CR: Chapter 566

Chapter 566 – The Terrible Truth

Chu Huaying’s spider dagger and Lu Jiuchuan’s sharp sword were both extremely fast. It was only in this way that they could barely cope with the siege of the hunters.

Gui Yuanzhang used the wind of his brush to protect Old Mo while Liu Qiao, Qu Wanyue and Long Sen had disappeared.

Tang Ci was anxious. Most of his mechanical spiders had been dismantled by the hunters. He was forced to summon the white wolf king, which was the card that Brother Jiu had given him last time.

A pure white wolf king appeared beside Tang Ci.

The white wolf king howled at night and the loud sound echoed through the night sky. This could make all targets within 1,000 meters fall into a state of fear after hearing it and they wouldn’t be able to move for three minutes. At the same time, the white wolf king could summon up to 50 small wolves to join the battle. The small wolves would chase and bite enemy targets within range.

Lu Jiuchuan had given this card to Tang Ci because Tang Ci had too few attack cards and he could use it to save his life at a critical moment. Tang Ci now opened this card and he could save everyone for three minutes.

However, the fear of the white wolf king only made people unable to move. It didn’t prohibit them from using their cards.

Fortunately, the 50 small wolves rushed toward the hunters fiercely according to Tang Ci’s orders. The hunters had to deal with the wolves and couldn’t attack them for a while. Lu Jiuchuan and Chu Huaying saw the situation and immediately retreated to Tang Ci’s side.

Chu Huaying said coldly, “The other side has 15 extra people, which is three times our number. I saw a masked man holding a crystal ball in his hand. I don’t know if he is the same one who controlled the crystal ball previously in the K secret room.”

Tang Ci frowned. “It is 5 against 20. We have no chance of winning.”

Their faces became even uglier and Old Mo murmured in a low voice, “The number of hunters is several times our number every time. This isn’t fair at all. Do the keepers not want us to leave this world?”

No one spoke because Old Mo’s words could indeed be true.

Assuming that the two jokers didn’t want them to pass the level, they really couldn’t do anything. No matter how strong they were, they couldn’t compare to the rule makers of this world. To put it bluntly, if the Card World was a game of chess then they were just the small pieces.

Three minutes passed quickly. They were surrounded by a wall of fire and were like turtles caught in an urn. The small wolves summoned by Tang Ci were quickly killed and the hunters once again summoned them.

Tang Ci stared calmly in front of him. Suddenly, he looked at the person in the crowd holding the crystal ball. The familiar eyes made Lu Jiuchuan slightly stunned. The next moment, the other person suddenly raised his hand.

A lightning bolt appeared in the sky and headed straight to where they were!

Tang Ci reacted extremely quickly. At almost the same moment when he met the man’s gaze, he gathered the drones and all the drones formed a metal barrier above their heads.

The lightning struck and all the drones were instantly burned to ashes.

The expressions of Chu Huaying and Gui Yuanzhang changed drastically and Lu Jiuchuan was even more shocked. He rushed into the crowd like the wind, removing the silver mask on the man’s face with a sword as he exclaimed in disbelief, “Xu, Mu, Ran, it is actually you!”

Old Mo looked confused but Brother Jiu, Tang Ci, Huaying and Senior Gui all had ugly expressions. He quickly reacted. Maybe Brother Jiu’s group knew this person before?

The next moment, Chu Huaying’s cold voice gave Old Mo an explanation. “Our old captain—it turns out that you aren’t dead but you have joined the Hunter’s League! No wonder why you have such an accurate grasp of our information.”

Tang Ci had a white face. “You have the password to the Intelligence Bureau’s intranet… I should’ve thought it was you! However, I didn’t find your information after coming out of the Nightmare Room. I thought you had died in the J of Clubs Nightmare Room.”

Xu Muran smiled. “It isn’t just me.”

He narrowed his eyes and looked behind Lu Jiuchuan. “Old Gui, are you still not acting?”

At the same time.

Xiao Lou, Yu Hanjiang and Ye Qi left the oasis and found a place to sit down and rest.

Yu Hanjiang glanced at Xiao Lou and asked in a low voice, “Why did you suddenly ask about Liu Qiao’s sister? I remember at the time, Mr Tang investigated her in detail through the Intelligence Bureau. Liu Ying’s name didn’t appear in the main city. The only explanation is that she didn’t get out of the novice levels alive and was eliminated.”

Xiao Lou shook his head. “This isn’t the only explanation. There is another possibility.”

He stared into Yu Hanjiang’s eyes and spoke clearly, “Tang Ci couldn’t find Liu Ying’s information but that doesn’t mean she must be dead. Perhaps she survived but joined the hunter’s faction.”

Yu Hanjiang, “……”

A cold wind blew and Yu Hanjiang felt a chill rising from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head.

He frowned. “Is this what you call ‘sun and moon shining together’?  The two camps have coexisted from the beginning and perhaps Liu Ying chose the hunter’s camp at a certain point?”

Xiao Lou nodded. “Liu Qiao suddenly disappeared in the labyrinth and killed me when she reappeared. This is strange. She saw her sister in the mirror while Ye Qi and I saw our relatives. At first, I thought it was an illusion. Then I thought about it carefully. Ye Qi’s relatives and my relatives have never been to the Card World. They must be an illusion. However, Liu Qiao’s sister was in a car accident with her and entered the Card World…”

Yu Hanjiang followed Xiao Lou’s train of thought. “In other words, what Liu Qiao saw at that time wasn’t an illusion but her real sister?”

“Assuming that Liu Ying is alive and became a hunter, she can wait in ambush in the labyrinth and lead Liu Qiao away. Liu Qiao has always wanted to find her sister. After seeing her, her sister probably told her some secrets that only the two of them knew to confirm her identity. Liu Qiao probably couldn’t think that her sister was actually a hunter.”

Yu Hanjiang continued. “Then Liu Ying took advantage of Liu Qiao letting down her guard to control Liu Qiao. She took the Twin card and pretended to be Liu Qiao. Then she returned to the corridor to act against you?”

The two of them looked at each other and felt that this speculation was very reasonable.

Xiao Lou didn’t think that Liu Qiao would kill them for her sister. Liu Qiao had always been a very calm person. They had fought side by side for so long and cultivated family-like feelings. She would be vigilant if someone asked her to kill Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang, rather than rushing to do it.

It was more likely that Liu Qiao was controlled by her sister. Her sister pretended to be her and did something to Xiao Lou’s team.

Xiao Lou thought about this and his mind gradually became clear.

Just then, a familiar figure entered Xiao Lou’s vision!

It was Qu Wanyue!

She was a dancer and had a good figure. Her walking posture was also very unique. Xiao Lou recognized her instantly even if her clothes were dyed with yellow sand and the color couldn’t be seen.

However, they had the previous lesson of Liu Qiao. Xiao Lou temporarily wasn’t sure if this Qu Wanyue was real or not.

Qu Wanyue’s eyes flashed with surprise when she saw the three of them. She walked over quickly and exclaimed, “Professor Xiao, Group Leader Yu, Ye Qi! I thought I was doomed this time. I didn’t expect to actually meet you in the Nightmare Room.”

Her reaction seemed normal. Xiao Lou asked gently, “Teacher Qu, why are you here?”

Qu Wanyue explained, “Liu Qiao was a fake and she teleported more than a dozen hunters to our location. We were besieged by hunters and I heard her say…”

Before she could finish speaking, a dagger stabbed at her from behind!

Qu Wanyue noticed the sound of the wind in her ear and turned back in shock, only to see blood splashing in front of her eyes. Yu Hanjiang had reached out his hand like lightning. Qu Wanyue didn’t see his movements clearly. She only saw that Yu Hanjiang had already simply and neatly twisted the other person’s wrist, grabbed the dagger from that person’s hand and stabbed the person’s palm.

This action was done in one go. It was really worthy of Group Leader Yu.

In addition, the person who attacked her with a dagger was actually Ye Qi, who had been standing next to her!

After Ye Qi’s identity was dismantled, he disappeared into a ball of light like Liu Qiao just now.

Xiao Lou’s pupils shrank and he rushed to Yu Hanjiang’s side. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Yu Hanjiang looked at his palm. “Liu Qiao’s attack on you before was unsuccessful and she disappeared along with the knife. Now Ye Qi was the same. Are the two of them hunters or illusions?”

Xiao Lou frowned. He wasn’t sure. He couldn’t even be sure if the Qu Wanyue in front of him was real or fake.

Yu Hanjiang turned his head to look at Qu Wanyue. “Go on. What did you hear at the time?”

Qu Wanyue took a deep breath to calm down and repeated what she heard. “I heard Liu Qiao talking to the man with the crystal ball. The two of them mentioned that their master asked them to kill all of us so that they can get the opportunity to live forever in the Card World. Then the man asked if she wanted to reunite with her sister. She said she was going to see her sister and turned to leave.”

Her mind couldn’t keep up for a moment. “Who is her sister?”

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang exchanged looks. Yu Hanjiang’s expression was solemn. “It seems that our speculation is correct.”

He looked at Qu Wanyue. “The sister she is talking about is Liu Qiao. The Liu Qiao you saw was actually Liu Qiao’s sister, Liu Ying. She joined the hunters and pretended to be Liu Qiao to act against us. The conversation you overheard confirms our speculation.”

Qu Wanyue looked shocked. Xiao Lou sighed softly and told her in a low voice, “I remember when I first met Liu Ying in 2 of Clubs. Her eyes were trembling and she looked gentle and timid. It is completely different from Liu Qiao’s calmness and decisiveness. She teamed up with another girl to go to the next level. Based on their strength, it was difficult for them to pass the subsequent 3 of Spades and 3 of Hearts.”

Yu Hanjiang continued, “Therefore, she was eliminated in 3 of Spades or 3 of Hearts and went to the Nightmare Room. Then in the NIghtmare Room, she chose to join the hunter’s camp.”

Xiao Lou nodded. He looked at Yu Hanjiang and Qu Wanyue and clearly enunciated every word. “All the hunters are actually challengers who have been eliminated. This is the truth that has puzzled us for a long time.”

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2 years ago

Seems eventually there would only be hunters with the failure rate of the card rooms.

1 year ago
Reply to  Cinnamon

true… I don’t understand how this is fair…? maybe I’m too dumb D: but I guess I’ll enjoy reading on to find out what happens chants there must be a happy ending…… right? :”)

1 year ago

This means A of Spades is innocent! Yes!
But seriously though, what a pit.

1 year ago

And i called it! The failed challengers are the hunters!
And damn author! I had actually thought of the theory of the traitor being one of Brother Jiu’s old teammate and old Gui too cause he is the only one that makes sense (other ppl have CPs lol) but since the novel has been pretty tame from the start with no reversals i just thought of it as my wishful thinking but i didn’t think the author will pull all of them in the last arc!

1 year ago

i knew it old gui had something about him