CR: Chapter 581

Chapter 581 – Final Battle


According to Xiao Lou’s instructions, Shao Qingge moved through the sand and headed in the direction of the oasis.

Chief Shao had transformed into the bug king and became the team’s most flexible movement point. He could go underground to avoid all surveillance and place Li Qingzhao’s mark in any position without anyone realizing it.

Xiao Lou asked Qu Wanyue to stay in the Peach Blossom Spring to take care of Long Sen, who hadn’t woken up yet.

The others were following Lu Jiuchuan into the depths of the desert.

Yu Hanjiang’s condition wasn’t too serious. He woke up faster than Long Sen after taking the medicine. Xiao Lou walked beside him and as they walked, he simply repeated the experience of returning from the Nightmare Room and reversing time by five hours.

Yu Hanjiang held Xiao Lou’s hand tightly and said softly, “It has been hard for you. I didn’t expect you to have to endure so much.”

Xiao Lou said, “Last time, we were calculated by the hunters and paid a heavy price. So this time, we have to avoid casualties and try to protect every teammate.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded with a firm expression. “Yes, I’ll accompany you.”

Xiao Lou’s heart warmed and he squeezed Yu Hanjiang’s hand.

They reached an empty space and Lu Jiuchuan looked around. “Just choose this place as their burial place.”

Xiao Lou looked at Mo Xuemin. “Old Mo, do you know what to do later?”

Old Mo immediately replied, “I know. I have modified the model room according to Professor Xiao’s design. The four walls are 10 meters high and they won’t be able to climb out for a while. In addition, the walls are all steel-mixed earth-bearing walls. It will take time to break them down so we can take this opportunity to kill the easy targets.”

Xiao Lou said, “Xu Muran reacts quickly. The moment he senses that something is wrong, he will definitely retreat immediately. There are three times as many hunters as us but we can at least destroy a few.”

He looked at Liu Qiao and instructed softly, “Xiao Liu, contact Xu Muran and prepare to summon them. You should also pay attention to safety. Switch yourself out immediately after the summoning. You can’t miss a single second.”

Liu Qiao nodded. “Professor Xiao, don’t worry.”

Everything was ready and Xiao Lou waved to his teammates. “Action!”

Old Mo immediately put down the model room in the vast desert clearing. It was a building up to 10 meters high without any superfluous furnishings inside. It was like a ‘cage’ made of reinforced concrete. The walls on all four sides were indestructible and the roof had a huge glass roof to see inside. At this moment, the roof was covered with Tang Ci’s surveillance drone.

Yu Hanjiang and Lu Jiuchuan quickly climbed to the roof and set up their guns in advance.

Liu Qiao stood alone in the model room and took out  the Thousand Miles Sound Transmission card from her sister’s card pack. She sent a voice message to Xu Muran. She lowered her voice and said timidly, “Brother Xu, Chief Shao has left the team. They are all resting in the tents. Do you want me to summon you?”

Xu Muran replied, “Do it.”

Liu Qiao opened the teleportation of Run A Thousand Miles to Help.

A soft blue light rose under her feet and gradually formed a circular array.

The moment when the array was formed, Liu Qiao immediately swapped positions with Little Red Riding Hood, who had long been placed outside the model room.

The moment when Liu Qiao and Little Red Riding Hood changed positions, Xu Muran appeared in the model room with over 20 hunters!

The hunters saw the surrounding environment and were stunned.

Walls on all four sides? Liu Ying was supposed to take advantage of Chief Shao’s absence to summon everyone but she actually summoned them into a cage?

Wasn’t this ‘killing easy targets’?

Xu Muran’s eyes narrowed and his voice was terribly cold. “Liu Ying, you actually dare?!”

Before he could finish speaking, the glass window of the roof suddenly opened. Tang Ci’s mechanical spiders quickly climbed down the walls. At the same time, Yu Hanjiang and Lu Jiuchuan, who had long set up submachine guns and a sniper rifle respectively in a high place, decisively pulled the trigger.

Countless bullets shot out like a torrential rain!

The sound of gunfire was incessant. Xu Muran’s face turned dark and he didn’t hesitate to pull a hunter in front of him to block him. In the blink of an eye, the shield pulled by Xu Muran was shot into a sieve.

Pulling a teammate to block the blow at a critical moment was worthy of the style of a hunter.

Screams were heard. The hunters were caught off guard by this wave of ambush. In addition to Xu Muran, there were some people who pulled their teammates to block the bullets or hid under the corpses of their teammates.

Someone shouted in a panic, “B-Brother Xu, we’ve been tricked. They want to shut the door and beat the dog!”

The hunter next to him yelled, “F*k, are you saying that you are a dog?”

Xu Muran exploded. “Shut the f*k up! Hide under my umbrella!”

He suddenly opened an umbrella and held it high above his head.

Yu Hanjiang had seen this umbrella before. The boy he met in the K secret room had such an umbrella that could block bullets. The opening of the defensive umbrella meant that Yu Hanjiang and Lu Jiuchuan’s bullets would no longer work.

However, Tang Ci’s mechanical spiders had already climbed to the ground.

Each spider had eight legs and the legs were full of sharp blades. Seven huge mechanical spiders rapidly waved their legs. The hunters were locked in the model room and had a limited range of movement. They had to dodge in an embarrassing manner for a while.

Many people were injured and the floor of the model room was almost completely stained with blood.

Ye Qi saw the scene on the surveillance screen and felt a lingering fear. “There are so many hunters. If it wasn’t for Professor Xiao’s advanced layout, we definitely would’ve been wiped out by them when attacked by them.”

Last time, they would’ve almost all been wiped out if it wasn’t for Gui Yuanzhang. The advanced layout this time made the hunters extremely embarrassed.

Kindness to the enemy was cruelty to oneself. The hunters had put them into a desperate situation, forcing their teammates to take turns experiencing the fear of death.

Xiao Lou, who had returned from the future, would never show mercy to them!

Xiao Lou calmly instructed, “Solve more before they teleport and escape.”

Then he summoned Xin Qiji. He had hardly used this card since he drew it because Xin Qiji’s skill was a group archery attack and he really couldn’t use it in normal times.

Xin Qiji’s Additional Skill 1, Breaking Through.

[Raising a lantern when drunk, dreaming of blowing the horn to connect to the camp, the horse was extremely fast and the arrow from the bow was as quick as lightning!]

Ten archers riding warhorses suddenly appeared around the model room. They held longbows and started shooting continuously at the model room! The most crucial part of an archer’s shooting was to break the defense.

Xin Qiji’s archers could destroy the defenses of the opponent such as body armor, cloaks, protective shields, etc.

The moment the sharp arrows flew, the umbrella in Xu Muran’s hand was instantly broken. Yu Hanjiang and Lu Jiuchuan saw the situation and immediately pulled the trigger again.

For a time, bullets and sharp arrows mixed together and poured down like torrential rain. Add in Tang Ci’s mechanical spiders and them being locked in this ‘cage’ that was less than 20 square meters large, the hunters couldn’t do anything despite their numerical advantage!

Xu Muran’s eyes were as cold as ice. He picked up the wireless headset on his chest and whispered, “Cheng Ziyang, speed up the teleportation!”

Cheng Ziyang, who remained in the oasis, heard this and immediately activated the teleportation.

A few seconds later, Xu Muran disappeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

Tang Ci had been staring at the drone surveillance and counting the number of people. He said, “There should be 20 people who escaped. They are too cunning. They pulled their weak teammates over to block the bullets and those hiding below weren’t killed.”

Gui Yuanzhang casually said, “The hunters never consider the feelings of their teammates. They will do whatever it takes in order to survive. On the surface, they obey Xu Muran’s orders but in fact, they all only consider themselves at the moment of life or death.”

Xiao Lou added, “This is the key to us winning despite our small number. They are scattered. There is nothing to be afraid of as long as Xu Muran dies.”

Yu Hanjiang and Lu Jiuchuan borrowed the white silk card and slid down from the roof. Xiao Lou stepped forward and said, “The first wave of ambush only took care of one-third of the hunters. The next one is the key. Everyone, get ready.”

Lu Jiuchuan asked, “Has Chief Shao made the arrangements over there?”

Ye Qi answered, “I am connected to Chief Shao with Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings. He told me that he has placed the mark according to Professor Xiao’s plan and can teleport us at any time.”

Xiao Lou instructed, “Let him do it now.”

Ye Qi immediately told Shao Qingge through Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings.

The next moment, the marker teleportation invitation popped up in the floating box. Everyone chose to accept.

In a flash, they arrived at the end of the street marked by Shao Qingge.

Long Sen and Qu Wanyue also arrived. “Long Sen just woke up. He saw the teleportation and had to come over. His body isn’t fully healed but he has his cards. He should be able to help.”

Xiao Lou was happy. “It is better for more people to be together.”

This was precisely the blind spot in the surveillance.

Xiao Lou handed the map to Yu Hanjiang. “This is the distribution map of the surveillance in the oasis town. Hanjiang, you are the most professional in anti-tracking. How should we deal with the remaining hunters?”

Yu Hanjiang carefully observed the map and marked a few points on it. “These roads are ordinary cameras and can’t reveal the invisibility cloaks. Huaying and Chief Shao will act together. Put on the invisibility cloak and solve the hunters who are alone or waiting in ambush.”

He turned to look at Long Sen. “Long Sen, Teacher Qu, Liu Qiao and Old Mo, the four of you are in one group and will take this street. Cut off their back roads and clean up the remnants of the wounded and fleeing hunters.”

After arranging these things, Yu Hanjiang pointed to the location of the five pointed star he marked on the map. “The rest of the people will go with me and directly attack the root!”

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