CR: Chapter 528

Chapter 528 – The Hunters’ Strategy

Ye Qi looked at the four people in front of him with a head full of question marks. The Long Sen and Qu Wanyue he met at the dance training center had the right secret codes. Why did Sister Ying find another pair of Long Sen and Qu Wanyue at the Western restaurant?

Which pair was real?

Chu Huaying glanced at the four people and declared indifferently, “There must be two people pretending to be hunters among you.”

Long Sen, who was standing next to her, hurriedly said, “Sister Ying, I am definitely the real one. I told you the secret code before. I took the No. 48 bus to pick up Wanyue. Wanyue next to me is also real. She matched the secret code with me and remembered a lot of details about our relationship.”

Qu Wanyue beside him quickly calmed down. She looked at the woman in front of her who looked exactly like herself and said with a smile, “You want to confuse things but unfortunately, you don’t know what we agreed upon in private. Your disguise is easy to tear down.”

The other Qu Wanyue met her gaze in a calm manner. “What agreement? Are you talking about how Ye Qi likes to eat hot pot, Sister Ying wants to drink coffee or Chief Shao’s stock is actually his mobile phone number?”

Qu Wanyue’s eyes widened when she heard the other person’s words. She obviously hadn’t expected the other person to be able to say the private agreements with her teammates. She looked at Long Sen next to her with disbelief. “How can this be?”

Long Sen was also full of horror and asked in a deep voice, “How do you know this?”

The other Long Sen laughed. “Hey, you are acting too much. I have been in love with Wanyue for several years. We have been together since our school days and the tacit understanding between us isn’t something that you two impostors can do.”

Beside him, Qu Wanyue suggested, “Why don’t we check some details? The fake will always reveal their faults.”

The Qu Wanyue opposite her answered calmly, “Okay, let’s do it. I would like to see how much you really know.”

Ye Qi looked between the left and the right, his expression dazed. He was unable to tell who was real and who was fake.

He defined the two people on the left, the ones that he and Chu Huaying met at the training center, as Qu Wanyue No. 1 and Long Sen No. 1. The two people on the right that Chu Huaying met in the Western restaurant were Qu Wanyue No. 2 and Long Sen No. 2.

He heard Long Sen No. 1 say, “I have been in love with Wanyue for eight years. At university, I met her at a school dance party and fell in love at first sight. I chased her for a whole year before she agreed to be with me.”

Qu Wanyue No. 1 nodded cooperatively. “Long Sen proposed to me on May 1st last year, which happened to be my birthday. Our wedding date was scheduled for the 7th day of the Lunar New Year but there was an accident on the way to the wedding banquet.”

Qu Wanyue No. 2 had a cold face. “The information you just mentioned can be found from acquaintances. Let’s be more personal. What type of diamond ring did Long Sen give me when he proposed? Who were the guests at the engagement party?”

Qu Wanyue No. 1 met her gaze and replied calmly, “A heart-shaped diamond. The name of the diamond ring is Two Hearts Beat as One. The engagement party was held in VIP Room 6 on the third floor of the Anhua Hotel. In addition to the parents on both sides, there was my second and third uncle. Long Sen’s uncle and aunt also participated.”

She saw that the other person’s expression gradually became ugly and followed up with a question. “Where were the wedding photos taken? How many photos were chosen for retouching?”

Qu Wanyue No. 2 answered with a serious expression, “It was taken at the beach in Sanya. There were 360 photos and 80 of them were edited and placed in the album.” She paused and asked the other person, “Where is the honeymoon location that we discussed privately?”

Qu Wanyue No. 1 answered, “We were planning to go to Greece.”

Qu Wanyue No. 2 looked shocked. “How is this possible?”

Long Sen No. 2 looked at Qu Wanyue next to him and then Qu Wanyue on the other side. He couldn’t help saying, “How is everything correct? I remember that I discussed the honeymoon trip with Wanyue alone. Even my family doesn’t know… how does she know this?”

Qu Wanyue looked at him. “Do you think she is the real one?”

Long Sen No. 2 scratched his head with a bitter expression. He was quite irritable. Two Qu Wanyues suddenly appeared in front of him and they could match the details. His head was going to explode.

Suddenly, Qu Wanyue No. 2 said calmly, “I still know a secret. I’ll confirm it with you.” She pressed her lips to Long Sen’s ears and whispered a few words. Long Sen’s expression finally relaxed and he nodded vigorously. He looked at Chu Huaying and Ye Qi and said, “The Wanyue beside me must be real.”

The opposite Long Sen interrupted him. “Fake goods, don’t add drama to yourself. Can I now know my own wife?”

Qu Wanyue No. 2 heard his words and frowned slightly. “You are the fakes. Long Sen and I have our card packs.”

Qu Wanyue No. 1 looked at her with a smile. “Professor Xiao’s card pack was taken by the hunters. Your card pack is on you which can only prove that you are more likely to be hunters!”

Long Sen No. 2 was stunned. “Professor Xiao’s card pack is lost? What is going on?”

Qu Wanyue No. 2’s expression changed and she took a deep breath. Then she looked at Chu Huaying. “Sister Ying, I don’t know the situation on Professor Xiao’s side but our card packs have always been on us. After coming to the secret room, the first place we went to was where Professor Xiao told us to meet. You have to believe us.”

Chu Huaying, “……”

She now had a splitting headache and didn’t know who to believe. Both sides showed different truths and could match the secret codes. They even knew the details of the guests attending the wedding banquet and where to go for the honeymoon. These details were difficult for outsiders to know.

Ye Qi’s face was also confused. Could the hunters know about these private matters?

How could they tell the difference between the real teammates and fake teammates?

Professor Xiao would definitely have a better way if he was present but Ye Qi couldn’t think of anything for a moment. He was confused and looked to Chu Huaying for help. Chu Huaying was also frowning and she looked down like she was thinking.

Everyone was staring at Chu Huaying and waiting for her answer. Suddenly, Chu Huaying flashed behind Qu Wanyue No. 2 like lightning. The blood-colored spider dagger in her hand flashed with a cold light and the sharp blade simply and neatly slashed at Qu Wanyue’s throat!

This sudden change made Ye Qi’s eyes widen in an instant.

He thought that Qu Wanyue No. 2 would be killed by the dagger but the next moment, Long Sen No. 2 suddenly pulled Qu Wanyue into his arms and his arm moved in front of Qu Wanyue like a conditioned reflex. Chu Huaying’s sharp dagger slashed at his strong arm and bright red blood immediately came out, staining his light colored sweater.

Qu Wanyue’s face paled and she hurriedly took his hand. “Are you okay?”

Long Sen smiled bitterly and shook his head. “I’m fine. It is just skin trauma.”

He protected Qu Wanyue and took two steps back as he watched Chu Huaying alertly. “What do you want to do?”

Chu Huaying said coldly, “Hunters, don’t act and go to accompany your companions.”

Then she took out he white silk card from Xiao Lou’s card pack and made a gesture to tie up the two people. However, the moment she acted, Chu Huaying turned around and the direction of the white silk also turned. Long Sen No. 1 and Qu Wanyue No. 1, who were watching the scene, were suddenly tied up by the white silk!

Ye Qi’s mind returned and he immediately took out Xiao Lou’s Liu Yong card. He used a skill so that the two people looked at each other with tearful eyes and couldn’t move or attack.

Long Sen, who was cut by Chu Huaying’s dagger, quickly covered the still bleeding wound. He looked up and found that Chu Huaying had simply and neatly bound the other two. He asked in a stunned manner, “Sister Ying, what are you doing?”

Chu Huaying put away the dagger. “You are the real ones. I was testing you just now.”

Ye Qi finally reacted and couldn’t help giving a thumbs up to Sister Ying’s neat approach. “Brother Long and Teacher Qu have a deep relationship. The moment Sister Ying attacked Teacher Qu, you instinctively protected her. You won’t let Teacher Qu be injured even if it means you will be injured. This conditioned reflex can’t be faked.”

Long Sen smiled and scratched his head. “I really didn’t think of anything else just now. I saw Sister Ying trying to kill her and my mind became empty. I instinctively went to protect her…”

Qu Wanyue’s eyes were soft. “Long Sen might not speak very well but he is still reliable at key moments.”

She leaned toward Ye Qi’s ear and whispered, “The secret I just told him is an embarrassing thing that only the two of us know. During the time when Long Sen was studying at the sports school, he wrote me a love letter calling me ‘you’ (the courteous version, not informal. Generally used for elders or strangers). The first sentence was ‘I’ve always missed ‘you’ since the last time we met at the dance’.”

Ye Qi, “……”

Was his Chinese taught by a PE teacher? Wasn’t he afraid of being beaten to death if he used it like this?

It was a miracle that this man could enter a relationship with Qu Wanyue.

However, the two of them had come all this way and their eight year relationship achieved positive results. This type of relationship made Ye Qi feel warm and envious. The tacit understanding between them wasn’t something that could be acted out by fakes.

If Chu Huaying had attacked Qu Wanyue No. 1, Long Sen No. 1 beside her wouldn’t necessarily take the risk to defend her. At the critical moment, a person’s body reaction was faster than their brain’s subconscious reaction. This was the realest thing.

Moreover, let’s think about it carefully. Professor Xiao told everyone to meet at the Western restaurant if it was a secret room with an urban background. Long Sen had no reason to go to the dance center to find Qu Wanyue first. What if Qu Wanyue had gone to the Western restaurant first? Wouldn’t he be going there in vain? In addition, there might be problems along the way.

Therefore, the most sensible approach of the real Long Sen and Qu Wanyue was to ‘follow the team’s goals’ and go directly to the Western restaurant to meet their teammates.

The fake Long Sen and Qu Wanyue met at the dance center first because they wanted to discuss the next plan.

The thing that made Ye Qi puzzled was how the two impostors knew so much about the private affairs of the Long Qu couple.

Chu Huaying looked coldly at the bound Qu Wanyue. “Do you know how to read minds?”

The woman saw that the matter was exposed and no longer argued. She sneered. “Guess?”

Qu Wanyue leaned over and told Chu Huaying and Ye Qi, “There should be a card with the ‘mind reading’ ability that allows her to read people’s thoughts or memories. At the dance center, a girl suddenly talked to me and said she wanted to apply for a dance class. She kept looking me in the eye. I didn’t care about it at the time. Then she casually made an excuse to stall things and leave.”

Qu Wanyue looked at the woman who was exactly identical to her. “Now that I think about it, that girl is probably another disguise. She lurked in the dance center from the beginning and read some of my memories. She knew about the secret code and replaced me when I went to the Western restaurant to meet everyone. During our confrontation just now, the questions she asked were exactly what I wanted to ask. That’s why I discovered that she has a special mind reading ability.”

Chu Huaying nodded as she understood the cause and effect.

Ye Qi opened his mouth. “She didn’t kill you directly but replaced you to lure out other teammates… so the hunters’ task in this world is to find and destroy all challengers?”

The challengers needed to find all the hunters and the hunters wanted to eliminate all challengers. Their missions were opposed from the beginning and only one could get out of this world.

Chu Huaying thought for a moment. “The mission isn’t over yet. That means that not all hunters have been found yet. It seems we have to take a risk.”

Ye Qi quickly understood what she meant. “Sister Ying, do you want to use yourself as bait to lure out the enemies?”

Chu Huaying looked calm. “We are the goal of the hunters. It is only when we all appear that they will act, right?”

Partially proofread: Paranoid Kitten

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1 year ago

Ye Qi’s reasoning here doesn’t really make sense regarding the Long Sen and Qu Wanyue couple finding each other first because he himself didn’t directly head to the western restaurant either, he first went to find Liu Qiao, Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou. So it does make perfect sense for the Long Sen couple to try and find each other first, isn’t that just natural instinct? Like how Xiao Lou reached out to Yu Hanjiang first lol

1 year ago
Reply to  Lilg

Maybe you’re right bit also lets not forget that Both Ye Qi and Xiao Lou only went in person to meet others instead of the restaurant when they noticed something wrong due to the call to YJH and Chief Shao.Otherwise they would have headed to restaurant directly.Similarly for the Long Qu couple,they wouldn’t have mer up and the real couple didn’t because maybe the contacted via phone or smth and thought everything was normal?