CR: Chapter 571

Chapter 571 – Plan

The hospital.

Xu Muran shook the coffee cup in his hand and frowned slightly. “You still haven’t found Shao Qingge?”

Gui Yuanzhang sat opposite him. “I brought a group of people to search everywhere in the oasis but didn’t find him. He is now in the bug king state and nothing can kill him except for fire. After becoming the bug king, Shao Qingge isn’t afraid of suffocation and can drill through the ground. We can’t let our people turn the entire desert upside down, right?”

Xu Muran’s expression was ugly. “How long until the end of the transformation?”

“Two hours.”

“Okay. After waiting so long, two hours isn’t bad. The time flow rate of the Nightmare Room is 24 times that of the ordinary secret rooms. Two hours here is equivalent to two days in the Nightmare Room.” Xu Muran narrowed his eyes and he sneered. “Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang are in the Nightmare Room but perhaps they have already turned into ashes. Shao Qingge can’t wait for the support of his teammates.”

Gui Yuanzhang nodded. “That’s right. Shao Qingge is a bug that can be easily squashed the moment his transformation ends. As for Chu Huaying, she likes to be alone but she also hates evil. She saw me personally kill Lu Jiuchuan and Tang Ci so she will definitely come to the oasis to seek revenge. We just need to stay here and wait.”

Xu Muran leaned back against the chair lazily and smiled. “It is worthy of being Senior Gui. You are more thoughtful than me when thinking about problems.”

“By the way, apart from the two of us who will take the immortality card, have you calculated how much survival time the other hunters will have after the mission is over?”

Xu Muran answered, “The matter of the rewards distribution has always been Cheng Ziyang’s responsibility. He will arrange it well so we don’t have to bother with it.”

Gui Yuanzhang nodded.

Just then, there was the sound of hurried footsteps outside followed by someone knocking on the door. Xu Muran raised an eyebrow. “Come in!”

It was the nervous looking Cheng Ziyang who entered. “Brother Xu, Liu Qiao is gone!”

Xu Muran narrowed his eyes. “What?”

Cheng Ziyang’s face was pale. “Just now, didn’t you tell me to open the teleportation? I went to the entrance of the hospital to open the teleportation and left a few people behind in the corridor to guard Liu Ying and Liu Qiao. I returned and found that Liu Qiao was missing while Liu Ying and the guards were knocked unconscious.”

Xu Muran slammed his hand down on the seat next to him and shouted, “You bunch of useless things. You can’t even guard two little girls?!”

Gui Yuanzhang calmly suggested, “We can’t blame them. Liu Qiao must’ve been taken away by Shao Qingge. He can climb along the walls of the hospital and avoid our eyes and ears. Don’t worry too much. Liu Qiao’s ice and snow skill has been used and her remaining cards have little combat power. In addition, her sister is still in our hands. Why don’t we use Liu Ying to force her out?”

A cold light flashed in Xu Muran’s eyes when he heard this and he gave a smile that wasn’t a smile. “Old Gui, do you think Liu Qiao will take risks for her sister and come out?”

Gui Yuanzhang nodded. “The first time I saw Liu Qiao, I noticed that this girl has a very brave personality. She is small and calm but also affectionate and righteous. Liu Ying is her sister who she grew up with. She will never watch her sister die in front of her.”

“What do you mean?”

“We can use Liu Ying as bait to set up a trap to lure Liu Qiao in. It is also best if we can lure out Shao Qingge and Chu Huaying at the same time.”

This sentence was exactly in line with Xu Muran’s intentions and he smiled. “Okay. Old Gui, find a way to tell Liu Qiao a few words. As long as Liu Qiao is willing to switch to our hunter’s camp, we will not only ensure that she and her sister don’t die but also take them to enjoy glory and wealth.”

He paused and his fingers lightly touched the coffee cup. “In addition, tell her that if I don’t see her within 10 minutes, I will chop off her sister’s head and hang it at the entrance of the hospital for everyone to see.”

Gui Yuanzhang nodded. “I understand.”

He turned and left the office. Cheng Ziyang looked up and asked in a low voice, “Brother Xu, this senior has been following Xiao Lou’s team. Can we trust him?”

“He is a hunter himself. If he doesn’t get the Survival Time card according to the rules of the hunter’s camp then he will be completely obliterated by the Card World.” Xu Muran picked up two cups and placed them on the table. “On one side, he can be rich, enjoy glory and wealth and live forever in the Card World. The other side has complete death. Which one would you choose?”

Cheng Ziyang was stunned and quickly pointed to the cup on the left in a flattering manner. “Of course, I choose the first one.”

Xu Muran handed him the cup full of coffee on the left. “So there is no reason why Old Gui shouldn’t cooperate with us.”

Cheng Ziyang nodded. “Yes. I also heard that he killed Lu Jiuchuan, Tang Ci and Mo Xuemin. He completed three kills in one go. It is really awesome.”

Xu Muran waved his hand. “Go and follow him. If there is anything wrong then report to me immediately.”

The operating room on the first floor.

Liu Ying had fainted at the operating bed. Gui Yuanzhang walked over and woke her up with a basin of cold water.

The girl choked on the water. By the time her mind returned, she found that she was being squeezed hard by a pair of old hands. Liu Ying stared in horror at the gray-haired old man in front of her. He held the headset in his hand and whispered, “Liu Ying, come and speak to your sister.”

Liu Ying’s face was as pale as a corpse. “You, who are you…”

Gui Yuanzhang indifferently told her, “My surname is Gui and I am Xu Muran’s friend. I was the one who passed Liu Qiao’s information to the Eternal Kingdom. You should quickly persuade your sister to join the Hunter’s League. We will ensure that you two sisters will enjoy glory and wealth in the future so that Liu Qiao won’t be so obsessed with clearing the secret rooms any longer.”

Liu Ying was stunned. “Did my sister’s teammates save her?”

Gui Yuanzhang tightened his fingers. “If Liu Qiao doesn’t come in 10 minutes, Old Xu will cut off your head and hang it at the entrance of the hospital for people to see, understand?”

Liu Ying’s jaw was almost crushed by him and tears filled her eyes when she heard these words. She nodded vigorously and Old Gui pressed down on the earpiece and placed it to her lips. “Say it.”

Liu Ying’s voice trembled as she stammered, “X-Xiao Qiao, it is your sister. Brother Xu said that if you join the Hunter’s League, he will ensure that we live well! If you don’t show up in 10 minutes, h-he will cut off my head. Xiao Qiao, think about it clearly! It is impossible for challengers to clear the level. Joining the Hunter’s League is the most correct decision in the world! We will never be able to leave this Card World. Wouldn’t you like to come and live with me?”

She was sobbing as she said the last part.

In the Peach Blossom Spring, Liu Qiao heard all of this and clenched her fists tightly.

Long Sen wondered, “What should we do?”

Liu Qiao shook her head vigorously. “It must be a trap. I can’t go…”

The next moment, a low voice entered her ears. “In 10 minutes, I will wait at the hospital for you to appear. Otherwise, it will be the time of your sister’s death. Do you hear me clearly?”

Liu Qiao heard Old Gui’s voice and her expression became extremely ugly. She replied in a stiff tone, “I heard you.”

Tang Ci, Shao Qingge and Chu Huaying also heard these words through their earpiece.

The three of them stopped and looked at each other.

Tang Ci also had the letter from Old Gui and the content was the same as what was written on Lu Jiuchuan’s letter. Old Gui’s letters could be sent in groups and he casually stuffed the letters to the two of them when he killed Lu Jiuchuan and Tang Ci.

Even without the letter, Tang Ci would’ve understood everything the moment he was thrown into the fire and survived.

It was only by truly becoming a hunter that they could find out the core of the hunters. Brother Jiu had previously gone undercover for a while but he wasn’t a real hunter and could only investigate the outsiders. He never got close to the core secrets of the Hunter’s League.

At the end, Old Gui asked, ‘Do you hear me clearly?’ He naturally wasn’t asking Liu Qiao but Tang Ci.

10 minutes later, the entrance of the hospital.

Tang Ci said, “Let’s go. Old Gui should have his own arrangements.”

Chu Huaying wondered, “Is it to let both Chief Shao and I die so that the hunters can completely let down their guard?”

Tang Ci nodded, “On the surface, the only people who are still alive are Huaying, Chief Shao and Liu Qiao.”

Chu Huaying frowned and thought about it. “Don’t tell me that the hunters don’t know we have the two team-limited cards, Resurrection and Time Reversal?”

Tang Ci nodded. “It might be that Old Gui deliberately concealed these two team cards. It is the only trump card left for us. My guess is that he wants to put on an act and kill Chief Shao and Huaying with his own hands. Then he will subdue Liu Qiao and make the hunters think that the task has been completed. This way, they will completely let down their guard.”

Shao Qingge smiled. “Then we will cooperate with him and finish this last scene.”

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1 year ago

is senior gui is planning to sacrifice himself for his teammates so he took the hunters’ route? cries my square brain is trying to process all this information alongside my feels

1 year ago
Reply to  cynicalreader

I think so…

1 year ago
Reply to  cynicalreader

While it can be called a sacrifice,i think its not.Lets not forget that Jiuchuan died 2 years ago irl,bro can go back in time and prevent Old Gui’s death thus saving him but maybe Old Gui won’t ever get his memories of card world back

11 months ago
Reply to  Ritsuka