CR: Chapter 542

Chapter 542 – New Teammate

Yu Hanjiang came out of the interrogation room and held the statement book with a solemn expression.

He returned to his office and carefully read the transcript made by Xiao Wu again—The mobile phone number was stolen after it was deactivated. Last night, Xiao Lou went to the conservatory of music just to look at Ye Qi. At 9 o’clock, he left the gymnasium with Liu Qiao. Then he found the body in the lake. His hair appeared at the crime scene. Someone must’ve collected it secretly and framed him.

Xiao Lou’s answers sounded like lame excuses and they were excuses that simply didn’t hold up.

It was just that Xiao Lou’s eyes when he said these words were calm and sincere. Unlike ordinary suspects, he looked into Yu Hanjiang’s eyes all the time and spoke calmly without any unnecessary movements.

Was he really framed? Or was his acting so good that he could be flawless in front of Yu Hanjiang?

Yu Hanjiang frowned and looked at the information in his hand. Each investigation result pointed to Xiao Lou and Liu Qiao. These two people joined hands to commit the crime. They had a reasonable motive for the crime, had enough time to commit the crime and there was a lot of physical evidence. In addition, neither of them returned home all of last night and couldn’t provide an alibi. It was hard to understand why they suddenly went to find Ye Qi and happened to appear by the lake.

In this case, judging from the current evidence, Xiao Lou and Liu Qiao joining forces to kill people was the most reasonable conclusion.

However, Yu Hanjiang always felt that something was wrong.

First, Professor Xiao had a high IQ. Since he thought of faking Ning Xue ‘being drunk and falling into the water’, why did he use his phone number to call Ning Xue at the critical moment before her death? Wouldn’t it be better to find a public phone booth that wasn’t monitored? Phone numbers relied on the real-name system and his name could be found as soon as it was checked. This was extremely stupid.

Second, how to interpret the words on the tree? The engraving looked old. Xiao Lou was a professor of forensic medicine. Did he still have the leisure to investigate which tree Zhang Hengyu and Ning Xue had carved the words on? The appearance of the carving made it seem like an acquaintance who knew Ning Xue well committed the crime. There was a sense of revenge of ‘letting you die where you made this oath’.

Third, Xiao Lou was a professional forensic doctor. How could he make a low level mistake like sealing a large amount of fresh blood in a formalin soaked specimen when turning Zhang Hengyu into specimens? Moreover, there were many ways to kill people. Since he could let Ning Xue ‘fall into the water after drinking’, why not let Zhang Hengyu accidentally die as well? Why turn him into specimens and place him in the laboratory building for the police to find?

The hair left on the scene appeared to be deliberate. Hair loss was a normal metabolic phenomenon. How could it be so coincidental that the hair of two people just happened to fall in the same corner?

Yu Hanjiang frowned. He touched his chin and carefully reviewed the context of this case. The more he thought about it, the more he felt something wasn’t right. Convictions were based on evidence but he couldn’t just look at evidence. It was because evidence could be forged.

Yu Hanjiang put down the case information and called an internal number. “Xiao Lou is now a key suspect in a serial murder case. I want to immediately apply for his formal arrest. During the time he is in custody, I will closely monitor his movements 24 hours a day.”

The person who received the call was stunned. “Group Leader Yu, just send a few people to keep an eye on him. Do you need to personally monitor him?”

“Xiao Lou’s means are very clever. We can’t afford the responsibility if he escapes.” Yu Hanjiang paused before adding, “Arrange him in the nearest cell, number 1, and detain him alone.”

The person on the other end of the phone immediately replied. “I got it, Group Leader Yu.”

Xiao Lou was put in Cell 1.

The closed cell only had a heavy iron door. The moment the iron door slammed shut, he could only see through the narrow iron-barred window of the door to the corridor outside. Xiao Lou, who had been reduced to a prisoner, smiled bitterly and rubbed his temples. He turned and sat down on the hard wooden bed.

A camera was fixed on the ceiling. He thought that if Yu Hanjiang kept his word, he should be staring at him through the surveillance screen. At the very least, the hunters wouldn’t have the opportunity to create the illusion of ‘committing suicide out of fear’ as he was detained.

Next, he had to wait for news from Liu Qiao’s side.

Liu Qiao had escaped in time. If so, it meant she had sensed something was wrong. Perhaps she saw the scene where he was caught. Xiao Liu would definitely find a way to contact him. In addition, Xiao Lou had asked Yu Hanjiang to summon some people. If there was a teammate among them, the teammate should be contacted as soon as possible. Letting the police find that person was much faster than Xiao Lou doing it himself.

Sure enough, during the lunch delivery, a man in a police uniform walked to the door of Cell 1. It was a thin man with this head hanging down. His appearance was familiar.

He opened the window on the cell door where food was delivered and said, “It is time to eat.”

It was Xiao Wu.

Xiao Lou took a step forward. He was just about to grab his meal when he heard an extremely soft voice in his ear. “Professor Xiao, it’s me, Liu Qiao. What are you going to do? If you want to escape with me, I can use Elsa’s ice and snow skill to freeze the entire police station.”

It turned out that Liu Qiao used the Twin card to pretend to be Xiao Wu.

This card could copy the appearance of anyone who was seen in the last 30 minutes. Liu Qiao had used it several times in previous secret rooms. Obviously, Xiao Wu had just left the police force and was ambushed by the waiting Liu Qiao. Then Liu Qiao disguised as Xiao Wu and came in to look for Xiao Lou.

She was able to quickly find the place where Xiao Lou was detained. She obviously took advantage of Xiao Wu’s identity as a trainee policeman.

Xiao Lou knew that Yu Hanjiang was staring through the surveillance and it was inconvenient to say more. He lowered his voice. “Don’t act rashly. I will have Yu Hanjiang go to find our other teammates to pass on the word. You are also a suspect. Hide well and don’t be caught by them.”

Liu Qiao understood Xiao Lou’s meaning. She nodded and got up to quickly leave.

Just as she reached the office door, Yu Hanjiang suddenly opened the door and stared at him sharply. “Xiao Wu, it shouldn’t be your job to deliver food, right?”

Liu Qiao was shocked in her heart. Did Yu Hanjiang realize that she was fake?

Liu Qiao met the man’s deep gaze and pretended to be Xiao Wu. She scratched her head with a smile and said, “Group Leader Yu, I just think that Professor Xiao doesn’t look like a murderer. I wanted to ask him the details of the case again but he didn’t say anything.”

Yu Hanjiang stared intently. “Really?”

Liu Qiao nodded like she was mashing garlic. “Yes, I’ll go get the takeout first. Group Leader Yu, have you eaten lunch? Do you want me to order takeout for you?”

Yu Hanjiang waved his hand. “No need.”

Liu Qiao saw that he didn’t ask any more questions so ‘he’ turned around and quickly left. Yu Hanjiang looked thoughtfully at ‘his’ back. It wasn’t until Xiao Wu’s back disappeared at the end of the corridor that he came to Cell 1.

Xiao Lou was sitting on the wooden bed and eating.

Yu Hanjiang stood at the door and asked through the iron window, “Does the food suit your taste?”

Xiao Lou’s eyes were calm. “Group Leader Yu, do you want to try the prison meal that is difficult for ordinary people to eat?”

Yu Hanjiang was blocked and couldn’t answer. He frowned and changed the subject. “I’ve already found the news about the few people you asked me to call here. What is your relationship with them?”

Xiao Lou said calmly. “They have something to do with this case. I suspect the murderer is among them.”

Of course, this sentence was nonsense. Xiao Lou’s fundamental purpose was to let Yu Hanjiang help him find potential teammates as soon as possible. It was also to let these possible teammates know as soon as possible about Xiao Lou and Liu Qiao being framed and to find out the truth.

It would be too difficult if he and Liu Qiao were the only two people in the world. Wasn’t it a dead end if Liu Qiao hadn’t run away in time and was caught? Therefore, Xiao Lou deduced that there was at least one more teammate who could be used as a help to solve the case.

Yu Hanjiang saw Xiao Lou’s serious expression but still doubted his words.

A moment later, Yu Hanjiang said, “Yes, I will call these people here in turn to investigate their relationship with the case. In addition, do you know where Liu Qiao escaped to?”

Xiao Lou shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“Cooperate with the police investigation and confess your accomplices. Then the judge will appropriately reduce your sentence when sentencing.”

Xiao Lou looked up at him. “I’m not the murderer and Liu Qiao isn’t my accomplice. I really don’t know where she is.”

Yu Hanjiang, “……”

Xiao Lou’s mouth was very tough. It seemed he wouldn’t confess at all until they caught Liu Qiao. He insisted that he was innocent. Yu Hanjiang couldn’t judge anything and had to call the people on Xiao Lou’s list in turn.

The first person to be called over was Mo Xuemin. Old Mo looked innocent. “Zhang Hengyu? Ning Xue? Xiao Lou? I don’t know any of them. I’m just an interior designer. Officer, you suddenly summoned me, are you looking for the wrong person?”

“Where were you at 9 p.m. on December 31st.”

“I went to the mall with my daughter and bought her gifts for the new year. Then we went to the square to watch the fireworks show together. I have many photos on my phone.”

Yu Hanjiang looked at the photos on his phone. Indeed, he spent the whole night shopping with his daughter and had nothing to do with the case.

After that, Long Sen and Qu Wanyue were called over. The two people watched the New Year’s party at home on the night of the 31st and could testify for each other. Moreover, the surveillance of the community where they lived showed that they hadn’t gone out again after returning home from work.

Chu Huaying had practiced boxing in the gym on the night of the 31st and the coach could give her an alibi.

Gui Yuanzhang was lecturing in another place and wasn’t in Jiangzhou at all.

Tang Ci said he was eating at a Western restaurant. The waiter and the purchase record on his phone could prove that he had nothing to do with the case.

Yu Hanjiang sent the six people away and calmly came to Cell 1 to find Xiao Lou. “The six people you said might be murderers all have complete alibis.” His eyes were deep and his low voice revealed obvious displeasure. “Xiao Lou, are you deliberately misleading me and wasting my time?”

Xiao Lou got up and walked over to him. He looked at Yu Hanjiang through the iron window. “What did they say?”

Yu Hanjiang was displeased in his heart but he still patiently answered. “Gui Yuanzhang isn’t in Jiangzhou, Chu Huaying was practicing boxing in the gym, Long Sen and Qu Wanyue are a couple and were watching TV at home. They didn’t go out. Mo Xuemin accompanied his daughter to go shopping and Tang Ci was eating alone at a Western restaurant. The witnesses and physical evidence are complete and they have no time to complete the crime.”

Xiao Lou smiled slightly. “I see.”

Yu Hanjiang raised an eyebrow. “What do you see?”

Eating alone in a Western restaurant—Tang Ci was also in this world.

Tang Ci didn’t like to eat Western food at all and preferred light vegetarian dishes. What was he doing at a Western restaurant alone? He naturally went there to join his teammates according to the secret code agreed upon by Xiao Lou in advance.

It was just that last night, Xiao Lou and Liu Qiao went to find Ye Qi first. They witnessed the corpse in the lake and didn’t have time to go to the Western restaurant.

Xiao Lou was slightly relieved in his heart. “Was Tang Ci eating at a Western restaurant on the top floor of the Yuehua Building near the central square?”

“That’s right. Do you suspect that he has a problem?”

Xiao Lou shook his head. “No, he is my friend and can help me prove that the phone number 136 has long been abandoned. Group Leader Yu, you can go and ask him carefully. Does he still remember what Xiao Lou said to him at the time when changing his mobile phone number?”

In the corridor of the police station, Tang Ci hadn’t left.

He was wearing a simple white sweater and black trousers. He sat in a corner and looked gentle and quiet. Some of the police officers occasionally looked at him but he also looked over calmly. There were no fluctuations in his eyes and they couldn’t judge for a while why he was here.

Usually, people who came to report a crime or were summoned would be nervous. However, this man was sitting there in a relaxed manner as if he was drinking tea in the living room of his own home.

Yu Hanjiang saw him instantly and walked over to him. He saw in a low voice, “Mr Tang, I’m sorry. I have some questions to ask you. Please follow me to the interrogation room to make a statement.”

Tang Ci nodded and got up to follow Yu Hanjiang.

After coming to the interrogation room, Yu Hanjiang bluntly asked, “What is the relationship between you and Xiao Lou?”

Tang Ci thought about it. “A friend.”

Yu Hanjiang asked, “He used the mobile phone number 136258965XX and then changed the number. Do you know this?”

Tang Ci stared at Yu Hanjiang and was silent for a moment. “Why? Did something happen to Professor Xiao?”

Yu Hanjiang said, “Please answer my question.”

Tang Ci didn’t know what was happening at the moment and didn’t dare to answer casually. “Sorry, I accidentally lost my mobile phone a few days ago so I replaced it with a new one. Professor Xiao’s phone number and the record of chatting with him isn’t saved in my new phone.”

The answer wasn’t a yes but it also wasn’t a no.

Yu Hanjiang raised an eyebrow slightly. “Do you remember what he said when he changed his number?”

“I don’t remember. Let me go back and think about it carefully.”

Every time Tang Ci was faced with questions, his words were unified but unclear.

Yu Hanjiang looked at him calmly and indifferently. It didn’t seem like he was lying so Yu Hanjiang had to let him go first.

Tang Ci walked out of the police station, put on a black coat and walked quickly to the underground parking lot. He had just started the car when a strange face entered his vision. This person directly opened the rear door and sat inside without his consent.

There was a flash of light from Tang Ci’s hand and a mechanical spider instantly stretched out eight sharp claws, binding the person in the back tightly.

A girl’s voice was heard in his ears. “Mr Tang, I’m Liu Qiao.”

Tang Ci looked back and the strange man’s face quickly disappeared like skin peeling. It revealed the beautiful white face of a girl. It was Liu Qiao.

Tang Ci was quite surprised. He didn’t put away the mechanical spider but asked in a deep voice, “What happened?”

Liu Qiao explained, “Professor Xiao was framed by someone who planted fake evidence. He was treated as a murderer by the police and locked up in the police station.”

Tang Ci, “……”

If Brother Jiu was here, he would definitely explode and curse.

Tang Ci rubbed his temple. “The Yu Hanjiang in this world isn’t a teammate?”

He couldn’t imagine that Yu Hanjiang would actually arrest Xiao Lou and put him in prison.

Liu Qiao said, “Professor Xiao used Group Leader Yu to call everyone for questioning to find our other teammates. At present, it is likely to be just the three of us in this world. The others don’t know the secret code at all.”

The two of them exchanged codes to confirm their identities. Then Tang Ci said, “We have to find a way to rescue Xiao Lou.”

Liu Qiao told him, “He should have Group Leader Yu serve as a microphone. The questions that Group Leader Yu asked you are the key.”

Tang Ci also reacted. “The phone number is the information that Xiao Lou passed to me through Yu Hanjiang.”

Liu Qiao nodded. “How to check it?”

Tang Ci gently held the steering wheel and started the car. “First, find a safe place. Hand over the task of checking the information to me.”

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