CR: Chapter 580

Chapter 580 – Waiting for the Opportunity

Xiao Lou and Liu Qiao entered the hospital one after another.

Sure enough, the lights in the hospital corridor were broken and the light bulbs overhead made a buzzing sound. Before they could take a few steps, the lights in the entire corridor went out.

The surrounding area was pitch black. Liu Qiao immediately used the Night Pearl for lighting. There were inexplicably many mirrors on both sides of the corridor. Xiao Lou saw his smiling and kind grandmother again in the mirror at the end of the corridor.

Liu Qiao looked at the mirror next to her and pretended to be confused. “Professor Xiao, I seem to see my sister?”

Xiao Lou hurriedly said, “This hospital isn’t right. Evacuate quickly!”

The next moment, a pair of hands stretched out from a mirror and pulled Liu Qiao in.

The plot was the same as before, except that this time Xiao Lou only brought Liu Qiao with him, not Ye Qi and the unconscious Hanjiang. In addition, Liu Qiao already knew everything that was going to happen.

In the closed room with mirrors on all four sides, she really did see her sister.

Previously, she might’ve still been confused by Xiao Lou’s words but now she was seeing her sister with her own eyes. In addition, what happened after entering the hospital was exactly the same as Xiao Lou’s description. Liu Qiao was even more convinced that everything Xiao Lou said was true!

It was her sister who was used by the hunters to kill Professor Xiao!

If Professor Xiao hadn’t used the Time Reversal to go back in time, they would’ve been wiped out long ago. Therefore, she had to act according to Xiao Lou’s arrangement or the plot of the continuous death of her teammates would repeat itself.

Liu Qiao clenched her fists and stabilized her mind. Then she pretended to be surprised. “Sister? No, my sister is long gone. Who is this person who dares to pretend to be her?”

Liu Ying took a step forward and smiled gently. “Do you remember the stray dog that we picked up together when we were young? We named it Doudou and we kept it for a month without our parents knowing.”

Liu Qiao’s expression changed. “Are you really my sister?”

Liu Ying nodded and her voice was choked up. “Xiao Qiao, it’s me. I’m not dead.”

Liu Qiao immediately stepped forward and hugged her sister tightly.

Liu Ying was just about to reach out to knock Liu Qiao out but Liu Qiao’s reaction was one step faster. Liu Qiao had already taken out the Twin card and the moment they hugged, she turned Liu Ying into her own appearance. Then she used a hand knife to simply and neatly hit the back of her sister’s neck, knocking Liu Ying to the ground.

She knew the ceiling had surveillance so when she hugged her sister, she deliberately turned at an angle and stunned Liu Ying at the fastest speed. This way, the people on the other side of the surveillance didn’t know the truth.

She dragged the fallen ‘Liu Qiao’ to the corner, quickly took the card pack from the other person’s pocket and pretended to put the team’s earpiece back into her ear. In fact, she just changed it from the left ear to the right ear.

Xiao Lou’s voice came from the earpiece. “Liu Qiao, are you there? Reply if you hear this.”

Liu Qiao said, “I’m here. Professor Xiao, I’m in a room with mirrors on all sides. How do I get out?”

Xiao Lou suggested, “You try to rotate clockwise to see if you can find the door.”

Liu Qiao turned according to his words and opened the mirror door. Sure enough, she saw Xiao Lou anxiously waiting for her in the corridor. Liu Qiao quickly stepped forward. “Professor Xiao, are you okay?”

“I’m fine. Let’s leave…”

Before he could finish speaking, the dagger in Liu Qiao’s hand suddenly pierced Xiao Lou’s chest.

Liu Qiao might be so nervous that she was trembling but she was fast and fierce. This way, the people watching the surveillance wouldn’t suspect her identity at all. Xiao Lou’s eyes widened in shock and he fell to the ground in disbelief.

Liu Qiao’s face was expressionless as she pulled out the dagger. Xiao Lou quickly lost his breath. It was only then that she returned to the small room and helped the fainted ‘Liu Qiao’ into the operating room according to the hospital topographic map given by Xiao Lou.

To Liu Qiao’s surprise, she saw a man sitting in the room the moment she opened the door of the operating room. He saw her and walked over with a smile. He reached out and gently touched her hair, like he was touching a kitten or puppy.

Liu Qiao was extremely disgusted in her heart but she pretended to be obedient. She lowered her head and obediently called out, “Brother Xu.”

Xu Muran praised her. “You have done a good job.”

Liu Qiao looked at the unconscious person on the operating table and asked in a soft voice, “My sister, she…”

Xu Muran told her, “Don’t worry. I promised you that as long as we complete this mission, I will find a way to get your younger sister to join the hunters and give each of you an immortality card. In the future, you can follow me to eat and drink and enjoy glory and wealth.”

Liu Qiao knew her sister very well. Liu Ying had been a good girl since she was a child and was docile and timid. Therefore, Liu Qiao also imitated her sister’s appearance when speaking. Her voice trembled slightly and she lowered her eyes. “Thank you, Brother Xu.”

Xu Muran hummed in response before saying, “The task isn’t over yet. They will be in disarray the moment that Xiao Lou died. Go back with the medicine and stay with them while pretending to be Liu Qiao. At present, the one who is most difficult to deal with is Shao Qingge who has transformed into the bug king. As long as Shao Qingge leaves the team, immediately summon us to kill this group of people.”

He patted Liu Qiao on the shoulder. “Go and play your role well. I’ll send someone to take care of your sister.”

Liu Qiao, “……”

This man obviously took Liu Qiao as a hostage and persecuted Liu Ying. Last time, her sister should’ve been controlled by him and was forced to cooperate with Xu Muran. After Chief Shao left the team, she summoned a large number of hunters to kill Qu Wanyue, Brother Jiu, Uncle Mo and the others in a row.

Liu Qiao suppressed the anger in her heart and nodded obediently. “I know. Brother Xu, don’t worry.”

She turned and left the operating room. Then she rushed toward the pharmacy as fast as she could.

The mirrors that appeared in the corridor just now were illusions set up by the hunters. Now the mirrors had disappeared and it was just an ordinary hospital with many explosives buried beneath it.

Liu Qiao quickly found the pharmacy and went inside to get the medicine.

The next moment, she received a teleportation invitation from the Peach Blossom Spring.

The scene before her flickered and the familiar peach blossom trees appeared in her vision. Standing under the tree was Xiao Lou whose chest was bleeding.

Liu Qiao hurried over. “Professor Xiao, are you okay?” Liu Qiao was reluctant to stab Xiao Lou with her own hands but Xu Muran would only believe she was Liu Ying if she was fierce enough.

Xiao Lou met the woman’s reddish eyes and said softly, “It’s okay. I have used ‘Jade Cicada Continues the Life’.”

Shao Qingge came over and placed his fingers around Xiao Lou’s right wrist. The familiar bugs entered Xiao Lou’s body to repair his wounds. The knife wound where he had been stabbed by Liu Qiao quickly healed.

Shao Qingge asked, “Do you have to risk your life every time? In case something goes wrong…”

Xiao Lou calmly interrupted him. “I won’t let things go wrong. We only have this one last chance.”

He had everyone’s hopes on his shoulders. He couldn’t afford to lose.

Xiao Lou looked at Liu Qiao. “Do you have the medicine?”

Liu Qiao nodded. “It should be the real medicine. I checked and the bottles weren’t opened.”

The streptomycin in the hospital should be a way for them to survive. According to the previous plot, Tang Ci injected Long Sen with the medicine and Long Sen woke up after around an hour. Yu Hanjiang’s condition wasn’t as serious as Long Sen’s condition so he should wake up faster.

Xiao Lou had just entrusted Yu Hanjiang to Brother Jiu to avoid any accidents.

At this time, Yu Hanjiang had recovered from his thumb-sized state and was lying under the peach blossom trees with Long Sen.

Xiao Lou said, “Mr Tang, inject them with the medicine as soon as possible.”

Tang Ci used the healing robot and injected Yu Hanjiang and Long Sen with the medicine respectively.

“Xu Muran said that Chief Shao is currently in the transformed state and isn’t easy to deal with. He wants me to wait for Chief Shao to leave before teleporting the hunters over to kill you when you are unprepared,” Liu Qiao explained.

“Yes.” Xiao Lou frowned. “It is the same as last time. At that time, Hanjiang and I were already killed and Chief Shao became the captain. Chief Shao moved through the sand to investigate our cause of death. During the time when he was absent, Liu Ying summoned nearly 30 hunters to besiege everyone and we suffered heavy casualties.”

Gui Yuanzhang looked at Xiao Lou. “What is your idea?”

“The same plot but the opposite ending. Last time, Xu Muran launched a surprise attack on us and caught everyone off guard. This time, we will wait for the opportunity to catch them off guard!”

Liu Qiao quickly understood Xiao Lou’s meaning. “Professor Xiao, do you want me to teleport the hunters over while you have set up an ambush in advance to kill them instead?”

“Yes, I have left the fake corpse in the hospital and your acting just now was very realistic. You killed me in a very neat and quick manner. Xu Muran shouldn’t suspect that you have exchanged identities with your sister. In his opinion, ‘Liu Qiao’ is now his hostage and you will definitely listen to him obediently. You will follow us according to his instructions and wait until Chief Shao is gone to summon the hunters. He will naturally bring a group of hunters to destroy us.”

“Yes, I’ll try to imitate my sister’s tone to communicate with him.” Liu Qiao took out a card from her pocket. “This is a card I found on my sister. It is Run A Thousand Miles to Help and it can summon teammates to my side immediately.”

“This is probably the card that Xu Muran meant when asking Liu Ying to summon the hunters.” Xiao Lou looked at Liu Qiao and said warmly, “Xiao Liu, put away this card first and wait for the right time. I will have you open the teleportation and use the card skills immediately.”

“I got it, Professor Xiao.” Liu Qiao carefully put away the card.

“Chief Shao, I have to continue to trouble you to do one more thing.” Xiao Lou turned to Shao Qingge, who smiled and shrugged. “It is to let me move through the sand again, right?”

“This is the only way we can avoid the surveillance.” Xiao Lou took a piece of paper and quickly drew a map of the roads and surveillance of the oasis town. Then he handed it to Shao Qingge. “Take this map. The street in the southeast of the oasis is the real base of the hunters. I have a copy of Li Qingzhao in my hand. Once the time comes, prepare Li Qingzhao’s mark in the location I marked and pull all of us there.”

Shao Qingge was stunned. “Pull you to the base camp of the hunters?”

Xiao Lou explained, “The hunters also have teleportation cards in their hands. The plan to summon them into a trap might not be able to completely wipe them out.”

Gui Yuanzhang agreed. “That’s right. The moment Xu Muran notices that something is wrong, he will order his teammates back at the base to start the teleportation. If we place the marker at the hunters’ base in advance, we can kill them by surprise.”

Shao Qingge smiled. “Rest assured. I know what to do.”

Xiao Lou quickly wrote on another piece of paper the names and features of the hunters, the cards of a few key people and their residences in the hunter base.

Such detailed information made the team members look at each other.

Lu Jiuchuan read the information and looked solemn. “Xiao Lou might’ve found a lot of information but our number is still inferior. Long Sen and Hanjiang have no combat effectiveness for the time being. It will be 10 against 30. Xiao Lou, are you sure we have a chance to win?”

Just then, a low voice was heard behind them. “It is 11 against 30.”

Xiao Lou turned his head and saw Yu Hanjiang sitting up.

For a moment, the tip of Xiao Lou’s nose became sore. He thought of Yu Hanjiang who was covered in blood as he protected him in the Nightmare Room and his heart tingled. He opened his mouth, not knowing what to say.

Yu Hanjiang, who had just woken up, stood up and walked to Xiao Lou. He held Xiao Lou’s hand and his voice was low and hoarse. “I might not know what happened but I believe in Xiao Lou’s decision.”

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