CR: Chapter 518

Chapter 518 – Endgame

Yu Hanjiang’s blind sniping this time surprised the ambush hunter team.

An old voice was heard. “Can he see us?”

Then there was a girl’s voice. “Let’s be careful and go together.”

Perhaps the sudden killing of their partner stimulated the others but the remaining hunters didn’t want to go around in circles with Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang any longer. The four of them surrounded the two people and Xiao Lou clearly felt a strong sense of oppression around him.

At this moment, he summoned Li Bai.

The first skill was when Li Bai invited everyone within 500 meters to drink. They would enter a drunken state, regardless of enemy or ally, and the drunkenness would last 10 minutes.

Since Li Bai’s drunkenness was a strong group control that didn’t distinguish between enemies or allies, Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang were also affected by the drunken state. The advantage was that all the hunters were drunk and the number of them was far more than Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou. This wasn’t a loss at all.

The four hunters were drunk and immediately became dizzy. Forget about attacking Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang. They couldn’t even walk normally or tell the difference between north and south.

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang were also uncomfortable but Xiao Lou knew this was the best way to deal with hunters. Everyone would be drunk for 10 minutes. At least in these 10 minutes, he and Yu Hanjiang were safe.

He hadn’t drunk alcohol growing up and he didn’t expect to drink due to Li Bai today. His head hurt like it was going to burst. He was unable to stand steadily and Yu Hanjiang hurriedly reached out to support him. “Have you never been drunk before?”

Xiao Lou replied in a daze, “Yes… it is a bit uncomfortable.”

Yu Hanjiang had drunk alcohol many times and had been drunk before. Apart from being dizzy, he easily accepted the other adverse reactions of his drunken state. He helped Xiao Lou sit down next to him and patiently waited for 10 minutes to pass.

The alcohol that Li Bai gave was full of energy and all the people in the alley had a headache as they struggled through the 10 minutes drunk state.

The moment that the drunk state ended and clarity returned to his mind, Xiao Lou suddenly said, “300 meters behind you, there are two people at an angle of 20 degrees to the northwest. 200 meters ahead of you, there are two people directly east.”

The location of the hunters was determined thanks to Li Bai’s alcohol delivery.

Yu Hanjiang heard this and jumped up again.

He was still a bit dizzy after getting out of the drunken state but Yu Hanjiang’s shooting was almost a conditional reflex. According to Xiao Lou’s instructions, Yu Hanjiang quickly loaded the bullet and pulled the trigger neatly.

There was the sound of a bullet hitting flesh that was accompanied by the scream of an adult woman.

The woman was caught off guard and shot but Yu Hanjiang didn’t kill her this time. There wasn’t the sound of a body falling to the ground. Yu Hanjiang took advantage of this to fire several bullets in a row to the east. However, the hunters dodged.

One of them teleported behind Xiao Lou like lightning and the sharp dagger in his hand directly cut at Xiao Lou’s throat.

Xiao Lou felt a flash of cold in front of him and the cold air current caused his heart to chill. He instinctively turned sideways to dodge but he wasn’t professionally trained after all. His movement was one second slower.

The opponent’s slash was very fierce. Xiao Lou might’ve dodged the vital spots but a long cut was made on his collarbone.

The strong smell of blood and the cut on the side of Xiao Lou’s neck made Yu Hanjiang angry. He immediately put down pursuing the hunters and turned around to kick hard. The man quickly dodged and the moment he pulled away, a large number of darts were fired from his hand.

The darts flew like rain toward the two men.

Yu Hanjiang had quick eyes and hands. He flew up with one arm around Xiao Lou and dodged the darts in a thrilling way.

Immediately after that, the girl holding the red oil paper umbrella suddenly appeared. She was like a ghost as 12 identical girls opened their umbrellas at the same time. It wasn’t known which one was real and which one was false. The bones of the umbrella were made of an extremely sharp metal that could cut iron like mud. She cooperated with the man holding the dagger and blocked the retreat of Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou.

Yu Hanjiang hugged Xiao Lou and quickly dodged in the air.

At the same time, the old hands from the wall and the infinitely growing hair also came from all directions!

Yu Hanjiang flew while holding Xiao Lou with one hand and wielded the saber with the other hand. He blocked the long hair, paper umbrella, darts and hands around him.

Xiao Lou was injured and Yu Hanjiang gradually weakened as he had to fight one against four.

Xiao Lou’s neck was still bleeding. He quickly took out the white silk card and bandaged it to stop it from bleeding. He followed up by telling Yu Hanjiang through their mind connection, “I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. We can only go out after killing the umbrella girl. Put me down. I have a way to protect myself.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded calmly. “Okay.”

There were a total of 12 girls holding umbrellas. Last time, Yu Hanjiang had used a language trap to find the real body. Yet after that lesson, the girl wouldn’t make the same mistake. Therefore, Yu Hanjiang wouldn’t use the same method again.

The 12 girls were the same in appearance and action. In the end, which one was the original?

Xiao Lou was thinking about this question but Yu Hanjiang said, “I have a way to find the real body.”

He put Xiao Lou on the ground when he finished speaking.

Xiao Lou had been drawing circles with the compass just now. The moment Yu Hanjiang put him down, he immediately placed the rings created by the compass around his body. Since the rings were the same size, Xiao Lou could manipulate them in the air and almost instantly, his body was surrounded by them. It seemed like he was trapped in a cocoon but in fact, this was actually the hardest armor for him.

Neither the hair nor the darts could penetrate his metal rings.

Yu Hanjiang was relieved to see Xiao Lou wrap himself in the rings. Xiao Lou’s brain turned quickly at a critical moment and he could figure out the method of protecting himself.

Yu Hanjiang had no more worries and kicked off hard against the ground, his entire body rushing out like a sharp arrow.

The saber in his hand flashed at the girl like lightning. The sound was particularly harsh in the quiet alley but the beautiful umbrella was safe. Soon, Yu Hanjiang was surrounded by 12 young girls.

Yu Hanjiang already knew that the umbrella wouldn’t be easily cut. His goal wasn’t to directly kill the other person. He only used it to test the girl’s reaction. It was because no matter how many copies there were, it was hard enough to divide the mind in two, let alone control 12 bodies as one. Therefore, the reaction of the copied bodies definitely wouldn’t be as fast as the main body.

In particular, the knee-jerk reaction that people showed in critical moments definitely wouldn’t be shown by the copied bodies.

He narrowed his eyes and the saber in his hand quickly swung at the girls around him. The girls dodged and attacked with the umbrella but Yu Hanjiang was keenly aware that as long as he swung his saber at one of the girls, she reflexively opened the umbrella to hide herself behind it and completely dodged Yu Hanjiang’s attack. Her movements were so sharp that they weren’t comparable to the other 11 girls.

It is you.

Yu Hanjiang already had a judgment in his heart but on the surface, he was still attacking the other girls like a headless fly.

Xiao Lou had made himself a cocoon with the metal rings and it was difficult to break through the rings for a while, so the other three hunters came to help and take care of Yu Hanjiang first.

Yu Hanjiang was in a one against four battle and soon fell into a disadvantage.

His neck was almost caught by a dark and a large bundle of hair that tried to wrap around his feet. Yu Hanjiang dodged awkwardly before using the saber to cut the hair around his feet, staggering back several steps.

He backed up right near the girl in red, his back to her.

The girl was overjoyed as she realized she had a perfect opportunity. She quietly closed the umbrella and the closed paper umbrella turned into a sharp spear. The tip was enough to pierce the hardest stone wall.

The girl held the handle of the umbrella tightly and stabbed it at Yu Hanjiang’s back.

She thought that Yu Hanjiang would be killed by her blow but the moment her hand reached out but before the tip of her umbrella touched Yu Hanjiang’s body, Yu Hanjiang suddenly turned back.

The girl was slightly taken aback as she met his icy gaze.

A small black pistol was aimed precisely at her heart.


A gunshot rang out. The girl’s hand stopped stiffly in the air as a large amount of blood suddenly burst from her chest.

She looked down in disbelief at her blood-stained clothes. Then in front of the astonished eyes of the other hunters, she fell straight to the ground.

The domain was automatically lifted when the owner of the domain died.

The familiar moonlight appeared and the dark alley disappeared. Xiao Lou, who was staying in the metal ring, heard Yu Hanjiang’s voice in his head. “It has been solved. Quickly withdraw.”

Xiao Lou immediately touched the earpiece. “1.”

This was the secret code agreed upon with Qu Wanyue. Xiao Lou reported the number 1 and Qu Wanyue immediately started the teleportation.

Long Sen and Qu Wanyue sneaked into the most remote corner of the town using the Chameleon card. Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang attracted the hunters in a high profile manner and the Long Qu couple wasn’t followed by hunters.

Qu Wanyue had already arranged the mark and waited for Xiao Lou’s news.

She heard the 1 and immediately turned on the team teleportation.

The next second, Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang appeared in front of them.

Qu Wanyue greeted him with worry. “Professor Xiao, Group Leader Yu, are you okay?”

The back of Yu Hanjiang’s hand was black and rotten but it looked to be under control.

There was a white cloth tied around Xiao Lou’s neck and blood was faintly oozing from it. Yu Hanjiang was so distressed that he reached out to help re-bandage it. Xiao Lou just gave him a reassuring look and said, “It is just skin trauma. It is fine. Moreover, I am a doctor and I’m very professional in the technique of hemostasis and bandaging.”

Yu Hanjiang had no choice but to give up.

Xiao Lou said in a low voice, “There are still three more hunters in that alley. We have thrown them off.”

The moment the girl in red was killed and the domain lifted, Qu Wanyue had directly triggered the teleportation. The hunters couldn’t catch up no matter how fast they were. Xiao Lou’s method was really clever. They might be few in numbers but they could use the flexible team teleportation to avoid the pursuit of the hunters.

Long Sen asked, “What’s next? Should we lure the hunters and have Xiao Liu set the marker to teleport us?”

The two Li Qingzhao cards were held by two people and could activate separate teleportation. This was the reason why Xiao Lou separated the team. Qu Wanyue had one Lu Qingzhao card and Liu Qiao had the other one.

Xiao Lou pressed on the earpiece and asked, “Xiao Liu, how is the situation over there?”

Liu Qiao’s voice revealed a hint of nervousness. “They caught up. There is a man with a kite and he can take his teammates to fly very high. Old Mo and I have been avoiding them in the sky but old Mo’s marble bricks are about to run out…”

Xiao Lou wondered, “There are still four people?”


The pain from the wound on his neck made Xiao Lou frown slightly. He tidied up the white silk wrapped around his neck and said softly, “Xiao Liu, put the mark to pull us over. Previously, it was the hunters who had the upper hand. Now we are the dominant side.”

At first, it was 6 against 12 and the opposing team was double them. Today, Yu Hanjiang had taken care of five hunters and there were the three hunters who had just been released from the domain near Drunken Moon Lake.

Liu Qiao and Old Mo were being followed by four hunters. At this time, wouldn’t it instantly change from 2v4 to 6v4 once the teleportation was used?

Long Sen hit his thigh. “I second it! Professor Xiao, do you usually play games? I can’t believe this type of teleportation method has actually turned the numerical disadvantage into a 6v4 advantage?”

Qu Wanyue also agreed. “Now it seems that it is the hunters who will suffer losses.”

Of course, the premise of this was that everyone cooperated well enough. Otherwise, the team would just die faster.

Xiao Lou nodded. “Once these hunters die in the secret room, they are likely to have the same second chance as us. We have to hurry.”

Yu Hanjiang simply said, “Let’s go and meet them!”

The moon was up and the night was cold.

The hunters in the ghost town labyrinth were dead or wounded and Xiao Lou’s teleportation method successfully turned the ‘few against many’ situation into ‘many against few’.

Partially proofread: Paranoid Kitten

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