CR: Chapter 506

Chapter 506 – Clues Left by Teammates

Chu Huaying soon came to Han Ningshuang’s house. She lay on the roof and listened carefully to the movements inside.

After Qin Feng left, Han Ningshuang had gone to sleep. However, she seemed to be unable to sleep. She got dressed in black and sneaked out of the house. Chu Huaying’s eyes narrowed and she immediately followed her.

Chu Huaying’s physical qualities had been strengthened and her actions were as fast as lightning. She could follow the other person from a distance without the person knowing. Even if Han Ningshuang’s vigilance was strong, she didn’t find the existence of the ghostly Chu Huaying behind her.

Han Ningshuang walked quickly the entire way and soon exited the town into the forest.

Soft moonlight shrouded the forest. Han Ningshuang looked serious as she rushed in the direction of the mass burial site.

There was a cliff at the end of the forest and above that was the mass burial site.

Han Ningshuang grabbed the vine with both hands and climbed up quickly. She was obviously familiar with the place and precisely set her feet in the artificial pits around the vines. She was like a nimble monkey as she climbed to the top of the mountain in the blink of an eye.

Chu Huaying’s arms could be stretched out due to her newest card reward. After Han Ningshuang had climbed for a long time, Chu Huaying extended her arms, used the indented stone pits on the cliff as a leverage point and climbed up quickly. She jumped and landed on top of the cliff with ease.

Han Ningshuang climbed up the cliff and headed in the direction of the mass burial site. Chu Huaying didn’t dare to follow too closely and kept a distance from her. Soon, Han Ningshuang stopped and Chu Huaying hurriedly hid behind a gravestone.

A black shadow appeared and stood in front of Han Ningshuang. His voice was hoarse. “Why did you come?”

Han Ningshuang explained, “Ah Ran, I was too careless. There was a loophole when I spoke. Qin Feng already knew the disappearance of the Zhao and Chen families was related to me. He also guessed that I flew a kite to pretend to be a female ghost.”

The man gave a soft ‘huh’ and said with a smile, “Qin Feng is indeed smart. I have already expected him to find out. After all, there are only the few of us who have a blood feud with the Zhao and Chen families.” He shrugged. “It doesn’t matter. Qin Feng won’t stop us even if he knows. Has he forgotten how Grandma died? Has he forgotten how Grandma treated him?”

Han Ningshuang gritted her teeth. “Qin Feng shouldn’t expose me. I’m just afraid the rest of the town will recognize me.”

The man reached out and gently patted her shoulder. “Ningshuang, you were nine years old when you left Qingfeng Town and now you are already in your 20s. You were just a dirty little girl back then. Now you are Mrs Xue who sells tofu. Apart from Qin Feng, no one else will recognize you. You don’t have to worry about this.”

Han Ningshuang was silent for a moment before saying, “I don’t want to stay in Qingfeng Town as Mrs Xue anymore.”

The man sighed lightly. “Okay. Tell your neighbors that you are going to remarry and move. Pack your things and leave after a while so as to not arouse suspicion. There is also that Uncle Liu. Deal with him. He might think the kite that you flew is a female ghost but he lives close to you after all. If he remembers some details then he is likely to cause you trouble. Only the dead can keep secrets.”

Han Ningshuang nodded. “Yes, let’s clean up the remnants of Qingfeng Town together.”

The more Chu Huaying listened, the more shocked she became.

Everyone’s speculation was correct. Han Ningshuang knew the murderer and they already discussed a plan for revenge.

She flew a kite in town to create the rumors of a ghost seeking lives. Meanwhile, this man was the mastermind and used magic to lure the people of the Zhao and Chen families to the mass burial site before torturing them to death.

At this moment, the man’s sharp eyes suddenly swept toward the gravestone. “Who is there?!”

Chu Huaying was confident that she had concealed herself very well. She didn’t expect this person’s hearing to be so sensitive that he heard her chaotic breathing that lasted for two seconds. She couldn’t reveal her identity. She thought of this and picked up a stone, flicking it gently.

The crow that sat on a branch was startled and screamed as it flew into the distance. Chu Huaying took the opportunity to turn away, her movements as fast as the wind. In the blink of an eye, she came to the edge of the cliff and climbed down the vine quickly.

Han Ningshuang sighed with relief. “It is just a few crows.”

The man frowned. “You go back first and wait for me to arrange things.”

Han Ningshuang climbed down the vine and didn’t notice that a pair of eyes was staring at her in the darkness. Chu Huaying hid in the shadows and waited for her to turn around and enter the forest before following.

Han Ningshuang returned home and this time she really slept.

Chu Huaying returned to the inn and told her teammates about her findings. “Han Ningshuang really conspired with the murderer. The other person is male and like Han Ningshuang, he was a child raised by the grandmother. More importantly, this person wears a black mask on his face.”

Tang Ci was confused before suddenly remembering a person. “Is he the man Zhao Zesui was dating outside the city on the night that Zhao Zean got married?”

Lu Jiuchuan hit his head. “That’s right. We almost forgot about this key person!”

Gui Yuanzhang also said, “At the beginning, we ruled out the suspicion of the masked man because he was too late to commit the crime in time. Zhao Zean’s wedding procession had already disappeared in the forest when Zhao Zesui was on a date with him. There was also the female ghost dressed in white in the town. We thought it was impossible for him to go to the town to play the female ghost while dating Zhao Zesui. Now it is confirmed that the female ghost was played by Han Ningshuang and has nothing to do with him. So he has enough time to commit the crime.”

Tang Ci nodded. “In other words, the masked man first led Zhao Zean’s bridal procession to the mass burial site before coming to see Zhao Zesui at the entrance of the town. At the same time, Han Ningshuang dressed as the female ghost to confuse the public. After the masked man separated from Zhao Zesui, Zhao Zesui turned around and walked to the mass burial site like she was bewitched by someone. The sound of the rattle-drum was done by this masked man?”

Lu Jiuchuan asked in a low voice, “Huaying, do you know what his name is?”

Chu Huaying answered, “Han Ningshuang called him Ah Ran. I’m not clear about his full name but we can ask the homeless people in the town. I remember that three years later, there were quite a few homeless people who had experienced the famine and survived tenaciously. They should also be in Qingfeng Town now.”

Lu Jiuchuan nodded. “Yes, wait until dawn.” He paused and looked back at Tang Ci. “By the way, Xiao Tang and I happened to meet the eldest daughter-in-law of the Zhao family when arranging the memorial hall. We were in a hurry and only retrieved the drone card. The letter is still at the Zhao house. Why don’t we switch to use the drone to leave clues for Xiao Lou?”

Tang Ci nodded. “Yes, the handwriting is easy to disappear if the letter gets soaked in water. All the clues can be photographed using the drone card and the card won’t be damaged. The most reliable method is to leave the drone to Xiao Lou and let him reason out according to what he sees.”

Lu Jiuchuan agreed. “Our subjective will affect Xiao Lou. It isn’t good to bias them if our reasoning is wrong. We will take all the clues we see with the drone and hand them over to let them analyze it.”

The original world.

Based on the letter from three years ago, Xiao Lou deduced that it was Mrs Xue who lied.

There were no witnesses to her so-called remarriage. She just told her neighbors herself. Xiao Lou analyzed it. “It is very likely that Mrs Xue’s identity was exposed. She left Qingfeng Town under the pretext of remarrying and lurked around to continue committing the crimes.”

Yu Hanjiang said, “This letter only gives us a brief explanation. Did Brother Jiu’s group only find those few clues three years ago?”

Xiao Lou thought about it and took out the drone card.

He thought that if they wanted to leave complete clues behind, the drone card was a better method than a letter. The preservation of the letter would be affected by the outside world but the drone card wouldn’t be damaged.

Sure enough, when he took out the drone and played it he found that there was a rich footage saved on it.

The rattle-drums of the Zhao and Chen families were actually put by Qin Feng.

Han Ningshuang also had a helper and it was the man with the mask!

Everyone was extremely excited after seeing the contents of the drone and Liu Qiao siad, “It seems that the murderer is this masked man?”

Xiao Lou shook his head. “I always feel that something is missing.”

Old Mo asked doubtfully, “Aren’t the clues complete enough?”

Yu Hanjiang quickly understood Xiao Lou’s meaning. “There are still Shao Qingge and Ye Qi. The two of them are likely to have gone 20 years in the past. The clues that Brother Jiu was looking for should have been found by Chief Shao and Ye Qi.”

Xiao Lou frowned slightly. “Where will Chief Shao hide the clues?”

After all, it was a full 20 years time span. Chief Shao didn’t have the drone card and a letter would be easily damaged or discovered over 20 years. Moreover, 20 years ago, the Zhao and Chen houses weren’t haunted houses and neither family had disappeared. Maybe the houses didn’t even exist in Qingfeng Town at that time…

Where would he leave the clues?

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1 year ago

my guess is the burial site, maybe the grave with the tree that didn’t have a marked grave stone?