CR: Chapter 576

Chapter 576 – The True Exit

Entering the Death Door was just Xiao Lou’s guess and couldn’t be 100% guaranteed. Xiao Lou looked at his three teammates. “Let’s try it. There is no better way right now.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “According to your analysis, the labyrinth is under the jurisdiction of Diamonds and the red camp. The people who appear in the labyrinth to hunt us down belong to the black camp. In other words, the mirror labyrinth contains the forces of both the big and little joker. One side wants us to die and the other side leaves us a way to live.”

Xiao Lou said, “We were still in the Nightmare Room when we came out of the Life Door so perhaps we can really leave when going through the Death Door.”

Lu Jiuchuan simply agreed. “Just do it!”

Xiao Lou handed Yu Hanjiang the Long Jump card that Qu Wanyue had given up. “Teacher Qu’s card can jump eight meters at a time. You take me with you and it will be faster.”

Yu Hanjiang took the card and wrapped his arm around Xiao Lou’s waist. Xiao Lou felt his body rise into the air. He looked down and saw that Yu Hanjiang’s legs had stretched several meters.

Xiao Lou determined the direction according to the position of the North Star and Yu Hanjiang took Xiao Lou to jump quickly in the sand.

The speed of eight meters at a time wasn’t as good as Ye Qi’s teleportation card of 50 meters but after his legs became longer, he could directly cross the uneven sand dunes. This was much faster than walking on foot.

The four of them walked through the blowing sand and wind of the vast desert for an unknown amount of time when a familiar building came into view. It was the labyrinth where Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang first entered the Nightmare Room.

By this time, the entire labyrinth building had been submerged by a sandstorm and only the roof was exposed.

The four of them looked at each other and Lu Jiuchuan frowned. “The entrance is buried by sand. How do we get in?”

Yu Hanjiang suggested, “Dig it.”

The moment he finished speaking, Lu Jiuchuan rolled up his sleeves and Yu Hanjiang followed.

The two brothers dug at the sand but there was too much yellow sand around them that would flow again. The moment they dug up a piece, the sand would flow from all directions to fill the gap.

Xiao Lou thought about it before taking out Old Mo’s Solid Wood Flooring card. He took out a large piece of wood. “The sand is too fluid. After digging it, the surrounding sand will automatically fill the gap. We will block the sand on both sides with Old Mo’s wooden board and dig out a passage first.

Yu Hanjiang took the wooden planks and inserted two planks into the sand. Xiao Lou and Chu Huaying were responsible for fixing them in place while Yu Hanjiang and Lu Jiuchuan dug out all the sand between the planks and threw them into the distance.

The four of them worked together tacitly and finally dug out a passage after a few moments.

A familiar door appeared at the end of the passage.

Xiao Lou was overjoyed. “This is the door.”

Lu Jiuchuan patted his clothes, shook off the sand and dust on his body and turned back to ask, “Go in?”

Yu Hanjiang softly cautioned them, “Be careful, it’s dangerous in the labyrinth.”

Xiao Lou also added, “We might encounter a large number of relatives again. These relatives aren’t simply illusions. They will really kill us.”

Lu Jiuchuan raised an eyebrow. “There is no way. We have to fight.”

Then he pushed open the door with force.

He walked in front, Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou were in the middle and Chu Huaying was in charge of the rear.

The moment they entered through the door, they saw a narrow corridor full of mirrors on both sides. In the mirror that was facing Lu Jiuchuan was his extremely dignified father who was a lieutenant general in the army.

Lu Jiuchuan might’ve been mentally prepared but he was still taken aback when he directly looked into his father’s eyes.

After all, he had been beaten by his father when he was naughty as a child. He had a psychological shadow toward this face!

One by one, Lu Jiuchuan’s father walked out of the mirror. They all raised their guns and aimed at Lu Jiuchuan’s head! At the same time, there was Yu Hanjiang’s father with a baton, Xiao Lou’s father with a ruler for hitting students and Chu Huaying’s father with exaggerated boxing gloves.

The four people, “…….”

Lu Jiuchuan cursed. The next moment, Lu Jiuchuan jumped forward and rolled on the ground out of a conditioned reflex. The sound of continuous gunshots was heard in his ears.

Yu Hanjiang also reacted quickly enough. The moment he saw these mirror images appear, he immediately grabbed Xiao Lou and rolled several times, avoiding the bullets that were shot at them.

Chu Huaying was initially stunned when she saw her father. As a result, her father’s fist wearing boxing gloves aimed at her face. It was fast and fierce and almost turned her face into a pig’s head. Chu Huaying hurriedly dodged sideways. She flexibly bent down under his arm and extended her right leg at the same time, neatly sweeping her father to the ground.

LU Jiuchuan lay on the ground with lingering fear.

He finally understood where the difficulty of the Nightmare Room lay.

The more people who entered the labyrinth, the more loved ones that would come to more and the more people that would attack them!

Fortunately, Liu Qiao took the initiative to stay in the model room with Old Mo and Qu Wanyue. Otherwise, based on the skills of Liu Qiao, Old Mo and Qu Wanyue, they would’ve been sent to death in vain when meeting Lu Jiuchuan’s military father and Yu Hanjiang’s police officer father. In addition, Lu Jiuchuan and Yu Hanjiang didn’t have the energy to take care of so many teammates!

Currently, apart from Xiao Lou, the other three were the strongest in the team and they could protect Xiao Lou while protecting themselves. The three of them were like Xiao Lou’s bodyguards and they had to send Xiao Lou back to the two jokers secret room as quickly as possible.

Chu Huaying realized this and cried out, “Brother Jiu, open the way. I will cut off the rear while Group Leader Yu will protect Professor Xiao!”

The wave of attacks just now made everyone’s hearts tremble. Their expressionless relatives could emerge from the mirror at any time and attack them frantically.

They didn’t have much time to dwell on who was attacking them and had to run forward desperately.

Xiao Lou’s physical strength was almost unable to keep up. The acceleration shoes had already been used so he simply took the dance king card given to him by Qu Wanyue and used it. This card made people’s bodies extremely flexible and could even bend freely. His body was soft like there were no bones.

There was no light in the labyrinth and the people in the mirror were hidden in the darkness. They were vulnerable to ambushes. Xiao Lou said while running, “Quickly take out your lighting card or we will be easily attacked!” 

Lu Jiuchuan immediately took out a lantern and illuminated the entire corridor.

More people appeared in the corridor.

This time, it was their mothers. Lu Jiuchuan and Yu Hanjiang’s mothers were more powerful than the others. They wore military uniforms and had guns. Chu Huaying and Xiao Lou’s mothers weren’t far behind and had ruthless faces!

Xiao Lou took a deep breath and didn’t hesitate to throw out the poisonous queen card that Liu Qiao had given him.

A woman with long curly hair in a black lace dress appeared beside him. She looked in the mirror and asked, “Mirror mirror, who is the most beautiful woman in the world?” The mirror replied, “Snow White.”

The poison queen’s expression changed abruptly and she threw out the magic mirror in anger. Everyone in range immediately stopped attacking after seeing themselves in the mirror.

Xiao Lou hurriedly shouted, “Run!”

The poison queen’s ranged control time was limited. They took advantage of this magic mirror to run to the end of the corridor at an extremely fast speed. After passing the corner and seeing the identical corridor with dense mirrors in front of him, Lu Jiuchuan couldn’t help cursing. “F*k, how many mirrors are there in this labyrinth?”

Xiao Lou told him, “Go through two more corridors and there is an opened mirror in the southwest.”

Lu Jiuchuan continued to move forward according to Xiao Lou’s instructions. In order to save time, Xiao Lou simply took out all the cards in his card back. He just had to return to the two jokers secret room and reverse time, or all of them would die in this labyrinth!

A large number of relatives and friends appeared in the corridor. Xiao Lou summoned Lu Yu and asked him to bring them tea.

They passed through the corridor and he summoned Li Bai and asked Li Bai to fill them with alcohol.

The endless stream of summoned figures greatly slowed down the illusions in the corridor. After passing through three consecutive corners, Lu Jiuchuan did indeed find the opened mirror that Xiao Lou had mentioned.

Out of the nine mirrors in the corridor, the middle one was open. Lu Jiuchuan wondered, “Is it over there?”

Xiao Lou nodded. “That’s right.”

Lu Jiuchuan took the lead in entering the mirror door and the other three followed.

In front of him was another labyrinth exactly the same as before. At this time, all the control cards in Xiao Lou’s hands had been used up while Yu Hanjiang, Lu Jiuchuan and Chu Huaying had no group control cards.

Xiao Lou warned softly, “I have no more cards to use. Be careful.”

Lu Jiuchuan’s face immediately became serious.

Fortunately, the people in this labyrinth were mainly Xiao Lou’s relatives.

Xiao Lou’s parents, his grandparents, his younger cousins, his colleagues and his students.

His relatives were teachers, civil servants and other professions. According to the theory, they shouldn’t have lethal weapons but to Xiao Lou’s surprise, after returning to the labyrinth, his relatives’ strength had improved. The ruler in the hands of his father had become a sharp knife while the needle used by his mother to knit a sweater had turned into a sharp sword that could pierce a person’s body!

His cousin Xiao Xinyue held a deck of playing cards, each card as thin as a cicada’s wing but it became the most terrible hidden weapon that could cut people’s throat in an instant.

The moment Xiao Xinyue threw the silver playing cards, Yu Hanjiang’s pupils shrank and he quickly retreated with Xiao Lou. Lu Jiuchuan used the ice sword and created a bunch of ice flowers in front of him, sweeping all the hidden weapons that Xiao Lou had thrown to the ground.

Xiao Lou’s expression was ugly. “The difficulty of the labyrinth has been upgraded.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “As expected.”

Perhaps it was because four people had entered the labyrinth this time but the number of people who attacked them had increased and their strength also improved qualitatively. Xiao Lou remembered very clearly that when he was first alone in the labyrinth, his relatives and friends didn’t have so many weapons. It seemed that the little joker was really working hard to prevent them from going back.

Lu Jiuchuan said, “I will deal with the girls with hidden weapons. Hanjiang, I’ll hand over Xiao Lou’s parents to you!”

Yu Hanjiang glanced at Xiao Lou.

Xiao Lou calmly told him, “Don’t be merciful. They aren’t real people.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. He decisively took out the  Night Devil Saber and started killing alongside Brother Jiu.

Chu Huaying quickly moved to Xiao Lou’s side to cover him. Yu Hanjiang and Lu Jiuchuan used their weapons and all of Xiao Lou’s relatives in the corridor were knocked down by them in the blink of an eye.

Yu Hanjiang exclaimed, “Follow!”

Xiao Lou and Chu Huaying immediately followed.

The people in the mirror were armed with all types of ferocious weapons but their actual combat level wasn’t as good as that of a professionally trained soldier and police officer like Lu Jiuchuan and Yu Hanjiang.

Lu Jiuchuan and Yu Hanjiang were responsible for clearing the road ahead and they rushed forward quickly. After walking through three consecutive corners, Xiao Lou stopped and said, “The mirror in the middle of the corridor should be directly southwest and is the Death Door.”

Lu Jiuchuan resolutely walked over and pushed open the mirror.

The four of them bent down and walked through the mirror door.

However, Xiao Lou unexpectedly discovered that he didn’t return to the two jokers secret room after walking through the mirror door. The corridor in front of them was exactly the same as before, as if they had been struggling for a long time but were circling in place.

Lu Jiuchuan was stunned. “Did we guess wrong?”

Chu Huaying looked at the people in the mirror and said coldly, “These are my family members.”

Xiao Lou thought about it carefully. “I understand. The labyrinth will change according to the number of people. In the beginning, Hanjiang and I were the only ones here so there were two connected labyrinths. This time, we have four people so there are four labyrinths!”

Lu Jiuchuan frowned. “In other words, we just finished going through two and we have to move through another two?”

Yu Hanjiang took a deep breath and simply said, “Let’s go.”

It was impossible to stop halfway. They had no way back.

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Daring to Dream
Daring to Dream
1 year ago

All group control cards gone, unlimited number of hunters, double labyrinth!
Good luck;O

Little Blue
Little Blue
1 year ago

Ahhh here is the challenge ah~

Also Lmaoo they’re gonna need some time to mentally prepare when YHJ and XL meet each others parents in real world for various reasons now