CR: Chapter 577

Chapter 577 – Key Choice

The third labyrinth was full of Chu Huaying’s family.

She never mentioned her family and even Lu Jiuchuan didn’t know her life history. Now seeing a woman wearing a white taekwondo outfit with a black belt and a well-developed muscular man with boxing gloves, everyone realized that Huaying’s parents were actually a combination of a boxing coach and taekwondo coach!

No wonder why Chu Huaying fought so neatly. She was obviously influenced by her parents since childhood.

The relatives that Chu Huaying saw in the mirror didn’t carry lethal weapons but they were all professional martial artists. They punched the flesh, had flexible movements and ruthless moves to the point that even Lu Jiuchuan and Yu Hanjiang found it somewhat laborious to handle them.

Chu Huaying saw that Brother Jiu and Group Leader Yu were at a disadvantage and she no longer hesitated. She picked up the spider dagger and simply killed them!

Chu Huaying, who was dressed in black, had an expressionless face as she stabbed the chest of a young boy next to her.

The boy fell to the ground and looked at her pitifully. “Sister, you usually care about me the most…”

Chu Huaying kicked him. “Shut up!”

Chu Huaying wasn’t soft toward these familiar and kind faces. She used the fighting skills personally taught to her by her parents as she moved flexibly among her relatives like the wind. She attracted blood everywhere her dagger went!

Blood splashed in the corridor and the lines on her spider dagger grew like weeds.

The ponytail behind Chu Huaying’s head was covered with blood and she was as heroic as a female god of war. She personally cut a bloody path with the sharp dagger in her hand.

She killed until the end of the corridor and declared without looking back, “This time, I will open the way.”

Her right hand gripped the spider dagger and she walked in an unusually resolute manner.

The other three glanced at each other and quickly followed her.

They might be facing the loved ones they missed the most but they couldn’t soften their hearts now.

Time was running out. These relatives were nothing more than killing machines deliberately released by the little joker to kill them. They would only die in this mirror labyrinth the moment they were troubled by the emotions in their memories!

Letting them personally kill the people they missed most while the people in the mirror poured out endlessly.

The little joker’s psychological tactics were really despicable.

Chu Huaying opened the way ahead while Lu Jiuchuan and Yu Hanjiang covered both sides.

The four people in the group had let go of their psychological burdens. It was simply a god killing a god and Buddha killing Buddha!

Chu Huaying’s body and face were covered with blood but her eyes were exceptionally calm. She walked through three corners in a row and immediately asked, “Is this the position?”

Xiao Lou replied, “Yes, the mirror in the middle is the southwest position.”

She pushed the mirror open. “Go quickly!”

Lu Jiuchuan rushed in first, followed by Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou. Chu Huaying was in charge of blocking her relatives who chased after them.

The moment he entered through the door, Lu Jiuchuan felt a chill go down his spine, like a beast smelling a crisis in the forest. His intuition made him step back and cry out softly, “Be careful!”

Sure enough, dense bullets slammed toward them like a storm the next moment!

Lu Jiuchuan was forced to retreat behind the mirror.

Yu Hanjiang asked in a low voice, “What is the situation?”

Lu Jiuchuan’s expression was extremely ugly as he picked up a bullet on the ground. “They are my comrade-in-arms and your colleagues.”

He had been holding the lantern and could only see some of their faces, but these familiar faces were enough to make Lu Jiuchuan vigilant.

His comrades were the elites of the Sharp Arrow Commandos while Yu Hanjiang’s colleagues were all good criminal investigation police officers. Their marksmanship was precise. If Lu Jiuchuan hadn’t responded quickly enough, he would’ve been shot into a sieve right now.

Xiao Lou took a deep breath as he heard the gunshots in his ears. “How do we get through this?”

This was a real rain of bullets!

The bullets fired by their comrades and colleagues covered a large area and formed a heavy fire suppression. Not even a mosquito could fly past, let alone Lu Jiuchuan and Yu Hanjiang.

Lu Jiuchuan spoke to Yu Hanjiang with a solemn expression, “In this labyrinth, everyone has guns and it won’t be as easy to avoid as the swords of the previous labyrinths. Forget the accuracy of these people’s marksmanship. They just need to fire randomly and we can be easily hit by random bullets!”

Yu Hanjiang asked in a low voice, “Did you see clearly what guns they used?”

Lu Jiuchuan raised the casing in his hand. “It should be a pistol, a 9mm caliber semi-automatic pistol.

Yu Hanjiang said, “The standard configuration of this gun is a double row, double loading magazine with a capacity of 15 rounds.”

Xiao Lou was stunned. At the moment of life or death, the two brothers could calmly analyze the pistol model and number of bullets. He looked over at Yu Hanjiang, only to see that this person had a serious expression and deep eyes. “We have no more cards to use. Since they have guns, it is just right. We can use them as we please.”

Lu Jiuchuan wondered in a deep voice, “Do you want to break through?”

Yu Hanjiang’s expression was frighteningly cold. “Is there any way other than breaking through?”

The two brothers stared at each other and Lu Jiuchuan nodded solemnly. “Go, fight with them!”

Yu Hanjiang turned his head and instructed softly, “Huaying, protect Xiao Lou. Brother Jiu and I will deal with the people in this corridor first.”

Chu Huaying replied, “I know.”

Xiao Lou was worried but he couldn’t stop them. He had to step back and go to Chu Huaying’s side. The next moment, they saw Lu Jiuchuan and Yu Hanjiang dragging two corpses over before they pushed open the mirror door and rushed in! 

For a time, the sound of gunshots were deafening. Sparks splashed in the corridor and the countless bullets formed a rain of bullets that almost completely engulfed the two brothers!

Lu Jiuchuan and Yu Hanjiang blocked the first wave of bullets with the corpses. The two of them tacitly moved from side to side and rolled on the spot. The bullets almost rubbed their ears when flying past.

Lu Jiuchuan kicked at a comrade next to him and knocked him down in two or three moves. He immediately snatched the other person’s gun for his own use. At the same time, his elbow hit the opponent’s neck hard and his comrade fell to the ground.

Yu Hanjiang reached out like lightning and twisted the wrist of the police officer shooting at him, dislocating it. He used his other hand to snatch the gun and turned to fire two shots. Two people in the distance were killed by him immediately!

Lu Jiuchuan’s eyes were wide as he roared, “My comrades will never shoot at me. You fakes, die!”

He held guns in his left and right hands. He dodged around the corridor while killing the people around him. Lu Jiuchuan’s body trembled with anger when he saw the familiar faces lying in a pool of blood but his hands holding the guns were always stable.

They were all people created from his memories and they were used as the little joker’s psychological torture!

Yu Hanjiang’s expression was as cold as ice. His entire body was covered with blood and his deep eyes were full of anger. He used a colleague in front of him to block the bullets while his other hand stuck out from under the armpit and fired. He took constant steps forward and killed while taking a step, like a devil returning from hell!

Xiao Lou saw this scene from a distance and felt numb.

Brother Jiu and Hanjiang were simply devastating when they really acted.

The guns in their hands fired 15 rounds and the two of them simply picked up new guns from the ground and continued to use them.

It was as Yu Hanjiang said. The people in the labyrinth carried guns. They might be a deadly threat but on the other hand, they could also provide the two of them with a steady stream of weapons!

Behind him, Chu Huaying’s relatives also caught up.

Chu Huaying faced the attacks from the back and front and hurriedly said, “Professor Xiao, leave quickly. I’ll clear them!”

Xiao Lou immediately rushed through the mirror door. The moment he heard the sound of gunshots, he bent down sharply like a fish sliding close to the ground for more than ten meters. The dance king card made his body extremely flexible and he slid behind Yu Hanjiang within half a minute.

Yu Hanjiang saw Xiao Lou who was cleverly hiding behind a corpse and hurriedly asked, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. You guys be careful.”

Lu Jiuchuan’s eyes were bloodshot as he shot the head of a comrade. He declared in a hoarse voice, “Kill to get out.”

Chu Huaying stopped the pursuers. She closed the mirror door with force and quickly followed.

The four of them continued to move forward. Lu Jiuchuan and Yu Hanjiang opened the way while Chu Huaying personally protected Xiao Lou.

The sound of gunfire in the corridors was incessant. These people were mass produced and appeared in an endless stream. No matter how strong Lu Jiuchuan and Yu Hanjiang were, they were no match for the siege of dozens of comrades!

After passing the third corner, another gunshot rang out. Suddenly, a muffled groan was heard in the distance, followed by Lu Jiuchuan’s voice. “Hanjiang!”

Yu Hanjiang replied, “I’m fine. Huaying, take Xiao Lou away!”

Chu Huaying quickly took Xiao Lou and rushed forward. Xiao Lou passed through the corridor and saw the blood flowing from Yu Hanjiang’s shoulder, which was still bleeding. His heart sank. “Hanjiang, you are injured…”

Yu Hanjiang tore a white cloth and gritted his teeth as he wrapped it around his injured shoulder. “Leave me and find the exit!”

This was already the corridor to the southwest in the fourth labyrinth. If Xiao Lou’s guess was correct, the middle of the nine mirrors was the Death Door of the entire labyrinth.

Chu Huaying’s body was strengthened and her arms were extremely strong. She moved like the wind with Xiao Lou.

There were suddenly a large number of elites with extremely strong combat power on both sides of the corridor that surrounded them like the tide.

Obviously, those who had just been killed had generated a large number of copies from the mirror.

Xiao Lou looked back and saw that both Lu Jiuchuan and Yu Hanjiang were injured. Yu Hanjiang’s shoulder was bleeding profusely while Lu Jiuchuan’s right leg was obviously inconvenient. The two of them were exhausted after such a long and high intensity battle but they still dragged their injured bodies and stood up tenaciously.

The two brothers were surprisingly tacit in this moment.

One of them guarded the left and the other guarded the right. They each held guns in both hands and fired wildly!

The bullets shot out. They were obviously pistols but they had the fierce momentum of a submachine gun!

There were 30 rounds of ammunition and it could only last for a few seconds.

Once the bullets in their hands were gone, the attacks of these people couldn’t be suppressed and Xiao Lou and Chu Huaying would instantly be overwhelmed by the rain of bullets.

Xiao Lou stared deeply at Yu Hanjiang before resolutely pushing open the mirror.

Hanjiang, Brother Jiu, Huaying, thank you for the few seconds you have won for me with your lives!

I will save you!

Xiao Lou walked out of the mirror door and a dazzling light flashed in his eyes. He saw the scene of the sun and moon shining together disappear rapidly and the sky became a bright moon hanging high with many stars.

It was a full moon, not the crescent moon of the Nightmare Room.

He was back.

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