CR: Chapter 531

Chapter 531 – Crisis

Xiao Lou was a forensic doctor so when he mentioned the morgue, Chu Huaying and Ye Qi didn’t doubt his intentions at all. After all, Xiao Lou had taken his teammates to the morgue for an autopsy in the 10th level. Such a thing was normal for Xiao Lou. They just didn’t expect that the Xiao Lou in front of them was actually the murderer of the K secret room, Qi Ran. Qi Ran’s most powerful technique was his corpse control!

At the mass burial site, he manipulated countless buried corpses to force everyone to the edge of the cliff. The number of corpses in the morgue might not be high but they were fierce under Qi Ran’s control.

The corpses that came out of the freezer emitted a bone chilling cold. The moment the corpses approached, everyone seemed to be affected by this strange chill and their movements became slow.

The piercing rattle-drum sound was still ringing in their heads. This sound seemed to have the power to wash away all memories and make their consciousness gradually blur. Chu Huaying’s wrist was bleeding constantly. She frowned and cut herself again, allowing herself to maintain the last shred of sanity.

What to do?

On the side of the Western restaurant, there were hunters who used the Card Magnetic Field Shielding to make the Peach Blossom Spring teleportation invalid. They couldn’t escape the crisis through teleportation for the time being. The Qi Ran that they were facing was the best of the hunters. Once their sanity was controlled by the rattle-drum, the consequences would be unimaginable. At this time, their only hope was Ye Qi.

Chu Huaying gritted her teeth and pressed down on the earpiece. “Ye Qi, leave us alone. Go and grab Qi Ran.”

Capture the ringleader first. They just needed to handle Qi Ran and these corpses wouldn’t be able to pose a threat to anyone. Ye Qi naturally understood this truth. The longer that time dragged out, the easier it was for his teammates to be controlled by the rattle-drum sound. The battle needed to be resolved quickly.

Ye Qi couldn’t think about his three teammates being surrounded by corpses. He took a deep breath and said, “You be careful. I’m going to find him!”

Due to being slashed by Chu Huaying, Qu Wanyue and Long Sen were temporarily sober but the narrow morgue made it hard for them to act. Qu Wanyue simply shouted, “Long Sen, stick to the freezer!”

Long Sen immediately used the Chameleon card and jumped forward. In less than three seconds, he came to the freezers against the wall. His body clung to the freezers and automatically merged with the surrounding environment, becoming the color of the freezers.

The corpses surrounding him lost their target and looked around with eyes like dead fish. Then they soon smelled a living person from Long Sen’s body and rushed toward the freezer!

Long Sen quickly jumped to the other wall, making the corpses move.

At the same time, Qu Wanyue followed suit. She jumped in front of the freezer and merged with it, leading three corpses surrounding her away.

The tacit cooperation between the Long Qu couple led away half the zombies and the pressure on Chu Huaying was relieved a lot. She held the spider dagger and swung it as fast as lightning. She used precise and neat movements to cut off the heads of two corpses in a row!

The two heads rolled to her feet. Chu Huaying turned around and kicked one of the heads like a leather ball. The head flew in a beautiful curve in the air and smashed precisely into the chest of a zombie, knocking it straight down.

Ye Qi saw Sister Ying’s neat movements from the corner of his eyes and couldn’t help secretly marveling. Ordinary zombies couldn’t hurt the spider queen. The only thing she feared at present was the interference of the constantly ringing rattle-drum on their sanity.

The crisis could be lifted if the sound was terminated before his teammates lost their wisdom.

Ye Qi flew out the window with the teleportation card.

The sound of the rattle-drum was all around him. The clear and harsh sound poured into his mind and it was as if the entire world was occupied by this sound. Ye Qi had turned into the bug king and his brain was different from that of human beings. He was the only one not affected by the sound of the rattle-drums. His blood-red eyes looked around coldly but there were no signs of Qi Ran.

Where was Qi Ran?

Ye Qi’s brow furrowed slightly and he listened carefully. The sound of the rattle-drums came from all directions like a tide. It was impossible to determine its origin. He was still unable to judge Qi Ran’s position.

According to the skill effects of most cards, the range of control skills was generally between 10 meters and 500 meters. The stronger the control ability, the smaller the skill range. On the contrary, control skills that only immobilized people had a range of up to 500 meters.

The losing consciousness control was too terrible so the range of the influence couldn’t be too large.

If he calculated it at around 50 meters, where would Qi Ran be to let the sound come from all directions?

Could it be high in the air?

Ye Qi raised his head. Sure enough, he saw there was a 10 storey building. If Qi Ran hid on the rooftop of the building and used the rattle-drum, the sound that was transmitted from the sky would surround the people in the morgue from all directions.

Ye Qi walked to the wall and held out his hands. Sharp nails as hard as steel grew from his fingers and instantly pieced the cement wall. Ye Qi’s body stuck close to the wall and climbed up at great speed.

A 10 storey building was nothing to him. The bug species’ climbing ability could easily climb hundreds of floors.

Within five seconds, Ye Qi climbed lightly to the roof. He exposed his eyes and alertly observed the roof.

In the dark night, the vision of the bugs was enhanced and the scene in front of him was clear.

Soon, Ye Qi found a black shadow not far away. He was holding a rattle-drum in his hand and gently shaking it. He had Professor Xiao’s face but there was a mocking sneer on it.

Ye Qi knew that Qi Ran wasn’t easy to deal with. He had to wait for the best time to get rid of Qi Ran in one move or it would be an endless disaster if he let the other person escape.

It was the first time he acted alone and Ye Qi’s heart wasn’t completely certain. Yet at this moment, he had the bonus of the Bug King card. A sword and gun couldn’t harm him. He could automatically heal even if he was injured.

He wouldn’t die as long as the other party didn’t set a fire.

Ye Qi took a deep breath, took out a bug from his pocket and threw it at Qi Ran.

Qi Ran’s ears were very sharp. He sensed there was something behind him and immediately turned around.

However, Ye Qi was faster. At almost the same time that he threw the bug, Ye Qi teleported 50 meters through the air using the teleportation card. He came behind Qi Ran and pounced fiercely toward Qi Ran’s back like a beast!

Qi Ran thought that the target was behind him. He didn’t expect Ye Qi to go the opposite way and sneak up on him from another direction.

This move caught Qi Ran off guard. He was thrown to the ground and Ye Qi used the power of the bug king to pierce Qi Ran’s chest with his sharp nails!

Blood poured out like a fountain. The sharp pain from his chest made Qi Ran’s eyes widen. He threw Ye Qi away and flew out forcefully. The rattle-drum in his hand started to shake rapidly. At the same time, it wasn’t known what card he used but he magically disappeared from Ye Qi’s eyes.

Ye Qi sensed that something was wrong and hurriedly followed.

In the morgue, the zombies started to move more forcefully for some reason. The attacks became more and more ferocious and the heads cut off by Chu Huaying returned to their original bodies. It was just that the reattached heads were rotated by 180 degrees. The face and back were facing the same direction while the back of the head was in front.

This scene made Chu Huaying’s heart chill. She hurriedly pressed on the earpiece and warned, “Ye Qi, be careful!”

The moment he heard the warning, a strange sense of crisis grew in his heart and Ye Qi instinctively jumped off the roof.

The moment he landed, he heard a loud bang from the roof. This was followed by a blinding fire and scattered brick fragments. The entire building shook and Chu Huaying, Qu Wanyue and Long Sen in the ground floor morgue were unsteady!

Qi Ran actually left a bomb in place before leaving. If it wasn’t for Ye Qi’s quick escape, he would’ve been blown to ashes by now.

Ye Qi’s heart thumped. He was afraid of almost nothing after transforming into the bug king but he was most afraid of fire. Qi Ran obviously knew this so he used the bomb to deal with Ye Qi. Ye Qi endured the palpitations from seeing the fire and opened his eyes to look at the ground.

He found a trail of visible blood.

Qi Ran’s body didn’t heal automatically. Just now, Ye Qi had stabbed him in the chest and he was seriously injured. He was bleeding and Ye Qi could find this person by following the bloodstains. Ye Qi pressed on the earpiece. “Sister Ying, you come out quickly. I will chase him!”

Chu Huaying’s group of three were entangled with the zombies and unable to get out for a while. Due to the explosion just now, the lights on the ceiling shattered to the ground and the entire room was crumbling. If they didn’t run out, they might be buried by the collapsed building.

Chu Huaying was in an extreme hurry and the spider dagger in her hand moved like a dense spider web in the air. Qu Wanyue and Long Sen were shocked to find out that she didn’t only cut off the heads of the zombies. She even cut off the limbs of several zombies!

How long did it take to dismember a body?

It would probably take several hours if Xiao Lou did a serious autopsy but Chu Huaying’s dagger could slash iron like mud. It took her less than half a minute. She didn’t believe in evil. The severed head could be restored in place but no matter how good the skill, could the chopped up zombies be reconstructed?

Sure enough, these zombies lost their combat effectiveness after being chopped up. Chu Huaying called out sharply, “Let’s go!”

Long Sen and Qu Wanyue quickly followed her and jumped out the window.

The three people had just jumped out of the morgue when there was a loud rumbling sound behind them. The entire building was instantly flooded by fire and collapsed cement. Bricks also scattered everywhere. The three people would’ve been almost buried in this ruin if they didn’t have the displacement cards.

At the same time, Ye Qi was chasing Qi Ran along the blood trail.

This Qi Ran should still have a powerful displacement card in his hand. Ye Qi had fast movement speed as the bug king and chased for half a minute but he couldn’t even see the other person. Ye Qi had just turned around the corner when he saw a drone suddenly appear above his head.

The drone called out to Ye Qi, “Turn right ahead. In 50 meters, there will be a bathroom.”

—It was Tang Ci’s voice.

Partially proofread: Paranoid Kitten

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