CR: Chapter 529

Chapter 529 – First Link of the Relay Task

The four of them were discussing the next plan of action while the fake Long Sen and Qu Wanyue were looking at each other tearfully. Liu Yong’s skill made the designated people look at each other for 30 seconds without moving or attacking.

The 30 seconds would soon be over. Chu Huaying gave Ye Qi a look to have him continue to open the control skill. Ye Qi simply took out the piano music box and played a piano song under the peach blossom trees.

The piano music would make all hostile targets within 500 meters unable to move and the control time was equal to the playing time. Ye Qi chose a song that lasted five minutes and the moment the piano song played, the two hunters could only continue to stay in the same place.

Chu Huaying walked over to the two hunters and searched them. Sure enough, she found a card pack that was exactly the same as a challenger’s card pack. She quickly checked them before handing the two card packs to Qu Wanyue.

Qu Wanyue opened the card pack. The first card was the S-ranked tool card ‘Mind Reading’. The skill description read: After selecting the target, open the mind reading technique. Look directly into the target’s eyes and read the target’s thoughts in this moment and all the memories within 30 days.”

Qu Wanyue looked up at Chu Huaying. “She really has the Mind reading card which can capture the memories in my mind. This allowed her to accurately match the code words we set…”

If Sister Ying hadn’t used a surprise attack to test them, it would’ve been impossible to tell the truth through dialogue. This hunter could see the thoughts in her mind and give the correct answer no matter what question she was asked.

The even more frightening thing was that she read Qu Wanyue’s memories for the past 30 days and completely mastered the ‘secret code’ agreed upon by Xiao Lou and everyone. If she passed this information to the hunters, the secret code might not work when encountering Xiao Lou, Yu Hanjiang or the others. Maybe at this moment, the information about the secret code had already been leaked?

Qu Wanyue was frightened and continued to look through the card pack.

In addition to Mind Reading, there was a card called Thousand Miles Sound Transmission.

Once this skill was used, they could record a voice message in their mind and pass it to a specified target within a 1,000 kilometer range and play it in the other person’s mind in its entirety. The recorded voice message could be up to 5 minutes long. This was similar to Xiao Lou’s Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings, which was also the transmission of information through the mind. The hunter could transmit messages through Thousand Miles Sound Transmission.

There was also a card called ‘Navigation System’ in the card pack of the fake Long Sen which could share their current location/specific map coordinate points to all teammates. This way, teammates could find them through navigation. Once the navigation ‘target location’ was shared, the teammates would have their speed increased by 500% as they moved toward the target location.

This card was a bit like Li Qingzhao’s mark, except that Li Qingzhao’s mark could directly teleport the group. It was just that they could only come to the marked point and there would be a delay of five minutes. Navigation System couldn’t teleport the team but the advantage was that they could send their location or map coordinates to their teammates to gather. It was very flexible.

In addition, the fake Long Sen’s card pack contained the tool card ‘Red Sports Car’, which could instantaneously conjure a sports car for them to escape. There were also two invisibility cloaks and some low level cards.

Qu Wanyue handed the card packs back to Chu Huaying and said in a low voice, “These two should be the vanguard troops among the hunters. They have the Mind Reading card and can read our memories, including the secret code that everyone agreed upon in advance. Then they can use Thousand Miles Sound Transmission to transmit the information quietly. After that, they will use Navigation System to gather their teammates.”

Chu Huaying had obviously thought of this too.

These two hunters were the equivalent to ‘scouts’ who were responsible for finding out the challengers’ information and sharing the challengers’ position with their teammates. They didn’t need to have too strong combat power because their teammates would soon come to support them.

Chu Huaying said, “I put the entrance to the Peach Blossom Spring in the Western restaurant. Navigation System is on cooldown so these two people have obviously shared the location. There must be a lot of hunters in the Western restaurant at the moment.”

Qu Wanyue was nervous. “Do we go out now or do we hide in the Peach Blossom Spring for three hours before going out? Can the four of us fight if the hunters outnumber us?” She had a psychological shadow regarding the ghost town labyrinth where the six of them had to fight against 13 hunters. If the number of hunters exceeded them and Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang were absent, their odds of winning would be much lower.

Chu Huaying frowned. “The mission requires us to find all the hunters and survive to the next world. It doesn’t require us to eliminate all the hunters. We can run if we can’t fight.”

Ye Qi was still very confident about ‘escaping’ and Long Sen and Qu Wanyue were also full of confidence.

Qu Wanyue gritted her teeth. “Then go out. The longer the delay, the more support they will have and the better the preparations.”

Long Sen nodded. “Yes, we can’t hide from them forever. We should just go out and meet them.”

Chu Huaying glanced at the blood stains on his clothes. “Is your injury okay?”

Long Sen smiled and scratched his head. “It’s fine. It’s no longer bleeding.”

Chu Huaying looked fierce when she acted just now. It seemed that she really wanted Qu Wanyue’s life. In fact, her strength was very measured. Her actions were swift and she also stopped neatly. At most, she just cut through a bit of the skin on Long Sen’s arm.

She saw that Long Sen looked normal so she nodded. “Let’s go.”

Ye Qi looked at the two people who were standing still and asked softly, “Sister Ying, what should I do with these two?”

Chu Huaying thought about it. “First lock them up in the Peach Blossom Spring. They can’t get out without us leading the way.”

The Peach Blossom Spring was an ‘independent domain’. Others couldn’t go in or out without the permission of the owner. Locking the two people up in the Peach Blossom Spring was the best way at present. Chu Huaying didn’t want to waste time and looked at Ye Qi. “Xiao Ye, stop the piano music and immediately follow me.”

Ye Qi nodded and finished the piano song he was playing. Immediately after that, Chu Huaying took her three teammates and left the Peach Blossom Spring.

The scene in front of everyone flickered and they once again came to the familiar Western restaurant.

Soft piano music was playing in the restaurant. It seemed that nothing had changed.

The handsome young waiter was walking from the end of the corridor with a dinner plate. He came to the door of private room 007, placed the plate on the table in a gentlemanly manner and said with a smile, “Here is the steak you ordered. Please eat.”

Qu Wanyue did order a steak just now. She was about to pick up the plate when Chu Huaying’s fingers popped out and grasped the waiter’s wrist like an eagle’s claw!

Sure enough, a sharp dagger slipped out of his sleeve. The cold light she had just seen wasn’t an illusion.

Chu Huaying frowned and twisted her right hand. The waiter’s expression changed and everyone heard the sharp sound of a bone being dislocated.

The waiter screamed loudly. Chu Huaying threw him to the ground with a sharp over-the-shoulder fall and ordered, “Go quickly!”

Ye Qi, Qu Wanyue and Long Sen immediately followed her.

The four of them rushed out of the private room and saw two neat rows of waiters standing in the corridor.

All the waiters were young men dressed in black suits. They had white shirts, bow ties and the same formulaic smile on their faces like they were carved out of a mold.

Qu Wanyue couldn’t help thinking of the identical umbrella girls in the dark alley in the K secret room.

She felt a chill in her heart and gently reminded, “Sister Ying, be careful. It might be a high level hunter. There is a card that can copy 12 clones to attack us.”

There were exactly 12 waiters waiting in the hallway.

Chu Huaying’s gaze swept over the group of waiters. A bloody light flashed in her eyes and an extra spider dagger appeared in her right hand. She coldly looked at the 12 waiters in front of her while telling her teammates, “I will stop them. Quickly retreat. Jump down from the window and wait for me in the square.”

She rushed over alone the moment she finished speaking.

12 waiters gathered around her at the same time like controlled robots, each one holding a knife for cutting steaks. Chu Huaying’s face had no fear. She was like a flexible fish as she moved between the 12 people. The dagger in her hand moved quickly with a bloody light and it was like sharp lightning.

For a moment, a bloody mist filled the corridor and the sound of fists and feet colliding was incessant. Chu Huaying’s dark-colored sweater was covered in blood. Ye Qi’s heart was terrified but Qu Wanyue pulled him. “Go quickly. Listen to Sister Ying!”

There must be other hunters in the restaurant. Ye Qi didn’t think much of it as he jumped out the window with Long Sen and Qu Wanyue.

The moment they jumped, the legs of the Long Qu couple suddenly grew. They were jumping down from such a high building but both of them seemed to be on flat ground in the blink of an eye. They took Ye Qi by the arm and took him to feel the excitement of ‘jumping off the building’ together.

Ye Qi’s heart was almost in his throat as he fell from a height of hundreds of meters.

It wasn’t a problem for Sister Ying to fight 12 people at once. After all, 11 of the 12 waiters were copied clones. Yet Ye Qi had no idea how many hunters were waiting for them. He decided to directly transform himself into the bug king if there were too many hunters to cope with.

His feet landed on the ground and he quickly observed the surroundings. The square was crowded with people. Many of them were walking here after dinner. The crowd around them didn’t seem surprised at all that three people suddenly jumped out of the window on the top floor.

Just then, two small children slid toward this side on skateboards. The two of them looked very cute. They were a boy and a girl and they stepped on skateboards that had colorful lights and music.

The girl was shouting at the boy. “Brother, don’t skate so fast!”

The boy laughed and said, “You’re too slow!”

The two skateboarders seemed like they were going to bump into Ye Qi. Ye Qi instinctively turned to the side to hide but before they could dodge, he saw the two children suddenly throw out a chain. The two of them quickly surrounded him to the left and right, the chains in their hands tying up his waist!

The chain was covered with thumb-sized daggers. Ye Qi felt a sharp pain coming from his waist as the two children skated around him. The chain bound and encircled him and the daggers cut at the flesh of his waist. Dazzling blood stained the sweater. Qu Wanyue exclaimed, “Xiao Ye!”

Ye Qi endured the pain while his face turned as pale as paper. “I was careless.”

He didn’t expect that the hunters would disguise themselves as such small children. These small children seemed to be less than 7 years old and looked innocent and lovely. Meanwhile, the weapons in their hands were so fierce and vicious!

It wasn’t known if his internal organs were cut but there was a severe pain from his waist. Ye Qi lost too much blood and was dizzy. He could barely stand steadily. Long Sen and Qu Wanyue wanted to come over to help but a few more children stepped on skateboards and surrounded them.

Qu Wanyue was so anxious that she used the dance king card. The flexibility of her body was strengthened to the extreme. She bent down and moved like a snake through the childrens’ chain array to support Ye Qi. Then she saw Ye Qi’s eyes turning red like they were stained with a layer of blood.

The young man with blood-red eyes looked like the incarnation of a devil.

He looked coldly at the children around him. Then he reached out and grabbed the chains wrapped around his waist with force.

The chains around his waist were like pieces of paper. They were torn off by Ye Qi. Then he pulled on the broken end hard. He grabbed the chains in his hand and threw them violently. The children were instantly swept to the ground by Ye Qi!

Long Sen walked over quickly and looked with worry at Ye Qi’s body covered with blood. “Are you okay?”

Ye Qi’s face was white. “It’s fine. I’ve become the bug king. Everyone should be careful.”

The wound on his waist was healing rapidly and the pain stopped. However, the fact that the hunters were disguised as children surprised him.

There were hurried footsteps behind him. Ye Qi looked back and saw Chu Huaying, covered in blood, walking toward them with a cold face. The spider dagger in her hand was still dripping blood.

Qu Wanyue hurriedly met her. “Sister Ying, how are you?”

Chu Huaying answered, “I found the true body among the 12 waiters and already resolved him.”

She spoke with ease but her sweater stained red with blood and the drops of blood on her face showed how dangerous the fierce battle was just now. Ye Qi took a deep breath. “I don’t know how many hunters there are but this mission seems to be different from the last K secret room.”

Qu Wanyue also said, “Last time, the hunters were twice our number and each person was very strong. This time, the difficulty has increased. The hunters are strong and weak and the number might exceed us by several times. It is hard to be wary when mixed in with a crowd!”

For example, the children playing on skateboards. Ye Qi really couldn’t associate them with hunters.

Chu Huaying said, “Let’s go. The target of the hunters is us so they will definitely appear one after another. Everyone should be prepared. We must be careful of those who get close to us.”

The four of them glanced at each other and walked forward quickly.

They had just walked a few meters when they saw a familiar figure.

The man’s face was full of anxiety. After seeing them, he hurriedly stepped forward. “I just wanted to go to the Western restaurant to meet everyone but I saw you jumping from the top floor. What happened?”

It was Xiao Lou.

Qu Wanyue was stunned. “Professor Xiao?”

Xiao Lou nodded. “I had just entered the secret room when I was knocked unconscious in the laboratory and my card pack was gone. I just woke up and went to the Western restaurant to find everyone. Then I saw that you were besieged. What about the others?”

Chu Huaying and Ye Qi looked at each other, not knowing how to answer for a moment.

Partially proofread: Paranoid Kitten

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This is a false Xiao Lou, right?

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Its either a false XL or Author is gonna pull up some mind boggling stuff and i’ll be so thrilled if that’s the case!

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