CR: Chapter 514

Chapter 514 – Thrilling 20 Hours (Part 1)

The Peach Blossom Spring would close after three hours. Xiao Lou saw that there were only three minutes left on the countdown so he told everyone a few words before leading them out of this safe shelter.

Xiao Lou had placed the Peach Blossom Spring at the end of a hidden alley and only he could see the entrance. The six of them walked out of the Peach Blossom Spring and didn’t find any hunters around them.

Xiao Lou looked around alertly before giving his teammates a look. The six of them immediately divided into the three teams according to Xiao Lou’s arrangement.

Long Sen and Qu Wanyue’s Chameleon card allowed them to perfectly integrate with the environment and it was hard for the hunters to find them. Therefore, the two of them only needed to find a safe place to modify the marker and teleport their teammates.

They were also experienced in the matter of ‘escaping’.

The two of them crawled some distance. They had just come to the corner of an alley when Qu Wanyue suddenly saw two hunters rushing forward as if prey had been found.

One of the women had waist-length hair while the other held an oil paper umbrella in her hand. They were the two hunters previously encountered in this secret room.

Qu Wanyue and Long Sen immediately held their breath, afraid of being detected by the other side.

It wasn’t until half a minute later when their two figures completely disappeared from sight that Qu Wanyue and Long Sen walked out of the alley. As Qu Wanyue walked, she tapped on the earpiece twice. This was a code agreed upon with Professor Xiao to indicate that she had found two hunters.

Xiao Lou received the secret code and looked at Yu Hanjiang. “Let’s go to the Drunken Moon Lake in the center of the town.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. His left arm wrapped tightly around Xiao Lou’s waist as he opened the light footwork card and flew to the roof. He jumped continuously on the roof like a nimble bird and disappeared into the night.

Under the soft moonlight, Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou were like the kung fu masters in martial arts movies. They flew through Qingfeng Town at a high altitude. Since they were flying in the air, their figures were soon discovered by the hunters monitoring Qingfeng Town.

A low voice was heard. “Chase them!”

Yu Hanjiang’s expression remained unchanged when he sensed there was a hunter following him.

The night wind was blowing in his face and the surroundings were extremely quiet. Yu Hanjiang could clearly hear the regular heartbeat of Xiao Lou in his arms and this sound made him extremely calm. The person he loved was by his side and a bad outcome was nothing more than dying together. He had nothing to fear.

It wasn’t known how long he was flying over the roofs when a sharp knife flashed from the corner of his eyes. This should be the female assassin that Liu Qiao mentioned. Her hands were extremely fast and the angle was extremely tricky.

The woman suddenly emerged from a room and the sharp blade slashed at the back of Yu Hanjiang’s neck!

The woman who attacked from behind thought victory was in her hand but the moment the blade almost touched Yu Hanjiang’s neck, Yu Hanjiang bent down as if he had eyes behind him. He avoided the blade in a thrilling way. At the same time, he flew up and kicked neatly at the opponent’s knee.

The woman hurried sideways to dodge.

She dodged Yu Hanjiang’s vicious kick but she found that a large number of silver metal rings were smashing down at her like an overwhelming net. They were Xiao Lou’s compass rings.

In any case, Xiao Lou didn’t need to control the light footwork card. Yu Hanjiang was flying around with his arms around Xiao Lou and it was impossible for Yu Hanjiang to drop him. Xiao Lou’s hands were free. On the way, his right hand kept drawing circles while his left hand collected the circles. If necessary, he could use the circles as weapons to assist Yu Hanjiang to drive away the hunters.

These rings weren’t very lethal but there was more than one and they smashed down in a dense manner. The woman was almost smashed in the head and she could only retreat quickly with a dark face.

The moment she retreated, she naturally distanced herself from the two of them.

Yu Hanjiang took the opportunity to jump quickly with Xiao Lou and soon disappeared from the woman’s field of view.

Xiao Lou said calmly, “Don’t fight. Once the hunters gather, it will be harder for us to deal with them.”

Yu Hanjiang responded in a low voice, “Move around in circles and buy time for Qu Wanyue and Liu Qiao.”

The woman saw that she had lost the two people and gritted her teeth before speaking on the voice channel. “Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang went in the northeast direction.”

A deep male voice replied, “Everyone in the vicinity should go there. Be sure to solve these two key figures before they teleport. We don’t have to be afraid of the others once Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang die.”

He paused before adding, “Take note that Xiao Lou has many strange cards in his hands and Yu Hanjiang has a gun.”

Several responses rang out from the voice channel. “Got it.”

A cute young voice said, “Don’t worry, Boss. Xiao Lou might have many character cards but I can open the card shielding so that he can’t use the card skills.”

Xiao Lou was keenly aware that there were more hunters around them.

He and Yu Hanjiang were flying on the roof. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw several black figures chasing after them on the left and right. Xiao Lou clenched his fists tightly. He knew someone had the Card Magnetic Field Shielding among the hunters. Once this was used, all his card skills would be ineffective. He and Yu Hanjiang would fall into an extreme disadvantage with more enemies.

Yu Hanjiang sensed Xiao Lou’s concern and comforted him in a low voice. “Don’t worry, this card shielding is only for five minutes. We have tested it and the cooldown time is very long. Forcing them to use it is also a good thing for our other teammates.”

Xiao Lou nodded. “Most of my cards require the skills. It will be up to you when the time comes.”

The moment the character cards were blocked and the skills couldn’t be used, Xiao Lou would become a sheep that had entered the wolf’s den to be slaughtered. Meanwhile, Yu Hanjiang had the gun cards and didn’t rely on skills. He could at least protect them with the gun.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them flew to the vicinity of the Drunken Moon Lake in the middle of the town.

Suddenly, Yu Hanjiang slammed down like a heavy person. Xiao Lou sensed something was wrong and hurriedly shouted, “Be careful!”

The magnetic field shielding had been activated.

They were flying over a roof just now. The result of the light footwork’s failure was that Yu Hanjiang fell directly from the air!

They might not die if they fell at this height but they would be half disabled.

Yu Hanjiang reacted very quickly. He hugged Xiao Lou tightly with his left hand while stabbing the wall next to him with the saber in his right hand. The saber was accurately inserted into a gap in the wall and there was the sound of the blade splitting through the brick wall.

The resistance of the brick wall slowed down Yu Hanjiang’s falling speed slightly. Yu Hanjiang stretched out his long legs and kicked the wall several times. Once he was about to land, he rolled forward several times and stabilized his body.

His back was rubbed by the floor, causing a fiery pain. Fortunately, Xiao Lou was firmly protected by him and wasn’t injured.

Xiao Lou nervously grabbed Yu Hanjiang’s hand. “Is your back scratched? Does it hurt?”

Yu Hanjiang whispered a reply, “It’s nothing. Just a slight skin trauma.”

He quickly pulled Xiao Lou to stand up and looked around with a frown.

The two of them happened to fall into a courtyard and four black shadows appeared on the roofs around the yard. There were two adult men, a short-haired teenager who was less than 1.7 meters tall and an enchanting woman.

He and Xiao Lou were surrounded by hunters.

Moreover, the card magnetic field shield had been opened and most of Xiao Lou’s cards couldn’t be used.

Yu Hanjiang looked around coldly. “You are also a team? You must kill us in order to complete the mission?”

The enchanting woman laughed. “What do you think?”

An adult man said irritably, “Don’t talk nonsense. Haven’t you ever heard of the villain dying from too much talking? Do you want to talk to them for a few minutes before being killed by them? They are obviously dragging out time and waiting for their teammates to teleport them!”

Xiao Lou, “……”

This person was quite self-conscious of his identity as a villain.

The teenager laughed. “The cards have been blocked and it is 2 against 4. There is no chance of winning.”

The teenager’s voice was very cute and he seemed to be around 14 or 15 years old. He hadn’t passed the voice change period. Xiao Lou looked up at him. Since he was standing on the roof with his back to the moonlight, Xiao Lou could only faintly see a thin black shadow.

The teenager waved his hand and the other three hunters immediately moved.

The magnetic field shielding was very strong but the keeper wouldn’t create a card that affected the balance too much. Wasn’t it one-sided torture if the card shielding was only effective for the enemy while the user of the card could still use skills?

Therefore, this card was a ‘ranged shield’ that didn’t distinguish between allies and enemies.

No cards could be used within this range, including Qu Wanyue’s teleportation. They couldn’t be teleported away and even Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings was forcibly stopped.

Xiao Lou couldn’t use card skills but the four hunters also couldn’t use skills for the time being.

The reason why the teenager used the magnetic field shielding to prevent Xiao Lou from using cards was likely because the four hunters who besieged them this time didn’t rely on cards to attack. For example, the moment the teenager waved his hand, the irritable man at the beginning simply swung a giant axe, slashing it toward Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou as he jumped from the roof!

The man’s movements with the axe were very flexible. Such a weapon was like a light sword in his hand.

Xiao Lou would naturally suffer in hand-to-hand combat with others. Yu Hanjiang immediately shielded Xiao Lou behind him and blocked the opponent’s giant axe with his saber.

There was a loud bang and sparks flew as the saber and axe collided.

The web between the thumb and forefinger of Yu Hanjiang’s hand was almost cracked open. Yu Hanjiang looked at the man with surprise. The man’s strength was beyond his imagination. Xiao Lou noticed the sweat on Yu Hanjiang’s forehead and immediately reacted. “This person’s physical fitness has been strengthened!”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “It is the same as Huaying.”

It was just that Chu Huaying strengthened her speed and sensitivity. She was good at sneak attacks and tracking without leaving any traces. The direction of the man’s enhancement should be strength. He was so powerful that Yu Hanjiang was almost unable to hold on.

The opponent’s strength had been enhanced and Yu would definitely suffer in a battle of pure strength. He had to quickly put away his saber and dodged to avoid the slashing of the giant axe. At the same time, he took out a submachine gun and fired it at the man.

The sound of gunfire rang out in the silent night.

Yu Hanjiang fiercely fired his gun to force back the three people trying to get closer.

However, the man holding the giant axe wasn’t afraid at all. He smiled mockingly and faced the hail of bullets as he continued to attack Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou with a murderous aura!

Xiao Lou was frightened. “Is his body like an iron wall and bullets can’t kill him?”

Yu Hanjiang saw that the other person was so aggressive and had to retreat while fighting. He replied in a low voice, “Chief Shao’s Bug King card is also immune to swords and guns. The same transformation card shouldn’t be repeated. He is probably wearing an armor card like body armor. This doesn’t require skills and isn’t affected by the card shielding.”

If he wore body armor and was automatically bulletproof then Yu Hanjiang’s automatic guns weren’t a threat to him.

There was this man as the cover so the other three quickly followed and surrounded Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang.

These four hunters obviously had a premeditated plan when blocking the card skills!

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1 year ago

Who is the man with the deep voice? Oof if its a betrayer then so thrillibg otherwise it can also be a keeper or some previous teammate who they thought was dead from Jiu’s team?