rimmed glasses. He had an elegant temperament and inherited his father’s interest in traditional Chinese painting. He heard that Shao Qingge liked his father’s paintings and calligraphy and the two of them chatted well.

Shao Qingge gradually led the topic to the health of the elderly. He used ‘some time ago, a good friend’s father got a medical examination and found he had advanced liver cancer’ as the starting point. Then he stated that most of the elderly’s problems were due to the negligence of their children. For example, the elderly finding out that they had advanced cancer during the medical examination.

Gui Xiujie looked serious. He heard this and agreed that children should pay more attention to their parents’ health.

Shao Qingge took advantage of the situation to give him a medical examination card and Gui Xiujie accepted it happily. The two of them also added each other as friends.

After returning home, Gui Xiujie went to persuade Gui Yuanzhang to go for a medical examination tomorrow. Old Gui frowned with disapproval. “What examination? Didn’t I just have an examination last year? My old bones are very tough. There is no need for you to worry about me having an illness.”

Gui Xiujie tried to persuade him. “Dad, this isn’t an unfounded worry. Go and have a medical examination. If nothing is found then both you and I can be reassured. Isn’t this the best?”

Gui Yuanzhang frowned even more. “A comprehensive medical examination costs a lot of money, right? Why waste money?”

Gui Xiujie smiled. “It doesn’t cost any money. A friend gave me a physical examination card.”

Gui Yuanzhang wondered, “A friend?”

“Yes, his name is Shao Qingge. You should’ve heard of him. He is a very famous entrepreneurial boss in Jiangzhou and is young and promising. I met him through the introduction of a friend. His company happens to be cooperating with a private hospital and bought a batch of medical examination cards. He knew that you are almost 60 years old so he gave me one and suggested you get a check,” Gui Xiujie explained.

“Oh, it doesn’t cost money.” Gui Yuanzhang grasped this point and finally stopped frowning. “Then I’ll go.”

Gui Xiujie smiled helplessly. The concept of consumption for many elders was like this. They wanted to save money for the children and didn’t want to waste it in places where it shouldn’t be spent. Gui Yuanzhang’s income wasn’t low but he was very frugal. His calligraphy and paintings were popular but he donated most of the income from selling them to children in poor areas. It was because he himself came from the deep mountains.

Such a father made Gui Xiujie feel helpless but also proud.

He convinced his father and immediately sent a WeChat message to Shao Qingge: Chief Shao, my father will go to get a medical examination tomorrow. Thank you.

Shao Qingge replied: You’re welcome. I appreciate Senior Gui and I want to visit him personally when there is a chance in the future to ask for his calligraphy. I have to trouble you to help me with an introduction.

Gui Xiujie: Of course.

Shao Qingge sent a message to Xiao Lou: It is your turn in the relay.

Xiao Lou sent an ‘OK’ emoji and called Yu Hanjiang.

On Sunday, the police had no special tasks and Yu Hanjiang didn’t have to be on duty. The two of them went to the hospital together. Xiao Lou put on a white coat and went directly to the echocardiography room to find his classmate.

Old Gui finished the basic blood test and he was taken to the color Doppler ultrasound room by the nurse. Xiao Lou whispered in the ear of his classmate, “Just do a coronary angiogram for this old gentleman. I’m worried he has a coronary heart disease.”

His classmate nodded and went to Gui Yuanzhang to prepare it. Gui Yuanzhang was puzzled. “There were no such items in the previous medical examination. Isn’t an electrocardiogram and color Doppler ultrasound already checking my heart?”

Xiao Lou smiled and stepped forward. “Is your heart uncomfortable? For example, do you sometimes experience chest tightness, shortness of breath or chest cramps when your mood is agitated?”

Gui Yuanzhang frowned. He had occasionally felt chest tightness recently and he sometimes had chest pains in the middle of the night. He just hadn’t told anyone. His son and daughter-in-law were busy at work and he didn’t want the children to worry about him.

Seeing his hesitant expression, Xiao Lou knew that he had suddenly died of a heart attack later because he concealed his condition and never went for a medical examination. However, the exact heart condition he had was still unclear.

Xiao Lou thought of this and said softly, “Don’t worry, a coronary angiography is regarded as a minimally invasive operation that requires you to stay at the hospital for one day. It might be more troublesome but I think it is necessary. It is because an ECG and color Doppler ultrasound can’t detect secret lesions. An angiography can see all the blood vessels of your heart and detect problems in time.”

Xiao Lou grabbed a picture and handed it to Gui Yuanzhang. “Look, this is the effect of a coronary angiography. The blood vessels are like branches and each one is clearly shown. It is obvious if there is a problem.”

The effect of the picture was indeed very good. Combine it with Xiao Lou’s gentle and patient explanation and Gui Yuanzhang quickly nodded in cooperation. “Then do it. Doctor, it is up to you.”

Xiao Lou personally took him to take the contrast agent. Then he took Senior Gui to the examination place to queue. He made a list and contacted the doctor. Gui Yuanzhang didn’t have to worry about anything and followed Xiao Lou’s ‘guidance’ throughout the entire process.

After the examination, Xiao Lou also personally sent him to the ward and instructed, “You should rest in bed after the angiography. I will have the doctor monitor your electrocardiogram. You can rest assured that you only have to stay here for one night. You can be discharged from the hospital tomorrow.”

Gui Yuanzhang lay on the hospital bed and smiled and nodded at Xiao Lou. “Young man, you have worked hard.”

Xiao Lou seriously said, “Senior, you are welcome. Why don’t you add my WeChat? If you feel uncomfortable, contact me immediately and I will help arrange a suitable doctor to see you.”

Gui Yuanzhang gladly added Xiao Lou’s WeChat.

It was only at this time that he found there was an expired friends application. The verification had ‘Yu Hanjiang’ written on it. He asked himself doubtfully, “Yu Hanjiang? I’ve never heard of this person…”

Xiao Lou glanced at Yu Hanjiang who was sitting as a passerby in the corridor and gently explained to Gui Yuanzhang, “I have heard of Yu Hanjiang. He is the new group leader of the Jiangzhou criminal investigations team. Perhaps he added you as a friend to investigate a case?”

Gui Yuanzhang thoughtfully looked at the verification application. It had expired so he could only add Yu Hanjiang in turn. The verification was quickly accepted and he sent a questioning voice message, “Officer Yu? Are you looking for me for some reason?”

“Hello Senior Gui, I have always admired your calligraphy and paintings.”

Gui Yuanzhang, “……”

He thought that a police officer had added him to investigate a murder case and it frightened him a lo. Now it turned out to be such a reason.

Yu Hanjiang continued, “I added you as a friend for personal reasons and it has nothing to do with a case. I have collected a lot of your calligraphy and paintings and have always wanted to visit you in person. This time, I transferred to Jiangzhou. I heard about your WeChat and wanted to try to add you. I’m sorry if I disturbed you.”

Gui Yuanzhang laughed. “Officer Yu is too polite. Come to my house for a meal when you have a chance.”

Xiao Lou, who had gone out, exchanged looks with Yu Hanjiang. Senior Gui might not remember them but his personality was just like the Senior Gui that everyone knew. He didn’t exclude them from approaching.

Yu Hanjiang whispered in his ear, “How are the results of Senior Gui’s examination?”

Xiao Lou shook his head. “It isn’t very optimistic. I’m not an imaging professional but looking at the images after his examination, there is obviously something wrong with the blood vessels. I gave it to Professor Sun for him to take a closer look.”

Yu Hanjiang said, “Yes, I’ll wait for your news.”

The results of the coronary examination came out quickly. Xiao Lou took the results to the experts. Professor Sun saw it and pointed to a shadow on the image. “This is an aneurysm and the location is very dangerous. Fortunately, it was detected in time. Otherwise, once it ruptures, it will be hard to save him!”

Xiao Lou was shocked. “An aneurysm? Does he need surgery?”

The professor nodded. “The patient is only 60 years old and his blood pressure is normal according to the physical examination results. It is recommended to arrange an operation as soon as possible. The prognosis will be better if his aneurysm is removed and replaced with an artificial blood vessel. The location of his aneurysm is too dangerous and the operation will be difficult. I can come to the private hospital and perform this operation on him in person.”

Xiao Lou was slightly relieved. “Thank you, Professor Sun.”

If they hadn’t taken Senior Gui to the hospital for a detailed examination, this aneurysm would’ve definitely ruptured and triggered Senior Gui’s sudden death! 

Xiao Lou sent the test results to the group that night and Gui Yuanzhang’s son naturally knew as well. Everyone was shocked while his son immediately started contacting doctors. Shao Qingge introduced the expert that Xiao Lou mentioned.

The surgery was scheduled for one week later.

On the same day, Xiao Lou and Shao Qingge also came to the hospital in person. The others had no reason to come to the hospital and could only wait for any news.

Lu Jiuchuan was worried: Is the operation risky? How high is the success rate?

Tang Ci calmly said: Whether we can change Old Gui’s fate or not depends on today.

Long Sen, Qu Wanyue, Old Mo and the others sent prayer emojis.

Even Ye Qi and Liu Qiao were secretly looking at the messages in the group chat while doing their homework.

Gui Yuanzhang, who was lying on the operating table under anesthesia, had no idea that there were so many people paying attention to him and worrying about him.

During the operation, everyone was very uneasy.

They might’ve gone back three years but could they really change the fate of the ‘hunter’ Gui Yuanzhang? What if they rushed to interfere with his fate trajectory and the surgery failed, causing him to die prematurely instead?

Xiao Lou stood in the corridor in an uneasy mood. His fists were clenched hard by his side. Shao Qingge never stopped frowning as he stood next to Xiao Lou in a serious manner, staring at the small red words ‘in operation’.

It wasn’t known how much time passed before their legs became numb. Just then, the door of the operating room opened and Professor Sun stepped out. He smiled and said, “Gui Yuanzhang’s family, the operation went well.”

The worry in the two people’s hearts finally disappeared.

This sentence was as pleasant as the keepers saying, ‘Congratulations on clearing the instance!’

Xiao Lou immediately took out his phone and informed everyone in the group about the news. They frantically started filling the group with flowers like they were celebrating a person’s new life!

Gui Xiujie gratefully walked over and thanked Professor Sun, the chief surgeon. After Professor Sun left, Gui Xiujie turned and shook Shao Qingge and Xiao Lou’s hands one after another, his voice trembling with excitement. “Thank you, Chief Shao. If it wasn’t for you suggesting that I take my father for a check-up, it would be impossible to find this aneurysm. In addition, Dr Xiao. Thank you for accompanying my father to do the coronary angiography and finding Professor Sun to personally do the surgery. The two of you are my father’s saviors!”

Xiao Lou and Shao Qingge looked at each other and thought, ‘No, in fact, your father saved us. If it wasn’t for his sacrifice, we would’ve all died in another world. Time goes back and there is the cycle of cause and effect. We can have this opportunity to start over so we must ensure that Senior Gui ends well. This is our greatest wish!’

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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Yay! Yay! Yay!

Daring to Dream
Daring to Dream
1 year ago

A darker tale would be that all of the group tries to avoid their deaths but fate and destiny still lead to the same result…but this is sweet