CR: Extra Two – First Date

Yu Hanjiang had grown up in Jiangzhou. Xiao Lou had only been here for a few years so his understanding of Jiangzhou naturally couldn’t be compared to Yu Hanjiang. The restaurant that Yu Hanjiang booked was one that Xiao Lou had never heard of.

Unlike the hot pot restaurant that Xiao Lou usually went to, Yu Hanjiang chose a restaurant in a secluded courtyard.

The layout of this courtyard was a bit like a courtyard house with pavilions, small bridges and flowing water. The environment was unique and elegant. Xiao Lou walked along the stone path and couldn’t help asking quietly, “Is this a private kitchen?”

“You wanted to eat hot pot so I booked this. The environment is better and there is a private room to eat. No outsiders will disturb us and it will be more comfortable.” There was a man-made lake in front of them and it was necessary to cross a stone bridge. Yu Hanjiang turned back, naturally took Xiao Lou’s hand and told him softly, “Be careful of your feet.”

Xiao Lou’s heart jumped. He looked around and found that no one here noticed them. He was relieved and gently held Yu Hanjiang’s hand. Yu Hanjiang immediately interlocked their fingers together.

The hands of the two of them gently intertwined and they were intimate. Xiao Lou’s ears were a bit hot. Strictly speaking, this was their first ‘date’. No wonder why Yu Hanjiang had to choose such a quiet place.

After entering the private room, their hands separated. Yu Hanjiang helped Xiao Lou pull out the chair and asked, “Can you eat spicy food?”

Xiao Lou thought about it. “Let’s have a Mandarin duck pot bottom.”

Yu Hanjiang called for the waiter to order and the two of them sat down face to face.

The hot pot was served and quickly boiled. It was steaming hot and the aroma was overwhelming. The two of them ate as they talked. There was no one around to disturb them so it was indeed more comfortable.

After eating until he was half full, Xiao Lou suddenly asked, “By the way, when will you officially join the Jiangzhou criminal investigation team?”

“I’ll come over next week.” Yu Hanjiang picked up a ball from the spicy side of the pot and put it into Xiao Lou’s bowl. Then he explained in a low voice, “The group leader of the Jiangzhou criminal investigation team is about to retire and he needs to find someone to take over as soon as possible. I refused the transfer because I couldn’t get along with my father and didn’t want to be his subordinate.”

Xiao Lou had never asked about Yu Hanjiang’s family before but in the mirror labyrinth in the Nightmare Room, he personally saw Yu Hanjiang’s parents and remembered the appearance of the two elders. He heard Yu Hanjiang say that he didn’t get along with his father and couldn’t help being concerned. “Is there an unsolvable knot between you and Uncle?”

Yu Hanjiang was silent for a moment before sighing softly. “My father was always strict with me when I was young. He would hit me with a baton whenever I made a mistake. Therefore, I have a psychological shadow about his pair of batons.”

Xiao Lou was stunned. It seemed that Group Leader Yu’s psychological shadow was still quite serious. No wonder why the other people in the Nightmare Room were carrying guns while his father chased him with a baton.

Yu Hanjiang paused before continuing, “After experiencing so much in the Card World, my thinking has changed. My father’s educational style might’ve been harsh but if he hadn’t forced me to practice various martial arts, I wouldn’t have reacted so quickly when I encountered danger. He has a bad temper and is strict with me but overall, he is a good person. He will definitely agree to anything I ask him.”

“So when you transfer early to Jiangzhou this time, you want to improve your relationship with your father?”

Yu Hanjiang nodded and looked at Xiao Lou with an extremely gentle gaze. “Otherwise, how can I take you back to see my parents?”

Xiao Lou, “……”

See his parents? The two of them had mentioned this topic in the Card World but Xiao Lou hadn’t expected it so quickly. He wasn’t mentally prepared. Moreover, he felt numb every time he thought of Yu Hanjiang’s parents that he saw in the mirror labyrinth. He always felt that these two people wouldn’t like him. What if Yu Hanjiang’s parents objected to them being together?

Yu Hanjiang saw through Xiao Lou’s thoughts and reached over the table to gently cover the back of Xiao Lou’s hand. “Don’t worry, I’ve already told my parents that I have someone I like here in Jiangzhou. I’ll find the right opportunity for you to meet in the future.”

Xiao Lou coughed nervously. “It should be in a while. I’m not ready yet.”

Yu Hanjiang said seriously, “Yes. Since we have decided to be together, we can’t sneak around for the rest of our lives. I want to let all my family and friends know of your existence. Of course, I will respect your thoughts about the time of the meeting.”

Xiao Lou’s heart was warm as a quilt basking in the sun in winter. It seemed that Group Leader Yu was ready to date him seriously and actually thought of taking him to see his parents.

Xiao Lou raised his head to meet the man’s deep eyes and he couldn’t help smiling slightly. “Hanjiang, in fact, I’ve also prepared a surprise for you.” 

Yu Hanjiang was very curious. “Oh? Let’s hear it.”

Xiao Lou smiled and kept him in suspense. “I won’t say it first. You will know in a few days.”

Yu Hanjiang gave a rare smile and pointed to the meatballs in his bowl. “Eat it quickly. It won’t taste good when it is cold.” Then he gave more food to Xiao Lou. “Eat more meat. I have to fatten you up. You are still thin.”

After the meal, Yu Hanjiang drove Xiao Lou to the cinema to watch a movie.

Xiao Lou originally thought that they were going to watch a suspense or police movie. He didn’t expect that Yu Hanjiang had already bought a ticket for a romance movie about ‘first love’. The tone of the entire movie was warm and healing. It was a two hour movie. Yu Hanjiang held Xiao Lou’s hand through the entire process, fingers interlocked.

At the moment when the protagonists who had been in love with each other for many years finally confessed, Yu Hanjiang suddenly approached Xiao Lou’s ear. He gently kissed Xiao Lou’s earlobe and said in a low voice, “Xiao Lou, I like you. Are we now officially dating?”

Xiao Lou hummed softly and his heart almost jumped out of his chest.

His ears were his most sensitive place. Yu Hanjiang’s small kiss that was like a dragonfly caused his body to become weak. His heart was numb and itchy and his ears instantly turned red.

In the dark theater, Professor Xiao with red ears tried to control his heartbeat and he didn’t watch the subsequent part of the movie at all.

It wasn’t until the end of the movie that Xiao Lou recovered.

The two of them walked to the underground parking lot and got into the car. Xiao Lou gently touched his nose and asked, “I thought you would take me to watch a police movie. How did you think of watching a romance movie?”

Yu Hanjiang gave a reason. “My own life is a police movie every day and it is too boring to show you these again. Since we are in love, we should watch romance movies.” He paused and asked Xiao Lou. “Did you like the movie?”

Xiao Lou thought about how he didn’t know what happened later but he didn’t want to let Yu Hanjiang’s good intentions fail. He changed his words. “It is very good. The protagonist’s appearance and acting skill are online.”

Yu Hanjiang was very direct. “I didn’t watch it. I was thinking about you in my head.”

Xiao Lou, “……”

Group Leader Yu would hit the suspect in the interrogation room with a straight ball and this forced the suspect to have a nervous breakdown. Yet when it came to falling in love, Xiao Lou also couldn’t bear the straight ball. The man in front of him never used clever words but always expressed himself directly. It was just that this directness made him look particularly sincere.

Xiao Lou blushed slightly. He didn’t know what was in his mind just now.

Yu Hanjiang also didn’t explain. He just calmly started the car to take Xiao Lou home. On the road, a message popped up in the WeChat group. Chu Huaying had sent it: @Professor Xiao, I just saw an article on the Internet. Senior Gui is at a conference in the capital. After the conference, he will go to various places to give lectures for a week. Don’t go to his house this weekend. No one will be home.

Xiao Lou immediately replied: Do you know when he will come back?

Tang Ci came out: I searched for the relevant information. According to the schedule, he should be on a flight back to Jiangzhou next Thursday night. Let’s change to next Friday to visit him.

Xiao Lou agreed: Yes.

Yu Hanjiang might be driving but he could guess the matter was related to Old Gui based on Xiao Lou’s expression. “What is it?”

Xiao Lou showed him the chat history. “It is changed to next week. You came here early. Will it be okay?”

Yu Hanjiang shook his head. “It doesn’t matter. I will return to Linzhou tomorrow to finish the transfer procedures. Then I will come back next week.”

The car quickly stopped downstairs where Xiao Lou lived. Yu Hanjiang looked at the single apartment building in front of him doubtfully. “I remember that your residence was in a small area near the school. How…”

Xiao Lou explained, “This is three years ago. I just graduated and haven’t bought that house yet.”

Yu Hanjiang understood. “I almost forgot about this. Then you go back and rest early. I’ll see you another day.”

Then he leaned over and gave Xiao Lou a light kiss on the forehead.

Xiao Lou got out of the car and took a few steps. He always felt there was a gaze on him. He turned around and saw that Yu Hanjiang had stopped by the side of the road to watch him. Xiao Lou suddenly turned around and walked toward Yu Hanjiang. He stopped by the car.

Yu Hanjiang rolled down the car window doubtfully. “What’s wrong?”

Xiao Lou boldly leaned over and kissed Group Leader Yu lightly on the lips. “I was very happy today. Go back quickly and have a good night.”

By the time Yu Hanjiang’s mind returned, Xiao Lou had already turned around and left.

He was probably shy?

Yu Hanjiang touched his kissed lips. There was still heat from Xiao Lou on his lips. He couldn’t help smiling slightly as he watched Xiao Lou’s back disappear through the door of the building. Then he reluctantly drove away.

As Xiao Lou was waiting for the elevator, his entire face was so hot that it was about to burn.

It was indeed a bit bold to take the initiative to kiss Group Leader Yu. However, today, Yu Hanjiang not only invited him to dinner but also invited him to watch a movie and sent him home. His boyfriend’s consideration was to the extreme so Xiao Lou felt that he should also express something.

They were in love so he couldn’t let Group Leader Yu act alone, right?

Xiao Lou’s last farewell kiss was to let Yu Hanjiang know—I like you too.

Xiao Lou’s personality wasn’t so direct and he wasn’t used to saying the word ‘like’. Still, he could express it with actions. He thought that Group Leader Yu must’ve felt it.

Of course, Yu Hanjiang felt it too. On the way back, his heart was always warm.

In a stable world where they didn’t have to worry every day, dating someone he liked felt countless times better than Yu Hanjiang imagined. It seemed they could increase the frequency of the dates in the future to further stabilize their feelings.

However, Xiao Lou was still renting a house. Wasn’t it better to wait for himself to be officially transferred to Jiangzhou to take Xiao Lou to live with him? That way, he could see the person he liked every day.

Yu Hanjiang felt that he had made another wise decision.

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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1 year ago

i already felt that the small sprinkles of dog food during the main story were sweet and wasn’t prepared for an ALL OUT DOG FOOD ATTACK AAAAAAAA

so sweet im so happy for them, more servings please thank u

Black cat
Black cat
5 months ago

I’m so happy that I can’t stop smiling whole the time when reading this chapter.