CR: Chapter 472

Chapter 472 – Town

The large number of zombies was getting closer and closer. Xiao Lou visually observed that there were at least tens of thousands. Moreover, these zombies were ‘dead.’ They weren’t affected by controls like dizziness or sleepiness. Their attack power was very high. Breaking out of the siege using force was the worst method. It was no joke if his teammates were injured in the process or a zombie broke their neck!

They could try and avoid a battle. Unfortunately, there was a cliff behind them and there was no way back. There weren’t enough flying skills to fly in the air.

At this critical juncture, Xiao Lou’s mind spun quickly as he tried to think about countermeasures.

Ye Qi simply took out the piano and said, “Professor Xiao, I’ll try to buy some time for everyone!”

The piano’s control effect was to ‘fix’ them in place, just like the Nine Palaces Grid card in the low level secret rooms. Corpses could also be controlled by fixing their bodies in place.

Unfortunately, the fixed body of the piano was only for 100 meters. Meanwhile, they couldn’t see the end of the zombie group in front of them. It was far beyond the control range of 100 meters. Still, Ye Qi could fix the nearby zombies in place to buy time for his teammates.

Ye Qi sat in the front of the team and played the piano. The rain beat hard against the piano. Ye Qi’s body was drenched and his hands were covered with water, but he still tried to maintain his composure and play the song correctly.

The zombies in front of them were indeed fixed in place.

Ye Qi exclaimed, “I can play this song for 10 minutes. It is effective against zombies so let’s try to find a way!”

Xiao Lou looked back at the cliff behind him. It seemed bottomless and there was a cloud of fog below.

In TV series and martial arts novels, the protagonists were forced to the edge of the cliff and usually chose to jump off the cliff because they followed the ‘law of immortality of the protagonist.’ After jumping off the cliff, the protagonist would either encounter a great expert, find unique divine skills or receive the help of nobles.

This wasn’t a TV series. If they jumped off now, they would instantly be destroyed.

Xiao Lou quickly looked around. The mass burial site was actually located at the top of a mountain. During the time they fled, they tried to find a direction with fewer gravestones to escape but they fell for the trap. They had escaped but they reached the top of a cliff and were blocked by the cliff.

At this time, it wasn’t advisable to turn around and run back. All the zombies had already been attracted.

They could only rely on group teleportation.

Xiao Lou took a deep breath and looked at Lu Jiuchuan. “Brother Jiu, you are currently the only one who can avoid the zombies and fly at a high altitude. We will try to drag this group of zombies and buy as much time as possible. Can I trouble you to ride the vermilion bird to investigate under the cliff. After finding a safe place, directly use Tao Yuanming’s Peach Blossom Spring to pull us over!”

Then he took the Tao Yuanming card out of his card pack and threw it to Lu Jiuchuan.

At the same time, he gave the Qin Guan card to Yu Hanjiang so that Yu Hanjiang could connect to Brother Jiu. In this way, Yu Hanjiang could know what Lu Jiuchuan had found out immediately.

Lu Jiuchuan rode the vermilion bird and leaned over to take the card. “No problem! Xiao Tang will go with me since the drones can investigate. Wait for us!”

He didn’t speak any more nonsense. His slender fingers gently touched the back of the vermilion bird. The firebird accepted its master’s will. It immediately opened its wings and flew to the other side of the cliff with Lu Jiuchuan.

The vermilion bird recognized its master and only allowed Lu Jiuchuan to ride on it. No one else could ride on it and Tang Ci was carried by Lu Jiuchuan with one hand.

The vermilion bird quickly flew into the air. Tang Ci’s body was only held tightly by Lu Jiuchuan’s arm around his waist. His legs were completely suspended in the air and this made him feel very insecure. He would fall the moment Lu Jiuchuan’s arm loosened.

Tang Ci nervously grabbed Lu Jiuchuan’s arm.

Lu Jiuchuan noticed that Tang Ci was clinging to him tightly like he was a life-saving straw and comforted this person in a soft voice, “Don’t be afraid. You are so light. I can hold you with one hand like I’m holding a cat. I won’t let you fall.”

 Tang Ci was displeased. “What cat? I am 78 kilograms. That is standard weight.”

Lu Jiuchuan smiled lightly. He stopped joking to prevent the other person from becoming angry again. He changed the topic and said, “Take out the drones and look at the situation of this cliff.”

There was no need for his reminder. Tang Ci had already summoned a drone to shoot the surrounding environment.

He looked down using the light of the Night Pearl and saw that the entire mountaintop was crowded with zombies. His teammates were surrounded by zombies while the lantern tree placed by Xiao Lou was crumbling in the storm. The flower lantern tree was also crowded with zombies.

The number of zombies frightened Tang Ci. He said, “The zombies are all created by the transformation of dead people. It is incredible that so many people are buried in this mass burial site. The background of this secret room shouldn’t be the modern world… it is most likely an ancient world?”

Lu Jiuchuan agreed. “Yes. Ancient wars and plagues often kill entire villages. It makes sense that thousands of corpses would be dumped at mass burial sites. What about the topography of the cliff? Can the drone observe it?”

Tang Ci said, “The lighting is too dark. Let’s fly down and take a look.”

Lu Jiuchuan swooped down and had the vermilion bird fly at a low altitude at around 10 meters from the ground This way, Tang Ci could clearly observe the situation of the ground while also ensuring his safety. Zombies couldn’t flee. Even after seeing the light, the zombies couldn’t reach them.

Soon, the two of them came to the vicinity of where the lantern tree had been placed. Tang Ci continued to monitor the distance between himself and the lantern tree and flew in the opposite direction.

Just now, in order to wait for his teammates, Lu Jiuchuan had deliberately slowed down the speed of the vermilion bird. In fact, the vermilion bird flying at full speed was as fast as lightning. In the blink of an eye, the vermilion bird took them in the opposite direction and they left the mass burial site.

Tang Ci quickly analyzed the terrain of the mass burial site through the photos taken by the drone. He said, “This mountain is extremely steep. A large area on top of the mountain has become the mass burial site for burying corpses. The top is a 90 degree vertical downward cliff that doesn’t allow you to see the bottom. My preliminary estimation is that the height of the cliff exceeds 3000 meters. The bottom of the cliff is full of rubble. A person will turn into a mass of flesh if they jump down.”

Lu Jiuchuan raised an eyebrow. “Jumping off a cliff without dying is just a scene from the TV series. We should find a safe landing spot as soon as possible.”

Just then, a bolt of lightning suddenly appeared in the sky. The vermilion bird’s wings were almost struck by lightning. Fortunately, Lu Jiuchuan reacted quickly enough. He controlled the vermilion bird to dodge the lightning in a thrilling manner. He spoke to Yu Hanjiang through the Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings connection. “Xiao Tang and I have already gone down the mountain. How is the situation on your side?”

Yu Hanjiang replied, “Ye Qi is still playing the piano. The zombie swarm is temporarily under control…”

Before he could finish speaking, a burst of thunder nearly shattered everyone’s eardrums. This was followed by a series of thunderbolts that completely covered the sound of the piano piece.

These zombies seemed to be awakened. They gave a violent jolt and stretched out their pale hands toward Ye Qi.

Ye Qi’s expression changed and he shouted, “Oops! The sound of the piano was covered by the thunder. The zombie group is released from the control!”

The sound of thunder was too loud and it was necessary to scream or else his teammates wouldn’t be able to hear it.

Xiao Lou took out the Voice Headset and quickly gave it to everyone. This way, they could hold it down to speak and the voices conveyed to their ears would be clearer. The interference of the thunder could be avoided as much as possible.

He looked back and saw that the group of zombies had fully awakened. The dead eyes were staring at them. The zombies jumped and quickly approached.

The piano control relied on the rhythm. Now the rhythm was covered by thunder and the zombies could no longer be fixed in place. Li Qingzhao’s slow voice control also needed to chant the words. The piano sound couldn’t be heard so Li Qingzhao’s voice was naturally useless.

Xiao Lou took a deep breath and pressed down on the earpiece. “Everyone, cover me!”

Gui Yuanzhang immediately understood. He took out the brush and swung it forward violently. The rain was affected by the blowing wind. The wind flew toward the zombies and blew them back five meters.

Old Mo was quick-sighted. He saw Elder Gui repelling the zombies so he built a row of marble walls in front of the zombies.

For the first time, the group saw Old Mo building a wall with such fast speed.

Piece after piece of marble was stacked together like building blocks. In the blink of an eye, he built a huge wall that was around 10 meters long and 5 meters high that stopped the zombie swarm!

The number of marble pieces was limited and the wall he could build was only this big.

Old Mo touched the rain on his face and said nervously, “It won’t take long for the zombies to climb over the wall.”

Xiao Lou’s expression was serious. “I know. Everybody, back up and come to my side!”

The team looked back and saw that Xiao Lou had taken out the Compass card. He had drawn a large circle with a diameter of around 10 meters that enveloped all his teammates.

Ye Qi’s eyes lit up. “Is it the compass’s invincible circle?”

“Yes, but it only lasts for 10 minutes.” Xiao Lou put away the compass and looked at Yu Hanjiang. “Let Brother Jiu hurry up. They must find a location within 10 meters and open the Peach Blossom Spring to pull us over. Otherwise, we will be overwhelmed by the zombie swarm!”

“Understood.” Yu Hanjiang calmly glanced at the zombies climbing over the wall and spoke through the Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings. “Brother, Xiao Lou has opened the invincible circle of the compass. It only lasts for 10 minutes. Find a safe place as soon as possible!”

“Yes, we’re down the mountain!”

Lu Jiuchuan and Tang Ci had already left the area where the mass burial site was located. They saw a dense forest. The rain poured down on the leaves and made a loud noise. It wasn’t known if there were animals in the forest or not. Even if there were animals, most of them wouldn’t appear due to the rainstorm.

Lu Jiuchuan let the vermilion bird flew over the treetops while talking softly, “Xiao Tang, is this forest safe?”

Tang Ci said, “Now it is raining heavily and it is better for us to not spend the night in the forest. It will be very troublesome if we are surrounded by wild beasts or snakes. Try to find a flat spot.”

Lu Jiuchuan said, “Okay, I will fly directly over this forest.”

The vermilion bird waved its wings and flew quickly through the forest.

Just then, lightning flashed in the air. Unexpectedly, the two of them saw that there was actually a small town not far ahead.

Under the illumination of the lightning, the buildings with green tiles and white walls in the two were clearly presented in front of the two people. The wide road was paved with flat bluestone slabs. Under the rainstorm, the bluestone slabs were clean and spotless. The rain beat hard against the stones, making a rhythmic and pleasant sound. The lanterns hanging on both sides of the road swayed in the rain.

The town in the storm was so quiet that not a single sound was heard.

All the houses weren’t lit. Perhaps the residents had gone to sleep?

There was another bolt of lightning. The two of them clearly saw the words ‘Qingfeng Town’ engraved on the stone tablet at the door.

Lu Jiuchuan and Tang Ci glanced at each other. The latter said softly, “Brother Jiu, a mass burial site was found nearby. There must be something strange about this Qingfeng Town. Do you want to go in? Or should we spend the night outside the town first?”

At the same time, the top of the mountain.

Countless zombies were surrounding Xiao Lou’s group. The invincible circle made by the compass blocked all attacks. The zombies lay against the invisible barrier and couldn’t continue to approach. They could only stare at Xiao Lou with wide eyes.

The inside of the circle might be absolutely safe but the entire oval-shaped boundary was crawling with zombies. These zombies were at a close distance and stretched out their tongues or showed their mouths full of blood. This image was really creepy.

Chu Huaying frowned and turned her head so she didn’t have to look any longer.

Shao Qingge simply closed his eyes and silently recited the core values of socialism in his heart.

Ye Qi looked around and analyzed it while looking at these zombies, “say, do you think the zombies are simply created by the keepers to disgust us or is it related to the plot mystery this time?”

Xiao Lou thoughtfully looked at the zombies’ clothing. The bright red wedding clothes, the children’s hair buns and the men’s long hair. Their bodies might’ve been buried in the ground for a long time and their clothes were somewhat torn, but this clothing looked like it belonged to ancient times.

Xiao Lou answered, “There were zombies in 2 of Spades and now there is another wave in the K level. The keepers shouldn’t let us start playing against monsters. I suspect that there is something wrong with the origin of these zombies. There is a good chance that something happened in a nearby village or town.”

Yu Hanjiang agreed. “Yes, these zombies are weird. This time, it is a four in one secret room and it isn’t just letting us escape. Perhaps we will also have to solve some mysteries.”

The end time of the compass was approaching. Xiao Lou saw that there were 30 seconds left in the countdown and he couldn’t help becoming nervous. “What happened to Brother Jiu? The compass only has 30 seconds left!”

The moment he finished speaking, an invitation to teleport to the Peach Blossom Spring popped up in front of everyone.

Fortunately, it was just in time! Xiao Lou sighed with relief and pressed to agree.

The scene in front of him suddenly flickered. Then everyone appeared collectively under the familiar peach blossom trees.

Tang Ci looked at his teammates. “Is everyone okay?”

Xiao Lou nodded. “We stopped the zombies using various methods and no one was injured.”

Lu Jiuchuan took a step forward. “Xiao Tang and I found a small town under the mountain called Qingfeng Town. We didn’t know the situation of the town so we didn’t dare to go in. We first put the Peach Blossom Spring outside the town and pulled you over.”

Everyone glanced at each other. Xiao Lou was indeed right.

Ye Qi wondered, “Is it possible that the origin of those zombies is related to this town as Professor Xiao said?”

Lu Jiuchuan nodded. “We also suspected this. Do you want to go in and explore?”

Xiao Lou led everyone out of the Peach Blossom Spring. Sure enough, he saw what Lu Jiuchuan called ‘Qingfeng Town.’

Due to the late night torrential rain, there wasn’t a single pedestrian on the streets of the town, nor were there any animal noises. It was eerily quiet.

Yu Hanjiang ordered, “Put on the invisibility cloaks and go inside to take a look. If the situation isn’t right, immediately return to the Peach Blossom Spring.”

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