CR: Chapter 573

Chapter 573 – Secrets of the Hunters

After the hospital was blown up, Xu Muran led everyone to the real ‘hunter’s base’ in the oasis town.

It was located in the northeast of the oasis town. The streets were wide and each street had forks. It was easy to escape. The geographical location was easy to defend and difficult to attack. Moreover, the hunters were dressed exactly the same as the residents of the oasis. Xiao Lou’s group couldn’t rush to do anything to innocent people when they were still unsure if those in front of them were hunters or innocent people.

Gui Yuanzhang mentally communicated with Shao Qingge who was in the world of the painting. “It seems that the hospital isn’t their base but a trap they set up. If you all went to the hospital to find the medicine, Xu Muran would’ve directly detonated the large amount of explosives buried in the ground to kill all of you.”

Shao Qingge thought of the scene of the fierce fire just now and still had lingering fear. “Fortunately, we split up at the time. If we hadn’t been afraid that a trap might be waiting for us and instead entered the hospital together, there would be no way to remedy it once we are all killed.”

Gui Yuanzhang said, “In addition to letting me be your spy, Xu Muran definitely had other ways to monitor your movements. These surveillance points must be clearly checked or even if we go back in time, we will be easily found as long as we appear in the oasis.”

Just then, Xu Muran turned to look at Gui Yuanzhang. “Old Gui, the residences on this street are all occupied by us and this house was specially reserved for you. I think you are tired so why not go back and rest first?”

Gui Yuanzhang replied, “I’m not tired but I’m a bit hungry. Do you have anything to eat?”

Xu Muran waved to Cheng Ziyang behind him. “Xiao Cheng, take Old Gui to his room and get him some food.”

Gui Yuanzhang followed Cheng Ziyang into the room and found a place to sit. Cheng Ziyang brought a plate of roasted meat and a plate of fruit with a smile. “Senior, the conditions here are limited. You can eat this first.”

It was completely different from Xiao Lou’s group who were hungry and had to share a pack of biscuits between two adults. The hunters could actually eat barbecue in the oasis. This wasn’t an ordinary gap.

Gui Yuanzhang asked, “Xiao Cheng, I haven’t seen you before. When did you start following Xu Muran?”

Cheng Ziyang answered, “I’ve known Brother Xu for almost a month.”

Shao Qingge whispered from the painting, “This person is Ye Qi’s senior. He killed Ye Qi in 3 of Spades and later killed Xue Qing in 8 of Spades. He was thrown into the fire by me. If I calculate it, the time was exactly a month ago.”

Gui Yuanzhang tore some cooked meat and ate it while replying to Shao Qingge, “Xu Muran also betrayed our team’s agreement. Cheng Ziyang’s personality that allows him to betray anyone in order to survive is similar to this stinky person.”

“Can you find out anything through him?” Shao Qingge asked.

“Yes, he is Xu Muran’s right hand man and in charge of internal affairs.” Gui Yuanzhang raised his head and his gaze toward Cheng Ziyang became gentler. “Xiao Cheng, there is no need to be so restrained. It can be seen that Muran trusts you very much or he wouldn’t let you handle the rewards distribution after the end of the mission.”

Cheng Ziyang smiled slightly. “Brother Xu has always rewarded people on merits. During the time I followed him, I have always been loyal and obedient so he let me manage these internal affairs.”

Gui Yuanzhang nodded calmly. “Yes, I’m also very optimistic about you. You are young and careful. I have to thank you for saving my life just now with your healing card.”

“Senior, you are too polite. This is what I should do.”

Gui Yuanzhang asked, “Do you know that we will be rewarded with two immortality cards after this mission is over?”

Cheng Ziyang nodded. “I heard the boss say that.”

Gui Yuanzhang’s words changed sharply. “Then have you ever heard of ‘raising Gu’?”

Cheng Ziyang was stunned and he looked confused. “Raising Gu?”

Gui Yuanzhang patiently explained. “My plan with Muran is simply to raise a Gu. Let a good team of challengers go all the way to the K secret room and then kill them in the final two jokers secret room. Then we will get the highest hunting reward.”

Cheng Ziyang suddenly realized. “I see. Senior Gui and Brother Xu are really far-sighted!”

“For the immortality card, Muran and I have been planning for half a year. After leaving this secret room, we will continue to carry out the Gu raising plan. The next time we get the immortality card, if you perform well then Muran will definitely give you the card first. I naturally have no objection. Our Hunter’s League needs reliable core members.”

Cheng Ziyang’s eyes lit up and he clenched his fists excitedly. “Thank you for your appreciation!”

Gui Yuanzhang smiled and patted his shoulder lightly. “Go and be busy.”

Cheng Ziyang left and Shao Qingge asked in a low voice, “Is the Gu raising plan you mentioned true?”

Gui Yuanzhang nodded. “Yes, the first time I met the boss of the Hunter’s League, he told us that we would receive the hunter’s highest reward, the Immortality card if we kill all the challengers in the two jokers secret room.”

Shao Qingge wondered, “The boss?”

Gui Yuanzhang answered, “Boss is our title for the leader behind the Hunter’s League. His status is higher than the four keepers. He is probably one of the two jokers. The rewards and punishments of the hunters are determined by him. However, he has never showed up. Every time he called us, he sat behind the screen and announced the rules to us in a mechanical voice.”

Shao Qingge understood. “He is the highest level ‘faction boss’ in the Card World, right?”

“It can be understood that way.” Gui Yuanzhang nodded. “After the boss told us the highest reward for the hunters, Xu Muran came to me and discussed the Gu raising plan with me. Then I went undercover next to Lu Jiuchuan and Tang Ci.”

Shao Qingge suddenly realized. “No wonder why you didn’t reveal your identity until the Two Jokers secret room. You pretended to help Xu Muran by going undercover but in fact, you want to send us out of the Card World?”

“Yes, it is a bit risky but this is the best way to do it.”

Shao Qingge was in a complicated mood. He was silent for a few seconds before asking, “Then what are you going to do? You are a hunter. If we pass the level, doesn’t it mean your mission has failed?”

“Xu Muran has given me a Survival Time card and I can live an extra three months in the Card World. Don’t worry, I’ll figure it out when the time comes.”

Shao Qingge wanted to keep speaking but Gui Yuanzhang interrupted him. “It is time to find out their arrangements.”

Gui Yuanzhang came out to the oasis town and saw Cheng Ziyang moving in a busy manner.

Gui Yuanzhang had just promised him the benefit of ‘priority for the next immortality card’ so most of Cheng Ziyang’s suspicions about Old Gui had been eliminated. He saw the other person and ran over immediately. He asked in an attentive manner, “Senior Gui, why did you come out? It is windy at night. You should go in and rest. I’ll keep watch here.”

“I’m not at ease so I came out to take a look.”

Gui Yuanzhang’s gaze moved around and he lowered his voice to speak in Cheng Ziyang’s ear while no one was paying attention, “I know Xiao Lou’s group very well. Based on their strength, perhaps they can come back from the Nightmare Room. We have to guard against it.”

Cheng Ziyang was stunned for a moment before also replying in a low voice, “Brother Xu has already instructed me. I will send people to strengthen the patrols at night.”

“Xiao Lou has a large number of teleportation cards and he can hide everywhere. Yu Hanjiang is a police officer and his anti-tracking ability is very good. If the surveillance you arranged is destroyed by Yu Hanjiang and he cooperates with Xiao Lou’s teleportation to do guerrilla warfare, it is very likely we will experience some damage.”

Cheng Ziyang nodded approvingly. “Senior is correct. We should still be careful.”

“Yes, to keep things safe, it is better for me to do another round of inspections myself.”

Cheng Ziyang didn’t doubt Gui Yuanzhang’s purpose. Together they went to inspect the surroundings.

The night was as cold as water and the oasis town seemed draped in a mysterious veil under the moonlight. Many men and women dressed as locals patrolled back and forth on several main roads in the oasis town. Gui Yuanzhang knew just by looking at them that they were hunters.

Gui Yuanzhang quickly memorized their height, appearance and other characteristics while silently counting the number of hunters. The two of them walked a short distance before Gui Yuanzhang asked softy, “Do you have enough patrolling staff? Why don’t you transfer some more?”

“Apart from Brother Xu who is resting, everyone else has already moved. This time, there are 30 hunters in the Two Jokers secret room. We know that this is a critical period and we can’t be careless. We just need to stay up for these few hours and make sure the task is successfully completed. Then it isn’t too late for everyone to rest.”

Gui Yuanzhang praised it. “It is best for you to have this idea. Everyone should work hard tonight. You had better calculate the cards still available so as to not be overwhelmed.”

Cheng Ziyang nodded obediently. “I know, Senior Gui.”

He took Old Gui to check several surveillance points in turn. Gui Yuanzhang followed and recorded all the surveillance layouts in his mind. Shao Qingge drew a map in the painting according to the route provided by Old Gui.

They walked in a circle and Shao Qingge finished drawing a complete map of the surveillance distribution.

He looked at the drawn map. “Senior Gui, the surveillance network in the town is dense. It seems that they are well prepared. I wonder if we can sneak in wearing invisibility cloaks.”

Gui Yuanzhang heard Shao Qingge’s words and turned to look at Cheng Ziyang. “Have the cameras been checked?”

Cheng Ziyang immediately reported it. “They have been checked and there are no problems. Yu Hanjiang might be skilled but he shouldn’t be able to hide in the face of so many cameras, right?”

Gui Yuanzhang reminded him, “Don’t forget, they also have invisibility cloaks.”

Cheng Ziyang smiled. “Senior, don’t worry. The cameras on the 16 main roads are all my Infrared Perspective Camera cards. They can illuminate invisible targets. In front of an S-grade card, it is useless for them to wear invisibility cloaks. No matter whether they are heading to our base or the hospital, they always have to pass through a main road. They will be captured by the camera at that time.”

He paused before adding excitedly, “Among the people who came this time, one has the Inescapable Net card and the other has the White Crystal Ball card. The crystal ball can make all invisible targets within a large range visible and the inescapable net is placed high in the sky and no one can detect it. If they really appear, they will enter the trap!”

Gui Yuanzhang pretended to be reassured. “That’s good. You have to keep an eye on the surveillance screen and don’t give them an opportunity.”

“Rest assured, the surveillance screen is in Brother Xu’s hand and he is personally staring at it.”

The two of them walked back while chatting casually. Once they returned to his residence, Gui Yuanzhang said, “I am old and I’m getting a headache from the wind. I’ll go back in and rest for a while. Xiao Cheng, you’ll have to worry more.”

Cheng Ziyang respectfully sent him back.

Gui Yuanzhang returned to his room and immediately checked the surveillance distribution map of the entire oasis town with Shao Qingge, as well as the location of the traps such as the inescapable net. At the same time, Gui Yuanzhang also marked the location of the hunter’s base according to his memory.

Shao Qingge said, “It will be more convenient next time with such a detailed map.”

Gui Yuanzhang’s voice was soft. “Yu Hanjiang is a criminal investigations police officer. He should know how to avoid the surveillance on the main road. We will leave it to him to consider. In addition, we have to find out who is holding the magnetic shielding card. Also, the tortoise shell card that Xu Muran just used is very strange. I will try to investigate it.”

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1 year ago

Ok so i was just thinking about the boss who promised them rewards and then about the masked twins we saw way back and weren’t explained by the author…ok so i think these two twins were the first one to clear Card room and became the two jokers.One twin is evil and wishes that no one passes cause he’s afraid that due to some butterfly effect,their rein might end!

1 year ago
Reply to  Ritsuka

this makes sense actually

1 year ago
Reply to  Ritsuka

i think so too!! and the person locked in that bar that the one masked person wore was probably the “good brother” and he tied him up because he didn’t want him to stop him from this plan.