CR: Chapter 579

Chapter 579 – Beating Them at Their Own Game

Beat them at their own game?

The team members were very confused about this.

Xiao Lou briefly told everyone what happened next. “According to the original plot, I went to the hospital with Liu Qiao and Ye Qi to find medicine. We were confused by a mirror labyrinth and Liu Qiao and Ye Qi were pulled into the mirror labyrinth. Then Liu Qiao’s sister, Liu Ying suddenly appeared and knocked Liu Qiao unconscious. She pretended to be Liu Qiao and came to me. She took advantage of my lack of preparedness to stab and kill me and Hanjiang.”

Liu Qiao heard this and her expression changed dramatically. “My sister?”

Xiao Lou explained, “She was eliminated in 3 of Spades but she didn’t choose to die in the Nightmare Room. In order to find you, she became a hunter and was used by Xu Muran, the boss of the Eternal Kingdom.”

Liu Qiao clenched her fists hard. “Then what?”

Xiao Lou sighed lightly. “She blindly believed in the hunters. In the end, she couldn’t escape the fate of being killed by the hunters.”

Gui Yuanzhang took the initiative to stand up and testify for Xiao Lou. “The boss of the Eternal Kingdom is indeed Xu Muran. I don’t know what will happen in the next five hours but if we want to pass through this secret room, everyone now has only one way—believe in Xiao Lou. He is from the future and knows everything that will happen in the future. Only he can lead us to avoid danger and turn defeat into victory.”

Senior Gui’s eyes swept over the group. “If we doubt each other and worry over whether the news that Xiao Lou tells us is true or false, we will just die here collectively. Going back in time is the best opportunity to leave the Two Jokers Secret Room. This opportunity is only available once and I hope you can seize it!”

Gui Yuanzhang’s reminder was like a basin of cold water that quickly restored their sanity.

Yes, now wasn’t the time to worry over the details. How could Xiao Lou explain to everyone the details of five hours one by one? At present, the most critical thing was to cooperate with Xiao Lou to change the fate of everyone being killed!

Xiao Lou looked at Senior Gui with mixed feelings. “Thank you for your trust.”

Old Gui’s eyes were gentle. “Think about the layout. I believe you won’t disappoint us.”

Xiao Lou nodded slightly.

He couldn’t mention Senior Gui’s ‘spy’ mission for the time being because it would just create unnecessary suspicion in their other teammates. He also knew that if the challengers cleared the level then it meant the hunters failed their mission. Senior Gui never thought about his mission from the beginning. He wanted to use the time reversal to help everyone leave the Card World. This care might never be repaid.

Xiao Lou took a deep breath and turned to Liu Qiao, telling her seriously, “Xiao Liu, the key to this plan is you.”

Liu Qiao was stunned. ”Me?”

“The previous plot was that your sister pretended to be you. This time, we will do the opposite and you will pretend to be your sister.”

Liu Qiao nodded and listened carefully. “Professor Xiao, what should I do exactly?”

“In order to avoid an accident, I will take you to the hospital alone because we need to find the medicine to save Hanjiang and Long Sen. There is indeed the medicine in the hospital but there is also the trap laid by the hunter. Your sister is lurking there. The moment you show up, she will tell you something that only the two of you know to make sure you believe in her identity. Then she will knock you out while you are distracted.”

Liu Qiao quickly understood Xiao Lou’s words. “You mean, she will tell me a secret that only we know and let me confirm her identity. Then I will approach her, pretend to be close with her and knock her unconscious to switch identities with her?”

“Grab her and use the Twin card to make her look like you. At this time, there will be two Liu Qiaos in the hospital. In the original plot, the real Liu Qiao was stunned and locked up in the operating room. The fake Liu Qiao followed everyone to be a spy.” 

Liu Qiao immediately understood: “Now we want to reverse the plot, I will stun my sister, disguise her as me and put her in the operating room, then I’ll pretend to be her, and continue to stay with everyone as Liu Qiao?”

“Pretending to be her will make it easier for you to find the medicine in the hospital.” Xiao Lou quickly drew a map and handed it to Liu Qiao. “This is a map of the interior of the hospital. There is a pharmacy on the first floor that has the streptomycin to treat the plague. In order to make Xu Muran believe that you are Liu Ying, you will go back to the corridor and stab me after switching identities with your sister. Then look for the medicine.”

Liu Qiao’s eyelashes shook with worry. “Stab you?”

Xiao Lou’s eyes were gentle. “Don’t be afraid. I have the Jade Cicada that I obtained from the ancient tomb and I will place it in my mouth in advance. The help of the jade cicada will allow me to enter a state of fake death. I can be resurrected after taking the jade cicada out again.”

Gui Yuanzhang frowned. “No, Xu Muran is suspicious and cunning. He will confirm your death and perhaps he will personally chop your ‘corpse’ into pieces. Once he finds the jade cicada in your mouth, your fake death will become a real death.”

“So we have to move fast. The moment Liu Qiao finds the medicine, Chief Shao will open the teleportation and pull Liu Qiao and me into the Peach Blossom Spring.” Xiao Lou turned and looked at Gui Yuanzhang. “Senior Gui, please draw a fake Xiao Lou in advance. I will take that and when the time comes, I will leave it in the hospital to be my stand-in.”

“You mean to draw a dummy to be your corpse? This way, it won’t affect you even if Xu Muran chops the body to pieces.”

“Senior, can you do it?”

“It should work.” Gui Yuanzhang wasn’t surprised that Xiao Lou knew his painting had the skill of ‘Magic Pen Ma Liang’ to draw dummies. After all, Xiao Lou returned from five hours in the future. He immediately drew a painting with Xiao Lou’s appearance. In order to make the dummy look like a corpse, he deliberately made Xiao Lou’s face in the painting very pale.

He finished the painting and shoved the drawn card into Xiao Lou’s hand. “Pay attention to safety.”

“Thank you, Senior.” Immediately after that, Xiao Lou looked at Chief Shao again and handed the other Tao Yuanming card to him. “Chief Shao, there is an important task I have to entrust to you.”

Shao Qingge simply nodded. “Say it. How can I help?”

“The oasis town is full of surveillance and the surveillance of the main roads can illuminate the invisibility cloak. Only you can move through the sand to avoid the surveillance camera. Take the second Tao Yuanming card and go all the way south. Find a safe place and open the Peach Blossom Spring. Wait for Brother Jiu’s signal to teleport.”

“I understand. Are you afraid that the entrance of the Peach Blossom Spring I opened before will be surrounded by hunters?”

“Yes, the oasis town is full of surveillance. They might’ve seen it when you opened the Peach Blossom Spring just now. Xu Muran won’t rush to surround the entrance of the Peach Blossom Spring right now. After all, he still has the ‘Liu Ying’ trump card. However, if I die, he might take the hunters to surround the entrance of the Peach Blossom Spring to stand by and wait for you.”

“Okay. I will move through the ground and open the Peach Blossom Spring in another place. Then I will transfer the whole team.”

“If it goes well, I will get the medicine with Liu Qiao and first return to the Peach Blossom Spring to save Hanjiang and Long Sen. Then we will find a way to deal with those hunters!”

According to the original plot, Xu Muran would find them straight away due to the oasis town being full of surveillance. He saw that Xiao Lou only had a few teammates with him and didn’t detonate the explosives buried around the hospital. He had Liu Ying pretend to be her sister to kill Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang and mix into the team.

This time it would be the same but Xiao Lou didn’t bring Ye Qi. It was because Ye Qi’s death wasn’t easy to disguise. He only brought Liu Qiao.

The two of them walked out of the Peach Blossom Spring and found the hunters hadn’t surrounded it.

Even so, he believed Xu Muran was keeping a close eye on the surveillance and paying attention to their movements.

Liu Qiao was nervous in her heart but she knew that success or failure lay in this move!

If it was really true that Professor Xiao and many of their teammates were killed and sent to the Nightmare Room due to the existence of her sister then Liu Qiao definitely wouldn’t allow the same situation to happen again.

She took a deep breath, waved her fist to cheer herself up and entered the role. She looked at Xiao Lou and asked, “Professor Xiao, will there be an ambush at the hospital?”

Xiao Lou answered her. “Even if there is an ambush, we have to go and take a look. Hanjiang and Long Sen’s illness can’t be delayed any longer. Rest assured, I have asked Ye Qi and Chief Shao to arrange the Peach Blossom Spring in advance. Our teammates can save us in time if we encounter danger.”

Just now, they had suddenly disappeared from the surveillance and Xu Muran must’ve suspected they had opened the teleportation.

Xiao Lou’s words were for Xu Muran to hear, in order to dispel his doubts.

The two of them looked at each other and walked cautiously toward the hospital.

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