CR: Chapter 532

Chapter 529 – Second Link of the Relay Task

Ye Qi couldn’t help being stunned when he suddenly heard Tang Ci’s voice from the drone. He looked up and saw a palm-sized silver drone hovering in the sky. The infrared camera of the drone intermittently flashed with light. This was indeed the S-grade drone card that Tang Ci used for reconnaissance.

Previously, Ye Qi would act according to Tang Ci’s instructions but in today’s secret room world, the teammates around him might be fake. There had been two fake Xiao Lou. He couldn’t determine if this Tang Ci was real or false and had to be on the defensive.

Tang Ci seemed to guess his thoughts and said softly, “If you look at the blood on the ground, you will know that I am right. The hunter disguised as Xiao Lou has hidden in the bathroom in the corner. He is healing the wounds on his body. We must not let him seize this opportunity.”

Ye Qi lowered his head to observe carefully. The blood on the ground was indeed on the right side of the corner, leading to the bathroom that was 50 meters away. Should he follow up?

Now wasn’t the time to hesitate. Ye Qi gritted his teeth, used the teleportation card and rushed to the bathroom. He climbed along the wall to the roof and at the same time, he used the earpiece to tell Chu Huaying of the current situation. “Sister Ying, Mr Tang sent me a drone message. I don’t know if this Tang Ci is real or false. I am going after Qi Ran first. You be careful!”

Chu Huaying had just rushed out of the explosion with Long Sen and Qu Wanyue. The moment she heard Ye Qi’s voice, she saw the drone circling in the sky. Chu Huaying frowned slightly. She looked up at the drone’s infrared camera and asked, “Tang Ci? Aren’t you on a business trip?”

Tang Ci explained, “I encountered some trouble here. The person I was traveling on business with should be a hunter. He deliberately gave you some incorrect information so you can’t join me. Huaying, pull me over so I can support you.”

It was impossible to see Tang Ci’s face from the drone but the voice transmitted through the drone was as calm as usual. Chu Huaying didn’t pull him over. Based on these few words, there was no way to judge if Tang Ci was real or false. If a boss was pulled over and joined Qi Ran, who was pretending to be Xiao Lou, they would be in danger.

Chu Huaying said casually, “You take care of your own affairs first. I don’t need support for the time being.”

Tang Ci was silent for a few seconds before saying, “Yes, you go and help Ye Qi.”

Chu Huaying nodded and rushed like a gust of wind to the bathroom around the corner.

At this time, Ye Qi had put on the invisibility cloak and was clinging to the roof of the bathroom. He saw the disguised Qi Ran using a healing card to treat the wound on his chest.

Ye Qi’s attack was too vicious and Qi Ran’s chest almost had a bloody hole due to the bug king’s sharp nails. It was just that Qi Ran avoided it in time and his heart wasn’t pierced.

At this moment, a soft green light surrounded the wound and the bloody hole was rapidly healing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The healing card in Qi Ran’s hand was extremely powerful. Ye Qi couldn’t allow him to heal the wound and start brainwashing people again. He immediately made a decision and jumped down from the roof, aiming his sharp claws at Qi Ran’s neck.

The bugs’ sharp nails could cut through iron like mud. Qi Ran’s neck was almost cut by Ye Qi but he reacted extremely quickly. Ye Qi was just about to exert force when he felt a sudden emptiness in his hands. Qi Ran had disappeared again.

Ye Qi smelled the pungent smell of gunpowder from his surroundings, followed by a loud bang. The entire bathroom was surrounded by fire and the flames rushed toward him like a beast. Ye Qi’s eyes widened.

His instinctive fear of fire made Ye Qi almost unable to think.

He was just about to be swallowed by the flames when a silver metal cover suddenly fell from the sky and enveloped him. The raging fire around him was instantly cut off. Ye Qi stayed in the cover and couldn’t feel the scorching heat of the fire at all.

He quickly calmed down and asked, “Who is it?”

Tang Ci’s voice came from above the metal cover. “Are you okay?”

Ye Qi was stunned. “…Mr Tang?”

Tang Ci told him, “Go back and I will explain it slowly. I can monitor the scene using the drone. Leave this fire scene first using the metal cover. Huaying has already flanked the right side. Don’t let this hunter go!”

Ye Qi finally believed that Tang Ci was real. Otherwise, there would be no need for Tang Ci to save him just now.

The joy of having the support of his new teammate boosted Ye Qi’s confidence. He used the cover and quickly left the burning restroom. After going out, he drilled out of the metal hood. Sure enough, he saw Chu Huaying coming from the side and blocking Qi Ran’s retreat!

The spider dagger in Chu Huaying’s hand suddenly appeared and she and Qi Ran were fighting in close combat. The wound on Qi Ran’s body hadn’t fully healed and he obviously wasn’t Chu Huaying’s opponent when it came to close combat.

He took out the rattle-drum and was about to shake it. However, before he could shake the rattle-drum in his hand, Chu Huaying lowered her dagger and simply cut off his wrist!

One hand rolled to the ground along with the rattle-drum.

Qi Ran roared with anger. His eyes were wide from the pain and he wanted to use the card to escape again. Yet the moment he took out the card, Ye Qi suddenly appeared from behind and the sharp nails instantly pierced his chest!

This time, Ye Qi didn’t miss.

The part where the sharp nails pierced his chest was precisely the heart.

Qi Ran’s eyes widened and he slowly turned back in disbelief. Ye Qi’s movement just now was very decisive in order to support Chu Huaying. Yet seeing the familiar face belonging to Xiao Lou, he couldn’t help his hand trembling slightly as he stiffly retracted it.

The hunter with Xiao Lou’s face fell straight down in front of him.

Ye Qi looked at his blood-stained hands, his heart extremely heavy. He lowered his head and didn’t dare look at the face that was exactly the same as Xiao Lou’s face. Chu Huaying saw that the young man’s hands were shaking so she came over and patted Ye Qi on the shoulder. “You did the right thing. If we didn’t get rid of him, we would’ve died.”

It was clear that he couldn’t be kind to the enemy but this was the first time Ye Qi had personally killed someone…

He still felt uncomfortable psychologically and the blood that belonged to a human being was sticky on his hands like it was scalding him. He wanted to wash his hands carefully but the bathroom was surrounded by flames. Ye Qi had to rip off a few leaves from the trees on the roadside and wipe the blood off his hands indiscriminately.

Long Sen and Qu Wanyue also rushed over.

They saw ‘Xiao Lou’ lying on the ground and looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

The most disgusting thing about the hunters was that they pretended to be someone close to them. No matter whether it was stabbing them in the back or being killed by them… everyone felt tortured psychologically.

Tang Ci’s voice came from the drone. “Huaying, do you believe me now? Pull me over.”

Chu Huaying replied, “Okay. It will take five minutes to modify the mark.”

She took Ye Qi, Long Sen and Qu Wanyue to the roof of the tallest building of the hospital and placed Li Qingzhao’s mark on the roof. Qu Wanyue was worried. “Is this Mr Tang real?”

Ye Qi said, “He rescued me just now and assisted us in solving the little boss Qi Ran. He should be real.”

Chu Huaying lowered her voice. “Still, it can’t be ruled out that the hunters will sacrifice their companions to complete the mission. Xiao Lou has been impersonated twice. We must be more careful. After Tang Ci comes here, immediately play the flute first and control him, Ye Qi.”

Once five minutes passed, two familiar faces suddenly appeared in front of everyone.

One was wearing black trousers and a white shirt. It was the beautiful and elegant Tang Ci.

The other was Gui Yuanzhang, who was wearing a tunic suit and looked serious.

Ye Qi wanted to play the flute to control Tang Ci but he didn’t expect two people to appear in front of him. He was stunned for a moment before hurriedly changing the single control flute to the group control guitar. Yet before he could play it, the brush in Senior Gui’s hand moved lightly and his guitar floated in the air. It instead flew into Gui Yuanzhang’s hand.

Gui Yuanzhang put away the guitar and told them lightly, “Don’t do it. I am myself.”

Tang Ci wondered, “It seems that the last teammate in this world is Old Gui?”

Gui Yuanzhang looked at him. “Did you find out the number of challengers in this world?”

Tang Ci nodded. “I learned from the hunter that this is the first world in the relay mission. The number of challengers is six people and there are 18 hunters. Among these hunters, there are two elite hunters who are very difficult to deal with.”

Chu Huaying heard this and finally understood. “Ye Qi and I went to find you. Xiao Tang’s colleague said you were on a business trip while Old Gui’s housekeeper said you were giving lectures around the country. It seems they were trying to deceive us on purpose?”

Tang Ci said, “There are two hunters in my company and they told you I wasn’t there. After tricking you away, they changed into the appearance of Ye Qi and Huaying and came to the office to find me. Thankfully, I was cautious enough or I would’ve been fooled by them.”

His clothes were neat but some blood could be seen on the corners of his white shirt. This showed that Tang Ci could distinguish the fake teammates and the process of escaping from the company wasn’t easy.

Gui Yuanzhang told them, “On my side, the housekeeper was a hunter and poisoned my food. It is just that after experiencing food poisoning in the Spades secret rooms, I rarely eat what others give me.”

Old Gui was calm and steady. After seeing through the other person’s tricks, it shouldn’t be difficult for him to solve the housekeeper.

Ye Qi wondered, “When did Mr Tang send a drone to monitor the hospital?”

Tang Ci answered, “I solved the two hunters at the company and went to the Western restaurant to meet with everyone. As a result, I arrived and saw you following Xiao Lou out of the central square. I don’t have a light footwork card and couldn’t keep up with you. I had to send a drone to monitor things. Then I saw Xiao Lou suddenly do something to you in the morgue.”

Chu Huaying stated coldly, “That Xiao Lou was the murderer of the K secret room in disguise.”

Gui Yuanzhang sighed. “It seems that the hunters can enter the secret rooms at will and choose their identities. It is really difficult for us to distinguish them. Xiao Tang said that there are three times the number of hunters in this world. That means we haven’t found them all yet?”

Tang Ci nodded. “Yes, Qi Ran has been solved. There is still a small boss. We will have to go back to the Western restaurant to take care of him.”

Ye Qi suddenly realized. “It should be the person who used the Card Magnetic Field Shielding to block the teleportation of the Peach Blossom Spring!”

Partially proofread: Paranoid Kitten

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That was some satisfying kill

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Ye Qi supremacy, I’m his second biggest fan (since Shao Qingge is his biggest fan already smh)