CR: Chapter 582

Chapter 582 – Plan B

At this time, the hunter’s base camp in the oasis town.

Xu Muran had pulled someone in time to block the bullets just now and wasn’t seriously injured. However, Tang Ci’s mechanical spider had slashed wildly with eight sharp legs. His arm was slashed with a sharp blade while he was dodging and blood flowed non-stop.

Cheng Ziyang took out the healing card and spoke softly while nervously treating his wound, “Brother Xu, don’t worry. Your injury isn’t serious and it will be healed soon. Still, how could Liu Ying send everyone directly into the trap? How dare she betray you?”

Xu Muran clenched his fists hard like he wanted to crush Liu Ying to pieces.

He couldn’t figure out why Liu Ying would betray him. That girl had always been cowardly, not to mention that her sister was in his hands. Where did she get the courage?

The arm injury was quickly healed by Cheng Ziyang. Xu Muran ordered with a gloomy expression, “Cheng Ziyang, go to the hospital and personally hang Liu Qiao upside down at the hospital door. I don’t believe that Xiao Lou’s group will ignore Liu Qiao’s life. The moment they appear, detonate the explosives and kill them all!”

Cheng Ziyang hurriedly replied, “Yes, Brother Xu.”

Xu Muran added, “Also, carefully check the surveillance of the town and make sure all cameras are operating normally. In addition, give me the surveillance terminal card. This time, I will personally watch it.”

Cheng Ziyang offered the cards with both hands before respectfully withdrawing. “I understand, I will do it.”

After he left, the man who remained in the room suddenly opened his mouth. “Brother Xu, don’t you think that something is wrong?”

Xu Muran frowned. “Something is wrong. Qi Yue, what are you thinking?”

Qi Yue’s face was hidden under the black hood and only a slender and pale jaw was revealed. He stepped forward and whispered in Xu Muran’s ear, “Since we raised Liu Ying in the Eternal Kingdom, she has obediently listened to your words like a kitten. In addition, her sister is in your hands and she is a hunter herself. It makes no sense for her to suddenly cooperate with Xiao Lou to deal with us hunters, right?”

Xu Muran’s eyes narrowed and he touched the ring on his hand. “Continue.”

“Did you notice a girl in red at the teleportation point when we teleported over just now?”

“A girl in red?” Xu Muran frowned and thought back carefully. He had taken people to teleport over but before he could stand firmly, bullets shot down fiercely from above his head. He hurriedly pulled someone to block the bullets and hadn’t paid attention to whether there was anyone else at the teleportation point. Now he heard the other person’s reminder and remembered what was wrong at the time. “There was indeed a girl in red. She isn’t one of us!”

Qi Yue said, “I think the girl in red is probably Liu Qiao’s Little Red Riding Hood.”

Xu Muran’s expression darkened. “Is it possible that it was Liu Qiao, not Liu Ying, who summoned us into the trap?”

Qi Yue nodded solemnly. “Liu Ying and Xiao Lou aren’t familiar at all and it is impossible for her to cooperate with Xiao Lou to harm the hunters. However, Liu Qiao has great trust in Xiao Lou. I always feel like Liu Qiao knew what her sister would do and deceived us in turn. The one who stayed in the hospital is Liu Ying. The sisters might’ve changed their identities at the hospital.”

Xu Muran’s face turned blue-white. “So Xiao Lou’s body in the hospital is also fake?”

Qi Yue nodded. “Xiao Lou probably saw through our plan and acted out a scene with Liu Qiao.”

Xu Muran angrily hit the table in front of him. “How could he know that Liu Ying was in our hands?”

Qi Yue was silent for a few seconds before he suddenly asked, “Do you fully trust Gui Yuanzhang?”

Xu Muran’s eyes narrowed. “You mean that Old Gui leaked it?”

Qi Yue nodded. “Old Gui knows that we have Liu Ying. Perhaps he told them this information and Xiao Lou cooperated with Liu Qiao to perform this act. We have to be careful and set up an ambush in the oasis town as soon as possible, so as to not be attacked by them.”

Xu Muran immediately stood up from the sofa. “You are right.” He picked up the headset on his chest and instructed, “Everyone, listen to my orders. Be on alert and execute Plan B immediately!”

Cheng Ziyang followed Xu Muran’s instructions and quickly ran to the hospital.

Shao Qingge, Ye Qi and Chu Huaying were wearing invisibility cloaks at this time. They avoided the surveillance cameras on the 16 main roads and moved on the path they picked in advance.

They had only taken a few steps when they saw a familiar face at the corner of the road. It was Cheng Ziyang.

Xiao Lou had already told everyone the list of hunters so Ye Qi wasn’t surprised to see this familiar senior. He was just about to act when a girl came out of the shadows and asked softly, “Senior, where are you going?”

Cheng Ziyang was stunned and turned. He saw the other person’s face clearly and was slightly relieved. He smiled and said, “It is Xue Qing. Brother Xu has entrusted me with a task. What are you doing here…”

Before he could finish speaking, Xue Qing’s hand moved.

A glass bottle shattered in front of her and a strange solution splashed all over Cheng Ziyang in an instant. Cheng Ziyang let out a scream like a pig being slaughtered. This solution was extremely corrosive. His face, arms and legs quickly corroded and became a mass of flesh and blood.

Cheng Ziyang shouted loudly, “Xue Qing, you are crazy!”

He took out the healing card to try and heal himself but the corrosion rate of the solution was much faster than the healing rate. His body corroded rapidly. Soon, his bones were exposed. Cheng Ziyang rolled madly on the ground in pain.

Xue Qing looked at him calmly and clearly enunciated, “Why do you think I chose to become a hunter?”

Cheng Ziyang’s teeth were about to shatter. “Do you still remember the past and want to take revenge?”

The corners of Xue Qing’s lips curved up slightly. “Yes, I remember very clearly. In the bugs secret room, you pulled me in front of you and I was infected. As I was dying in the Nightmare Room, someone asked me if I would like to become a hunter and kill people in exchange for survival time. I suddenly thought… if it is to kill you then of course I would.”

“I’m actually glad I met you in the Hunter’s League. You were on guard against me and asked Xu Muran to confiscate all my cards. However, you seem to have forgotten that I am a chemistry student and can use materials on the spot. Concentrated hydrochloric acid and concentrated nitric acid were both at the laboratory of the hospital… the aqua regia I personally prepared is good, right?”

Aqua regia was a mixture of concentrated hydrochloric acid and concentrated nitric acid in a certain volume ratio. It was so corrosive that it could even destroy corpses!

Xue Qing continued to pour the aqua regia on Cheng Ziyang’s head as she spoke. Cheng Ziyang’s screams gradually weakened because his throat was corroded and he could no longer make any sounds. He stared fiercely at the girl in front of him with wide eyes until his entire body turned into a pool of blood on the ground.

At this moment, Xu Muran’s order rang out in Xue Qing’s earpiece. “Execute Plan B immediately!”

Xue Qing sneered at Cheng Ziyang’s bones. She turned around and was about to leave when cold and sharp black fingernails pressed against her throat. Shao Qingge’s low voice came from behind her. “What is Plan B?”

Xue Qing’s back stiffened and she declared coldly, “Kill me. I don’t want to live anyway.”

Shao Qingge told her, “Your nature isn’t bad or you wouldn’t have resolutely rushed into the fire to avoid dragging down your teammates after being infected by the bugs in 8 of Spades. I can spare your life as long as you say it.”

Xue Qing was stunned. “How do you know this? 8 of Spades…” She suddenly remembered that in the 8 of Spades secret room, along with Cheng Ziyang, Shao Qingge and Ye Qi were also with her at the moment of death. She remembered this voice. “Are you Mr Shao?”

Shao Qingge whispered, “Say it.”

Xue Qing immediately said it. “Plan B is to set up a trap in the oasis town and wait for you to enter the net yourselves. Xu Muran has a man called Qi Yue next to him who has a white crystal ball. This can be used to illuminate all invisible targets within 500 meters. You will have nowhere to hide while they can ambush you in the darkness. Xu Muran also prepared a lot of gunpowder that can blow up the entire oasis… that is all I know.”

Shao Qingge knocked her unconscious and hid her in a safe corner.

Ye Qi was nervous. “Professor Xiao didn’t tell us about these things.”

Chu Huaying told him, “Xiao Lou reversed time and modified the plot. This induced the butterfly effect. Xu Muran definitely won’t wait obediently to die. Notify Xiao Lou immediately. The plan has changed!”

Shao Qingge pressed the earpiece. “Xiao Lou, the hunters have a Plan B. They want to ambush and sneak attack us. There is also a lot of gunpowder in the oasis town. Everyone should be careful.”

Xiao Lou replied, “Received.”

Chu Huaying said, “There are already a few hunters rushing over. We should clear the surrounding area as soon as possible.”

The three of them headed into the darkness under their invisibility cloaks.

They picked a path and after walking a while, they saw two hunters rushing forward. Ye Qi was lying in ambush in the darkness. He gently plucked the guitar in his hand and the two of them were stunned in place before they could react.

Chu Huaying and Shao Qingge immediately followed. The blade of the spider dagger instantly pierced one person’s chest while Shao Qingge’s nails became the sharpest weapon and neatly cut the throat of the other hunter.

Two men dropped to the ground within three seconds.

Shao Qingge ordered in a low voice, “Go and clean up all the people sent by Xu Muran!”

Ye Qi nodded and took out the next control card to get ready.

The three of them checked along the roads one by one. In the blink of an eye, they cleaned up the hunters on the outskirts.

At the same time, Long Sen and Qu Wanyue activated the Long Jump card and their legs became over eight meters long. Long Sen took Old Mo and Qu Wanyue took Liu Qiao. The four of them flew quickly from roof to roof and came to the location designated by Yu Hanjiang to set up an ambush in advance.

The remaining few people rushed straight to Xu Muran’s residence under Yu Hanjiang’s leadership!

The Plan B mentioned by Shao Qingge was something that Xiao Lou didn’t know. In the original plot, they didn’t alert Xu Muran in advance and Xu Muran’s strategy was very successful.

Now back in the past, Xiao Lou had modified the plot and Xu Muran’s reaction had changed accordingly.

In addition to the hospital, explosives were also hidden in other places in the oasis town. They also had to defend against the white crystal ball that could illuminate all invisible targets in a wide range. Xiao Lou instructed in a low voice, “Chief Shao, the southwest direction. The three of you return to the team immediately!”

Shao Qingge replied positively and rushed over with Chu Huaying and Ye Qi to join Yu Hanjiang’s group.

Xiao Lou said, “Your Rich and Willful card must be kept to copy Xu Muran’s black tortoise card. He might’ve hidden a stronger killing move and we need to use this card to avoid the key attack!”

In other instances, Rich and Willful could copy two cards but in this instance, the card would disappear once it was used. Therefore, Shao Qingge could only copy one card.

Xu Muran hid things very deeply. There were still some omissions even if Xiao Lou found most of the information about the hunters.

Since he was on guard and didn’t tell Gui Yuanzhang about Plan B, he might’ve hidden another card that Gui Yuanzhang didn’t know about, just like Gui Yuanzhang hid the Time Reversal card.

Yet no matter how powerful the card, the black tortoise’s shell could resist all attacks. The effect was no worse than Xiao Lou’s invincible circle. Now that Xiao Lou’s Compass card was destroyed, Chief Shao had to use this skill at the most critical moment.

Shao Qingge nodded. “I understand. I’ll watch for an opportunity to act later.”

Yu Hanjiang made a ‘stop’ gesture to his teammates. “Xu Muran’s residence is surrounded by surveillance. Brother Jiu, cover me while I dispose of these surveillance cameras first.”

Lu Jiuchuan stated, “Okay, let’s go.”

The two brothers put on their invisibility cloaks at the same time. The surveillance camera could show the cloaks but Lu Jiuchuan and Yu Hanjiang were experienced in many battles. Even if they were filmed, the hunters might not be able to hit them.

The two men flew forward, one on the left and the other on the right. On Xu Muran’s surveillance screen, two fast moving red dots soon appeared.

Xu Muran’s eyes narrowed. “They came so quickly!”

The moment he finished speaking, there was a ‘didi’ alarm sound from the surveillance screen!

Yu Hanjiang held a black gun in his hand and pulled the trigger neatly within firing distance. The gun had a silencer so there was only a slight sound that occurred several times. Then the four cameras installed in hidden places on the roof were destroyed continuously by Yu Hanjiang’s four bullets!

In the center of the surveillance screen, all four sides had become black screens.

Xu Muran jumped violently. “F*k, it must’ve been done by Yu Hanjiang!”

Destroying all the surrounding surveillance cameras in just a few seconds… who else could do it apart from the criminal investigations police officer Yu?

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