CR: Chapter 48

The decorations market.

It was home to a large number of decorating companies, as well as the city’s largest furniture city and electronics city.

Compared with the chaos in the supermarket, the furniture city was relatively stable. After all, the sofas, beds and cabinets were so large that they were difficult to move. There was no need to grab kitchen utensils such as pots and bowls or daily necessities such as stools and mops unless they were missing their brains.

However, Yu Hanjiang really saw two people with problems in their brains.

They didn’t go to the supermarket to grab food and actually ran to the electronic city to grab a 50-inch LCD TV!

It was almost a financial doomsday and eating was a problem. What was the point of grabbing a TV? What would they do in case of a power outage?

The two young men wore a black vest, black shorts and had black stocks on their heads with two holes, only revealing their eyes…

Yu Hanjiang felt serious doubts. Did these two people want to rob a bank but ran to the wrong place?

However, these two strange guys actually picked up a TV and turned around to run.

The female manager of the electronic city was shocked by this sudden change. She clearly didn’t understand the behaviour of the two people and was stunned for a few moments before reacting. “Security! Security?! Someone is stealing a TV!”

The security guards at the door responded and chased the men.

The LCD TV was very heavy and the two young men only ran a few steps before the security guards caught up. They were pressed down to the ground and the security guards stared at them in a baffled manner before calling the police.

The police soon arrived.

The police officer leading the team had a very ugly expression as he criticized the two people. “This is the time when you should be using your strength to buy some instant noddles. Actually trying to steal a TV? Do you like watching TV so much?”

The black stockings on their heads were ripped off by the police…

They were decent-looking and didn’t seem like professional robbers.

The two men crouched in a corner with their heads in their arms as they received the criticism of the police. Their ears were red and one of them spoke weakly, “We were impulsive, cough…” The other person was smiling. “Police officer, we deliberately tried to steal. According to local laws, how many days will we be locked up?”

The police officer replied, “Blatant robbery and endangering social security, it is more than seven days of detention.”

Rather than showing expressions of frustration, the two men brightened up and seemed happy to be locked up.

The police officer patted their heads. “Then would you like to go to the police station?”

The two men immediately hugged their heads and cried out, ”No, no, we won’t dare anymore…”

The police took out handcuffs, took them to the car and returned to the sales manager. The female manager spoke in a stunned manner, “Who are these people? Run here to steal a TV and can only run for two steps before getting caught? Were they here for a laugh?”

Yu Hanjiang’s cold eyes were watching this farce.

The two men were apparently challengers and it was estimated that their materials were stolen. Feeling helpless, they decided to make an obvious stealing attempt and be locked up for the seven days.

After being detained, there was food and a place to stay. Couldn’t they smoothly pass the instance?

Yu Hanjiang really didn’t understand the minds of these two people? Were they smart or were they stupid?

Did they think they could safely spend seven days in the detention centre?

In that case, all the challengers would join forces to smash a bank and sit in a cell for seven days to clear the instance. Would the Spades room be so easily cleared?

The wave of strikes would affect all walks of life and the police definitely wouldn’t be spared.

Once the detention centre was paralyzed and there was no one to give food and water to the prisoners, these so-called smart guys would probably stare at the iron bars with two lines of tears.

Yu Hanjiang turned and entered the decoration market.

Yesterday, there had been many decorating companies and furniture stores in business who had fought with the customers. Today, they were closed. The iron doors were locked and no one could be seen on the streets.

Obviously, most people knew that the prices had doubled and they rushed to the vegetable market, supermarkets and other places to buy daily necessities. The bosses at the decoration market all stopped business. After all, feeding themselves and their families was the most important thing.

In order to avoid being found, Yu Hanjiang used the invisibility cloak.

He came to the underground warehouse using the cloak. All the cars for unloading and delivery were parked in the parking spaces because the drivers hadn’t gone to work. Fortunately, the locks he changed weren’t broken. It seemed the decorations market hadn’t attracted the attention of thieves.

Yu Hanjiang was going to the warehouse to get some supplies when he suddenly heard very light footsteps.

He was now invisible and didn’t have to worry about being seen. Therefore, he simply followed the footsteps.

In the underground garage, a person wearing dirty clothes was struggling to push a tricycle. His tricycle held several black garbage bags covered with tomato juice, egg liquid and other stains. These things had started to rot and gave off an unpleasant smell.

He looked around and found no one present, so he quickly opened a garbage bag and pulled out milk, chocolate and biscuits from the garbage bag underneath.

Yu Hanjiang’s eyes immediately narrowed.

He saw this person quickly take out five bottles of milk, a large box of chocolates, six packs of instant noodles, six packs of biscuits and six bottles of mineral water. He stuffed the items into the bag at his feet, disguised the garbage truck again and pushed it to a corner of the underground warehouse.

Then he took off his dirty clothes, took out clean clothes from his backpack, changed them and turned away.

Yu Hanjiang saw his face.

The teenager’s handsome face contained a childlike innocence but his eyes were dark and full of anxiety. He walked forward in a hurry, ears pricked as he observed his surroundings. He was like the most alert small animal in a forest.

In addition, to Yu Hanjiang’s surprise, the teenager’s physical flexibility was so good that he was almost like an acrobat.

Yu Hanjiang hadn’t seen him on the road just now because he sneaked in through a hole in the wall behind the underground warehouse. The hole was less than a metre high and he threw his backpack through before drilling in, as flexible as a fish.

Yu Hanjiang frowned at the sight.

It was the teenager who had played the guitar in the central square.

The idea of storing supplies in a tricycle and masquerading it as a ‘garbage vehicle’ was really brilliant. After all, no one wanted to go close to a smelly garbage truck left in a corner.

There was no sound in Yu Hanjiang’s vicinity. He opened the warehouse door’s lock, placed some supplies in his backpack and turned back to his residence.

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang had returned and were searching the Internet using the laptop. They also saved each other’s phone numbers. Yu Hanjiang asked, “Where did the laptop and mobile phone come from?”

Shao Qingge smiled, “Professor Xiao traded chocolates and instant noodles for them.”

Yu Hanjiang, “……”

It was incredible.

Yu Hanjiang thought this when he saw Xiao Lou’s smile and he praised, “Great.”

Xiao Lou gave him one of the old mobile phones. My number and Mr Shao’s number are in the address book. Group Leader Yu, if you go out later then it is convenient to contact us at any time.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded, took the phone and stuffed it into his pocket. “Professor Xiao is really thoughtful.”

Xiao Lou asked, “What did you find today?”

Yu Hanjiang told them about his experience with the two men who deliberately stole the TV with stockings on their heads in order to stay in the cell and clear the instance.

Xiao Lou couldn’t believe it. “Staying in prison to clear the instance? Once the chaos starts, the prison will be terrible. After all, the people detained there are those with character problems. They will hit, steal or maybe directly kill someone…”

Yu Hanjiang nodded with a calm expression. “Yes, prisoners are usually constrained and managed by the prison guards. On the surface, they are obedient. Once they are unconstrained, the consequences will be unpredictable. This might be the first place where bloodshed will occur.”

Shao Qingge touched his chin. “These two people probably encountered the same thing as me. The challengers who stayed elsewhere had their supplies stolen last night. It is impossible to live so they thought of this helpless approach.”

The culprit was last night’s thief who stole other challengers’ supplies to clear the instance. This was really hateful!

The two girls next to Shao Qingge’s room had cried all night, apparently desperate.

Didn’t the thief know that stealing goods in this world was like killing people?

Xiao Lou clenched his fists. “These thieves are simply acting unscrupulously in order to clear the instance!”

Yu Hanjiang held his shoulder and whispered, “Don’t be too angry. The hearts of other people are unfathomable. We can’t ask all challengers to follow the human moral line in the Card World.”

He changed the topic. “I also encountered something interesting. The teenager who sang in the central square also stored his materials at the decorations market. His method of camouflage is very clever. He directly got a tricycle and put all his food in black garbage bags.”

Xiao Lou was stunned. “A garbage truck? He truly thought a lot.”

Yu Hanjiang said, “He put his materials into the garbage truck and pretended to be a garbage collector. The tricycle can ride on the road at any time and is very convenient. When entering and leaving the underground warehouse, he went the back way and changed clothes. If I hadn’t been wearing the invisibility cloak then I might not have seen him.”

Xiao Lou felt that Yu Hanjiang had been cautious enough to rent a warehouse to separately store materials.

He hadn’t expected this teenager to be even more amazing and directly pretend to have a garbage truck.

Shao Qingge couldn’t help laughing. “This challenger is really talented. Making himself dirty and smelly while pushing a tricycle to pretend to collect garbage. He really did it.”

Xiao Lou helplessly agreed.

Stealing other people’s materials, disguising as robbers to stay in the cell, pushing a tricycle to collect garbage…

This was only the second day and all types of challengers had appeared. It was really amazing!

Relatively speaking, Yu Hanjiang, Xiao Lou and Shao Qingge were the most normal thinking people in this world?

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normal thinking is fine as long as you’re OP bah

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